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Important Notices
The annual competitions will run from Sep 1st thru June 30th.
Competition Rules
Rules 2011


The competitions will run from the first week of September through until end of June inclusive.  Any new members joining the club during the course of the season will be ineligible for the individual and silver pairs competitions, but are eligible for the Gold Pairs, Pivot Teams and Jubilee Pairs events (providing such members are eligible for the qualifying criteria of those competitions and can be allocated a handicap – see below).  All single-event competitions are open to non-members, but only members can be prize winners..

Handicap Allocation and Adjustments. Before the start of the new season handicap allocations will be made based on the average performances of the previous competition season regardless of partnerships.  Thus an individual’s average percentage score will be identified and from this a handicap value obtained by subtracting 50 from this score.  The lowest handicap that can be awarded is-10.  As an example, if an individual’s average is calculated at 56.7%, this results in a handicap of 6.7.  Alternatively, if an average is calculated at45.4%, this leaves a handicap of -4.6

For pairs competitions, all partnerships automatically qualify for the Gold Pairs.The Silver Pairs will be awarded to the most improved pairing over the previous year, thus this partnership will need to have played the previous season for there to be any scores to compare against.

New members will only be awarded handicaps after a minimum of 5 appearances.

Monday & Tuesday Club

  • Gold.  Average score achieved by playing a minimum of 12 occasions with the same partner.  Upon reaching 12 scores, only the best 12scores will be counted for the competition. Competition open to all members of the club playing the same day.
  • Silver.     Largest positive difference in average score achieved by playing a minimum of 12 occasions with the same partner, when compared with previous competition season average.  The winners of the Gold pairs are not eligible to win this event..
  • Individual.     Competition split into Ladies and Gentlemen.  Average of best 5 scores played with different partners.  Handicap allocation as per above.  Competition committee to decide handicaps based on previous years results. 

Tuesday Club only

Pivot Teams.     Competition to be played on a pre-set date in the calendar, where each member of the team plays with each of the other team members.  Each member of winning team to receive a prize.  In the event of a tie, the winning team will be determined by the head-to-head result between the tied teams.

Jubilee Pairs.    Pairs competition to be played on a pre-set date in the calendar, where each winning player receives one of the Jubilee trophies donated by Peter Gee-Heaton.  The event will be handicapped, where each player’s individual handicap is combined to form a partnership handicap.  This handicap weighting will then be divided by 2 and deducted from the pair’s score on the night, to determine the nett score.  E.g.  2 players each with a handicap of 5, will have a combined partnership weighting of 10 leading to a handicap of 5, thus their actual score on the night of 62% becomes a nett score of 57% (Similarly 2players, one with a handicap of -4 and the other with a handicap of -2, have a combined partnership weighting of -6 leading to handicap of -3, thus their actual score on the night of 55% becomes a nett score of 58%).

Last Revised: 21st August 2011