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A must-read article about why playing bridge is so important to everyday life issues.† Just click on the URL below.

ACBL and Bridge Base Online (BBO) have raised their minimum price for playing online games.† The previous minimum was $3.00 per person, which is what Belfair Bridge charged.† The new price is now $4.50, effective immediately.† Please be sure you have enough BBO dollars in your BBO account when playing online.† We will continue to charge the least amount ($4.50) in our games.† Other club online games are now $5.00 to $7.00.† The charge for our Face to Face games will remain the same...$3.00 for Belfair members and $5.00 for guests.† This fee may be slightly increased when playing in special F to F games.††

Why should you want to play bridge?

Here are four really good reasons.†

  1. Bridge requires thinking, as well as problem-solving skills, concentration, and planning to gain a good score.† Unlike a lot of other card games, bridge is a game of both defense and offense. No longer do you have to complain about "never getting good cards" since your competition is defending with the same cards! That is what makes the game fun.
  2. As we get older, there is cognitive decline which is different in every person but it happens.† Bridge keeps your brain active and stimulated and, when we play with others, the social aspects of the game keep different parts of your brain working whether taking classes or playing. If you want to make more friends, bridge is a game for you.
  3. Bridge is good for our immune systems.† Studies have shown that the area of your brain that is used and stimulated while playing bridge is the same area of the brain that is suspected to stimulate the immune system.
  4. Unlike so many physical games, bridge is a lifelong game.† While you can learn the basics quite easily, mastering the game takes a long time.† This is why so many people play well into their 80s and 90s.†

To learn bridge and play this game for a lifetime, we're looking for some student volunteers who have a genuine interest and time for about 6 basic bridge lessons spread over 2 months. Please let us know if you have a laptop you could bring with you to class. If not, we may be able to provide one for you. Call Tony Schlegel at 843-304-3132 or Laurel Ludden at 816-718-1950 for more information.

Intermediate/Advanced Bridge Player Discussions

We†are considering a few intermediate/advanced bridge discussion topics.† Examples of the topics are:

  • Update on modern bidding (for those who learned the game some time ago and havenít played much lately)

  • Losing Trick Count & When to Invite Game

  • Reading the dummy to improve defensive play

  • Declarer Notrump strategies

  • Responding to your partnerís takeout double

  • Cue bids

  • Jacoby 2NT and responses

  • New Minor Forcing (NMF)

  • Inverted Minors

Send an email to either Tony Schlegel ( or Laurel Ludden ( to let us know if you would be interested in any of these topics.† If we have enough players interested, we will schedule a discussion event.†

The Belfair Bridge Website is a good source for you to keep up with dates, times, and results for our events and games.††

Belfair ACBL Sanctioned Duplicate Games

These invitational games when scheduled are conducted for Belfair members and invited guests.  Non-members should call Tony Schlegel at 843-815-3011 or Laurel Ludden at 816-718-1950 to check on availability as a guest. 

We want your feedback

We're always looking for new ideas and suggestions for how to improve Belfair bridge.  Please send your emails to Tony Schlegel or Laurel Ludden and we'll be sure to pass them on to the appropriate coordinator.   

Belfair's Directors

These Belfair members have been certified by ACBL as Directors.:

  • Richard Distlerath
  • Laurel Ludden
  • Tony Schlegel
Previous Results

Go to the LEFT PANEL and then click on "Results".† Find the last game or previously played games of interest to see results for that game. The latest results button below will only show the last Belfair game played.†

May 14, 2024
Belfair Duplicate Bridge - F to F
Old Tabby room
Director: Tony Schlegel or Laurel Ludden
May 16, 2024
Women's Social Bridge
Ladies Card rm 1:00 PM
Director: Judy Carr
May 20, 2024
Women's Duplicate Bridge
Ladies Card rm 12:15 PM
Director: Laurel Ludden