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Rubber Bridge

Club for the time being will continue Rubber Bridge at the Sussex on

Tuesday and Friday afternoons from 2 - 6.30 pm.

This is a 50p Chicago game hosted by Amanda Bolton.  

Table money is £4 per session

All members are welcome and you can just turn up, or email  to register your interest.


Avenue/Lewes online afternoon duplicate
Director: Julian Mitchell
Thursday evening pairs
Director: Julian
Director: Julian
Avenue/Lewes online evening pairs
Director: Julian Mitchell
Avenue/Lewes online morning duplicate
Director: Julian Mitchell
Avenue/Lewes online afternoon duplicate
Director: Julian Mitchell
Director: Andy O
Director: Julian
New Members Guide Oct 2021
New Members Guide March 2024

This page will provide a basic guide outlining some of the website functions and saying a bit about the club.

Thankyou for joining the Avenue Bridge Club. We all hope your Bridge is enjoyable and successful. This document is intended as a brief guide to the Avenue Bridge Club website. The club is open for face to face bridge on Monday evening, Wednesday afternoon and Thursday evening. In addition we provide 4 online games a week via BBO. Occasionally there will be additional events organised by the club for special events organised by the Sussex County Contract Bridge Association or the English Bridge Union. You will always be informed via email about such events but it is an idea to keep an eye on the website calendar entries from time to time.

The club is now open for Rubber Bridge on Tuesday and Friday afternoons from 2 - 6.30 pm. This is a 50p Chicago game hosted by Amanda Bolton.  Table money is £7 per session and is paid to Amanda.

Following the link below will take you to the main page of the avenue bridge club but i suggest you read through this document first.

However i have provided a few guidelines which i think are fairly fundamental in helping you understand more about what the club provides.

I am assuming that you are using a laptop. If using a smart phone you might find the links in slightly different places !

On the left hand side of the front page you will notice a number of links to more detailed information. I have mentioned a few here but feel free to peruse in more detail.

CLUB INFORMATION.  This link below will give you a bit of background information and details about fees etc. If you look at sessions you will see a description of all the face to face games we provide at the moment which should help you choose something suitable.

BBO INFORMATION This link will tell you all you need to know about the online games we provide. There is also an introductory guide to online bridge and a list of  BBO user ids for those registered to play.

HOW TO PAY TABLE MONIES The club reopened after the pandemic and introduced a cashless system for all payments be they subs. table monies or refreshments. Table money and Annual subs are paid by Bank transfer which can be set up either online or by popping into a branch of your local bank. When you have an EBU number we will set up a payment reference so you can pay table  money. Below is a link to the guide for paying table money. Please note that the process for paying for online games is handled separately.

CONTACTING THE CLUB on the front page of the website should you wish to contact the club will provide you with information about various club officials and help to point you in the right direction should you want help with a query.

EBU INFORMATION and USEFUL LINKS will give you a greater appreciation of the bridge world.

Recent results and forthcoming events are displayed on the front page of the website but if you go to CALENDAR or RESULTS you will find more detail.

On the right hand side of the front page you will find MEMBERS AREA When we reopened another new innovation we introduced was the use of the members area  Here you can check your table money balance at any time although in addition you will be provided with a monthly statement. These details may  take up to five days to appear on your balance statement so please be patient and try not to worry. In addition you can update your contact details and look for a partner for all events advertised, Further details on the members area facilities can be found on the website front page. Before you access the members area for the first time you will need to provide a password. If you enter your EBU number and click set/reset password a link will be sent to your email address.