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Learn bridge online for free!

You’ve heard that bridge is a challenging game to learn and play and that may have made you hesitant and kept you away from learning the game. Come learn with us!  Starting January 4, you can learn to play and enjoy this game via a 2019 Teacher of the Year bridge instructor, Jim Ricker, in the comfort of your home!  And on top of that, it is FREE.  You will need a $20 book (priced for Belfair members and available from Tony Schlegel - 843-304-3132) to follow along with the online lessons. This is a 17-week series of 1 hour online Zoom classes that will start on January 4 at 10:15 AM and every Tuesday through April 26. These lessons assume that you know nothing about bridge. The lessons are recorded should the 10:15 time not work for you.  If you stick with the lessons, you’ll be able to play duplicate or social bridge at a competent level.  Click Beginner Bridge Registration and Topic Schedule.pdf to register for the lessons or contact Tony Schlegel at 843-304-3132. 

To supplement this series of lessons, we are also offering, at no charge, a bridge lab in the Belfair Clubhouse twice a month (schedule to be announced).  There will be discussion of the material in the lessons which you should have already seen and then there will be hands we will play to help you better understand the lesson.  If you let me know that you’re interested in this series of lessons, I will help you with the registration and book purchase. 

Intermediate/Advanced Bridge Player Discussions

We are considering a few intermediate/advanced bridge discussion topics.  Examples of the topics are:

  • Update on modern bidding (for those who learned the game some time ago and haven’t played much lately)
  • Losing Trick Count & When to Invite Game
  • Reading the dummy to improve defensive play
  • Declarer Notrump strategies
  • Responding to your partner’s takeout double
  • Cue bids
  • Jacoby 2NT and responses
  • New Minor Forcing (NMF)
  • Inverted Minors

Send an email to either Tony Schlegel ( or Laurel Ludden ( to tell us which would be your top four choices.  Each topic will include practice hands to help illustrate the topic.  These discussion groups will be held in the Belfair Clubhouse. 

The Belfair Bridge Website is a good source for you to keep up with dates, times and results for our events and games.  

Belfair ACBL Sanctioned Duplicate Games

These invitational games when scheduled are conducted for Belfair members and invited guests.  Non-members should call Tony Schlegel at 843-815-3011 or Laurel Ludden at 816-718-1950 to check on availability as a guest. 

We want your feedback

We're always looking for new ideas and suggestions for how to improve Belfair bridge.  Please send your emails to Tony Schlegel or Laurel Ludden and we'll be sure to pass them on to the appropriate coordinator.   

Belfair's Directors

These Belfair members have been certified by ACBL as Directors.:

  • Richard Distlerath
  • Laurel Ludden
  • Tony Schlegel
Previous Results

Go to "Calendar Month" on the LEFT PANEL and then find the game date of interest to see results for that game. Latest results button below will only show the last Belfair game played. 

October 3, 2022
Women's Duplicate Bridge
Ladies Card rm 12:15 PM
Director: Laurel Ludden
October 3, 2022
Men's Duplicate Bridge
Old Tabby rm 6:30 PM
Director: Bob Kefgen
October 3, 2022
Women's Social Bridge
Ladies Card rm 1:00 PM
Director: Judy Carr