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Sunday Swiss Games On Hold

Normally, he Cashiers Duplicate Bridge Club holds Swiss Teams games from June - October on select Sundays.  Due to COVID 19, we have been forced to put these games on hold until further notice.  We will start again when it is safe.

Games normally begin at 1:30 and we ask everyone to be there at 1:15 so we can start on time.  Each game is Eight is Enough as described below.   

1.  Each team may add up to NO MORE THAN 8 points for the total 4-person team.  Players under 300 masterpoints count as 1 point.  Players with 300-1000 masterpoints count as 2 points.  Players with over 1000 masterpoints count as 3 points.  A team may have LESS THAN 8 points or 8 points exactly, but not more than 8. This means that no team may have more than 2 A players and, if a team has 2 A players, they must be playing with 2 C players.

2.  We will play 4 rounds of 6 hands each, time permitting.  We must be finished in 4 hours or less, which should be no problem if everyone arrives on time and plays at a good pace.

3.  Cost is $3 to enter the Rec Center, which goes to the Center, and $5 for bridge club members (guests will pay $7). If you are a member of the Rec Center, then you only pay the $5 or $7 bridge fee. 

4.  If you plan to play, please email Sandra Freeman <> with your teammates names and the date you wish to play.  If we do not get enough for the game, Sandra will email you on the Saturday before the game to let you know.  As always, walk-ins of full four person teams are welcome, but reservations will have priority.

5. If you need teammates to make a team of four, please use our partnership desk link in the right hand column of this page.


Welcome to Cashiers Duplicate Bridge Club
Bridge Lessons Private or Group

Joan Braender, our professional director, is available for either individual or group lessons during the season.  Joan has over 9,000 Masterpoints® and is an Emerald Life Master.  The individual or group can choose both the topics and level for the lessons.  If interested, please contact Joan at

About Us
About Us

Welcome to the Cashiers Duplicate Bridge Club (CDBC) website. The CDBC is a member-owned club fully sanctioned by the American Contract Bridge League (ACBL). It is a friendly game where all players are welcomed. The club was started around 1990 as a seasonal game with the able leadership of Jean and Ed Whitby. Cashiers Duplicate Bridge Club is incorporated as a non-profit organization to promote bridge games for members and guests.  The Club is adminisered by an elected Board of Directors. 

We currently have an OPEN game and a 299 game each Tuesday during the season at 1 PM (please arrive by 12:45) at the Cashiers Recreation Center. We can accommodate 24 tables, and RESERVATIONS ARE NO LONGER NECESSARY.  299 game each Tuesday is dependent on enough players. 

The club uses Bridgemate scoring terminals and we were able to purchase a dealing machine at the beginning of the 2014 season, so all games feature pre-dealt boards and hand records. Our goal is to have results posted on this website before our players return to their homes.

Cashiers is a lovely unincorporated municipality situated in the mountains of Southwestern North Carolina.  It is a destination vacation place for many who enjoy the simple life of Cashiers and the many activities it has to offer. It has cool summers, wonderful seasons, and superb places to eat. However, its main asset is the good people who come to Cashiers on vacation or that have homes here.

Game Stratification Levels

Our game generally uses the following stratification levels (But may be modified at the discretion of the Director)

  • C Players - 0 to 500 MPs
  • B Players - 500 to 2000 MPs
  • A Players - 2000 and above
Interclub Tournament 2019

Interclub Bridge Tournament

Cullasaja County Club hosted the annual Interclub Swiss Teams competition this year and did a wonderful job.  2019 marked the 16th year of competition.  The 8 participating clubs were Cullasaja CC, Highlands CC, Mt. Laurel Tennis Club, Sapphire Valley CC, Burlingame CC, Wade Hampton GC, Wildcat Cliffs CC and Mountaintop CC.

In this format, each club supplies two four-person teams for the competition – an A level team and a B level team based on Master points.  Each A team plays a six-board match against each other club’s A team for a total of seven rounds while the B group does the same.

Winner of the A group this year was Cullasaja CC and winner of the B group was Wade Hampton.

Total victory points of the two teams from each club are added together to decide the overall championship.  This year, Wade Hampton won the competition for the first time ever, with Mt. Laurel coming in 2nd, and Cullasaja 3rd.

The date for 2020 is going to be August 13 beginning at 9 AM and the host club will be Burlingame CC.  The competition is held each year on a Thursday in August. 

Suggestions Welcomed

We welcome any ideas on how to improve our Club. You may post them on our blog:

Phone App

Click here for info on the Bridgewebs iPhone app. You can view results from the Cashiers Bridge Club as well as other clubs using Bridgewebs while away from your computer.

BBO games

Beginning immediately the Cashiers and Highlands Bridge Clubs will discontinue all BBO virtual club games until further notice.  The two clubs had been having joint BBO games starting last June, but interest waned recently and the games are no longer feasibile.  We hope to be able to resume some sort of games around June 1, 2021.  We would like for those games to be face to face if the COVID situation allows for that to be done safely.  If not, we will see if resuming the BBO virtual club games will work.  Stay tuned.  We are working on it.  CDBC will send an email to all members when we have a plan.  

If you are looking for a place to play BBO, the Bridge Club of Atlanta is happy to have all CDBC or HDBC members in any of their games.  Please contact them if you are interested.



Game Schedule when face to face games resume
Game Schedule when face to face games resume

Normally, we have sanctioned Open and 299 pairs games every Tuesday beginning the Tuesday after Mother's Day each season.  With the Corona virus situation described above, we are not sure when we will resume face to face games.  When we do, below is when we play.  

We also have occasional Sunday Open pairs games.  We expect to have several in 2020 after the season has begun.  Please watch this space for the 2020 dates.  

Please plan to arrive 15 minutes before all games so we can sign up and get settled to begin on time.  

Game fees are $5 per game for members and $7 per game for non-members.  Membership fee for the season is $10.      

All games will be held at the Cashiers Recreation Center, which is located just west of the Cashiers Post Office.  In addition, the club will be having Swiss Team games on some Sundays during the season.  Please see the information box in the left hand column of this page for more information plus the dates of those Swiss Games.



Cashiers Bridge Club has a partnership desk for your convenience.  If you need a partner for a Tuesday pairs game or a Sunday Swiss game, please send the following information to one of the partnership co-chairpersons listed below.

  1. Name and contact information
  2. Approximate number of masterpoints

Like the current dating sites, we will do our best to match players who have told us that they are looking for partners.  We are not going to go searching, and unfortunately, can’t provide any guarantees of success. 

Please contact Trisha Hughes or Claudia O’Steen <> with your information.

Results & Calendar
The most recently posted results are listed in the left column below. Future games are shown in the right column.  A complete list of older results and future events are shown under the Results and Calendar tabs on the left side of the home page.
Open and 299er Pairs - Club Appreciation Game
Director: Joan Braender
Open and 299er Pairs - Club Appreciation Game
Director: Joan Braender
Open and 299er Pairs - Unit Championship - Sanction# L1910171B
Director: Joan Braender
8-Is-Enough Gold Dust Swiss
Director: Joan Braender