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We're The Friendly Club!


One of the friendliest Bridge Clubs in Manchester

Tel 0161 865 2846 at session time.  

Alternatively, ring Club Secretary Dave Tilley on 07984 529673

Email us:


Forthcoming Events

We currently run four regular Virtual Club Sessions:

Sunday Morning          11:00 am

Monday Afternoon        1:30 pm

Monday Evening           7:30 pm

Friday Evening              7:30 pm

We'll also be holding special charity and other events, see right for details.

Remember you can sign up anytime in the two hours before the session starts.


Stretford Bridge Club Closed

Our Club is currently closed until further notice

In line with Government Guidelines, the Club is currently closed and will remain so until advised it is safe to reopen.   

We ask all members to respect the national advice and protect yourselves by self-isolating and practising social distancing where you can.  

Keep in touch with friends and relatives by phone or via the internet.   

We have launched a virtual bridge club with our friends at two other NW Clubs; see right.  If you'd like to learn to play online, email us or call us!  

So far, over 30 club members have been playing in our online club. Come and join them!  

We hope to see you all in person again soon.

Our Next Committee Meeting

To be arranged.

  Charity Bridge Event - Sat 25th July

Our recent Charity Bridge session took place recently and our players and donations raised over £100 for Multiple Sclerosis.

This will be sent to a local MS group in the next week or so.

Thanks to everyone who played and made additional donations!

  Re-opening the Club

A number of members have been asking about whether our club is likely to reopen in the near future, given the current relaxation of places such as pubs and restaurants.

Last week, the EBU issued some guidelines that you can read here.  Members of the Club Committee have had time to look at the information and the risk assessment that is contained in the post. We have concluded that at this point in time it is not safe and practicable to reopen the club.

Some examples of things we would need to do:

  • Distancing across a table at the moment would only be 60cm rather than even the 1m+ currently recommended;

  • Plastic screens would need to be placed across the table diagonally so each player would have their own section.

  • A full set of boards and cards for each table.  We would only be able to do that if we had a dealing machine to produce the same boards for each set.  There would need to be strict controls and regimes about carrying that out.  Similarly, actions like movements, scoring etc would need to be strictly operated and planned.

  • Bidding boxes and tablecloths would need to be replaced and cleaned/disinfected after each session and everything not reused for 72 hours after use.

  • Members would need to socially distance at all times and there would be no cash handling;

  • Arriving and departing would need to be controlled and organised.

Stretford is quite a small club, and even carrying out the minimum safety requirements is challenging and the Committee feels that at this point in time, it would not be able to guarantee the safety of its members, many of whom have already had to self- and socially-isolate for the last 12 weeks.  Accordingly, we cannot countenance the opening of the Club at this point in time; the safety of our members is paramount.

We know that some of you will be disappointed with this, but we must protect all our members, most of whom are at risk from COVID-19.

We will monitor the situation and see how other organisations and businesses are able to perform coming out of lockdown.  We will reopen the club as soon as we consider it safe to do so.  We are actively talking to other clubs through MCBA and our virtual club partners to monitor the situation.

In the meantime, we are happy to provide training for members to play in the virtual club. Over 1/3 of our members are now doing so.  If you haven’t tried it, we invite you to join us.  Members may also borrow a card table and equipment from the club if they wish to play rubber bridge at home.  Please contact Chris Collison, Richard Aubery or me if you would like to do this, and we will make the arrangements.

Dave Tilley

  Some Sad News

We have had some sad news about two of our members.

Jack Smith, who regularly played with Arthur Barrow on Tuesday afternoons, recently passed away, a few days before his 96th birthday.

Our thoughts and sympathies go to Jack's family and the Club will make a donation to the family's chosen charity.

We've also heard that Tony Mortimer has recently passed away.  Although he hasn't played at the club for a few years due to ill health, many members will remember him. Again, our sympathies go to his family.

  Virtual Bridge Club News

Our Virtual Bridge Club between Stretford and our friends at Brierfield and Warrington Clubs is now in full swing.  The results from the latest session and details of our future sessions can be found on the right.

We have the following regular sessions:

Fridays     19:30    21 boards -  7 mins per board.

Sundays   11:00    16 boards -  8 mins per board.

Mondays  13:30    16 boards -  8 mins per board.

Mondays  19:30    21 boards -  7 mins per board.

Extra sessions can be added if there is demand.  We will be recreating our Friday afternoon supervised session on Saturday mornings in the near future.

Sessions will be charged at £2.50 per session per player and we will bill you for your sessions played at the end of each month.

Existing Members of Stretford Bridge Club are entitled to claim an allocation of free games for each member.

Members of other local bridge clubs are more than welcome to become members of our club for the duration of the Virtual Club at a reduced membership rate and pay the standard session charge for each game, billed monthly.  You can play in our charity sessions at the same price as our members without joining.

Alternatively, visitors who are not members can pay the Guest Fee of £5 per session before any match.  You have to register beforehand to play in any sessions.  

