Spade Yateley & Hawley BC Club
Bridge Diary of an Addict
18th July 2018


Playing with a regular partner in Round 4 of the Beryl Doughty

Vee had a long day travelling with work and is coming down with a cold too.  He still came and hosted the Improvers with Val and they had 3 tables again, good to see!

Great to see 70% for Chris & Carole too!

We had a solid night tonight, most things worked well (only 1 red score), we are consistent too, played 2 rounds of the competition so far and 61% on both (currently leading the pairs who have played 2 times but we need 4 to count by the end of the season).

Partner played 10 hands tonight and played brilliantly on all of them (well, maybe 1 was under par) which was a major factor in our overall score!

The winners had 75% tonight though, can't compete with that!!!

Playing at CBC tomorrow

The Highs and Lows:

3    We have a tough minor game to go for which most did not make, 200 worked out ok though
4   I think partner should pass here and we double anything Ops bid - tough call though as we have a vulnerable game on - turns out not many bid game and not many had a good enough doubled score
7   We had a bit of incident here where the director got the ruling wrong on an insufficient bid but I got it wrong too!!!  As it happens, we should have been allowed to play in 4s for a joint top instead of a 2nd - but no complaints.  Lesson learned though, consult the book or another director if not sure
8   I bid all on my own here, found a tough trump break and managed to get out for 2 off, Ops have a part score on so it worked well for us
14   Brave bid partner, not any found game!
15   Ops can play a little better but partner made a good lead that cost nothing and didn't help the Ops
19   Partner played brilliantly to make this, very tough contract
23   I am not strong enough to bid 2 here and partner has no way of knowing I have 5, unfortunate - Ops defended well here too
17th July 2018


Worked from home today and a busy day with 3 conference calls.

Had 4 deliveries scheduled today and also had to close a window in our old house for the new owners who had left it open!!!  Collected our post too.

Jo came over for half an hour in the afternoon too for a coffee and a bridge chat (also some more cat food!)

Pitta Pizzas tonight then put suitcase in the loft and swapped mattress over (our lodger wanted a softer one and we wanted a harder one)

Badminton was very hot tonight, I pushed too hard at the start winning the first 4 games (all very close) but then ran out of steam!

Playing at YHBC tomorrow in Round 4 of the Beryl Doughty

16th July 2018


Playing with a regular partner in a regular club session.

A good day at work today (quiet with a few on leave this week).

Firmed up our next Hubert Philips match (we are now in the Plate event, tough London team at Young Chelsea).

Booked the handyman for next Monday (23rd)

Cooked a mixed grill for a lodger and myself (yummy!)

Jo and I have had a few tough months (mainly personal lives) and bridge needs to be a good distraction - we did well overall tonight but not on all hands.

If it goes wrong, I think we have to stop arguing on the night as it is causing a strain, I like and respect Jo so much and we have to resolve this part.  Invited her for coffee tomorrow as working at home and can take a break.

Playing Badminton tomorrow

The Highs and Lows:

2    We missed a trick but Ops bid too high giving us a good score
3   I got my losers away on the s for an extra trick
4   Ops should be in 4s I think
6   We need a switch but hard for both of us to do it
8   I got the s right here and used the s as entries to dummy to keep getting them right
10   I thought partner had 5s, my mistake, sorry partner
13   We defended well here
15   We defended well here
16   I meant my double as take out looking for s
17   I think this plays better in s and a it happens, better with East on lead - just unfortunate
19   Pass, Pass, Me - I decide to open 4 - a helpful lead and some skill in declarer play and 10 tricks made (most made 10 but too but didn't bid it)
15th July 2018


We did our chores first thing then went to drop the chairs Barbara lent us for our bridge gathering and helped her with an IT issues.

Then Tesco for the weekly shop and home to unload the shopping and back out to look at Sofa's (we liked the first one we saw, viewed the rest and then bought them!)

Should be 5-7 weeks for delivery but another job done!

New Cat Post arrived today and a mirror for the bathroom (still need the handyman to confirm a date to do our jobs).

Our friends arrived at 1pm and we showed them round the house then played 4 games of Poker.

6 of us and I was 3rd in the first game then won the next 2!  Tanya was 3rd in each of the first 3 games too.

Vee won the last game on an incredibly lucky hand making 3 wins out of 4 for the home side and £50 profit (paid for take away for us all!)

Playing at CBC tomorrow

14th July 2018


Playing with a regular partner in the London Metropolitan Bridge Association Swiss Pairs

Simon picked me up at 10:45 and we had no issues getting into London and were allowed to park at the venue (quite a privilege!)

We had an hour before bridge so I treated Simon to chicken and chips and then we started bridge.

Vee was working today with my Dad but had a good day.

We had a good day but it was marred by some director decisions that we still feel were not good.  We appealed one and they found against us, a little cross but not much we can do - they gave our deposit back though!

Ops mi-informed us of what their double meant and we were done out of our  contract - it was very clear we should and could have bid it with the right information but they disagreed.

A few other incidents too but won't go into details.

We won 3 matches and drew one (though we had 51% so had the moral victory!).

We were 50th out of 70 in the end, last match was a disaster, had we won that we would have finished quite well (even higher had the appeal gone our way!)

Playing Poker with friends tomorrow

The Highs and Lows:

Match 1: Lost 5-15
2    Not a good lead partner, trump would have been better
3   I punted this but it paid off
4   Well played Ops
Match 2: Draw
8   Partner made an extra trick (which he needed to!)
9   I played perfectly here and fooled the Ops into thinking I had 1 !!!
11   I was dumb here!
12   Well played partner, I should have passed 3s though!
14   Partner pulled out the wrong card on the second  and it ruined our defence - it happens
Match 3: Won 15-5
15   Ops were too ambitious here
17   Ops were too ambitious here!
19   I should make this, good defence and poor play by me
Match 4: Lost 16-4
24   Not a good sacrifice here
26   Ops mis-informed us and damaged us - appeal was rejected
Match 5: Won 13-7
29   Well played partner
31   Ops were a little ambitious - good lead partner
32   Ops commented that their partner and my partner had s, this clogged my mind and I thought he did - not fair, director disagreed
34   We are in the right contract making the right number of tricks
Match 6: Won 15-5
37   Ops used Multi Landy to show a 6 card suit, then bid on - bad luck Ops
38   Partner won the first  and switched to a , I cannot understand this....
42   I am the only one bidding and making this
Match 7: Lost 0-20
43   My fault here, felt it would be a good sacrifice.........NO!
46   I don't agree with partner's jump to 4
47   I want to double the Ops but didn't get the chance, partner was right though, I shouldn't have bid to start with
13th July 2018


Playing with a regular partner in a regular club session.

We walked to our take-away place, 3 in a row (fish & chips, Indian and Chinese - we had Chinese)

Both playing tonight, Vee had a much better time than last time and enjoyed the session but was disappointed in the rank

We had a miserable evening and didn't get many good hands, partner especially - we didn't feel we had done too well but I think everyone else had a worse evening!

We did have a few nice scores too though and both declared well

Missed some great tennis (though I was watching bits and tracking scores!)

We found out the road was open for access too, easier route home tonight!  Not posting on home page though as don't think it is guaranteed

All in all, not the worst Friday the 13th!!!

Playing in London tomorrow at YC in their Green Point Swiss Pairs

The Highs and Lows:

2    Ops were in a reasonable contract but it doesn't make, others stopped lower or made it though
4   We defended this really well
9   Ops can make this but didn't mange the trumps right
10   I was too ambitious here, I paused and was going to pass 2 but changed my mind, sorry partner
12   Ops needed to double or bid 4, lucky for us
13   Great sacrifice here
14   Good defence here holding them to 9
15   Ops sacrificed here and we do make our game, vulnerability wrong for them though
17   Well bid and played partner - glad I competed up to 4 now!
18   Not the best double partner, Ops in the wrong contract, we had a top for 5 making, but not doubled!
20   Ops didn't see the 10 was run and so didn't cover it, lucky here
22   Sorry partner, I was too adventurous here
23   The previous board had an impact on this one, we bid too high now too low!  Ops revoked though, I made 11 tricks but score shows 10?
24   Great sacrifice partner!
13th July 2018 (Afternoon)


Playing with a regular partner in a regular club session.

Ordered some shelves, a mirror and a new cat post today (have to keep our furry masters happy!)

A little cooler today and even some rain on my way home (taking Dorothy home as we are nearly neighbors now).

Started by swapping cars over and chairs and taking a bridge table from Richard & Julie as a house warming gift, very nice of them !!!

Generally we were good today but a few wobbles, enjoyed!

Playing again after dinner

The Highs and Lows:

3   I got the s right and made an extra trick here
5   Partner did well to make this, harder if Ops push a through
6   Ops didn't get their bidding sequence quite right and I made a cheeky overcall with my 6s
9   I made an extra trick here as Ops didn't take the A
10   I made an extra trick here for a good score, East needs to keep a  to avoid letting me throw everything away on the long suit
11   Partner bid at the 3 level freely, I was expecting a few more points.....
12   I managed 2 extra tricks here, I needed them as we missed our fit!
13   Ops cannot make game so this was not good
14   Good sacrifice but not enough bid game
17   Partner opened 2 (weak), this is a limit bid, I don't think you can bid again after a limit bid and I want to double 5s!!!
18   We need to take our  tricks, bad lead from me, sorry partner
20   Ops were a little ambitious here
21   Right contract, right number of tricks
12th July 2018


Playing with a scratch partner in Round 7 of the CBC Thursday Championships (although we are not part of the series)

Both our normal partners were away tonight so we teamed up - we played together about 5 years ago and know each other well (very well it looks like with the Bridgewebs display of names!!!)

My desk arrived today so my lodger helped put it together before Bridge, looks good (big but good!), nearly there now, just a few jobs booked in with a handyman and new sofas to look at this Sunday.

Andy Fry asked me if I could find him a partner for tonight and I came up trumps with Keith, they won by a fair distance, well done both!

We had a good night tonight, both enjoyed it and felt relaxed with no bidding misunderstandings (although I did make a mess of a few!) - we both declared well and defence was generally good too.

Only one issue with partner which was where I asked him to switch suit on the opening lead and he didn't, minor issue though and no problems after that!

At the start of the session, we seemed to get a good board followed by a bad one (or vice versa), a few ended up as both good in the end fortunately

Playing twice tomorrow

The Highs and Lows:

2    I made a mess of the bidding and play here, sorry partner
5   Ops can make 12 tricks, we held it to 11 but others did better
6   We are in the right contract and I managed an extra trick (as a few others did too)
12   Lucky not to get a lead here
16   We are the only pair in game here, sorry Ops - well played partner and also for bidding on, I invited with 3s and he went up (I had shown the majors already and he picked my best one)
17   I missed a trick here but looking at the score, the double saved me!
21   We stayed in the right contract here
23   We needed to stay in NTs by the looks of it, I panicked here
24   We pushed Ops up and doubled, phantom sacrifice for them as it turns out as we don't make our s
11th July 2018


Playing with a new partner and team mates in round 2 of the YHBC Teams Series

My new Monitor and keyboard and mouse arrived today so set-up my home office (just waiting for the desk!!!)

My new chair was so comfortable too, really happy with the new set-up - we just need a few bits of work doing (have a quote now too) and to get new sofa's then we are done!

Shame about the Football tonight, really hoped we would get to the final, still, a good effort.

Tonight, only 2 Improvers (plus an already established Improver team) so Val & Vee teamed up with them and they joined the main group.

Both "Improver" teams did quite well and improved on last time (for the established team) and the new pair enjoyed the challenge and are considering the main group for pairs too.

Vee enjoyed playing with Val and they had a good start against our Chairman!

I have calculated and uploaded the team series file (blue link at the top)

We had a good night and only the second time we have played together as a pair (we won the Christmas "fun" bridge session).

Some excellent bidding apart from me going on to 5 and being doubled, I must pass and let partner double!  Great play too apart from one hand when partner needs to take his 4 tricks against 4s.....

We won tonight as a team, largely on 2 big wins

Great to see Geoff & Frances win at the Woking today, well done both!

Playing at CBC tomorrow (Club Championships but my partner is away)

The Highs and Lows:

2    I should not bid 5 here, either pass and let partner double 5s or, if I am brave, I double and let partner pass or correct
4   Most were in 4s here but I was mean and doubled
6   Best defence is hard to find here, A lead followed by a low (nobody would do that!) but we must at least take our 4 tricks partner
12   Ops missed game, team mates were not in the right game but they made it!
13   Ops bid 3s with a flat hand and 4 points (supporting their partner), I think this is too weak to bid (saying something coming from me!!!) - team mates made 10 tricks but only 8 there really
14   I think this is a close enough slam to bid, partner was lucky Ops carried on with the s to give a ruff and discard though - team mates defended well to take 5s off
17   I doubled Ops who had got too high and our team mates stayed in a part score and made theirs
19   I made this as Ops discarded the so couldn't reach their partner's hand - team mates defeated their Ops NTs
20   We bid game here, Ops stayed in a part score
21   We defended well to take this 2 off and team mates defeated Ops in 2s too
10th July 2018


An un-eventful day - sorted out arrangements for Saturday's Green Point pairs in London though.

Still too hot and 2 more weeks at least until we get to sensible temperatures!

We booked a handyman to come and see the few bits we need doing around the house but he was running late so I had gone by the time he got here but Vee said he was fine and will send a quote

I am no longer walking distance from Badminton which meant I had to drive and then take glasses off on arrival - took my eyes a while to adjust and then sweaty on the way home - still, not too bad

Badminton was ok but I was not stunning tonight, still, good to run around!

Playing at YHBC tomorrow in Round 2 of the Teams Series

9th July 2018


Playing with a regular partner in a regular club session

Another hot day today and a hard day at work - also booked a handyman to come tomorrow to see the work we want doing (just shelves and a bit of adjusting for some units etc and fixing the washing machine waste properly)

I made hot dogs for dinner tonight, they were surprisingly good!

Arrived at CBC early and set-up half the tables and most of the chairs, was really hot when done!

We had a cool(ish) table but still far too hot and both of us were on edge and a bit bad tempered, think we both made errors too, still 50%, could be worse

Playing badminton tomorrow

The Highs and Lows:

1    We didn't get the bidding right here
3   I had lots of ways to make this and got it totally wrong, sorry partner
6   Ops saw partner had no s but carried on with them from dummy instead of getting to hand and finessing again
7   Ops can do better here though we put the pressure on with the defence
11   Partner had nerves of steel to make this, Ops played away from their K and partner played her Q which held, phew!
12   This was 100% for Ops when we played it (on round 2!) and I said at the time, this will be a good board for us in the end, it was!  We defended well here
18   I doubled 4, partner didn't think we had enough to take this off and our vulnerable game scores better, close call and no argument from me, it just didn't work this time
20   Unlucky here, I could have ruffed a  on trick 12 then won the last trick with the K to get this one off - declarer should always have made 10 as it happens and it was a bad double by me but we had a chance
21   No  lead or switch so I only lost 1, phew!
22   Partner opened weak 2 and I decided my hand was worth game so bid it directly and partner played it well - not many in game
8th July 2018

Open House:

Tesco delivery so no pressure to do shopping!

