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Seven Clubs - One Vision
Securing a brighter future for bridge players in the Drogheda area.
Daytime Bridge

ABCD will be running bridge every
Monday @ 11am & Thursday @ 2pm
all Bridge players welcome.

Return to Live Bridge 20 Sept 2021

Associated Bridge Clubs of Drogheda     



Re: Play re-commencement

Dear Members,

            As you may be aware the Government updated its’ rules on social distancing allow for the return to ‘Live Bridge’ from the 20th September 2021. The ABCD Committee met on Tuesday evening and went through the CBAI Risk Assessment, Guidelines and Protocols. It was agreed that the Centre is in full compliance with these requirements and indeed exceeds them in many circumstances. The Committee voted unanimously in favour of a limited return to ‘Live’ play, commencing Monday 20th September for a maximum of 100 players in the Centre at any one time. Kathleen Healy has been nominated as ABCD’s Covid Officer.

The CBAI recommend that clubs put in place the following protective measures: All of which are in place in the Centre

  • Each club should appoint a COVID officer responsible for managing the club’s approach, communicating it to members, and dealing with any issues that arise
  • Perspex table screens should be used at all tables
  • Players should wear face masks on entry and exit, and when moving around, but not at the table if screens are being used.
  • Playing rooms should be well-ventilated
  • Tables should be spaced out to ensure that players are suitably distanced, and players should avoid congregating
  • Equipment should not be shared amongst the players where possible – sharing cards is unavoidable for most clubs, but players should use one bidding box throughout, and only North should touch the boards and the scoring equipment
  • Players should sanitise their hands regularly, using an alcohol-based sanitiser.
  • The Kitchen will be closed, if members bring bottles or cans to drink they are asked to take the empties home with them.

Only players who show proof (only required on your first night of play) that they have been fully vaccinated will be allowed play and every bridge player who intends to play bridge must ask themselves the following:

• Do I have symptoms of cough, fever, high temperature, sore throat, runny nose, breathlessness or flu-like symptoms now or in the past 14 days?
• Have I been diagnosed with confirmed or suspected COVID-19 infection in the last 14 days?
• Am I a close contact of a person who is a confirmed or suspected case of COVID-19 in the past 14 days?
• Have I been advised by a doctor to self-isolate at this time?
• Have I been advised by a doctor to cocoon at this time?
If you answer YES to any of these – you MUST NOT attend the club.

Bridge will take place on Monday to Thursday and all players are requested to be sitting at 7:25 for a 7:30 start. Don’t forget to bring back your Bidding Box if you have been given one. Initially ABCD will run these open nights but this will be reviewed in late October to determine if there are large enough numbers to allow the Clubs to restart in their own right.

In addition to the risk assessment and guidelines there was a lengthy discussion on Air Ventilation and Filtration as this is now the main area of attention on mitigating the risks of the spread of Covid 19, as the touching of surfaces is now considered a lower risk. The following questions arose during the discussions.

  1. Is there a ventilation system in the Centre and is it adequate?
  2. Do we have an air filtration system?
  3. Is there Air Conditioning and if not should we get it?
  4. Why are there no windows and can some be fitted?
  5. Where does the fresh air come from?

To deal with these questions we consulted with current regulations and work carried out by the Greystones Bridge Club. It has been determined that the requirement from building regulations is to have ventilation which will give 10 liters of air per second per person in an enclosed room. To this end ABCD carried out a smoke circulation test and a ventilation test to see how the centre conforms to these numbers. The details of these tests and answers to the questions are as follows.


  1. Ventilation System

Yes there is a ventilation system consisting of 4 extraction fans located around the external walls and 4 intake fans located in the ceilings.  As stated per Current building regulations there should be a ventilation rate able to supply 10 liters per second per person in the building. To this end we carried out a ventilation measurement and an air movement analysis. Without getting too complicated the figures below reflect the ventilation rate of the fans,

At Medium Fan Settings

Fan Number

Air Speed meters/Second

Air Volume Metersᶾ/Second















At Full Fan Settings

Fan Number

Air Speed meters/Second

Air Volume Metersᶾ/Second















These figures basically tell us that at medium fan speed 980 liters of air is being ventilated each second which equates to enough for 98 people, at full speed this figure goes up to 1230 liters per second which equates to 123 people.

With regards the movement of this air a ‘Smoke Test’ was carried out where by the room was filled with smoke and its dissipation was monitored. The areas nearest the walls cleared in about 10 minutes giving 6 air changes per hour however it was noted that this number reduced the further the distance from the fans, in the worst areas this dropped to 3 changes per hour. The recommendation was to incorporate some fans that would aid with this air movement. It has been decided that we have purchased 3 HEPA filtration/fan units, which will be placed in the bidding rooms to help with air movement.

  1. Filtration

These 3 HEPA units along with aiding air movement double up as air filtration units filtering air down to the virus and bacterial levels. These 3 units combined will moves and filter 258 liters of air per second, which equates to another 25 people. It also means that the 3 units will filter all the air in the bidding rooms one and a half times every hour. We are therefore confident that the ventilation and filtration systems for an initial entry of 100 players into the Centre is more than adequate.

