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Welcome to Akron Bridge Association
Akron Bridge Association New Web
Akron Bridge Association New Web

This is the new home page for the Akron Bridge Association

Important Information
Important Information

Here's a guide to the Menu on the left -

News - was Spotlight on the former website.  Here you'll find a list of new members and recent ACBL rank achievments.  Up coming worthy events will appear when needed.

Information - Opens to a sub menu where items currently populated are these:
When and Where - Lists our games including day(s), location & time of play and Director contact info.  ACBL Live Results for most games.
Contact Us -  Email the Akron Bridge Association.
Akron Bridge Board - List of Board members including contact info.

Results - List of recent games in our unit with a link to results details from ACBL Live.  Currently working with our directors to enable all of our games.

Useful Links - Links to other Bridge websites you may find interesting/useful.  Links to Dick Early's Tuesday Zoom sessions are found here!
Find a Partner - contact the Director for the game needed.  See Information, When & Where for Director Contact info
Other menu items are 'Under Construction' - ie nothing yet

September 21, 2021
Fairlawn Bridge Club
St Paul's Church 1361 Market St Akron 11:00 AM
Director: Jill Smith/Jim Fasnacht
September 21, 2021
Dick Early's Open Game
BBO 6:30 PM
Director: Cathy Taylor
September 22, 2021
Cuyahoga Falls Woman's Club - Private
Woman's Club Noon
Director: Jayne Stahr