We went to B&Q and Sainsbury's to take back a few items and get lights for the garden and a few other bits

We had friends over from 2pm to see the house and have drinks and nibbles and the last few left at 9pm! 

Was a great day and think everyone likes the new house!

We have some great friends and lots of bottles and cards and great to see everyone!

Playing at CBC tomorrow

7th July 2018

BBQ & Social Teams Bridge:

Playing with my life partner in a regular social teams event

The summer event is traditionally a BBQ at Ruth & Nigel's then Bridge at Tony & Sheila's - Nigel did really well with the BBQ and we all supplied something to go with it.

Too hot for me but kept in the shade and was a good day, plenty to eat and drink!

We finished watching the England match and was pleased to see them win again, now in the Semi's for the first time since 1990!!!

Bridge started off really well, we won 20-0, 16-4, 18-2, 13-7!!!

It went south after that though!!!  Ian N & Mary won and was great to see them do well, well done both!

Having a few friends over tomorrow to have a drink and a few nibbles and let people see where live now

6th July 2018


Playing with a regular partner in the final round of the Accumulator Cup

I decided not to have dinner, no appetite in this heat - will get something after Bridge!  Ordered Tesco online ready for the weekend

Only 4 tables tonight, heat, football, holidays - all more sensible than those that turned up tonight I think!!!

I was not feeling up to bridge tonight but couldn't let partner down - as it happens, I did - declarer play was not good (well, bidding judgement was not good!)

I didn't seem to have many hands I could do much with, passed more tonight than I have in a long while, still.....

I think we both felt the heat really, lucky to come out of the session with 50% to be honest!!!

Well done Marion & Alan, winning the Accumulator Cup!!!  Hall of Fame now started for this season

Playing bridge with friends in our regular 12 tomorrow with a BBQ

The Highs and Lows:

3    Ops can play better, we defended well though
5   Ops bid on for no good reason here
6   Ops were a little ambitious here - I thought we make 4 but it seems only 9 available
8   Well rescued partner!
9   Ops missed a slam but did better than most
12   I should leave 3s here, bad judgement, sorry partner
14   Ops did what they should but others didn't
15   We were set to defeat this but the H lead ruined my holding, not easy for partner though
19   We defended really well here - I was lucky to make my J to take the 4th  though
20   Ops made an extra trick by playing well, we were more damaged by other declarers not doing well!
23   Ops need to be in 3NT here
25   I overcalled s, if we had a  lead we defeat this
6th July 2018 (Afternoon)


Playing with a regular partner in a regular club session

In the office today (early start and 1pm finish) then on to bridge.

Vee finished early and cleared rubbish to the tip.

We had an up and down start to the session but then got fairly steady to get a good score - I felt my declarer play was better today too!

Our defending needs a bit of work still but the rest was good.  We did have a bit of luck too....!

It was really hot today, I do NOT like this heat!!!!

Playing in the final round of the Accumulator Cup after dinner

The Highs and Lows:

1    Partner made a good lead then switched, disaster!
2   Ops got a bit carried away and we defended well
3   This needs a trump lead - Ops played the trumps out until the last card and we didn't keep the
4   Hard to bid the grand slam as it relies on the K being in the right place and the 10 too (which I finessed)
6   A good sacrifice as it turns out - only 9 tricks on for Ops but most seemed to make 4 - 100 is bette than 140 too though
10   We need to push on with our s here
11   We pushed the Ops up (I don't like Ops to play at the 2 level if I can help it)
12   I played well here
13   12 tricks are a lay down here but only 2 other pairs made 12 and one was not in game
15   I was very lucky here, Ops need to take their s, I got 1 away and let them ruff with a master as he other one went
16   Great play by partner, needs a  lead to get a ruff I think
18   I played quite well here!!!
19   I was under pressure here and didn't take the finesse as I was settling for 1 off, if the fails then I am miles off - wrong decision as it turns out
24   A good combination here, partner played well and Ops didn't defend very well - They need to lead a  I think and not take the A freely after the trumps are out
5th July 2018


Playing with a regular partner and Team mates in Round 4 of the Teams series

Another day working at home but managed to a full day this time!

Our new office chairs arrived today (hassle unpacking them and huge boxes!) but another job done!

Our lodger put hooks on the doors upstairs for us whilst we were at bridge, another job done!

I cooked in the kitchen for the first time (Vee does most of the cooking) - we made curry and I made the chicken curry.

Bridge was good tonight, both pairs were above average and we were 2nd and 3rd on X-Imps - if we had a bad board, team mates did well and vice versa - well done Team!

Purple link at the top for the session, blue link for the league table

Playing twice tomorrow

The Highs and Lows:

3    Ops pushed too far and let my singleton K make - team mates stayed in 3 making
11   Partner played this really well, caught the K and threw 2 s away on the s (second was lost but gained a trick), team mates only went 1 off in 4 for a good score too!
13   Well bid and played partner!  Partner bid 3NT (after 1, 2) and they stayed in 2NT against team mates
18   Team mates bid the slam, Ops didn't against us - this was mainly due to an odd 2 rebid by South (no alert and it was a singleton A) - I made a comment but let it go
4th July 2018


Playing with a regular partner in a regular club session

Worked at home today (or that was the plan!!!) - the house got in the way.

I had another £80 B&Q trip and spend nearly 3 hours on the phone sorting out gas and electric (too dull a story to go into but very frustrating!!!) - all sorted now but meant I couldn't work in the afternoon.

Washing machine leaked when I put the boards back too, we need to seal the pipe joint I think.

The road closure didn't cause any problem getting into the club and most were early rather than late but some didn't park in the club car park and so were asked to move their cars causing a delay to the start.

Vee hosted the Improvers tonight and back up to 3 tables, close at the top too!

We had a frustrating start where most scores were bad for us and not our fault (mainly!) - but a lot of them improved as they were played by more pairs and we had some good boards later on too.

We made a detour to the old house after bridge to take the bins in for the new owners as they couldn't get there today - we are all very friendly and it's nice to be nice (no effort for us either really).

Good to see Margaret & Keith do well at Woking this afternoon

Playing Teams at CBC tomorrow

The Highs and Lows:

1    A good sacrifice, Ops can do well in either minor
2   Well played partner!!!
5   Ops bid and made what they should here
11   I need to push a  through trick 2, sorry partner
16   We bid and made what we should here
19   We pushed Ops up and then doubled (bit mean)
24   Ops got a little carried away and partner doubled
3rd July 2018


Worked from home today part time as had a packed day!

More work calls came in than I was expecting as well as:

Jo came to see the house and liked it - we discussed bridge too and some of Monday's hands in detail

Cleared the remaining boxes

Sorted the paperwork and office

Removals came to clear the boxes

Took our lodger to town for work to save her walking

Owner of our old house came with our mirror and post and we gave her the paperwork for bits in the old house

New Washer / Dryer delivered (at 6pm!!!) and they refused to instal it as we cannot find the waste pipe!!!!  There is just a hole in the wall........!!!!!!!!

With that and the heat, I decided to stay home tonight (no washer means I cannot wash my kit after badminton too!!!)

I watched the England match, what a tense game - well done England though, winning on penalties, who would have thought it!!!!!!

I ordered a new desk and chair for my office (chair comes Thursday and Desk in 7-10 days), also looking at sofas for the front room too - lots of money going out, need more coming in soon.......!

Our new neighbours have sent a text to the previous owners to see if they can help with the waste pipe - they had a washing machine there before so it must work somehow - we are just nervous about letting water and waste simply go under the kitchen floor!!!

Our other lodger face-timing his Dad to try and sort the washing machine as we speak (11pm).....

.....Success!!!!! Between us all, washing machine now attached to waste pipe (through the hole in the wall under the dishwasher and to a pipe that was wound around the sink u-bend) - run a quick wash and no leaks, fingers crossed!!!  We have put a bucket under the pipe joint for now and will do some full washing tomorrow to test it, phew!!!!!

Playing at YHBC tomorrow - watch out for road closures

2nd July 2018


Playing with a regular partner in a regular club session

Another hot day today and busy at work (good air conditioning though!)

Our cat (Nemo, my picture on bridge profiles) escaped tonight from one of the lodgers rooms onto the extension roof!  He came back in though!

The family that bought our house came over today to bring post and they bought our washing machine off us too (getting a new washer/dryer tomorrow) - our lodger showed them round and they loved our new house!

Bridge tonight had a lot of really good things from us both but a few disagreements and bad luck too - we are getting together tomorrow for coffee as I am at home waiting for the washer/dryer

Most of the issues are due to us both being distracted by things in our personal lives - hopefully both coming through now though and just need to get back to winning ways

Great to see Margaret and David win tonight, well done both!

Playing Badminton tomorrow

The Highs and Lows:

1    11 tricks are available but you have to play well to make them and partner did!  I made the right choice not to be in NTs too
7   We didn't find game but we did avoid the NT trap for a good score!
8   Partner's only real error of the session - near the end, don't take the A, play a to end play declarer I think
9   I made the wrong lead here, 6 tells partner how the suit lies, I am used to strong 10 leads but it is not our agreement, sorry partner
10   I decided to look for the slam which then took us too high, sorry partner
12   We defended well here to hold this to 9 tricks, partner discarded the 6 so I had count on the suit and was safe to play my 10 and 7 for 2 tricks
13   We had a lead out of turn and Ops rightly banned a lead - it is the only lead that takes the contract off unfortunately
15   I had a choice between 1 or 2s as my opening and opted for 2s as my hand really wasn't worth any more - I had to play well to make it but Ops helped by not giving a second ruff
18   Ops could make this if they are bold but it is very tricky, we defended well though
19   I tried to explorer in this hand to find out about partner's s but couldn't establish if there was a shortage so rather then 6, I opted for s (knowing it was a 4-3 fit but it should outscore 5s) - it turned out well due to partner's great play but still not sure how we find 6
20   I was going to make a weak jump overcall but realised we play intermediate just in time, then I felt I had to continue the bid as I went for the box and couldn't think how to correct my error, I MUST bid 4, sorry partner
1st July 2018

SCBA AGM & Swiss Pairs:

Playing with a regular partner in Surrey's mini Blue Pointed Swiss Pairs (AGM at half time).

We built a new bed in the morning for one of our lodgers and got shopping ordered - I then showered and changed and Simon picked me up to go to the Bridge event

Vee had a pleasant afternoon with Margaret, they walked down to the Quays, 20 minute walk, and enjoyed a glass of wine - Vee also gave another tour of the house now it is all unpacked!

We had a tough start where the Ops bid games most didn't, could have won round 2 but didn't then won the matches either side of the AGM

The AGM was fairly quick and went smoothly

We got beaten by a good pair then a narrow defeat on the last round.

Colin & David were leading until the last hand where they dropped a little, they were the only pair to beat the winners (Frances & Jeffrey though) - well done both!

Quite a few pairs from our local clubs and a few good wins for all of us (most of us were up and down each round!)

Vee had dinner ready for when I got home and we all sat in the dining room to eat, nice!

My Dad came over to view our house tonight too and was impressed and wished us many happy years here!

Playing at CBC tomorrow

The Highs and Lows:

5    We need to be in s here or defeat this by more, I need my ruff I think
8   Partner can make this if he plays a low  as Ops have a singleton K but not easy - we need to be in NT for a good score though
9   We gave a trick away, I need to switch to a trump trick 2
10   Ops didn't get the defence right here
12   I had the choice of leaving 4 doubled in or bidding game - I couldn't be sure we would get enough for defending and bid game, I played it well but 12 tricks are there
14   Partner made an extra trick here for a good score
16   Ops bid weakly here but they were stronger than they showed - they need to push on to 4
18   Ops were too ambitious here and we defended perfectly (I made 3 of my s!)
19   Ops miss-bid here, he meant to bid 2 - we defended well though
21   I should have gone 1 off but still not as good as defending Ops, I only overcalled 1 and partner kept competing, grrrrr
22   I was gifted an extra trick as Ops didn't take their , I got the right too due to a rule I follow (the Q follows the 9, thanks Jo!)
24   We were right to defend here
25   Wrong hand playing here, simple as that 
26   We had the chance to double Ops 3 or play in game - wrong choice but it's a tough call
28   We were too ambitious here
32   Not my finest bid here - need to pass and let the Ops get into a mess
34   Ops didn't see their partner bid and so didn't realised the points they had - partner made a cheeky (VERY cheeky) overcall and was left to play in it - how often is going down 300 a good score.....!
35   Ops defended well, 4 is a good contract but not there - most made it though!
36   Partner opened 1 (16+) and I responded 1 (0-3 points), Ops double, partner redoubles and I left it in (it's my only 4 card suit).  It shouldn't make but Ops didn't take their A - a top for no work at all!
30th June 2018

Day Off:

No bridge today

Vee was at a family friends 80th (which went on longer than he thought it would!)

I went out with one of our lodgers and got some more bits for the house and some supplies and finished off setting up the office (including banging my head twice!)

Our neighbours came round in the evening and we got through a few bottles of red as we got to know each other and they are a really nice family (same age as us too but with 2 young kids, 8 and 10)

Nice to have good neighbours and think we will become friends too!

Playing in the Surrey mini Swiss Pairs tomorrow

29th June 2018


Playing with a regular partner in Round 2 of the Accumulator Cup

A busy day today and arranged for Margaret to play with Margaret (B&W!!!) so had time to sort the house out.

We unpacked the rest of downstairs first thing this morning then had an issue with the downstairs toilet, it keeps filling - not leaking but creates a noise throughout the house - will sort next week!

Had the front door lock changed and new keys cut and resolved the hot water (needed the gas turning on and set to "once" - now works!!!

Then went to ProCook in Basingstoke and got a lovely set of induction pans (£700 worth for £270) and Nandos for lunch

Then to B&Q to get a new shower head for downstairs shower room, new doorbell, new handles for a chest of drawers, hose fitting for the outside tap - fitted and fixed all of those too!

Also dropped a key off to our ironing lady to start again next week

Got home and the washing machine leaks and nowhere to vent the tumble dryer so took the decision to buy a new washer/dryer and went for a top end one - that's being fitted on Tuesday (we did a load of washing Wednesday before we moved so not much to do before then).

Sorted the rest of the house and then bridge.......

I don't feel we did much wrong and only 2 red scores, 1 was Ops good bidding, one I maybe pushed too hard.

We are well placed for the Cup in 6th but the leader is quite a way ahead - will try our best next week in the final round!

Was pleased to see the Margaret's do well at CBC, only CBC results posted so far so cannot compare yet.

Visitors tomorrow, Neighbours, lodger's Dad, my Dad!

