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How to Play Interesting Hands

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With thanks to Paul Denning who has prepared these analyses



Hand 47 from Gold Match Friday 21 06 24 

Hand 25 from Tuesday Evening Game 07 05 24 

Hand 16 from Tuesday Evening Game 30 04 24 

Hand 1 from Tuesday Evening Game 23 04 24 

Hand 1 from Tuesday Evening Game 26 03 24

Hand 14 from Tuesday Morning Game 19 03 24

Hand 12 from Tuesday Evening Game 12 03 24

Hands 15 & 23 from Tuesday Evening Game 24 02 24 

Three Slams from Tuesday Evening Game 24 01 23 - achieved with three different techniques 

Hand 9 from Tuesday Evening Game 24 01 09 - when you have game values, but are not sure where to play use fourth suit forcing to ask partner to describe their hand further and an amusing hand from the Camrose Home Internationals

Hand 1 from Tuesday Evening Game 23 11 28 - When dummy goes down, whether you are declarer or defender, take a little time to work out the pitfalls that may occur during the play of the hand and make a plan accordingly

Hand 10 from Tuesday Evening Game 23 11 14 - Bids that show a shortage in a suit are very powerful tools, so use them when you can

Hand 13 and Hand 1 from Tuesday Evenings Game 23 10 31 - During the play of the hand remember the bidding and try to envisage the shape of the two hands at the table you cannot see. Use that to plan your declarer play or defence.

Hand 4 from Tuesday Evenings Game 23 10 10.docx - if you think slam may be a possibility, agree a suit then cue bid to show controls when you can

Hand 24 from Tuesday Evening's Game 23 09 26 - Splinters are a very useful bidding tool so use them when you can

Hand 11 from Tuesday Evening’s Game 23 09 19 - When partner transfers to show a five card suit on the way to three No Trumps and you have three card trump support it will usually be better to play in the Major suit.

Hand 19 and Hand 27 from Thursday Evening's League Game 23 09 14 - when playing slams count your obvious tricks VERY carefully. When you are a trick short make a plan as to how you can safely develop the extra trick.

Hand 17 from Tuesday Evening's Game 23/08/29 - when you have a choice of a normal finesse or a ruffing finesse, the ruffing finesse may have an added bonus

Hand 9 From Tuesday Evening's Game 23/08/22 - the principle of fast arrival when you can

Hand 19 From Tuesday Evening's Game 23/08/15 - when you are the dealer at favourable vulnerability don’t be shy about pre-empting

Hand 5 from Tuesday Evening's Game 23/07/18 - plan the defence carefully and don’t simply do the obvious thing here which was to return partners suit at trick two.

Hand 5 from Tuesday Evening Game 23/07/11 - the importance of giving suit preference signals.

Hand 24 from Tuesday Evening Game 23/06/27 - how to make make things difficult for the opposition and how to handle the situation.

Hand 2 from Tuesday Evening Game 23/06/13 -  how to make the best of bidding strong unbalanced hands.

Hand 3 from League Game 23/06/08 - make a plan and think when a suit comes along where you may be asked to cover an Honour with an Honour, is that the correct thing to do?

Hand 8 From Tuesday Evening Game 23/05/23 - hand where listening to the bidding and looking at the play to the first trick helps you make the correct play at trick two.

Hand 13 from League Game 23/05/11 - when a suit is played try to work out how the suit is distributed, including using the bidding to help you.

Hand 25 from Tuesday Evening Game 23/05/09 - don’t lead a singleton trump against a suit contract if there is a chance it may help declarer.