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Sunday Swiss Game Schedule

Cashiers Duplicate Bridge will have Sunday Swiss games on

June 23   July 21   August 25  September  22

Games will begin at 1:30 and we ask everyone to be there at 1:15 so we can start on time. 

The game will be "Eight is Enough" as described below.   

1.  Each 4-person team may add up to NO MORE THAN 8 points for the 4-person team. 

  • Players under 500 masterpoints count as 1 point.         (C Player)
  • Players with 500-1500 masterpoints count as 2 points. (B Player)
  • Players with over 1500 masterpoints count as 3 points. (A Player)

A team may have LESS THAN 8 points or 8 points exactly, but not more than 8. This means that no team may have more than 2 A players and, if a team has 2 A players, they must be playing with 2 C players.

2.  We will play 4 rounds of 6 hands each, time permitting.  We must be finished in 4 hours or less, which should be no problem if everyone arrives on time and plays at a good pace.

3.  Cost is $3 to enter the Rec Center, which goes to the Center, and $24 per team, if all players are members of the Cashiers Duplicate Bridge club.  If your team has non members, those players will be an additional $5 each.  If you have an existing membership at the Rec Ctr, your membership will be honored as usual.  

4.  We need a minimum of 5 teams to hold the game.  In order that we know how many to expect for each game, we ask each team to make a reservation and tell us your team members.  Please send your reservation request to Pam at  Pam will tabulate our number of teams each month to be sure we have enough and will notify your team if we are falling short 48 hours before the game.  If you need help in forming a team, Pam will forward those requests for teammates to Joan Braender who will try to help. 

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