The Highs and Lows:

4    Harsh on Ops here, we defended well but still gave a trick away, most let 3NT through though!
6   Ops overcalled my 1NT and we defended well, partner made her singleton  too
9   I did well to make 10 tricks here, Ops need to take the A entry out instead of setting up the s for me
10   Partner played well here setting up the s - Ops could have done better too though
11   We defended well here
12   We pushed Ops too high here
13   We took our AK, nobody else did - good lead partner
19   Well bid Ops
21   We defended well here
22   I pushed too hard here, looks like 3NT makes though
28th June 2018

Day Off:

No bridge today

We moved house, so a morning of chaos as we are packed up and move - cleaning and sorting as we go - had 4 men come to pack and move us (plus another when we got to the new house).

All went well, our buyers came over at 12 Noon too and we had a good chat and welcomed her to her new house, she seemed really pleased!  We offered to take her bins out next week for her and bring them back in.

She will keep our post for us and message when worth collecting (or she will bring it over).

We were unpacked by 3pm and Margaret came over for a glass of champagne with us in the garden and gave us some bulbs for the garden too.

We had a chat with the neighbours and will get together soon, they seem nice.

Both lodgers settled in too and we are all happy - a few niggles and bits to sort out but we have no major issues other than the boiler which we will get sorted tomorrow.

I may not play tomorrow afternoon in the Sim Pairs (unless I am needed) but we have more visitors coming and things to sort out.

Really pleased to see a CBC pair currently top of the Surrey Sims so far this week (in line for the Dorin Salver!) - well done Max & David!!!

Playing at YHBC tomorrow

27th June 2018


Playing with a regular partner in a regular club session and also the Surrey Sim Pairs

I had my monthly meeting at work where I prepare and run the session for all the Senior staff, had loads to do besides that but got it all done.

We were going to make a pasta bake for dinner but hadn't kept the pasta to one side and it has been packed!  Freezer food in the end!

So hot tonight but I chose a cool(ish) table and we had a fun night, not a great score and a few little bits to iron out but some good bits too.

I agreed to add a notice to the home page about the road closure, this will affect us at YHBC for 6 weeks or so!!!

Good to see Chris (another partner of mine) making a guest appearance and doing well!

Only 5 in the Improvers section so Vee played with Kevin and the other 2 pairs, 1 pair watching as the others played - they discussed the hands and play and played socially until about 9.45pm

Moving House tomorrow, day off (Friday too) to settle in

The Highs and Lows:

1    Ops are in the right contract but defended perfectly
9   Ops missed game (or slam)
11   Well bid Ops, partner didn't take her A though, when Kx is in dummy I think you need to take it as it it never going to catch the K
15   We defended really well here
17   We could have taken this off but I didn't get my ruff
18   Ops sacrificed but we got the defence just right to get a good score
19   Partner reversed so I bid to game, I think 1, 2 is the limit of the hand for partner
20   Ops missed game here as we interfered with s
23   Our first hand of the night, partner started off well getting to dummy with a  but then didn't take the  finesse
24   I played this well, hard to get to game and it seems i doesn't always make
26th June 2018

Hubert Philips Bowl:

Playing with regular partners in the Hubert Philips Bowl

A day off today but it was non-stop!

Packing started at 9am, 1 guy arrived and blitzed the house - everything is boxed up now!

A few errors in terms of things he shouldn't have packed, including my bridge stuff (twice!!!) which I rescued

He packed my convention cards too and didn't re-find them but Alan printed some new ones for the match

Took a few chairs and the bridge table to the house with one of our lodgers and showed her round (first time viewing the new house!)

Then went to Waitrose to get supplies for the match and lunch for us both

Packing finished around 3.30pm then I showered and changed and went to the house with the remaining chairs and shopping

Got everything set-up and then showed Margaret the house, think she liked it!

Opps arrived early, then Alan, then Simon - Alan had the other bridge table and score cards and bidding boxes (Thanks Alan!)

Shuffle and Deal so just a brief summary below:

The match started off really well, Margaret & I did everything right and only gave away 90 twice (it is aggregate scoring and we bid all our games and defeated the Ops in theirs)

Unfortunately, our team mates had 2 costly boards and we were down after round 1.

Alan & I net and we were just on the plus side overall, a couple of loose bids but mostly good.  Simon & Margaret were flat too

Simon & I for the last round and we had a good set (including doubling the Ops for 800), this time Alan & Margaret had 1 error going off 200 when game was there, but they did well on every other board that set

After the match we had a bottle of win between us and was very sociable, our new kitchen works really well!

Margaret was superb tonight, she made all the drinks, sorted the food, made sure everyone was comfortable, refreshed drinks, made scones (yummy!) and washed up at the end - Ops asked if she was my Mum!!!!!

Truth be told, we are not related at all but Margaret IS family and very precious to me (well, most of the time......!)

Playing in the Surrey Sim Pairs at YHBC tomorrow as Vee hosts the Improvers


25th June 2018


Playing with a regular partner in round 6 of the Monday Championships

Started work early this morning to pack 2 days work into the morning!

I had no break, no lunch and got it all done, though took me until 14:30

Then on to Frimley High Street to collect the house key, on to Aldershot to collect and pay for car.

Dorothy's next to pick up 2 chairs for tomorrow's match and she gave us a lovely house warming gift too, very kind.

On to the house next and I cannot get the key to work!!!  The Agent takes 30 minutes to arrive, but he sorts it (it's a sticky lock and you need to pull it towards you to open it)

I check the house over and all is in order, phew!

Then home to cook meatballs and eat them!

Vee went to the house tonight too to drop a few bits off, take meter readings and check water and electricity etc

He also discovered we need new cooking pots and pans (induction cooker!!!)

After all that, Bridge!!!!!  Unfortunately, a step too far and neither of us were on form - it wasn't helped with the heat and the movement that was set-up in a chaotic fashion - I was cross by the end too and took it out on partner, sincere apologies frown

Good to see my other partner's doing well though (Nick B and Margaret B)

Playing in Round 1 of the Hubert Philips Bowl tomorrow

The Highs and Lows:

3    Hard to get the defence right here, we did less badly than others!
4   Partner can do a little better
5   Ops were in the right contract
6   Ops were too ambitious
7   Ops miss-bid and it paid off!
9   I am in the right contract here
12   We need to be in 4, if I don't bid, partner can bid her second suit
17   We were in the right contract
18   Partner didn't play as well as she could here
21   I didn't take the first  trying to set-up more, I need to take the Ace then let them in
22   I didn't get the defence right
24   We pushed Ops too far
24th June 2018

Day Off:

No bridge again today

Shopping (with the lit via our new App!) then lunch

After lunch we went to the Tip to get rid of the house stuff we don't want to take with us.  We went as the England match started as we felt most people would be at home - we were right!!!

Although not football fans, we are patriotic and I was pleased to see England win 6-1 (though we missed the middle 4 goals!).

Watched the Tennis final too and not a lot else really!

Waiting for Bridge results, Coventry was up 1 minute after the event finished, still waiting for the Wanborough Cup results - will add some comments when live

Playing at CBC tomorrow in Round 6 of the Monday Championships

I have a manic morning getting my weekly reports and analysis done as well as the monthly chart model for work then:

Collect House Keys

Take car back to Aldershot and get my car back (having paid the damage!)

Collect chairs for the match on Tuesday (thanks Dorothy!)

Get the house ready for the match

Eat dinner

Play Bridge!

23rd June 2018

Day Off:

No bridge today but have sorted out some partnerships and a little admin

We have cleared the house today of all things we don't want to take with us as well as a bit of a clean and tidy

Will go to the tip tomorrow to dispose of quite a bit!

The rest of the day has been relaxing watching TV and films and Pizza!

Another day off for us tomorrow but good luck to those playing in events:

Wanborough Cup


County Teams Final

22nd June 2018


Playing with a regular partner in Round 1 of the Accumulator Cup

We defended well but I didn't play too well, some bidding could be better too.

Vee had a fun night but poor score

The next 2 Friday's count as a total for the Accumulator Cup so, not the best start, but can build on 50%

Sorting through the house at the weekend ready for moving next week

The Highs and Lows:

1    We were in the right contract - 1NT (11-14) and I used stayman to exit into any better contract
7   I didn't drop the doubleton Q - I should have done as even if it is wrong, I need to stop the ruff
13   Well bid Ops
16   I was torn between raising partner to 2 or 3, I think I made the wrong choice
17   A competitive auction and I doubled as 4 was likely to be a top if it made so double in case it doesn't
19   Ops were a bit ambitious, I couldn't be sure enough to double but a good score as it was
20   We defended well here, Ops didn't quite get the distribution right and took a few wrong choices (letting me ruff a )
22nd June 2018 (Afternoon)


Playing with a regular partner in a regular club session

With the house now finalised, I paid the balance owed today.  Looking forward to starting a new life next week now and can finally get excited!

I also paid the removal company this afternoon and had a call about my car, they have done the work but want to test it on Monday so I will be picking up the keys to the new house and getting my car on Monday!!!

We didn't start off brilliantly (though some boards got better by the look of it) but we had a very strong finish (moving from 4th to 1st in the last round!

Partner made some excellent bids and played well too (mostly!)

Playing at YHBC after dinner in Round 1 of the Accumulator Cup

The Highs and Lows:

1    Ops played the wrong card on trick 1 by mistake and so partner won with 8 and now can throw a away on the A and lose 1 - well played partner
4   Ops played this perfectly until the end when they let me make the A - their s were now good, unlucky Ops
5   Partner played this well!  Ops didn't take their winner at the start and so 11 tricks made!
6   Ops opened 1 and I bid 1NT (16 with s stopped) - when they bid s again all I could do was double
12   I pushed too hard here, sorry partner
16   Ops lost a  in their hand during the bidding and so supported s in error
19   I need to lead a  at some point here, gave a trick away
22   We defended really well here and ended up taking the last trump out and playing off our winners
23   A little lucky here, I played well cross ruffing the whole hand but a trump lead takes me off
21st June 2018


Playing with a regular partner in a regular club session

I had the day off today sorting out all the address changes, moving utilities, TV licence, Council Tax, Electoral register, phones, broadband etc etc - a lot to do but I got it all done!

There was a correction for YHBC on Wednesday which I have now done too (P2P and submitting to the club).

I heard early enough tonight that nobody could get to the club on time so I went early.

"H" let me in and opened up and I then set up the tables and chairs as a few arrived early too to help.

All sorted and no issues.

I stayed at the end with Alan to score and tidy and lock up too.

I was not on form tonight, a shame as partner was!  Sorry partner, you carried us through to a good position though and I will do better tomorrow (1st round of a cup series at YHBC, Vee playing too).

Playing twice tomorrow

The Highs and Lows:

2    Partner played this really well and the only player to gain a plus score!
3   Ops doubled for take out and it was left in - I can see why but it didn't work out as my trumps are all over the Ops long suit.  Well done for not trying to "rescue" me partner!
7   We had game points and it says I can make this contract, sorry partner - they defended well though
8   Ops opened light and it got in our way, well bid Ops
10   Ops made a good attempt at game here - I wanted to double but felt they would run to 4 so quietly defeated the contract instead
11   We defended well here, Ops could have end played me though but I think they thought too long and then made the wrong decision
12   Ops made an extra trick here, I think a trump lead may have worked better as it happens
13   Partner invited me to game and I declined - nobody found game though but I did make an extra trick
15   Ops missed the slam here - I should have played another  though to hold it to 11 tricks the way it was played at our table
16   I supported partner after an overcall and hoped that "one, two, that will do" would stand, unfortunately, partner jumped to 4 - I think I should have passed though
17   There's only 11 tricks available here and that's all we let the Ops take - everyone else made 12 - partner was the only one to lead a  though, good lead partner
19   Ops didn't know how to value their hand, not easy as 21HCP with a singleton K and 4-4-1-4 shape - they missed game though
20th June 2018


Playing with a new partner in round 3 of the Beryl Doughty Cup (we are not in this though)

A manic day today, a quick story to lead up to it.............

Last Christmas, we decided we had been in our house long enough.  Parking was becoming tricky, we were out-growing the house, not able to host matches and mortgage quite low.

All things added up to a move!  Nice and easy these days................. Not for us!!!!!

We sold in the first week of January to a lovely family who offered on the spot.  They have been friendly and kind and supportive and flexible, the perfect buyers!!!

We offered on a huge and beautiful house in Ash Vale, over our limit but just about ok.

This was sailing through nicely until the mortgage in principal was reduced by £100k at the last minute and we couldn't now afford it crying

We found a new house in Mytchett and in a lot of ways, a more normal house and perfect for us.  Not much of a chain and plain sailing...........

It took over 3 months to get to exchange with lots of issues, lies, miss-understandings, change of chains etc but.........

We have EXCHANGED!!!!!!

New house next week, complete on Monday but staying on until Thursday 28th due to removal company availability and our buyers are fine to let us stay on the extra few days.

You cannot believe what a stressful time this has been, so relieve we are legally done now and nearly there!

My car needs a new chain on top of the Head Gasket and Cylinder so now close to £1500 to fix it but should be back tomorrow afternoon (I have a courtesy car until it is fixed)

Vee hosted the Improvers at YHBC tonight and had 2 tables, another tie for the top!  He was able to direct as 2 full tables and I saw him helping a few of them, nice to be needed as can be a bit dull if they simply play!

We had a good night tonight, a few rare auctions where things were not discussed but we dealt with them and Tony is a very good player, we both enjoyed it tonight and only made 1 or 2 mistakes between us.

Well done Barbara & John, a new pairing and coming together by the looks of it!

Great to see Linda and Pennie do well and Rosalie and Marianne were respectable in the middle.

Playing at CBC tomorrow

The Highs and Lows:

1   Ops were too ambitious here and I doubled
2   Ops stopped in the right contract here
8   We were in the right contract here, nobody else was - partner doubled the 1NT overcall and I felt it was takeout (I was wrong though and realised after), still, we would have had a top either way here
9   We couldn't get a good score here but partner's only error for the evening not giving me my ruff to defeat the contract
10   Ops did exactly what they should, others did not
13   I got this wrong, I wanted to bid 3 to probe for NTs, I should have too, sorry partner
16   We found the major fit here and partner made an extra trick getting the right to throw a  away
17   We stopped in the right contract here, I used stayman to find a major fit and it worked well
23   We got the defence just right here, I needed partner to get in and play a , I found the only entry and was really pleased when partner worked out I must want a  (not the  back!), well done partner
19th June 2018


Another day of frustration - again, we had news that they were now ready to exchange.  An hour later and we found out someone in the chain doesn't have enough money for their deposit so we couldn't exchange!!!

Following that, no news about what happens next

No news on my car either

I nearly didn't go to badminton but was glad I did, won 7 out of 9 (losing 21-19 on both games I lost).

As I have a home match (Bridge, Hubert Philips Bowl) next Tuesday, I felt I needed a backup plan and our YHBC Chairman has kindly offered to host for us if needed, very kind of him, thanks Alan!

Playing at YHBC tomorrow with a new partner as Vee hosts the Improvers

18th June 2018


Playing with a regular partner in a regular club session

We started to Exchange on our house this morning and then all went quiet - I had a call in the afternoon saying there was a delay further up the chain (first we knew of any more in the chain!!!)

