We play duplicate pairs on Monday evenings starting at 7.30pm. Our aim is to play 24 board, please be seated at 7.20pm to allow the movement to be set up and to ensure a prompt start. Any one arriving after 7.20pm may not be able to play if this changes the movement.

Children in Need
Director: Ros Sheppard
Just Duplicate
Director: Sue Cretch
Teams of 4 (3 of 7)
Director: Peter Lang
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Tips and Conventions
Conventions and Tips

The following Tips/Conventions are classified as follows:

* - for improving players who want to come above average in the club.
** - for players who want to win their club championship or compete in 'tournament bridge'
*** - for more established players aspiring to win an area or national event


Benjimized Acol
Ogust Responses To Weak-Two Opener
Negative Doubles 
Opening With Five Clubs And Five Spades 


** Jacoby 2NT Responses To 1 Major
** Five Card Puppet Stayman
** Defence to Weak Two's
** Halmic Defence to 1NT Doubled
** Losing Trick Count 
** Splinter Bids 
** Splinter and Cue Bids (Overview) 
** Lebensohl (over Interference over 1NT) 
** Michaels Cue Bids 
** Roman Key Card Blackwood 
** Check-back 2 Clubs Over 1NT Rebid 
** Weak Jump Responses 

*** Defence To Two Suited Overcalls 
*** Multi Two Clubs (Benji) 
*** Smith Peters