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Welcome to Charnwood Bridge Teachers

Year 1 sessions will be back at the Rothley Centre on MONDAY 30 MAY (we couldn't make the planned 23rd May start date).  Then 6th June and fortnightly thereafter.

The combined Year 2 and Year 3 sessions will start on MONDAY 6 JUNE and fortnightly thereafter.


We will be holding two sets of Monday events EVERY FORTNIGHT when the Rothley Centre reopens.  We have been given no official reopening date yet but we are hoping for (and planning on) a start on MONDAY 23 MAY and fortnightly thereafter until (and including) MONDAY 29 AUGUSTIf the Centre has not reopened by 23 May, we will start on Monday 6 June.

Brian, Jim and Stuart will be running a mixture of supervised play and duplicate bridge sessions, helped by Bridge Buddies.  You don’t need a partner to turn up. 

These sessions will be open to all the existing students and also to members of the CBT group who have been unable to attend the past term’s lessons but simply want some bridge practice. 

The Group A session will be in Lounge Room at the Rothley Centre, starting at 10am and finishing around 12.15. The cost will be £2 per head per session, payable on the day, and there is no need to pre-book.  Just turn up, and if we have an odd number of people, a Buddy will partner the ‘loose singleton’.

Gail, Richard and Ruth will be running supervised play sessions for the current Year One students covering the topics they have been learning during the past term.  These sessions – the group B sessions - will be in the Committee Room at the Rothley Centre from 10.00 to 12.15 and will be restricted to the current Year 1 student group.

As above, these will cost £2 per session and you won’t need a partner – a Bridge Buddy will be on hand to partner the ‘loose singleton’.

There will then be new terms for brand new beginners, and the current Year 1 and Year 2 groups, starting at 10am on Monday mornings at the Rothley Centre in late September. 

If any of you know of any brand new beginners who want to learn bridge from scratch, ask them to get in touch with Richard (email address below) and he can give them details of the course starting in September.

This will give the teachers and Buddies a well-earned break over the Easter period.  However, this is no excuse for you not to make up your own groups for some friendly practice – if you want advice about how to do this online we can provide it, but bridge is far better played face-to-face over a glass of vino! 

Members’ contact details are all on the members’ area of the database – if you struggle to access this, drop Richard an email –

If you are playing socially and come across any hands where you think ‘How should I have bid/made that contract’ just drop an email, with the hand, to any one of the teaching group.

Best wishes and a Happy Easter to you all,


Brian, Gail, Jim, Richard, Ruth and Stuart – Charnwood Bridge Teachers.


We are back to lessons in February  laugh

We have been able to rebook the usual venues, while the Rothley Centre is being refurbished, so we will be starting the spring term on the following dates:

Year 1 - Hallam Fields at 10am on Monday 7th Feb

Year 2 - Woodhouse Eaves Village Hall Annexe at 10am on Monday 7th Feb

Year 3 - Quorn Village Hall at 10am on Friday 4th Feb

The cost for the term is £80, payable by direct credit to the CBT account which is:


SORT CODE: 40-30-24

ACCOUNT NO.: 04085450

ACCOUNT NAME: Bradgate Bridge Club

Just a reminder that the Covid restrictions which we had at the start of last term are still in force and we repeat them below.  The last is the most important:

  • Tables will be more generously spaced than usual.  
  • Players will handle the cards and bidding boxes as in a usual club session, but may bring their own bidding boxes if they wish.
  • Players may wear masks if they wish.
  • Players will not be asked for “vaccine passports” and should be aware that fellow-students and/or teachers may not be vaccinated.
  • Bring your own drinks - we will not use the kitchen area in Hallam Fields (other classes to be advised)
  • Players are asked not to come to the event if exhibiting signs of Covid infection.

We look forward to getting back together again after this brief hiccup.

Brian, Gail, Jim, Richard, Ruth and Stuart - Charnwood Bridge Teachers


Welcome to the website of Charnwood Bridge Teachers. 

We are a group of six teachers from the Loughborough and Bradgate Bridge Clubs, EBU qualified, who are offering courses of bridge lessons for beginners and improvers in the Charnwood area of Leicestershire. 

When it is possible, the lessons take place at the Rothley Centre, although while the Covid-19 restrictions are in place, they will take place online from October 2020.

Years 2 and 3 Realbridge Practice
CBT Pairs Monday 24th Jan 2022
POSTPONED Year 2 Lesson 11