Very frustrating!

Tonight was generally good, a few errors and some Ops doing well but generally we did ok.

Nice and pleasant throughout and we get on well as a pair.

Playing Badminton tomorrow

The Highs and Lows:

1   I played this well, everything went away on the s
4   I should have bid 2 not double, sorry partner.  I think partner could have taken the double out though an then I bid 2, possibly both wrong here!
8   Ops didn't finesse my K and didn't ruff a
14   Partner did well to make an extra trick here
17   I played this well
18   Ops didn't take the  finesse and were a little too high here
20   We were in the right contract and made what we should, others made more though
22   A phantom sacrifice here, sorry partner
23   Ops bid and made what they should, others did not!  Harder on a  lead but a major is normally a better lead
17th June 2018


Playing with a regular partner and friends in the Berks & Bucks Swiss Teams

Better than yesterday and 2 wins, not a great day though and we felt for our team mates who had almost no hands to bid all day.

We had a pleasant day and good food and nice of Richard to drive us all.

Playing at CBC tomorrow

The Highs and Lows:

4   I opened a weak 2 and partner is on lead.  I am unlikely to hold anything outside my suit as an entry so I think a lead is better here and we defeat the contract
13   Ops missed game here
22   Ops missed game here
34   Partner made a good lead, then when she won K, switched suits, I didn't realise AQ was stiff in declarers hand and so lost my J and they made the contract
41   I thought for ages and then made the wrong decision, I should have played A and ruffed a , trumps out and back to the s then lose 1 , sorry all
16th June 2018


Playing with a regular partner in the Berks & Bucks Swiss Pairs

Our worst session ever, now winning a match, will be better tomorrow

I provided the lunch though which was nice and partner dropped me off at a pub in Heckfield for a friends 40th and was great to catch up with some of friends, Vee joined me too (nice also as I hadn't seen him all day too!)

Great to see Alan & Nick do well, John & Philip too

Playing at Windsor in the Swiss Teams tomorrow

The Highs and Lows:

21   I was allowed to play in the right contract and made what I should
30   Ops were too ambitious here
33   Partner played well here, Ops had 5 s and she played well to take enough tricks before letting him have the last few!
42   We took down a good contract here as Ops didn't;t notice me ruff a !
49   I made an extra trick here by getting the s right, amazed nobody else did
15th June 2018


Playing with a regular partner in a regular club session

Our worst night to date (I think!) - not much worked I'm afraid.

Not many tops or bottoms though, just consistently under par

Playing at Windsor in the Swiss Pairs tomorrow

The Highs and Lows:

7   I played the A first, if I just play a small , I can then trap the J
11   I did well here just because I wasn't doubled or pushed to the 5 level, it was unlucky not to make but mirror red suits!
14   We had learnt our lesson by this board and didn't race off to 6NT, partner did well to make an extra trick
21   The grid says 9 tricks are all that are there, but, if partner ducks the  on trick 2, I think 10 tricks are there
15th June 2018 (Afternoon)


Playing with a regular partner in a regular club session

Not a good day today.  The car needs a new cylinder too so another £1000 or £250 to get it skimmed (I have gone for the cheaper option).

No news on the house either and bridge today was not amazing either!

Playing at YHBC after dinner

The Highs and Lows:

1   I played this well - Ops held up on the A and so never made it
3   Partner did well to make the 9th trick here, we also stopped Ops finding game with the weak jump overcall which I raised
4   Partner bid up to 3NT but I didn't think it wise with my shape so bid the correct 4 contract
5   Ops missed game here, we defended well to hold them to 9 tricks anyway though
6   I opened weak and partner went straight to blackwood, if she bids 2NT, we get to stop in 4 (I made an extra trick but couldn't make 2 extra tricks)
9   My 3 showed the majors..........
10   We were the only pair in game here, thanks to partner continuing the bidding, well bid partner
16   I need my  returned here for a ruff
18   Partner must pass 2 here
20   I was too pushy here, it has a chance, but not if they take their aces on trick 1 and 2!
23   I opened 1NT (slightly light) and after the double, partner must bid her lowest 4 card suit as so few points, not pass
24   I doubled Ops 1NT and then we double anything else they bid, we defended well too
14th June 2018



Playing with a regular partner in a regular club session

Our first session playing precision (in FULL!!!)

The system was fine, we remembered it really well (all things considered) - I announced a Texas transfer incorrectly then realised my error.  Partner bid after a penalty double (not system issue really!) and I opened light with my weak 2s (knowingly though).

Our defending was really good throughout and I think my play was fine - not partner's best night if honest but he had a long day and a lot to do with the system (writing, reading, printing and learning).

I really enjoyed the challenge and was good to get most of it right - shame our play didn't quite match up but it's a learning curve and will make more dates to keep trying and working it all out.

Tops or bottoms on almost every hand so s lot to do and watching the final of the Best Home Cook (our friend Philip is in the final!!!)

Car is going to cost me £900 to fix (and not worth trading it in so I have no choice).

House is still not exchanged and now found out the Removal company cannot do the 25th if we do move then

Playing twice tomorrow

The Highs and Lows:

1   I opened 1NT with 2 doubletons here but my s were good.  I played this just right - lucky not to have a lead though
2   I played well here
3   Texas transfer opened here and I agree with it.  Only 9 tricks on though, shame
4   We defended well here but Ops were in the right contract - we do better to bid 3s but not if they double us!
6   Not a good double here partner - better to leave them in 3s......
7   Ops got too high here and I doubled, we defended this really well too
9   Ops got carried away here and partner doubled
10   I opened light here but it was a good sacrifice - I played well to only go 1 off too
11   Ops can play better here, we got lucky - passive defence worked well here
12   All I had to do was hold up the to round 3 and the suit is blocked, careless play, sorry partner
13   Ops didn't get the s right and we defended passively for a good score
14   Ops got a bit carried away here
17   We were the only pair in the right contract
19   We did as we should but most made this (it cannot be made though)
20   Ops missed the slam and s score better if not in the slam
21   Well bid Ops
24   Cross with partner here, he knows we have an 8 card  fit and he ignore me and keeps bidding his s, not good partner
13th June 2018


1 Day until Precision

Playing with a regular partner in a regular club session

I was promoted to National Master today, it has taken a while but am pleased to have made it!  Rankings for YHBC members can be seen HERE

We had a solid session tonight, some luck, some gifts, but generally we did well.  I messed up the last hand as I hadn't realised that 1, 1, 1, 1 was natural - drat.  We would have won without that error.

Vee hosted the Improvers at YHBC tonight and had 3 tables but a main group player was held up and couldn't make it so Bobbi played with Andy in the main group and Vee then went through the hands with the sit out pair.

This actually worked out quite well as he was able to help each pair as they sat out and went through each hand with them (bidding and play).

The Improvers had a 3 way tie at the top tonight!

The house is still not exchanged, my car is in the garage and testing proved no fault (there IS a fault!!!!), I also asked them to give me a price for exchanging the car too and they forgot!!!  They said they will call me in the morning.

Uploaded BBL AGM minutes and Committee minutes later tonight too

Playing at CBC tomorrow and my first session using Precision......!

The Highs and Lows:

1   I think I should have doubled here but fortunately, our defending was good enough to cope with not doubling
2   I got this wrong, also tried to back out and couldn't - sorry partner
5   We were the only pair playing EW, doubled too.
8   An extreme hand here where top NS was 5x making and EW was 5x making - fortunately, we were the right end of this!  Ops could have got a ruff to take it off
9   I had a lucky lead here and I got it right too.
14   How do we find 6 here?  We settled quite happily for the result on the night but for a congress, perhaps this needs some thought
17   Ops were too ambitious here, they played well to only go one off though
22   Ops bid too high and I doubled, we got the defence right too
23   Lucky here, Ops didn't lead a  and freely played the A for me
12th June 2018


2 Days until Precision

Worked from home today and a lot going on, worked a bit later too as was home!

Vee made a Veg Lasagne tonight which was yummy!

Frustrated with car, house, bridge and my cat (Nemo not well but picking up at last) and I took it out on the court tonight, I was a fierce player tonight!!!

Suffering now though, ache all over and still hot after a shower!

Taking my car to garage first thing tomorrow and we hope to exchange on the house too (will see if that happens!)

Playing at YHBC tomorrow as Vee hosts the Improvers

11th June 2018


3 Days until Precision

Playing with a regular partner in a regular club session

I drove to work this morning as only 1 mile from home but there was a trail behind me as I parked up and no water again.

Booked the car in on Wednesday morning though I may just trade it in.

I am lucky I can work from home tomorrow so only one journey to Aldershot to do.  I drove Vee's car to bridge tonight.

We should be exchanging on our House on Wednesday and move in on Monday 25th June - will wait and see if it happens this time!

We had a good night tonight, just a few blips by me cost us a win but a good score.

Margaret and I stayed at the end to go over locking and opening each door and gate and setting the alarm etc.  Val is on holiday now so we are backups!

I played North and West tonight but Bridgewebs doesn't cope with this option, have asked them about modifying the view.  Also spotted a strange "Partner?" in the calendar too, also asked about this as I cannot find a setting to fix it!

Playing Badminton tomorrow

The Highs and Lows:

2   Partner played really well here to make the extra trick - a  lead makes it tricky I think
7   Ops ruffed low by mistake so I made my over-ruff - we had defended well to take this one off which would have been a good score any way though
11   Ops got a little ambitious here and I was mean and doubled, I managed to end play declarer in dummy too, sorry Ops
14   I made an extra trick here by getting the s away on the s
17   We missed 3NT here, not easy though
18   I didn't count my hand properly and when I realised I had 20 points, I tried to make it right and failed - I then went off more than I needed to trying to make it - sorry partner
20   I found the only lead to let Ops make this, sorry partner
23   Ops missed the 3rd in their hand so didn't support to the major fit, unlucky Ops
24   Good bidding here, I bid s and jumped in s and partner then looked and we found the slam - not the easiest to make but ruffing out the s gets us 12 tricks
10th June 2018

Surrey League Final:

4 Days until Precision

Playing with a regular partner and my Team Mates in the Surrey Division 2 League Final.

We did shopping and got food for the team and then Vee took me to Alan's where we all met up.  Margaret kindly drove us all as my car is not trusted at the moment.

I was given 3 cases of boards to take with us and waited at the end to return them (passing back to Trevor on Wednesday).

Our team mates did quite well but we let them down, sorry all.

Not our finest effort today.

There was no lunch break either, we just had to eat where we could, not ideal and with loads of food, we just didn't eat a lot of it, so, dinner tonight!

Geoff's team did well in the Division 3 Final only losing one match but there was a clear winner there.

Playing and scoring at CBC tomorrow

The Highs and Lows:

Match 1:  Lost 1-19
10   Our first hand of the day and partner got a little carried away with her hand here
12   Partner was right to double here but we defended poorly, Ops played a from dummy and I have the top left, partner must not ruff here
Match 2:  Drew 10-10
17   I over valued my hand here, sorry all
18   Ops pushed too hard and I doubled here.  There was a small incident too, Ops called for "A diamond" and then wanted to change their mind and ask for the Ace, we called the director and they agreed that the a small Diamond must be played.  We could have got one more trick here with a  ruff but partner thought it would be over ruffed
Match 3:  Lost 7-13
25   Ops missed game here


9th June 2018

Oxford Swiss Pairs:

5 Days until Precision

Playing with a regular partner in Oxford's Green Pointed Swiss Pairs

Not our finest efforts today, we both were a bit off and, in some ways, not surprising considering the start.......

I picked Nick up at 10am and drove down to Oxford - unfortunately, my car started flashing up warning lights and so we pulled off at Chievely services to have a look.

The engine was smoking, and everything was really hot, no oil and no water left!!!  We filled up the oil and water and I carried on to Oxford (driving slowly and carefully).

We made it there but looked again and no water in the 30 minute journey to the venue!  We were both shaken up by this journey and I think it did damage our moods and thinking.

My declarer play and bidding was the main thing that let us down today but partner was not shining either (though was on better form than me mostly!).

We had a tough start and some awful hands to deal with and then carried on in round 2 and 3!!!  Before the break we played 2 young boys (both under 12) and they looked depressed.

It was tough going for them and they lost the first 3 matches 20-0, we also won 20-0 against them and we felt so bad for them.  We had a lot of luck and they did well on most hands against us until a crucial card on each, of all the pairs we played, we both felt it would have been nice to have them win - we just couldn't do anything wrong and offered them advice and congratulations on the bits they did well.

We won the next 20-0 too and the last match 11-9, so 3 wins out of the day.  Not great but, all considered, a good effort!

Playing in the Surrey League Division 2 Final tomorrow

The Highs and Lows:

Match 1:  Lost 0-20
1   I didn't agree with partner's bidding here and we got into the wrong contract
5   Ops got a bit carried away here and we got the defence spot on
6   This is very hard to make and Ops defended perfectly, a lot did make it though
Match 2:  Lost 2-18
9   We needed to push on here (and defend better!)
10   A great double here, unfortunately I didn't switch to a trick 2 as partner asked me too, sorry partner
11   I bid 4 here when Ops had stopped in 4, if I just pass we get a good score!
12   We defended well here holding this to 8 tricks
Match 3:  Lost 4-16
15   I did well to make 8 tricks, unfortunately I needed 9!!!
17   Partner can play better here.....
20   Ops mis-claimed here and the error was not throwing a high from his hand so he couldn't get to dummy for the rest of the tricks, one off I'm afraid
Match 4:  Won 20-0
22   We were in the right contract making the right number of tricks here, not many others did - partner got the timing of the s perfect to make it though
23   Ops didn't lead their A and partner threw my other on the to make 12 tricks
25   I am so lucky at times, I was forced into a nightmare 3NT, I cannot get to my hand at all here!!!!  Fortunately, Ops lead a !!!  I then saw 4 s thrown away and so I claimed all 13
26   Partner got everything right here under pressure from the opening lead
Match 5:  Won 20-0
30   Ops missed game here
31   Partner made a brave overcall here with 6 points but it allowed us to find the right game
33   Hard to find game here, not many did.  Partner did well simply making more tricks than most (only 2 others made 11 tricks!).  I commented at the time that he played this brilliantly
34   Partner opened 1 (announced by me as "could be short"), Ops then bid 2NT (announced as s and s) - they jumped to 4 and we all were mystified and reserved our rights.  The director then came and we discover the bid was meant as the minors - we play and then the director comes back and allows us to amend the contract to 4 doubled - we did this in a nice way and Ops commented how well I handled this, I hate calling the director and tried my best to be nice
Match 6:  Lost 2-18
37   Why did I bid here, even I don't know!!!  I should simply double the Ops 2, sorry partner
40   Partner didn't take his A to take this off
41   Ops were in the right contract but we defended perfectly here getting a cross ruff going before Ops could get going
42   Ops need to push on with their s but ours didn't!
Match 7:  Won 11-9
47   I felt we were losing the match and took a flier on the slam here, not to be!  The only makeable slam seems to be 6, sorry partner
8th June 2018


6 Days until Precision

Playing with a regular partner in a regular club session

I didn't have time to eat beforehand so had a kitkat and packet of crisps and then on to bridge!

