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Welcome to Unit 225 - East Texas
Happy 90th Beth Hankins!


The club at Longview celebrated Beth Hankins' 90th birthday.  Five and a half tables played that day. 

Love the glasses! 

And where can we get that shirt?


Last updated : 19th Nov 2023 14:18 CST
Jackie McElhaney Honored by American Legion Post 422
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Jackie McElhaney retired after 43 years as a Flight Attendant.  She served on military flights during the gulf war when American Airlines used their planes to transport military personnel to/from the war zone. She often carried a large American flag with her and had the military men and women sign the flag. ..........

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Last updated : 13th Nov 2023 11:05 CST
Follow-up Bidding After Transferring to a Minor
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 After a 1 no trump opening, many of us use 2 spades to relay to clubs. This bid comes in handy when responder has less than 7 hcp’s and a long minor suit. This bid should never be used with only 5 cards in length. ..........

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Sanction Numbers for 2024

Sanction numbers for 2024 Local and Unit games have been sent to club managers.  Please check your inbox, and let me know if you did not receive your email. Thanks!


  • What: Navarro County shelled Pecans ($9 per pound) and Walnuts ($8.50 per pound)
  • Who: Contact Ginger Rhamey 
  • When: to be delivered at the November and December Unit games

Unit Game and Christmas Party 

  • When: December 9 - Complementary Lunch at begins at 11:30
  • Where: 1915 Garden Valley Rd - Tyler, TX 75701

STaC Sectional

  • Where: Units 176, 183, 225, 254
  • When: Week of December 4 thru 10
Last updated : 13th Nov 2023 11:36 CST

These links will take you to the "Live for Clubs" site for all your current and past results. 


Congrats on achieving new Life Master Levels!

  • John Gurasich, Unit Game, Bronze Life Master
  • Joyce Hahn, Tyler, Silver Life Master
  • Ginny Jones, Longview,  Silver Life Master

70% games

 79.50% Nancy Green & Brenda Baker Nov 13 @ Rose City

 75.00% Charles Ford & Judy Adams Nov 9 @ Dottie Pirkle's

 72.22% Coleen Grisham & Mark Leighton Oct 16 @ Rose City

 70.00% Gloria Rowland & Coleen Grisham Oct 12 @ Dottie Pirkle's

 72.50% Cliff Smith & Helen Mobley Oct 11 @ Sheila Bell 


Submit Info for the Site

Check out the new menu item named "Submit Info for the Site!"   There you will find two new pages with forms in them:

  1. Submit a News Article - Here you can submit articles about events that occurred, new levels achieved, awards given, Memorials for members who have passed and more. If you have accompanying photos, you will find a link there to submit them directly to to the webmaster. 
  2. Submit your 70% Game - if you have had a 70% game, submit it here!  Or submit it on behalf of the people who played at your club.   

The submitted information will go directly to the site webmaster, who will create the articles or update pages, as applicable.

9th December 2023
Unit Game
Rose City (Tyler)
 More Info
13th January 2024
Unit Game
Rose City (Tyler) 12:30
Director: Mike Graham
10th February 2024
Unit Game
Rose City (Tyler) 12:30
Director: Mike Graham