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Bedfordshire Online Pairs
Bedfordshire Online Pairs

Bedfordshire is hosting regular online pairs sessions on BBO. These are open to all BBA members and friends. 

Click How to play Bedfordshire Online Pairs.pdf to learn everything you need to know about playing in these games.

Once you have a BBO User Name, you must pre-register with the BBA by completing the form below. Please do this at least 2½ hours before the start of the session you wish to play in. If it is nearer the start time, email me on to let me know you wish to play. 

Each Bedfordshire Online Pairs game will open on BBO two hours before the start. Find the game by selecting "Virtual Clubs" from the BBO home screen, then "EBU-England". You will see the Bedfordshire Online Pairs in the list of EBU club games.