Found out it is is partner's Birthday tomorrow, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Barbara!!!  Alan announced it too (she went red!)

We had a steady session today with some excellent hands and not many bad ones, a nice birthday present for Barbara!

Playing at Oxford tomorrow in their Swiss Pairs

The Highs and Lows:

4   10 tricks are available here but nobody else made it, Ops could make 5 though (the Brown(e)s made 5 doubled!!!)
6   Ops pushed too high here, I think North needs to double 2 rather than bidding a suit to keep the level down.  We did defend well too
11   Ops played away from their K and I won with the Q to make the extra trick needed here
15   Ops didn't find game and we defended well to hold it to 10 tricks
16   Well bid partner, supporting ms s over your long s was great - I cannot see how we find the slam but nobody else made 12
17   I was cautious here and didn't bid 4 as partner had said nothing, this proved to be wise as we go down lots in anything!  We then defended well to defeat a makable 4
23   Partner's only real blunder, need to start the s earlier to make the 9th trick
8th June 2018 (Afternoon)


6 Days until Precision

Playing with a regular partner in a regular club session

Dorothy returned our container, filled with sugared almonds!!!  Thanks very much

Not good today and still no news on the house either, grumpy angry

Playing at YHBC after dinner

The Highs and Lows:

1   Partner got Key Card wrong here so we didn't find the right contract - 3 Key cards and the Q for us is simply 5 (we cannot show the Q), not easy though
3   Ops bid and made what they should
4   Ops missed NTs here
5   I found the wrong lead here, sorry partner
10   We didn't find the s
11   Ops psyched here opening with the West hand, they are allowed to do it but leaves a bad taste.  partner didn't switch to a  on my high card to take them off either
12   Ops cached the A freely here, must leave the guard in place - we then got the s right and took this 3 off
13   I upgraded this to 11HCP as I had 5s and it worked well here
15   3 is not a great contract but I pre-empted here and not sure partner should try and rescue
17   Ops pushed too hard here and we got the defence right
19   I played this very badly, sorry partner
20   Partner should be one off here if play high on trick 1
21   Ops bid and made what they should
23   A good sacrifice here (not doubled either)
7th June 2018


7 Days until Precision

Playing with a regular partner in round 6 of the Thursday Championships

Great to see Margaret and Margaret doing well again, great score tonight!

We are now 2nd in the series but it's close and a lot have not played 6 yet so we have a bit of work to do really.

Tonight was nearly a great night but we fell short on a few boards and didn't quite get on the same page a few times.

We are playing together on Saturday in Oxford's Swiss Pairs so was a good practice and a few things came up which was useful.

Playing twice tomorrow

The Highs and Lows:

1   We are in the right contract making the right number of tricks
3   We didn't find the slam but it is a very tight one and the pairs who bid it went on - partner did well to make 12 tricks I think, end playing West 3 cards from the end
4   We have 3NT here missing 4 Aces, very hard to find!  I don't know why I didn't double here though, not like me!  Good score though
6   I played well here but Ops got the timing of the wrong enabling me to lose the last  and run the s
9   We pushed Ops by bidding 5, lucky not to be doubled here
15   I pushed too hard here, sorry partner
17   We managed to make an extra trick here as Ops let us make 2s
20   Partner tried to make this contract but settling for one off would have been better as Ops defended really well.  Not easy here
6th June 2018


8 Days until Precision

Playing with a now regular partner in a regular club session

I had a message from Simon this afternoon saying he was stuck in traffic and could I find a partner for Charlotte - I managed to fix her up with the Director and they did well, all were pleased!

We didn't have a great session tonight, mainly my play but like to think Ops did well against us rather than me being bad!

Vee was hosting the Improvers at YHBC tonight but we had 2 half tables and nobody wanted to move into the Main group so Vee and Val played in the Main group.  They were middling and ok %.

The Improvers were 3 tables again and good to see Barbara & Gillian back on form (bidding a Grand Slam too!) as well as Carole and Ann doing well.

Good to see Margaret & Keith and Geoff & Frances do well at Woking this afternoon

The house is still not exchanged, we are both getting cross now!

Playing at CBC tomorrow in round 6 of the Thursday Championships

The Highs and Lows:

2   Ops are in the right contract making the right number of tricks
3   We play lebensohl, after Ops interfered with our 1NT I wasn't sure if I should bid 2NT asking partner to bid 3 or bid it direct as a forcing bid - I decided I was good enough with my void to bid it direct and we found the right contract
6   We defended well here
8   Ops found a pair that are willing to use penalty doubles at the 2 level and they had no escape
10   Ops tried to get in the way after my strong opening, not a good idea this time
12   Ops pushed me up too far, good bidding Ops
13   Ops in the right contract making the right number of tricks
16   I meant my double as take out here but fortunately we defended well and had a good score from it, phew!
18   Ops can do better here, partner found the best lead though
21   Ops did as they should but I would have been better passing 1NT
24   I cannot make this but enough did to make the score bad for us
5th June 2018


9 Days until Precision

A lot going on today, forecasts at work and house frustrations - the Sellers say they are ready to exchange but their Solicitor says they need a week or so, we are aiming to move on the 18th so cannot wait a week or so!!!

More news tomorrow I hope!

Badminton was really good tonight, I played well and won most games - we had 8 visitors tonight too, really packed!

Playing at YHBC tomorrow as Vee hosts the Improvers

4th June 2018


Playing with a regular partner in a regular club session

I was scorer tonight and the movement went wrong due to the pads being placed on the wrong tables (not me!), then wrong again as the missing pair was now wrong, and wrong again as I was told the wrong table again!

Still, we got through it and all worked after that and scored it the end using Sylvia's hotspot (as my phone didn't want to play!)

We had a good night until the last round where we got 2 zero's, still, in the points and above average.

Partner was on good form tonight, I messed up a few times

Playing Badminton tomorrow

The Highs and Lows:

1   We stopped Ops getting to dummy after the first 2 s and defended passively to wait for the tricks
2   Ops made an odd lead and then didn't take their A
11   A bad double from me here but it paid off somehow
13   Ops were in the right contract (through a bidding misunderstanding!)
15   Partner got everything right here making an extra trick with the s
22   Partner made an extra trick as Ops didn't attack the s
23   Partner played brilliantly but unfortunately, 1 step too far
24   I wish I hadn't bid my s here, a  lead is the natural lead from partner and then we defeat 3NT, sorry partner
3rd June 2018


Playing with a regular partner in Richmond's Blue Pointed Swiss Pairs

I drove today and we had an easy run and parked easily, Margaret kindly provided a great lunch too.

We had a few issues to start where I made a forcing bid and it was passed and then a few defending issues which cost us the first match.  A few more issues later, mainly defence again and it was a tough day.

We won 2 matches so not all lost and some bits were really good.

Our friends also won 2 matches each (Colin & David and Penny & Susan, they drew one too).  We all found it quite tough.

As a lot of hands played and the bad ones we already know about, just the good bits below!

Playing (and scoring) at CBC tomorrow

The Highs and Lows:

7   I got the s right here as well as the s - all just worked here
8   I played well here getting each finesse right until the end where the K failed but he had to lead straight back to my hand - Ops never touched the s!
12   We defended well here making an extra trick
13   Ops set up the s perfectly, then forgot to take them, as soon as she called for the she went, "oh no"
19   A good sacrifice by Ops but not many bid game our way
31   This looked like a good sacrifice by Ops but we don't make 4s
32   Ops could have settled for 1 off here but tried to make the contract and so we took it 2 off as the finesse fails, unlucky Ops
33   Lucky here, this should have been a good sacrifice by the Ops but fortunately not many bid 4s our way
47   Partner opened 1 and I bid 2, then 3 from partner and now I know at least 5s so we have a fit and with my shape, I think a slam maybe there - I get the wrong answer and back out.  5 is all that is there but partner plays the s perfectly and sets up the hand to make 12, great play partner
2nd June 2018


No bridge today but some more bridge admin for the BBL and some house chores.

I forgot to unhold my diary entry for yesterday afternoon (again!), I am getting old sad now visible though

I went to the Cinema with one of my lodgers (who works at the Cinema!), free tickets and reduced food and drink, nice!

Vee dropped us off and picked me up after the film which was really kind (he is not a Star Wars fan).

The film was not really a Star Wars episode and it wouldn't detract from it if you didn't know the saga but it was an amazing film just as it is - really enjoyed it and worth seeing.

Playing in the Richmond Swiss Pairs event tomorrow (it is at Capacity too)

1st June 2018


Playing with a regular partner in a regular club session

We had 9 tables tonight (including 2 of our Improvers who held their own with an acceptable score and did some great things, it's all experience).

We had a roller-coaster night which left us just on a positive (not for NGS but in terms of %).  Good fun and a good learning curve for us too, we had a lot of fun tonight even when it didn't work!

A really close session to be honest, although 5th, we were not far off top, 1 more top and 1 less bottom and it's a win, so not bad really!

Lovely to see Charlotte again too, she visited once before and I put her with Simon (they won last time), they hit it off so much that they tried again tonight (with Simon travelling back from London and Charlotte from France!!!) - they won again too, well done both!

Although he didn't play, Vee won at Bridge tonight too, he made our old Bridge table good with a new baize!!!

Cinema tomorrow to see Solo

The Highs and Lows:

2   We had a slight error in bidding here and I was virtually pushed into 6NT.  I opened 2 planning to re-bid 2NT (19-20), partner jumped to 3 showing a positive bid and honours in s (not necessarily long s).  I bid my 5 card suit now and partner bids 4.  Now, I think there is AK and long s (I have AK) so I think we may have a chance at a slam.  I ask and am told 1 Ace but now cannot sign off so I bid 6NT hoping we don't have AK against us.  dummy goes down and partner says "I should have bid 4" - correct!!!  Still, no  lead and s discarded on the long s and 13 tricks made, phew!
5   We didn't find the switch here, sorry partner, my fault
10   Ops got the s wrong and having been forced in s to remove their trumps, this was costly
12   Ops didn't find the s and so I threw them away on the s having got the K right
19   Well bid Ops
20   Ops opened 3 here, I think it is too strong to open 3 and I would open it 1.  South then jumped to 3NT and we quietly took this off with a superb lead from partner
21   Ops used Gerber and bid showing 1 Ace but South thought it was 2 Aces, partner played High on my Ace lead so we found the first 3 s
23   Sorry partner, phantom sacrifice - I think you can double the 4 though to stop me bidding
26   Partner played this brilliantly and Ops didn't find the ruff
1st June 2018 (Afternoon)


Playing with a regular partner in a regular club session

A fun session today and an amazing start (we started with Board 5) but it tailed off a bit (largely Ops doing well).

We defended well today which is normally our weakest point.

Great to see John back today (shame the score wasn't so good but a scratch pairing is always hard).

Another bridgepad glitch today but we spotted it and sorted it out between us.

Playing after dinner at YHBC tonight

The Highs and Lows:

3   We need to let Ops play here but partner jumped to 2 (weak), I decided to rescue as had no s (I think it was the right decision) but sill not good
6   Ops pushed too far here and my s came good in the end
8   Ops were a little ambitious here but we needed to defend well to take it off
9   Partner excelled here, got everything right and timed each card perfectly, well done!
10   Ops were too ambitious here and I was mean, sorry Ops
19   Partner can play better here really, from my viewpoint, I think she thought the last  was good and so lost tempo
22   A poor double here but fortunately Ops let me ruff a  to take this off
31st May 2018


Playing with a regular partner in the End of Season Pairs

Not a bad night really but we suffered with Ops bidding well against us when others didn't!

Some great things and bad things ourselves too.

Well done Margaret B & Margaret W a creditable 4th!

We has our team photo taken as Margaret W and the rest of us lined up for the shield - I was given a bottle of wine for setting up the website too which was very kind of them

I loaded the results tonight and linked to CBC and YHBC too (as well as updating the BBL site, adding the winners names and a note on the home page - also updated the CBC Rota, 7 tables there tonight which was good considering we had 2 tables worth of CBC players).

Playing twice tomorrow

The Highs and Lows:

1   Well played Ops
2   I bid my s twice, didn't think I could go to game on my own
6   Hard to find 7 (though Bruce & Jennie did!) but was pleased to make 6NT, odd that Ops let my finesse work then I took the A and crashed the last 2 s on each other, lucky
10   I should be 1 off, I got the s wrong here
11   Ops got the bidding wrong here
18   Well played partner, lucky the Ops didn't take their 3rd  though
19   Partner had a tough decision on the s, the finesse was needed but hard to know
20   Sorry partner, I should have left the Ops in 2s
21   Hard to bid game here but partner did well bidding NT and played well too
24   Ops missed game and we defended well here
26   The matrix says I can only make 8 tricks but I had a play for 9 and dismissed it, sorry partner
30th May 2018


Playing with a now regular partner in a regular club session

I feel much better today, I think sweating it out at Badminton last night really helped.

We had a night of tops and bottoms (some were extreme!!!) - overall, partner played brilliantly, made 1 defensive error (lead against 3NT) and the rest were my judgements that were off.  A fun night and above average overall.

Very tight at the top NS in the main group, Colin & Jill were miles ahead our way (well done both, Colin is now cementing his Ace!!!).

Great to see Marianne and Rosalie doing well in the main group, settled in nicely!

Vee hosted the Improvers at YHBC tonight and there was 3 tables again, another huge score for Sue and Rob, well done both!

We had some news on the house today, the people buying the vendors Dad's house pulled out this morning!  This could have been horrific but we think it actually adds some closure to this now as the vendors are going to honour the sale and move into their Dad's house.  We don't have full news as yet and not sure if they are still buying the house they want, we wish them well and hope all works out for them (they have a lovely family) but our first priority is our own family and so, with a bit of luck, we will know this week and hope to exchange ASAP now.  We are all still heading for Monday 18th June to move in and they have answered our queries too.

