Alton Bridge Club
Release 2.19q
Mon 6th Feb 2023
Just Duplicate Pairs
BBO 7:20pm
Mon 13th Feb 2023
Just Duplicate Pairs
BBO 7:20pm
Mon 20th Feb 2023
Beech Village Hall 7:20pm
Mon 27th Feb 2023
Just Duplicate Pairs
Beech Village Hall 7:20pm
Tips and Conventions
Conventions and Tips

The following Tips/Conventions are classified as follows:

* - for improving players who want to come above average in the club.
** - for players who want to win their club championship or compete in 'tournament bridge'
*** - for more established players aspiring to win an area or national event


Benjimized Acol
Ogust Responses To Weak-Two Opener
Negative Doubles 
Opening With Five Clubs And Five Spades 


** Jacoby 2NT Responses To 1 Major
** Five Card Puppet Stayman
** Defence to Weak Two's
** Halmic Defence to 1NT Doubled
** Losing Trick Count 
** Splinter Bids 
** Splinter and Cue Bids (Overview) 
** Lebensohl (over Interference over 1NT) 
** Michaels Cue Bids 
** Roman Key Card Blackwood 
** Check-back 2 Clubs Over 1NT Rebid 
** Weak Jump Responses 

*** Defence To Two Suited Overcalls 
*** Multi Two Clubs (Benji) 
*** Smith Peters