When you join, you'll be sent a full guide on how to do this.  As part of this, we will need your BBO log-in and EBU number.  If you are not an EBU member, you will be registered with the EBU for the duration of the Club.  

Important point: If you have not yet played in the Club, you MUST let us know the BBO logins of yourself and your partner in advance, otherwise, you won't be able to register to take part.  

Email the Club or Dave Tilley with your details.

So far we've had good table numbers for each session.  Come and play!

The Club has experienced mentors Richard Aubery, Chris Collison and Frank Eade who will guide you through your first steps online and show you how to get yourself set up.  It isn't hard (really, it isn't!) and you will be up and running quickly and back playing with your chums, as well as making new friends.

Richard Aubery may be able to help you find a partner if you need one.

We look forward to seeing you!   

♠   ♣ 

  Charity Bridge Event - Saturday 27th June

On Saturday 27th June, we held our first Charity Bridge Event between the three Clubs to raise funds for Motor Neurone Disease.  

A very enjoyable evening was had by all the players and I'm sure the large number of spectators watching must have enjoyed it too! 

We raised a terrific sum of around £300 for research into this devastating disease.  We were also thrilled by a very substantial donation from one of the local officers of MCBA.  Our grateful thanks to this lovely lady.

Our next Charity event is on Thursday 9th July when we are hosting the ECats National Kidney Research Simultaneous Pairs.  Why don't you come and join us?

Non-members are always welcome to play in our Charity events for the same charge as our regular players.  All you have to do is let us have your BBO user name(s), and an email address.  We'll tell you how to register to play on the day and come and have an enjoyable session with our lovely members.  Email and we'll be in touch.

♠   ♣ ♠   ♣ 


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Free Supervised Play


On Thursday 9th July, we held a heat of the annual ECats SIM pairs event starting at 7:30 pm.  E-Cats run this session each year to raise money for Kidney Research.

We had ten tables from all over the country and an enjoyable time was had by all wrestling with some tricky hands.  Our own results are in our usual place (click top right).  National results can be found here.  Our results will be added in due course.

The hand commentary can also be found by clicking on the article header.  Find out where you got it right, or maybe missed a trick (or two!).

We are pleased to say we raised around £200 for this worthwhile cause.  

Thanks again to everyone for supporting this event and we'll hold our next Charity event on Saturday 25th, when we'll be playing in aid of Multiple Sclerosis.  Come and join us.


Playing Bridge Online Guides

If you are thinking of having a try at playing online, Adam Wiseberg of Manchester County Bridge Association has produced some really helpful short YouTube videos.

How to Register at BBO                                             

How to Self-Alert

How to Play in the ACOL Players' Club on BBO        

How to direct chat to people on BBO

Adding Your Name to Your Profile                             

How to ask for Undo in Bidding

How to Change Your Settings                                   

How to Claim on BBO

How to Add Your Basic System to Your Profile         

How to Create a Teams Match

How to Start a Table on BBO                                   

How to Kibitz (Watch a Game/match)     

How to use Chat Manager for Regular Messages     

How to Register to Play in one of our Tournaments    NEW!


There are also some excellent videos on these and more BBO topics (for example, setting up your convention card) at Berwick Bridge Club

Stuck at Home with Nothing to do?

Would you like to learn to play bridge?

Our Club is proud to offer beginners and improvers’ lessons using one of the top EBU Tutors, Mike Hickling.  

If you would like to learn to play bridge, contact Dave Tilley, Club Secretary on 07984529673.

We will soon be launching online lessons using video tuition on Zoom or one of the similar platforms and practice in an online club with mentors.  

If you'd like to learn, just drop the club an email to  

We'll be in touch straight away.  Here's hoping we see you soon!


Improving Your Bridge!

Many of the country's top bridge teachers are offering free online live and video tutorials for free.  Local teacher Adam Wiseberg has his own You Tube channel (see above) and there are number of others to help you improve and develop your game:

John Stell - Lancashire

John is one of Lancashire's top bridge players and on Tuesday evenings he offers a live commentary using Zoom and BBO where four players from his club (Bury Athenaeum) play some hands and he provides a commentary on the bidding and play.  Aimed at improvers and beginners, it starts around 7pm and 10 hands are played.  You can see one of the sessions here.  There are some other instructional videos here.

Further information at

Mr Bridge - Bernard Magee

Popular Bridge personality Bernard Magee is streaming live bridge seminars on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 11.00 am on YouTube. Watch live and ask questions or comment during the event or catch up on past seminars. Visit the Mr Bridge site. for more details.

Andrew Robson Bridge 

Andrew is one of Britain's top players and has columns in the Times and other periodicals, as well as being the author of many best-selling books.  He is running video bridge lessons and seminars free of charge.  Details here.  

Yorkshire Bridge Online

Jack Stocken from Yorkshire runs a daily podcast on bridge, as well as live video lessons.  There is a charge for some of his material, details here.