Playing at Finchampstead tomorrow in the BBL end of Season Pairs

The Highs and Lows:

1   Good bidding Ops, not much we could do here - played well too, if they take the doomed  finesse we take it off but they don't need it and Ops worked it out well
3   Well done for bidding game Ops
4   The board was switched round here, this was actually partner playing and she much better than I would have done, well done partner!
6   I am too pushy at times, sorry partner
7   Ops got too high, I should have doubled really but felt we had a good score without making them feel bad
8   I should have passed 2NT here, sorry partner
11   We gave a trick away with the s but I think we should have taken the trumps out
13   I could have lost 1 more trick here but no lead
14   Partner bid and made what was there, others defended poorly.  However, playing towards the K would have generated 1 more trick
15   Ops revoked here giving me 2 tricks back, to be fair, without the revoke I had made 4s which was a top also so in a way, I am glad it made no difference - Ops tried to let me rule at the table and got upset with me when I refused and said the Director has to be called - it wasn't anything detrimental, just the fact that Directors are there to direct and must be called
17   Ops bid over my NT, I am not allowing the Ops to play at the 2 level where possible so I double for T/O and Ops get pushed up a level, this is competitive bidding
18   I jumped in s then bid s, as we use Michaels, I cannot have 5s or I would have shown this, I think partner needs to correct to 5s but still a bad score, I must pass 4s, sorry partner - still, it was good to come up for the theory of what partner doesn't bid, good learning point
20   Some made 6 here but in theory, Ops can take 2s - we got the defence just right here, sorry Ops
21   An impossible contract made, great play partner!!!  Well done throwing the away on the ruff and discard given by Ops
22   I bid s partner.......!
23   Pass out to partner, I feel 2 is the bid here but Benji is new to partner so she opened 4 - I look at my hand a quickly jump to 6 as I have a 7 loser hand
24   I opened 3 here (our card says 6 card suit) and partner bid 3NT, I considered taking this out as my suit was not great but then thought "Top or Bottom", partner played brilliantly and Ops missed the  signal so 9 tricks rolled in, well done partner
29th May 2018


Still not feeling great (seems to drag on these days) but a busy day at work, then dinner and badminton.

No more news on the house which is frustrating.

Lost my first game 21-19 tonight then won the rest (though it cost a lot in strength!) - on the final game I smashed and got it slightly wrong which twinged through my arm - I played through it though but that was my last game so finished early just after 10pm.

It was really humid tonight too so feel drained now!

Playing at YHBC tomorrow as Vee hosts the Improvers

28th May 2018


A nice gathering today at the Monkey Puzzle for a friend's 40th (another friend who I have known since I was 11).

A few drinks and the heat made me a little tired (also, I am getting old!).

Mushrooms on toast with a stilton sauce when home

Spent time today to read Reese (Precision) too, now I need to re-read it whilst making notes!

Playing Badminton tomorrow

27th May 2018


Shopping in the morning then lunch and cleaning the house (not easy in the heat for me!)

We then decided to walk to my Dad's (only 10 - 15 minutes but in the heat, I was feeling it towards the end).

We had a lovely time with my Dad and Niece and Great Niece and then a huge roast beef (vegetable pie for Vee) with all the trimmings and huge home made Yorkshires - yummy!

Lemon Meringue for pudding too and a bottle of wine!

Home just before 7pm when our friends arrive ready for Poker.

We play 3 games, the first game was nip and tuck and lasted a while with us all in for most of it, our friend Andrew won that game

Then Vee won a game (he had a great start then was deadly quiet for most of the game until he pounced at the end!)

The last game I nearly went out but came back and doubled up when I took Vee out and then went on to win with 2 lucky hands (one we calculated the odds and was a 3% chance to win, I had K and 3 and our friend Boz had A and 9).

The flop came down 9, 8, 9 (so I had nothing and Boz had trip 9's, 3% chance to win the hand) - next card was the 5 so I now had 18% chance to hit a and win (but not the A which would give Boz a full house).  The last card was the 2 so I win with a flush!!!!  Amazing luck but I'll take it to win the game!

All played in great spirits with really good banter

Drinks at the Monkey Puzzle tomorrow for a friends 40th birthday

26th May 2018

Social Bridge:

Cash and Carry in the morning to get some bulk supplies then lunch and off to Les & Jennie for social bridge.

24 hands playing 8 with each partner - really good fun and nice to see them again (it has been a while!).

Jennie won by miles with a good last round and Les was second (despite going off 1700 for 5X minus 6!!!!)

We had Proseco and Bellini cocktails (not me) and a nice lemon tart and coffee and a long chat after too - lovely day.

Home for a take away and watching the Horne Section (recorded from Thursday)

Meal at my Dad's with my Niece and Great Niece then Poker with friends tomorrow

25th May 2018


Playing with a regular partner in a regular club session

Not a great night, partner didn't show me his points a few times and I miss-played a 5 contract as well as a few sacrifices that didn't pay off!

Playing social bridge tomorrow with friends

The Highs and Lows:

8   Whoooooopppppssssss!!!!!!
11   Ops were too ambitious here but had a small system malfunction
12   I played well here but Ops need to hold up the A to stop me making use of the long s
14   Well bid partner, the grand is very hard to bid and needed 2 finesses to work (which they did)
17   This could have been made, unlucky partner
25th May 2018 (Afternoon)


Playing with a regular partner in a regular club session

I worked from home today as still feel run down.

We had a poor start today and I made some poor judgements, partner didn't count the s which were key to a 4 contract and didn't take A on one hand to give me a ruff, some others were good though

So pleased to see Tricia back after a long absence, welcome back

Great to see Margaret & Dorothy top today with a huge score!

Nice to see Jean & Bobbi doing well too (Colin & Angela were ahead of us too but their last score knocked them down)

More GDPR from a few more members forms at CBC - this should now be done by the members by logging in and making their own choices.

Playing at YHBC after dinner

The Highs and Lows:

2   I chose the wrong slam here, sorry partner
4   Ops didn't draw trumps so I got a ruff in - this score was omitted from the original file but I have added it late tonight
5   I should have settled for one off but tried to make the contract
6   Ops carried on with the s rather than a  switch so 12 tricks made, well done partner
10   I think we were in the right contract here but it just doesn't make, someone did though!
13   Partner played well here, lucky not to get forced in s
14   Ops didn't find game but did play well, we needed to take our s
15   Ops were too ambitious here
16   I was too ambitious here but made more tricks than most
19   Ops played well here but were in the wrong contract
20   We were in the right contract here, I wanted to cue 4 over Ops opening 3 but wasn't sure if partner would understand that it asked for a major so I simply bid both suits
23   I was lucky not to get a  return here when South got in
24th May 2018


Playing with a regular partner in a regular club session

I didn't feel great today and just felt washed out, I didn't cancel bridge as hadn't played with my partner for a while and we are playing next week in an event.

I didn't make the right choices a lot and early on I made 2 terrible errors, sorry partner.

Great to see the Margaret's do well tonight

I have cleansed the members only areas on CBC and YHBC today and caught up with the paper forms for CBC tonight too.  If you now log in using the members only area on either site (I can set a password for you if you can't recall or haven't set one up), the tabs at the top in the main section now show the account where you can amend your settings and details (save top left after) and then there are tabs to show members details and committee pages (only visible if you are a committee member).

Playing twice tomorrow

The Highs and Lows:

1   I found the right lead here, we take the first 4 tricks on a lead
2   Ops didn't finesse partner's Q
4   I was lucky here, Ops couldn't exit with a in the end so the s were set up ready to throw my loser away - if Ops delay taking the A though, I cannot make use of the long s
6   Good lead partner, I threw my winning s away in the end though to keep my winning black cards
7   I gave a trick away hoping Ops would finesse to my K so I kept my s and shortened my s - they didn't finesse so I was wrong here
12   I should have discarded both winning s here and kept the s
22   I did well to make the extra trick here, Ops made a mistake with 2 cards to go
23rd May 2018


Playing with a regular partner in a regular club session

Not our finest session (again), hard to work out what is going wrong but my play was either amazing or terrible and got the bidding wrong too often (though sometimes Ops bid well)

Vee hosted the Improvers at  YHBC tonight and there was 3 tables with Vee directing.  A welcome return to Ian N who came top with Rosalie, well done both.

Vee had no car tonight so Margaret picked him up and took him home, very kind of her.

I also notice we have a new member of the "Ace" club, well done Colin!!!

Playing at CBC tomorrow

The Highs and Lows:

4   We stopped in the right spot here
5   We missed a trick here
6   Ops in the right contract
7   Unlucky Ops,  I was the only one to double
10   Ops in the right contract here and 9 tricks are on
11   This was actually played by North (not me) and a great sacrifice
12   We did well to be cautious here, although 10 tricks available, very hard to make them
13   We missed game here, partner bid 1, 2 - I think if one of us bids s we will find game
14   Ops discarded the s as I played all the s so only lost the Ace
16   Sorry partner, my fault - not a good sacrifice
17   I have never played worse than this!  I took the  finesse (singleton K won!), even without that, I should go up with the Ace and sort the trumps as this is clearly a distributional hand, sorry partner
22   Ops in the wrong contract
26   Partner never bid the sad
27   Partner got the s wrong here
22nd May 2018


A day off today and I finally updated the members databases for YHBC and CBC ready for the GDPR on the 25th May.

I have updated the settings based on the replies to date for the GDPR forms on each site and the members area on each site now displays the members list with only data authorised for display by the members.

This is only visible by other members by logging in (access via the main menu on each site using EBU number and password, I can set a new password on each site if any member has forgotten or not set one up).

Each member can now modify their settings at any time through their own members page too, there are a set of "Opt In" choices they can complete and then save.

After a homemade stir fry (chicken and veg in sauces with noodles), badminton was really good tonight but won about as many as I lost, more energy though but some tough close games

Playing at Farnham tomorrow as Vee hosts the Improvers

21st May 2018


Playing with a regular partner in Round 5 of the Monday Championships

A busy day at work today and cooked Steak and Chips for dinner, our lodger was very excited!!!

No real house news (again).

The hands have finally been loaded for Saturday's event so the links now work to each hand and our session (see 19th May entry below).

We had a great start tonight with 7 tops out of the first 9 but then it went wrong and I got grumpy, sorry partner.  Still a good score overall but a shame we couldn't maintain the early pace

We are now up to 6th in the Championships but need a few more good scores to challenge

Playing Badminton tomorrow

The Highs and Lows:

1   I did well to make this, not as good as 1400 but still!
4   A good sacrifice here!
6   Poor double here, sorry partner
7   Ops can make 4 and nobody bid it and nobody else made 10
8   Ops can make 2 but I should have taken the first 2 s not switching to a low !
9   Ops got the timing of the s wrong here allowing us the temp to set partner's hand up
14   We needed to be in 4 here or doubling the Ops!
16   We were in the right contract here and the only pair in the room who was, partner played it perfectly too
17   Ops played this well but fortunately, they were in the wrong contract
18   Ops forgot they were in NTs here and so I made my s (good lead partner)
19   We did well to stop in 3 here and partner played it well
21   Ops got a little ambitious here
22   It says we can only make 9 but I think if I had finessed the and thrown my away on the 3rd East ruffs but now their trumps are shortened
23   Ops hadn't realised the s were good so we made our s
24   A tough contract here and only makes if partner ducks the 3rd  when played by East to my 9, almost impossible
20th May 2018

Day Off:

Chores in the morning then nothing for the whole day!  Just relaxed and ordered pizza for dinner.

11pm and starting the analysis for yesterday (results only published tonight)

Playing at CBC tomorrow (Round 5 of Monday Championships)

19th May 2018

Avon GP Swiss Pairs:

Playing with a regular partner in Avon's Green Pointed Swiss Pairs.

My partner couldn't play (wanted to watch the Royal Wedding and I support that, she had a lovely day and still offered to play if I couldn't find a partner, she's a star!) and so Marion kindly agreed to play (her first Green Point event!).

We got settled in and found our seats and started with 2 friendly and nice guys.  We had a good start and moved up.  The next match we had in the bag until the last hand when I made a blunder!

Won the next 2 before lunch though including a round of me opening at the 4 level or higher on 3 boards and a match against a Grand Master (Chris Cooper, Val's son) where we bid and made 3 slams!  We needed them here though as even with those, we only won 11-9.

I took lunch for us both (and Simon), M&S special!  We had loads to eat and drink all day!!!

After the break we had a small incident and then a match against a pair who were quite unpleasant and took 7 minutes to play a card!  We didn't win any of the last 3 but we both enjoyed the day.

Simon & David had a tough day with strong Ops (lots of Grand Masters!) but were pleased to beat an old rival of Simon's, Roger Sweet - sweet!

So pleased partner enjoyed it and she played brilliantly too.  Many thanks to Simon for picking us all up and driving there and back (a lot in one day).

Day off tomorrow

The Highs and Lows:

Click HERE for our scorecard and each hand number below to view the hand

Match 1: (Won 15-5)
3   Ops sacrificed here but we don't make game (some did, but generally we don't) so 300 was a good score
7   Ops can make 3s and we defended brilliantly to take this 2 off
Match 2: (Lost 7-13)
8   I opened a weak 2 here when I should have opened 1 (rule of 19) and then re-bid s (I was 5/5), sorry partner, this lost us the match
9   Ops sacrificed but we got them off 4 (which we needed to), if they had gone off 3 it would have been a top for them, tight margins in this game
12   A mis-understanding here, I thought partner showed at least 16 for doubling then re-bidding 1NT and so I pushed to game with my 9 points
13   Partner opened strong (2NT), I had 5s and 2 points and transferred to my suit.  Partner was disappointed to not be in game but relieved when dummy went down!  Most didn't make this and partner did (against a VERY strong pair too), well done getting the s right
Match 3: (Won 16-4)
21   I opened 4 here and there was nothing Ops could do.  I played well too
Match 4: (Won 11-9)
22   Sorry partner, I should leave Ops to play in a part score as you had bid weakly and I had a weak hand, my fault here
23   I think I bid well here but partner had to play it against fierce Ops and played well
Match 5: (Lost 3-17)
29   I couldn't cope with a 5 nil trump split (missing AKQ too!) - Ops actually lead out of turn here and the director was called.  He gave all the options rapidly to partner who was flummoxed by the choices and so decided to let the lead stand and for me to play, this was the right decision in the circumstances but it would have been better to keep partner's hand hidden really
33   Ops defended really well here, I have a feeling 3 is a safer contract though
34   Partner played this brilliantly maximising the hand.  Ops could have taken 2 s but partner didn't give them the chance
Match 6: (Lost 2-18)
36   We could have defended better here
38   I should have made this but Ops took 7 minutes to play a card and lost it and threw my hand in, bad behaviour by me here and I should have called the director and not acted as I did, sorry partner
40   Ops were too ambitious here
Match 7: (Lost 6-14)
44   We bid game here, a lot didn't
48   We defended well here to take 3 off, a lot passed the hand out and more made 2 or 3 than didn't
18th May 2018


Playing with a regular partner in a regular club session

Great to see Margaret & Simon get a huge score, Marion & Patrick too (bodes well for tomorrow!!!) - we had a roller coaster but salvaged an ok score in the end.  Well done Jill & Colin too!

Playing in the Avon Green Point Pairs tomorrow

The Highs and Lows:

6   Partner did well here but Ops won trick one, then took AK instead of losing a  and then getting back in with a to make the rest
7   Looks like I should make this, I lost to the doubleton Q, drat!
9   We defended well here
11   Only 3 pairs bid game here, it always makes I think though Ops have 4 tricks in theory
12   I think I missed a trick here but others didn't make 12 either and some made 9 or 10
13   Partner took a gamble here and if I had a  honour it is a good contract, alas.....
14   Ops over-bid here and although I had 3 points, I had a great defending hand and we got it just right
15   I did well to make an extra trick here but could have made 12 tricks if I had crashed Ops K
16   Partner did well here, odd that Ops didn't take the A though
20   Partner played this brilliantly, unfortunately, we should not be declaring on this board!
23   Ops could have defended better here
18th May 2018 (Afternoon)


Playing with a regular partner in a regular club session

A busy morning at work then on to bridge - looks like we are all pushing for the 18th June for the move date now too, more news Monday I think

We both played ok today, not much that was exceptional (good or bad), just a nice pleasant session.

