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Below are various resources for you to learn this great game.  But why should you want to play bridge?  Here are four really good reasons. 

  1. Bridge requires a lot of thinking, as well as problem-solving skills, concentration, and planning ahead to gain a good score.  Unlike a lot of other card games, bridge is a game of both defense and offense.
  2. As we get older, there is cognitive decline which is different in every person but it happens.  Bridge keeps your brain active and stimulated and, when we play with others, the social aspects of the game keep different parts of your brain working whether taking classes or playing. If you want to make more friends, bridge is a game for you.
  3. Bridge is good for our immune systems.  Studies have shown that the area of your brain that is used and stimulated while playing bridge is the same area of the brain that is suspected to stimulate the immune system.
  4. Unlike so many physical games, bridge is a lifelong game.  While you can learn the basics quite easily, mastering the game takes a long time.  This is why so many people play well into their 80s and 90s. 

To learn bridge and play this game for a lifetime, here are three ways to learn bridge at home and two suggestions if you would rather take lessons in a classroom venue.  Call either Tony Schlegel (843-304-3132) or Laurel Ludden (816-718-1950) for questions about the courses below or anything related to bridge.

1. Free beginner lessons with Larry Cohen

  • Starting on January 17, one of the world’s best bridge teachers, Larry Cohen, is offering a FREE five-session series where you can learn the basics of bridge.  The free online lessons include clear explanations on taking tricks, bridge auctions, etc., and how you can have the time of your life with this amazing game. It also will include important information on brain health and how social activities and games that exercise your mind are important pillars of a healthy brain.
  • This is a great way to learn enough about bridge to go to the next step of extending your bridge skills.  Larry Cohen has the very rare ability to explain difficult bridge concepts to first-time players.
  • Each Zoom session is one-hour, from 11:00 am until noon, and is recorded for later viewing.  Register for any or all of the free sessions with this link

2. Fee-based Beginner Bridge Course with Kim Gilman

  • Starts Jan. 18, 2023, through Feb. 22 - each Wednesday for six weeks
  • Time  6:15 - 8:00 PM Eastern Time - Online via Zoom
  • Price: $110 plus approximately $15 for bridge guidebook available online. The book is Bridge Basics 1 - An Introduction by Audrey Grant.  There are many used copies available on Amazon
  • Registration is now open, click here.
  • If you miss a class, homework and web-based resources are provided to help you catch up. However, signing up for this course means a commitment to attend all the lessons as best you can, as the learning is progressive and you will fall too far behind if you miss multiple lessons.
  • Dates and Topics for Beginner Bridge Online
  • Jan 18 – Introduction to the Basics, Taking Tricks, Counting Points, & Mini-Bridge 
  • Jan 25– Play Mini-Bridge; Card-Play Tactics
  • Feb 1 – Introduction to Bidding, the Bidding Ladder, & Length Points; Opening the Bidding 
  • Feb 8 – Major Suit Opening Bids & Responses; Shortness Points 
  • Feb 15 – No Trump Opening Bids & Responses
  • Feb 22 – Minor Suit Opening Bids & Responses; Next Steps in Bridge

3.  Free - Beginner Bridge using 2 over 1 authored by Jim Ricker

  • Starts January 4th at 10:15 and then each following Wednesday for 8 weeks.  The instructor is Jim Ricker. The first class is ONLY about the mechanics of playing a bridge hand.  If you have already played bridge, skip this lesson.  Each class is targeted for one hour but occasionally may go longer.
  • ZOOM LINK - For every lesson. Each lesson will be recorded.  Access to the recording will come by email after each class is over.  Recordings are not published for public use.
  • BOOK PURCHASE LINK  - Beginning Bridge Using 2 over 1  These classes are free but it is strongly encouraged that you buy the book. 
  • To register - send an email to JDRICKER.JDR@GMAIL.COM
  • Schedule of classes and subjects -  There will be an opportunity in the lessons to ask questions
  • Part 1 - Bridge Basics -
    • January 4th - Basic - Bridge Mechanics
  • Part 2 - Basic Opening Bids -
    • January 11th - Opening a Major
    • January 18th - Opening a Minor
    • January 25th - Opening 1NT and Stayman
    • February 1st - Opening 1NT and Transfers
    • February 8th - Opening 1NT Review plus Attitude/Carding
  • Part 3 - 2 Over 1 and 1NT Forcing
    • February 15th - Introduction to 1NT Forcing
    • February 22nd - 1NT Forcing Review
    • March 1st - Introduction to 2 Over 1
    • March 8th - 2 Over 1 Review
  • Part 4 - Competitive Bidding
    • March 15th - Competitive bidding Overcalls
    • March 22nd - Competitive bidding Takeout Doubles
    • March 29th - Competitive bidding Negative Doubles
  • ​​Part 5 - Defensive Bidding
    • April 5th - Defensive Bidding - Weak 2's and preempts
  • Part 6 - Opening Big Hands
    • April  12th - 2 Club openings and Ace asking

4. Fee-based - Beginner Bridge Lessons - classroom style

  • Lessons are taught by Kristi Menees at the Hilton Head Island Bridge Center.
  • Classes are taught each Friday from 10 - 12 starting on January 13 and ending on March 17. 
  • The cost is $15 per lesson.  You should purchase Audrey Grant’s textbook, Bridge Basics One, which will be available to purchase for $20.00. 
  • Schedule of classes and subjects 
    • January 13th - Introduction to Bridge and Taking Tricks
    • January 20th - Choosing a Contract
    • January 27th - Opening Bids, Hand Evaluation
    • February 3rd - No Trump Opening Bids and Responses
    • February 10th - Major Suit Opening Bids & Responses
    • February 17th - Major Suit Bidding/Practice Hands
    • February 24th - Minor Suit Opening Bids & Responses 
    • March 3rd - Minor Suit Bidding/Practice Hands
    • March 10th - Overcalls
    • March 17th - Bridge Plus Game    
  • If interested in the Hilton Head Island Bridge Center lessons, contact Kristi Menees at 

5. Fee-based:  Learn Bridge in a Day!  A workshop designed for beginners or those brushing up their skills. 

Intermediate/Advanced Bridge Player Discussions

We are considering a few intermediate/advanced bridge discussion topics.  Examples of the topics are:

  • Update on modern bidding (for those who learned the game some time ago and haven’t played much lately)

  • Losing Trick Count & When to Invite Game

  • Reading the dummy to improve defensive play

  • Declarer Notrump strategies

  • Responding to your partner’s takeout double

  • Cue bids

  • Jacoby 2NT and responses

  • New Minor Forcing (NMF)

  • Inverted Minors

Send an email to either Tony Schlegel ( or Laurel Ludden ( to let us know if you would be interested in any of these topics.  If we have enough players interested, we will schedule a discussion event. 

The Belfair Bridge Website is a good source for you to keep up with dates, times, and results for our events and games.  

Belfair ACBL Sanctioned Duplicate Games

These invitational games when scheduled are conducted for Belfair members and invited guests.  Non-members should call Tony Schlegel at 843-815-3011 or Laurel Ludden at 816-718-1950 to check on availability as a guest. 

We want your feedback

We're always looking for new ideas and suggestions for how to improve Belfair bridge.  Please send your emails to Tony Schlegel or Laurel Ludden and we'll be sure to pass them on to the appropriate coordinator.   

Belfair's Directors

These Belfair members have been certified by ACBL as Directors.:

  • Richard Distlerath
  • Laurel Ludden
  • Tony Schlegel
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