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County Pairs Qualifier

A qualification heat for the 2019/20 county pairs will be held on 20th Drcember at 7pm

All are welcome and qualification is not compulsory.

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This page has information and news of interest to the members. For a full list of forthcoming events, see "Calendar" on the menu and for a list of results see "Results".
HOTW Nov2nd 2012
 My partner played 4 as N. Deep finesse says she should have made it on a non-heart lead. How?
A club lead. Assuming W defends well and unblocks both AK, you should eliminate clubs while drawing three rounds of trump and play K followed by a small , playing low from dummy as long as the Q does not appear. 
Last updated : 3rd Nov 2012 12:55 GMT
Hand of the Week Sep 24th 2012
In lieu of anything more suitable, here is a hand from the Edgar Foster Cup from Sunday. I present it as a declarer play problem. I was West and led the AK, which declarer ruffed in dummy. He then rather abjectly went two off. Do you see a line for him to make it?There is a clue in the bidding and the early play.
Play off two top spades only. Then cash two diamonds, which drops the Jack from West. Diamond to the ten and a spade takes you to dummy, from where you play Q and discard the J. When you play clubs East can force you once in hearts but then has only clubs left, so you make 4 spades and a ruff, plus 4 diamonds and a club.
Last updated : 24th Sep 2012 09:23 GMT
Hand of the Week Sep 14th 2012
 I was in 3 as West, after a 1NT overcall by me followed by a transfer that made me declarer. A was led. I'm ashamed to say I only managed 8 tricks. It looks uncomfortable but 9 tricks can be made relatively easily without resorting to the finesse. How?
By winning the lead and playing to ruff as many clubs as possible. Win, ruff a club, then to the King. Ruff a club. to the King, ruff a club. Ace, ruff a with the Ace of trumps and lead another club and make dummy's Jack en passant. 5 top tricks and 4 ruffs.A bit double dummy, because of  South's singleton trump but a reasonable line nonetheless.
Last updated : 15th Sep 2012 10:38 GMT
This week's hand 31st Aug
How can you make 4S with 4 top losers on a club lead to the Jack and your Queen? (It requires a slight mistake from East)?
Assume East has led top of a doubleton (likely) and has the Ace of diamonds (necessary). Play a diamond to dummy's honour and if it wins,then play a club to the Ace and start cashing clubs. If East does not ruff you can throw diamond. If he ruffs, you overuff and pull trumps. Note this only works if you don't touch trumps and fails if West withholds the club Jack.
Last updated : 2nd Sep 2012 14:34 GMT
This week's hand: 24th Aug 2012
Here is a hand where six diamonds is not only reachable but also makeable. Our system should have got us there but one of us was lazy. She made up by outscoring everyone with 3NT+3 but that was very small compensation. DF says seven is cold. Can you see how?
You have 10 top tricks (with trumps breaking). On a heart or spade lead, you have the entries to ruff 3 spades but after a club lead or trump lead you can only ruff two. However when you play off your last trump,West has come down to SK and 4 hearts and must find a discard. Either you make the SJ or the 4th heart in dummy. Try it.
Last updated : 25th Aug 2012 12:38 GMT