Playing again after dinner

The Highs and Lows:

2   I think partner can make this by getting the  right but it does say only 6 tricks available - just good defending
3   We got a little carried away here and I went 2 off trying to make the contract, should have settled for 1 off
4   Ops didn't find game
5   We are the only pair playing NS and the only pair in game!  OK, I have 3 points but with partners bidding, this is now a strong hand
6   Unlucky for Ops here, they played the K and called for the A on the same trick, they had bid perfectly and played brilliantly until then, it all went a bit wrong after that.  I said to them that they must forget it as it was perfect other than 1 card and this was the first round, I think they listened as they went on to do well!
8   Well bid Ops
10   I gave Ops a chance to make this by not leading my , we got it back though fortunately
11   I did well to make this, a 3rd for West to ruff or promote a trump takes me off
14   Well bid Ops, I think partner could bid 4 here to push them up but not easy and Ops could just double to get a top if we do!
17th May 2018


Playing with a regular partner in a regular club session

No further house news today despite asking again for a date - frustrating but will all come good soon I am sure!

BBL AGM tonight and we sent Alan Coales as our representative to push for reduced number of matches (once per team rather than home and away), will advise once we know the outcome and, as I administer the BBL site, will publish minutes ASAP.

Another tough session with terrible hands to deal with and I was not on form (bidding at least, my play was ok).  We had tops or bottoms on most boards, fortunately the tops out-weighed the bottoms!

Playing twice tomorrow

The Highs and Lows:

1   Ops took the finesse the wrong way
2   I doubled the 4 contract and partner raised me to game in , I didn't think I could make this but I cross ruffed mainly and got it just right
4   Ops lead gave me the 12th trick as I have to lose a on any other lead, don't lead away from a K or an A in a suit contract unless it is partners suit
8   I made an extra trick here, the lead set-up my winner to get the  away
9   Partner played well here to make this
10   I did well to make 8 tricks here I think
11   Whoops!!!!!!!!!
12   I doubled to show the red suits but I am not strong enough, if I pass, Ops end up in 3 which is much better for us
13   I wanted to double here but felt I may only win 1 trick, Ops didn't finesse the
15   It looks like I should have made 10 tricks here but felt I did well to make 9, nobody made 10 though
16   Ops made 9 tricks as they should, others didn't
17   We are better off leaving Ops in 4 here
18   I wasn't sure what to do here but ended up doubling with my shape and it paid off
21   We were in the correct contract and I played it as I should
23   I let the 2nd  win and ruffed the 3rd, wrong way round! 
16th May 2018


Playing with a regular partner in a regular club session that is also round 2 of the Beryl Doughty Cup

Vee hosted the Improvers with 3 tables and won the session with a good Improver, well done both!

Great to see Jean & Bobbi doing so well tonight, well done both!

We had a good night too, a few mis-understandings but generally good and really enjoyed the session.  Marion has also agreed to partner me on Saturday in the Bath Green Point Pairs event, thanks for stepping in!

Playing at CBC tomorrow

The Highs and Lows:

2   A good double but I played well here to make it, sorry Ops
3   Not many in game and some went off, partner made 11 tricks superbly!
6   Ops were in the wrong contract and we defended well
7   A mis-understanding here, at the start of the session we took out all complex doubles so when partner doubled 2 I took it as take out.  Partner meant it as a take out to 3 and I thought it was a normal take out!
9   I had a bit of help here but the s were useful to throw away the losers and squeeze the Ops
10   We were the only pair in the slam that made it, though 12 tricks are always there and a lot did make it
12   Partner played brilliantly here and even if Ops had ruffed with the Q when they should, it would not have changed the %
16   I only had 4 points but decided any contract would be better than 1 so I bid 1, partner jumped to 3!!!!  I couldn't go up but we had a good score for being in s
17   Partner played well here making an extra trick throwing away 2s on the s
22   I bid 2 after the double to stop Ops bidding but I shouldn't bid really, this score was my fault
26   Ops got a little carried away here, partner didn't think she could double and I agree - 4 off was good enough for a good score though
15th May 2018


A stressful day today, still no news on the house but one party is away until the 14th June so we cannot move on the 25th!!! Frustrating

Sausage and mash tonight and Vee made yummy Yorkshire puddings to go with it, nice!

Not much energy tonight but I played well and lots of comments about my smash and kills, good touch shots too - lost 2 games and won the rest!

Well done to Julie & Richard at Woking tonight, they are on a good roll at present!

Playing at YHBC tomorrow as Vee hosts the Improvers

14th May 2018


Playing with a regular partner in a regular club session that is also for the Dave Withers' Cup

Our new phones arrived today so an hour setting up and transferring from old phone, all done though!

Still frustrated with how slow the house move is going, still no date confirmed and no more information angry

A poor start and a night of tops or bottoms but fortunately, more tops!

We both played well but I don't think I bid brilliantly tonight

Well done to Julie & Richard who won the cup tonight, a close finish though!

Playing Badminton tomorrow

The Highs and Lows:

1   We could have had Ops in 5 but we both felt we pushed them too far, very distributional and a good contract, drat!
3   Ops found the right lead for me here, very lucky
6   Some made 10 tricks but I don't think it is there
7   Partner played well to make an extra trick but most passed out here, or me, I opened 1 (showing 11-15 and no 5 card major)
8   We were the only pair in NT here, didn't find game but still
9   Ops made a take out double and it was left in, phew!
10   Hard to bid the game but we were in the right contract really which was enough
13   At the time, I felt we could do nothing about this as Ops played well.  Now I look at it, if partner switches to a trump, Ops then have to start the s themselves and can now only make 10 tricks
14   Wrong slam here, I should have bid 6, as it was pairs, I felt we needed to be in 6NT, we would have been the only pair in a slam for a top had I bid properly!
16   Phantom sacrifice here
17   Well played partner, 10 tricks are available but not easy to make them
21   Ops had in their mind to finesse my Q and suddenly didn't. it unravelled from there, unlucky Ops
22   Partner opened weak (2) and with my points, I felt 6NT would make so asked for key cards and then raced off, I should have bid 2NT Ogust and stopped in 3NT, sorry
24   Lucky not to have a  lead here
13th May 2018


After a nice breakfast (coffee, warm pan-au-chocolat and full english for me!) we checked out and drove home.  Vee did all the driving this weekend and did 300 miles (round trip), worth it though!

Home just after noon and chores done and shopping ordered, relaxing for the day now and watching for the 2 events results:

Berks: Waller Bowl

Well done John & Pamela finishing 7th in a tough field

Surrey: Mary Edwards

Jill & David were in the points for YHBC

We had a minor issue with the hands file at CBC Friday and with Alan Browns' help, we have now uploaded a file with the makeable contract grid and able to fix the next 2 files too, thanks Alan.

Playing at CBC tomorrow (Dave Withers Cup)

12th May 2018


A nice breakfast this morning and relaxing for a few hours until Vee checked the invites and realised the service was at 11am not 1pm!!!  As it was 10:30 at this point we now panic and rush out of the hotel!!!

Vee had also written down the wrong post code so we went wrong too, madness!!!  Arrived at the church at 11:30 and fortunately (in a way), the Brides car had a puncture and so was late, we got there just in time and no issues, phew!!!

Service was lovely, when we were asked if we will support the couple, we all said "We Will" and then one of the kids said - "Oh, yes, we will!!!), was so cute!

On to the hotel next and we check in (stunning hotel HERE) and have Pimm's in the courtyard, so lucky with the weather which stayed dry until we went in for dinner.

3 courses, fish, pork and brownie with coffee and free flowing wine.

We were on a table with no kids and all commented on it, we had a great time and got to know everyone and had quite a laugh (even with my joke about all Scottish people starting out as a scotch egg!!!).

We danced (a LOT) and had a great time, the bride and groom were able to enjoy it too and there were no negatives at all, truly lovely all weekend.

Driving Home tomorrow

11th May 2018


Dinner then driving to Huntingdon - 2 hours so not a bad a journey and a bottle and a half of wine and Fish Finger sandwich later (plus loading the newsletter for Val to issue for CBC) and all good!

Lovely hotel and nice room and, although expensive, a nice wine went down a treat!

Shame Margaret didn't do so well tonight but almost exactly 100% for the day with the 2 results combined!

Well done Alan and Marion though, nice card with no red scores!  Hope I do as well on Weds when I play with Marion and Friday when I play with Alan, I will know I am the weak link if not!

Breakfast booked for the morning (Full English)

Off to the wedding in Rutland tomorrow

11th May 2018 (Afternoon)


Playing with a regular partner in a regular club session

An enjoyable session today and partner was on good form (other than not evaluating a hand with 4 points as good enough to respond with!)

Stayed after the session to sort out the GDPR for the club and think we have resolved this now!

Not playing tonight as off to a Wedding for the weekend.

The Highs and Lows:

2   The lead helped here but I think I should always make 11 tricks, others didn't though
7   Not many bid game here - I was a passed hand but after partner opened a weak 2, my hand is now worth game
8   Ops played really well here finessing my Q
10   Well bid Ops
11   I played well here and managed the trumps well too leading up to the Q
13   Partner played well here to make the extra trick
18   Perfect defence here and partner was great in playing a trump trick 2 instead of returning the - Ops let me in with the J so I then took out the trumps and played a  to partner's hand
19   Not a bad contract here but it needs some help from the Ops and we didn't get any!
20   Unlucky for Ops here, I think we have 6S on (certainly 11 tricks) but nobody bid game our way (other than us) so the sacrifice was not good
21   I played quite well here having decided to take partner out of 1NT with stayman
24   We were too ambitious here but not unreasonable bidding
10th May 2018


Playing with a regular partner in round 5 of the Thursday Championship

Not a great start as I messed up 3 hands in the first few rounds, just poor play really and no excuse.

It didn't help that my partner kept having a go at me and I eventually said he was getting at me too much and it calmed down after that.  We then had a good second half!

Great to see Vee playing again, hope he comes more often

Playing at CBC tomorrow after work then off to a Wedding for the weekend.

The Highs and Lows:

2   I played for the drop and nearly finessed but then thought I should play for 2/2 - wrong, sorry partner
3   Unlucky Ops, doubling my 5 was the way to go here
4   Excellent play here, a lead was needed to hurt us I feel
5   Good double partner, I should have played a instead of the to get one more trick but the double did the job
8   The one 4 contract that cannot make, I made!!!  All the others which were possible and I didn't make but still!
10   Really well played here partner, well done!
11   I think partner should raise to 3 here, not 4 - I then go up with a reasonable hand and pass with 11 - here, I would pass
12   Sorry partner, another of my famously bad doubles!
14   Ops doubled my 1NT and then we turned the tables and kept doubling everything they bid (including 2 redoubles!) - unlucky Ops that I hold the wrong hand for you, also felt so bad for doing this against Vee, sorry Vee
17   Ops can make this - they discarded a on the instead of a and then ruffing the
18   Ops let me make my singleton K, unlucky Ops
21   A good lead from partner here enabled us to take 3s, 1 and 1 - a lot made the contract though and I think the key is the s as they break 3/3
24   I made a balancing double over Ops 2, best result is if partner passes but we need to let the Ops play and go down here as it happens
25   I was too pushy here but partner opened and I had an opening hand
9th May 2018


Playing with a regular partner in a regular club session

Not a great night again but really enjoyed it (tempted to make it a green thumbs up for that reason!!!).

We bid a slam that not everyone did but a few hands I pushed too hard and a couple we didn't push enough, will get this game right one day....!

We seemed to be top or bottom on almost every board, so just under 50% is about right.....

Vee hosted the Improvers at  YHBC tonight and there was a 3 way tie for the top and Vee was close behind but only 2 tables again.

An Improvers team played in the main group Teams for the first time, finished last but hope they enjoyed as it is all good experience and Teams is a different tactical game to Pairs, I am happy to offer some advice if wanted.

Great to see 2 of our CBC players do well at Woking today, well done Pam and Connie!

Playing in Round 5 of the Thursday Championship tomorrow (as is Vee!)

The Highs and Lows:

2   We missed the contract here but it turned out to be a good sacrifice!
3   I played well here but bidding game was the key more than the play
5   Ops didn't bid game and we defended well to hold it to 10 tricks
6   Partner missed a trick here which cost, 1 off would have been a good score
7   Only 4 of us in the slam here, 1 went off too!
8   I pushed too far as a sacrifice then played very poorly
9   Ops opened 3 and I pushed to game, should settle for a part score
10   Partner opened the multi 2 and I enquired (only 14 count but a strong hand), only 3 were in game!
11   I was too pushy here and played poorly too
13   We pushed Ops up and doubled
14   No interference here so we couldn't do anything to improve the contract
15   Multi 2 opened and Ops overcall 2 so I bid 3 (I felt if I bid to the level of the fit they would compete in 4) - this was good enough as it happens
17   I was too pushy with my 19 count here, sorry partner
21   Ops did well to bid game here and played well too
23   I needed a  through here to stop the 12th trick
24   I was too ambitious here and went looking for a slam rather than settling for 3NT, sorry partner
26   Ops opened 4s and we didn't feel we could do much here and quietly took it 2 off
8th May 2018


Another busy day and lot of Bridge emails as well as work and trying to push for a move date

Badminton tonight and it was so hot, only 10 of us as there was an away match and the rest felt it was too hot!!!  Still, only lost 1 game despite having no energy from the start!

Playing at Farnham tomorrow as Vee hosts the Improvers

7th May 2018

CBC & YHBC Swiss Pairs:

Playing with my life partner in the 2nd Annual Swiss Pairs organised by CBC and YHBC

We started early collecting the catering items from my Dad and buying sandwiches for lunch.

We then set the hall up from 11am and Val Foster arrives shortly after to help set-up.

Between us we get everything ready and Gary (the Director) then arrives and I assist him in setting up before changing my shirt.

Vee checks everyone in and assigns seating positions and 2 players are a little late but arrive just in time (so the host pair were thanked for standing in and then they went).

We had a nice day and I think most enjoyed it - a great success, a lot of work to organise and put it on but worth it I think.

Vee played really well today too (mostly) and we won 3 matches, drew 1 and lost 2 (the losses were bad though!).

My friend Margaret played with a county player but for the first time, it didn't quite work for them but they were the only pair to bid a Grand Slam (out of every round and every pair)!

Great to see our close friends top - well done Margaret and Dorothy!!!