  1. Air Conditioning

     There is no air-conditioning system in the Centre however as air-conditioning only cools and reuses existing air it actually aids the transmission of the virus and so the stated preference is not to use such systems but to concentrate on ventilation and filtration.

  1. Windows

      During the build of the Centre as there were no windows originally it was decided to keep it that way for 2 reasons,

  • Security
  • There is only one wall on the toilet side which has an open external area.

Windows will only help with ventilation if there is a pressure differential or if there is a wind blowing and then they only create a local cold area which is uncomfortable to play in during cold periods. The preference if to blow air in from the outside, using fans at a high ceiling level.

  1. Air Intake

     As stated as there are no windows for air intake, the centre instead uses qty 4 intake fans which take air from the outside and distributes it into the bidding rooms through vents in the ceilings. Each of these fans are rated at 500mᶾ/hour ie combined the 4 fans can deliver 555 liters of air into the building per second. This along with the natural ventilation of the building allows for all air intake, this includes the requirement to keep internal doors open where possible.

To monitor the air quality within the Centre there will be a Carbon Dioxide Monitor which compares internal air quality against outside air limits, the limit for safe and comfortable breathing air is listed at 1400- 1500 parts per million of Carbon Dioxide.

Hoping this will answer most of your questions but please do not hesitate to contact a member of the Committee if you require further clarification. We do recognise that some players may not yet be comfortable with a return to Bridge and that is a decision each member will have to make personally. The Committee will ensure the Centre conforms to all CBAI recommendations as a minimum. 

Yours Sincerely

Paul Brennan

Secretary ABCD

Virtual Bridge on BBO
Playing Bridge Online Guides

If you are thinking of having a try at playing online, Adam Wiseberg of Manchester County Bridge Association has produced some really helpful short YouTube videos.

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Virtual Bridge on BBO

Are u missing playing Bridge with your friends?

Join us every Sunday thru thursday @ 7.30pm
and play with club and local members
from the comfort of your own home.

Check out
Peter Byrne's website @ 
for all the details.

ABCD Lotto Results

Draw Date 10th March 2020

Numbers Drawn    8 - 10 - 16 & 1

Jackpot €1075 - No Winner
Match 3/24 €100 - No Winner


3 x €20 Draw Winners
Sheila Devin
Tom Lawlor
May Hayes

Next Draw is Suspended
until we return to Bridge -  Jackpot €1100

Help us  make ABCD debt free 
Get your envelope in for next weeks draw

Cheque Presentation From Gate Bridge Club
Cheque Presentation From Gate Bridge Club

Paddy Brennan ABCD Receiving the Cheque

from Gate Bridge Club Trustee Liam O'Reilly

Getting Close
Getting Close

New Bridge Centre

27th June 2018

Work has commenced on the
final phase of our new bridge centre

follow us on facebook for
upto date photos of the project..


Official Opening Bridge Centre

Paul Brennan, Martin O'Brien, Paddy Brennan,

Margaret Hanlon North Eastern Regional President CBAI,

Paul Porteous CEO CBAI, Frank Godfrey Mayor of Drogheda

Gate Bridge Club Monday Night,

Donore Bridge Club every Tuesday Night,

Bridge Club every Thursday Night,

Star & Crescent Bridge Club every Wednesday Night,


Gate Bridge Club 
Improvers every Wednesday Night,
Beginners Classes Thursday Night.

Termonfeckin Bridge Club every Monday Night,

Barbera Tiernan Bridge every Monday Night


New Building Fundraiser Raffle
New Building Fundraiser Raffle
♠  Building Fundraiser Raffle  ♣ 

Congratulations to the winners in our Fundraiser Draw,

which took place during the Donore Christmas Party in the Westcourt Hotel, on 16th Dec 2014

1st Prize €1000, Winner Jamie Davies, Seller Breda Lawlor
2nd Prize €500, Winner Niamh Tiernan, Seller Barbera Tiernan
3rd Prize €200, Winner Bobby Rusk, Seller Bobby Rusk
4th Prize €100, Winner Drogheda Bridge Congress, Seller ABCD
5th Prize €100 Winner Ciara Bellew, Seller Cathrina Bellew
6th Prize €100 Winner Clare Woods, Seller Clare Woods.

A big Thank You to everyone who bought tickets in support of the Draw,

and Merry Christmas to all of you and your Family and Friends,

here's looking forward to a great year of Bridge in 2015........

Helens Big Birthday
Helens Big Birthday

Happy Birthday Helen

Martin O'Brien ABCD president wishing

Helen Williams a Happy 80th Birthday

The Three Tenors
Thanks to everyone who came out and supported this fantastic concert in the TLT.

A great night was enjoyed by all who attended.
The Three Tenors
The Three Tenors
The Three Tenors
The Three Tenors
The Three Tenors
The Three Tenors
The Three Tenors
The Three Tenors
Director: Paul Brennan
Scorer: Paul Brennan
ABCD 17 Jan 22
Director: Paul Brennan
Scorer: Paul Brennan
ABCD Jan 13
Director: Paul Brennan
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ABCD 10 Jan
Director: Paul Brennan
Scorer: Paul Brennan
ABCD 6 Jan
Director: Paul Brennan
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ABCD Nov 2
Director: Paul Brennan
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ABCD Oct 26
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Wednesday Pairs
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