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After the Tues evening Open game, Dick reviews interesting hands from that session and answers questions on hands from players.  See the link in the Special Message area top right of the Home pageLink also in Useful Links area in the menu on the left.

On the first Tuesday each month @ 5 PM Dick does a Zoom lession on aspects of our game from which everyone can benefit.  See the Link in the Special Mesage area at the top right of the Home page. Link also in Useful Links area in the menu on the left. 
If you are not participating in Dick's lessons, you are missing a great opportunity to learn from Akron's top player!

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New Members

  • Brock Wenciker

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NABC Master

  • Jonathan Crane
  • Kerrie Crane
  • Frank Koelliker

Life Master

  • Susie Ash

Ruby Life Master

  • Susan Manne
  • Cathy Taylor
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2021 Mini-McKenny & Ace of Clubs Winners

Rank                               Mini-McKenney                    Ace of Clubs
0-5 MP                                                   Kathy Helmuth
5-20 MP                                                 Diane Curnayn
20-50 MP                                               Tim Frosell
50-100 MP                                             Linda Phillips
100-200 MP                      Judy Hummel                      Bud Fawks
200-300 MP                                           Alice Spickler
300-500 MP                      Jan Egdell                           Rita Markunas
500-1000 MP                                         Woody Ban
1000-1500 MP                                       Susan Manne
1500-2500 MP                                       Bob Ryan
2500-5000 MP                                       Monica Early
3500-5000 MP      (No Members)
5000-7500 MP                 Sue Lan Ma                         Dick Traxler
7500-10000 MP   (No Members)
Over 10000 MP                                     Dick Early

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