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Hand of the Week
Hand of the Week

At two tables, the auction went:

1  2♣  2  3♣ 
3  4♣  4  5♣ 
P P P  

One table made 5♣ . One table went down 1 trick.

At another table:

1  3♣  3  4♣ 
4  5♣  5 


P P P  

E/W went down 2 tricks.

At the last table, the bidding went all the way to 6 clubs. N/S went down 1 trick.

Now the question is: How high should North bid the first time around? as Alfred Sheinwold said in his Five Weeks to Winning Bridge, "If you are going to pre-empt, pre-empt to the max in one bid."

As the Preacher said, "If any one objects, speak now or forever hold your peace."

North should bid 5 clubs and then forever hold his peace. After the 5 club, would East then bid 5 diamonds, vulnerable with only 9 points?

Remember if you are going to pre-empt, go all out in the one bid!  Make the opponents bid at a high level. Take up all the bidding room in one bid.  I hope all of you thought this hand as interesting as I did!