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Welcome to Akron Bridge Association
Support Unit 107 Local Games

While we all enjoy the social and competitive aspects of attending tournaments, you don't have to wait for a tournament to enjoy duplicate bridge.  You can find these aspects simply by attending our Unit 107 local games.  We offer everything from Open games, 0-299 games, and Swiss Team games.  Locations vary from Hudson, Medina, Wooster and even online games.  Every month you should receive a calendar via email.  Or simply click the link below to see the calendar of games.

Unit 107 Monthly Calendar

Hope to see you at the bridge table!



Dick Early's Lessons & Review
Dick Early's Lessons & Review

Dick Early's Hand of the Month  - See Dick's current HoM and several years of his past lessons! Open the folder for the year you wish to see.

After the Tues evening Open game, Dick reviews interesting hands from that session and answers questions on hands from players.  See the Link in the Special Mesage area at the top right of this page. Link also in Useful Links area in the menu on the left.

On the first Tuesday each month @ 5 PM Dick does a Zoom lession on aspects of our game from which everyone can benefit.  See the Link in the Special Mesage area at the top right of this page.  Hand out for Dick's lesson Top Right this page.

Link also in Useful Links area in the menu on the left.
If you are not participating in Dick's lessons, you are missing a great opportunity to learn from Akron's top player!



Important Information
Important Information

Here's a guide to the Menu on the left -

News - was Spotlight on the former website.  Here you'll find a list of new members and recent ACBL rank achievments.  Up coming worthy events will appear when needed.

Information - Opens to a sub menu where items currently populated are these:
When and Where - Lists our games including day(s), location & time of play and Director contact info.  ACBL Live Results for most games.
Contact Us -  Email the Akron Bridge Association.
Akron Bridge Board - List of Board members including contact info.

Results - List of recent games in our unit with a link to results details from ACBL Live.  Currently working with our directors to enable all of our games.

Useful Links - Links to other Bridge websites you may find interesting/useful.  Links to Dick Early's Tuesday Zoom sessions are found here!
Find a Partner - contact the Director for the game needed.  See Information, When & Where for Director Contact info
Other menu items are 'Under Construction' - ie nothing yet

March 29, 2023
Cuyahoga Falls Woman's Club - Private
Women's Club Noon
Director: Judy Taylor
March 29, 2023
Portage Country Club - Private
Portage Country Club 12:30 PM
Director: Judy Taylor
March 29, 2023
Wooster Bridge Club
407 N Market St Wooster, OH 12:45 PM
Director: Kathy Slosman
March 29, 2023
Medina Stratified Bridge Club
Lutheran Church 400 N Broadway Medina, OH 6:30 PM
Director: Jim Fasnacht
March 30, 2023
Ann Markunas Duplicate (Open and 0-299 games)
Barlow Community Center, Hudson, OH 10:30 AM
Director: Rosemary Kleis