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Please see calendar for the amended programme.

Ladies, don't forget the rummage sale. It's a chance to get rid of
those things not worth keeping around the house.

Bring your husbands.

Honour Board
Summer Pairs/Club Teams

2016 Not Played

2017 Winners: June Tooze and Margaret Newell Runners Up: Anne and Allen Fletcher

2018 Winners: Shirley Pedonese, June Tooze, Barbara Smith & Penny Hunt Runners Up: Kerrie Stien, Henry Wellsmore, Wendy Lake & Irene Callaghan

2019 Winners: Dennis Forsythe, Yvonne Grant, Rosemary Lovell and Dianne Noon Runners Up:Irene Callaghan, Wendy Lake, Kerrie Stien and Henry Wellsmore

2020 Winners: Shirley Pedonese, June Tooze, Kerrie Forrester and Neil Forrester Runners Up: Jeannette Magill, Jeff Bishop, Barbara Smith and Eileen Lewis

2021 Winners:Di Burton, Tim Goodwin, Charmain Mills and Graeme Schubert Runners Up: Robert Shearer, Helen Stevens, Rosalie and Neil McGlynn

Autumn Pairs

2016 Winners: Robert Shearer and Dennis Forsythe  Runners Up: Pam Ingham and Trish Thomas

2017 Winners: Kerrie Forrester and Alan Lehrle        Runners Up: Helen Black and Don Nisbet

2018 Winners: Peter Deed and Graeme Schubert       Runners Up: Lyle and Robert Snell

2019 Winners: June Tooze and Shirley Pedonese.      Runners Up: Rosemary Lovell and Dennis Forsythe

2020 - Not played due to Covid 19 virus

2021 Winners: Allen and Anne Fletcher.                      Runners Up: Robert Shearer and Helen Stevens

Spring Pairs

2016 Winners: Jack Carson and Anne Reilly Runners Up: Robert Shearer and Dennis Forsythe

2017 Winners: Jeannette Magill and Jeff Bishop Runners Up: Deidre and Paul Rheinberger

2018 Winners: Pattye Laing and Jack Carson Runners Up (equal): Anne and Allen Fletcher, Pam Tucker and Leslie Dodds

2019 Winners: Eileen Lewis and Helen Black Runners Up: Allen and Anne Fletcher

2020 - Not played due to Covid 19 virus

Winter Pairs/President's Trophy

2016: Winners Helen Black and Eileen Lewis Runners Up: Anne and Allen Fletcher

2017 Winners: Jack Carson and Pattye Laing Runners Up: Eileen Lewis and Helen Black

2018 Winners: Robert Shearer and Dennis Forsythe Runners Up: Penny Hunt and Barbara Smith

2019 Winners: Helen Black and Eileen Lewis Runners Up: Kerrie Stien and Henry Wellsmore

2020 - Not played due to Covid 19 virus

Anne Reilly Memorial Trophy

2017 Ingrid Del Bianco and Ester Muraro

2018 Diedre Wyte and Kerrie Condon

2019 Kerrie and Neil Forrester

2020 - Not played due to Covid 19 virus