Unit 225 - East Texas
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May Unit Game - Saturday May 18




Release 2.19q
About the New Website
About the New Website
  • The Homepage will have content such as news stories, people who have achieved a new rank, info about tournaments, etc.
  • Older Articles will be moved to the News Archive section. 
  • If desired by the board, a file with the list of members can be uploaded.  The benefits of having all members and their contact information on the site are:
    • Ability to request a partner on the site (See the "find a partner" link in the menu) 
    • Ability to email members directly from this platform. This would be useful for Bulletins, announcements, updates on District and National stuff, etc.
  • The links in the "Results" section link to "Live for Clubs".  This approach gives everyone access to the official record as quickly as it is posted, and eliminates the need to upload additional files to the system.
    • There is a link for the results for each club.
    • Unit game results appear on the club page where the game was played.
  • The "Unit Clubs & Game Schedules" menu item contains a link to each club in Unit 225. 
    • Each club has a page
    • The clubs are listed according to the official ACBL club name. Where the club name is not the town, the town is shown in parentheses.
    • Each club's page contains the address, a link to a google map showing directions, the key contact's name and contact details, a link to "Live for Clubs", and the schedule of recurring and special games for that location.
    • An additional page has been created for the Unit. It shows the unit game schedule.