2 Junior pairs played too and they were 1st and 2nd at one point but 1 pair fell away at the end and the other finished joint second (they didn't actually lose any matches, just 1 draw at the end)

Playing Badminton tomorrow

The Highs and Lows: 

Match 1:
4   Partner didn't see the Ops bid 1, he then bid 2 and I alerted and said "No" and he then went to 3NT anyway (as he had the s), Ops then doubled to give us a top as partner played well
Match 2:
7   We need to push to 4 here but I was worried about pushing them into game, if they had of gone 4 though it would be a top for us!
11   Ops made a game force bidding sequence and stopped before game, odd here.
12   I did well to make this, Ops have 4 tricks to take but timing is very tricky, the lead helped me though
Match 3:
13   Not partner's finest play here, should lose a then take the tricks....
15   I should double 4 here, if partner doesn't like it, he could still bid 5, sorry partner
18   We were pushed too far here and Ops defended well
Match 4:
21   Partner played well against a good pair.  Although 11 tricks are possible, not many made them!
Match 5:
25   Ops missed the slam here
28   I bid 3 here and partner was a little ambitous going to 3NT!
29   I made an extra trick here, I got the s right dropping the Q rather than finessing and Ops never took the A
Match 6:
31   We need to be leading s here!
33   Partner played well here to only go one off, we also stopped Ops finding 4
36    We didn't defend too well here, partner needs to take the A rather than ducking it and then K and give me a ruff
6th May 2018


40th Birthday party today.

I woke up with a bad cold but had a Lemsip then went to Tesco to do the weekly shop and was ok by the time we got back.

I decided to drive today and let Vee drink (we were going to get a taxi as only in Farnborough but I felt I didn't want to drink with my cold)

Our friend (Boz) loves food and has bought a pizza oven and also had a whole pig roasted on the BBQ, lots to eat including a "cheese" cake and salads and loads of pizzas!!!

Unlimited drink too (soft for me but loads of Pimms, wine, Gin and beers) - about 50 of us there and a hot day, was a really good party!

We left after 10pm (arrived at 2pm) and was mainly family left by then.

I did some final bits ready for tomorrow too, Val has printed off the entries list (though another pair has had to drop out today due to a bug that is going round).

All the catering items are at my Dad's and we will pick those up at 10:30 tomorrow on our way to the club.

The director is arranged and arriving at 11:45, so plenty of time for us to set the hall up and then for Gary to set the computer and table slips etc.

YHBC & CBC Blue Pointed Swiss Pairs tomorrow, check in at 12:30-12:45 for 1pm start.

5th May 2018


One of our friends, Margaret W, invited us for a cheese and wine lunch with a few others - we arranged to pick up Dorothy and Margaret and stopped to get some flowers as a thank you.

We had a lovely day and nice conversation (not much about Bridge!) and then a wonderful spread of cheese and bread and biscuits with wine flowing constantly, yummy!

Tea and cake in the garden after that with more chat and a fun napkin game (numbers and letters where you need to fill in the words represented by the letters)

We show Margaret and Dorothy the new house (just from the outside) and then act as IT support for Margaret before coming home.

A really nice day and glad I am feeling a bit brighter today to enjoy it.

Birthday BBQ tomorrow for one of our friends

4th May 2018


Playing with a regular partner in a regular club session

We didn't do much wrong but not a good score, mainly Ops bidding well

Vee played at YHBC tonight too and enjoyed but didn't do too well.

Out for lunch tomorrow

The Highs and Lows:

3 I must support the s here, sorry partner
5 Ops bid and made what they should
6 Good defence here
7 Well played partner, making the extra trick was needed here!
17 We need to be in 4 here....!
18 I let East win the 9, daft!
20 Well bid Ops, an unlucky double
22 My fault here, I shouldn't have bid 3 after partner doubled and Ops bid
23 We were in the right contract and I played it well
27 A terrible trump split but I coped better than most to only go 1 off
4th May 2018 (Afternoon)


Playing with a regular partner in a regular club session

Not feeling too good today and not in a cheery mood.

We played downstairs today too and it was not very comfortable and a lot of tension in the air, not nice to play today but well done to Alan, Sylvia and Val for making it work as well as possible.

Partner was not on form either so it didn't really work, amazed to get 3rd overall despite the poor %

Playing again after dinner

The Highs and Lows:

2 I didn't unblock the s but taking the contract down was ok as it happens
10 Partner went to game for no reason here, 1,2 that will do.....!
11 I should lead a here, nearly did too
12 Partner got our system wrong here then tried to correct it on her own
13 Not my best play here
14 Ops pushed us up too high and partner went 2 off trying to make it
16 Not many made 12 tricks but he s throw the losers away so not sure why not
17 Ops played well and then didn't take the last trump out and went 1 off
22 I put a cheeky 2 bid in, Ops doubled and then didn't know what to bid and passed, I made it!
25 We got the defence right and Ops didn't ruff the s
26 Not a good sacrifice, sorry partner
3rd May 2018


Playing with a regular partner in the 3rd round of the Chairmans Shield (Teams)

The team I play in didn't need me tonight so I was asked to make up a scratch team with my Monday partner.

All our house paperwork has been received now and been asked about ideal dates to complete - getting closer each day now and currently aiming for 25th May (start of the bank holiday) but not confirmed as yet.

We came 3rd and pleased with our Pair results too (3rd on X-Imps, can view this from the results and menu at the top)

I wasn't feeling too well tonight and partner was a bit low too, so another good result was nice

Playing twice tomorrow

The Highs and Lows:

4 I went off 3 vulnerable, not normally a good thing but here, Ops had a slam on!  Our team mates bid game so a good score (only 2 bid the slam)
5 Looks like a poor sacrifice here but 3NT was bid and it looked very close to me, sorry partner, wrong decision by me
7 Well bid Ops, unlucky double though.  Team mates had a bad board here too
10 Ops let me make my singleton K, team mates made their contract
14 Both us and team mates in part scores making!
19 Both us and team mates in part scores making! (not seeing double, same comment as 14!)
2nd May 2018


Playing with a regular partner in a regular club session

Vee was hosting the Improvers but we had a half table in each group so he and Val played in the main group - during the first round we realised there was still a half table!!!!

Rob and Sue continued to do well in the Improvers, good to see.

Marianne and Rosalie did well in the main group tonight too, really pleased for them (though we gave them a good start!!!)

Great to see Margaret at the top too!

We did ok tonight, a few things could/should have been better though but not much wrong and those that we did get wrong were not easy.

Playing in a scratch team tomorrow at CBC (good luck to my "real" team!)

The Highs and Lows:

3 I made a really risky 2 overcall and was allowed to play there!  I played well to make this too
5 I could have played this better, also better if I pass partner's 1....!
6 Ops didn't bid game
7 Partner opened strong (4 loser hand) but it didn't pay off here as we missed the contract
9 We need to take the A and make a  here, not easy - perhaps I should lead a
12 Ops stayed in the right contract doing what they should do
18 Ops were too ambitious here
19 We cannot double here or they rescue to s, good defending though
1st May 2018


Lots to do today, more on GDPR, lots of work issues, sorting out the last details of the house move (nearly there now!) and my Dad's birthday!

I sent a text at midnight to say Happy Birthday and we took a card and a gin and tonic gift box round tonight before heading off to badminton.

I won 6 and lost 2 tonight, so not bad - it was hard work though and lacking energy, think I may be coming down with a cold but am saying "No" to it!

Also arranged our first Hubert Phillips match for 26th June, it is a home match so we need to be in before then!!!

Playing at YHBC tomorrow as Vee hosts the Improvers

30th April 2018


Playing with a regular partner in a regular club session

We had a great night tonight, a few daft things from me but almost all hands were good and a really good score too!

Surprising as I clearly wasn't thinking straight having left my ciggies behind!!!  Perhaps not smoking IS good for you?

We signed the contracts for our house tonight and send them back recorded delivery tomorrow, should be a few weeks now to completion, not there yet but another step closer!

Val wasn't well but came to open up and set-up tonight then went back home, she is such a star, I stayed at the end with Max and Margaret to help Sylvia clear up and get everything sorted.

We bid 2 slams (1 grand!) and also bid a slam on our sit-out (which clearly didn't count but still), we missed 1 that cost us though - quite a slam heavy night!

The last penultimate round had a quiet 2S by partner too though, and that was 94% so just shows, playing every hand well counts, they don't have to be huge contracts to get huge scores!

Was so pleased tonight as both us have had a lot of stress to deal with and a good score and good company was just what we both needed (especially partner who had a declarer play of 93%!!!)

Playing badminton tomorrow

The Highs and Lows:

2 We were in the right contract and partner played well to make 2 extra tricks, no  lead was fortunate
3 A favourable lead here got the  away and partner got all the cards right to make an impossible contract
5 We defended well here and partner made both her trumps!
7 I kept North on lead each time I lost a trick and got 1 or 2 tricks back each time, worked well.  I missed the K at the end though
8 We didn't bid the grand but did bid a small slam and partner made all 13!  It says you can make all 13 but others made 11 or 12 - I couldn't find out about the void with our system so the grand was too hard to find, we did well enough with 6+1 though
9 We pushed the Ops up in the wrong suit and defended well setting up the ruffs
10 An amazing hand here, partner opens and I have a HUGE hand!  I bid 4NT straight away, we play modified so partner bid 5 showing 1 Ace and 1 King, so I am as confident as I can be for 7 - it could have gone wrong but not this time!
14 Brilliant play from partner here in a tough contract, shows that all the boards count no matter how low the contract
18 Partner was given a ruff and discard here to get the away
22 We bid game here and partner played it perfectly, most did not make 10 tricks


29th April 2018


Shopping and chores today followed by Poker at 1pm

We enjoyed it and great to see our friends - we didn't win though but close on a few games

Playing at CBC tomorrow night

28th April 2018
28th April 2018

YHBC Committee and Comedy Night:

A full day today!

Vee and I are both on the YHBC committee and attend the latest meeting this morning (10:45 to 13:45!!!).

Lunch on the way home then I set to doing my actions (with hoovering in-between and Vee defrosts the Freezer!).

A few issues to sort out with events at the club recently but all now resolved and all my actions done.

GDPR remains slightly confusing I think YHBC and CBC are doing this correctly.

Wash and change after chores and our lodger takes us to Margaret's for a drink and chat then on to Pine Ridge for a meal and comedy night (her birthday tomorrow!)

We took a card, gift and a bottle of pink champagne (which we drank at Margaret's) and then walked over to Pine Ridge

We had a lucky table with 4 great young lads who helped make the night, good food and another 3 bottles of wine and 3 comedy acts (1 great, 1 poor and 1 good)!

Vee and Margaret had a whiskey as I had a ciggie and called a taxi then home - a great night!!!

I also dealt with a lot of email traffic with Gordon at the EBU to deal with GDPR, think we have resolved this now too!


Poker with friends tomorrow

27th April 2018


Playing with a regular partner in a regular club session

Not a great night tonight but some were just unfortunate and partner wasn't "feeling it" tonight, shame but a night out

Good to see attendance up tonight and nice to see Jane & Viv there, keep coming!!!

Committee meeting for YHBC tomorrow then out for a meal and comedy for Margaret's birthday

The Highs and Lows:

2 I was a little ambitious here and unfortunate to find partner with nothing and Ops with a 19HCP hand!
4 We were in the right contract here and lucky that Ops didn't take trumps out as I ruffed the whole hand
5 Ops took the first 3 tricks so I couldn't get a good score
7 Partner could do better here
8 Ops did well to bid game here
10 We were in the right contract here!
11 I didn't attack the s first, I went for the s, wrong decision!
12 I bid strongly here and 3 times on my own, I think partner can raise me to game here
16 Partner needs to keep his s here and trust me for the s
18 Partner played his A on my winning !!!!
19 We need to lead a here, Ops got the losers away on his s
20 Not a good sacrifice Ops, someone made a slam but there is not really one there
27th April 2018 (Afternoon)


Playing with a regular partner in a regular club session

We had a good start but a few blips stopped us coming top (swapped from 1st to 3rd on the last round!)

Great to see Marilyn and Veronica do so well!

Playing again after dinner

The Highs and Lows:

4 Partner needs to jump here to show how good her hand was
5 I got the s right here and got the s right.  Then used the s to throw the rest away
6 Ops revoked here but were only making 9 tricks (as they should) but others made 10 so was always going to be better for us
7 We are better off in s here, Ops pushed us up too, well played Ops
8 We were in the right contract and I played well to make it
9 Ops need to be in NT here
10 Ops lost count of the trumps here, unfortunate as they bid well
11 Unusual auction, artificial 1 opened, I double for takeout, partner bids 1 and Ops double and it is left in
15 Ops were too ambitious
16 Partner got carried away here, we missed the 4 contract with the jump from 2 to 5!!!
18 We pushed Ops up and then got the defence right
19 Lead the 3 here (4th highest!!!)
23 Ops didn't switch to a  and I got the s right
24 Nothing out of the ordinary but it seems declarer could have made 1 trick
26th April 2018

Surrey League:

Playing in the Surrey League, home match tonight and it is the last match in our section.

Pre-Dealt boards used so see the Hand File HERE

Top going into the last match and a win will see us top of the section, a 9-11 loss still sees us in the Final as one of the top 2 teams.

Last night, Alan and Jo won their last BBL match against a very tough team and Margaret was 2nd at YHBC (I did not do so well at Farnham!)

Day off today to get stuff done and also prepare for tonight.  Also starting to organise our first Hubert Philips match (not entered this before).

I cater (via Waitrose!!!) and put on a good spread for half time (leftovers too!).

In the first half we make a few errors but they cancel each other out and 1 down at half time.  The food revitalises us though and in the second half we gain 23 to win overall by 22 Imps (15-5 in VPs), this secures the top spot for us and we can play in the Final on 10th June.

Camberley have had a great year with teams coming 1st and 2nd in Div2B, 1st in Div3 and currently 1st in Div4 (one match to be played)!

Playing twice tomorrow

The Highs and Lows:

First Half:
4 -13 I need to lead a  here but chose a  (4 in each), so Ops make 12 tricks.  Our team mates went for the slam but 1 off (as it should)
5 +13 I made 4 plus 1 and team mates make a vulnerable game for a double swing
10 +6 Ops too ambitious (but is teams) and we take their game 1 off, team mates stayed in 3 making
12 -8 Team mates went off 3 vulnerable on a very unfortunate hand
Second Half:
14 +8 Ops open light (9 points but a good hand) and partner bids 3 (showing both majors).  Ops bid 3NT and I bid 4 with 7 points - it is such a wild hand that I make it!  Team mates sacrifice in 5 for a good score
16 +10 I opened strong and partner was brave and put me to game - it is not really there but a nice lead and I make it.  Ops are in a part score against team mates
17 -6 Team mates made 11 tricks but were not in game
18 +11 I open 2 and partner relays 2, I bid 3, partner bids 3 (genuine suit), I bid 3NT and partner bids 4NT to ask and I jump to 6NT (cold).  Ops are in 3NT against our team mates
25th April 2018


Playing with a new partner after the Farnham AGM

AGM started at 7pm and finished by 7.40pm - nothing major but a new Secretary (welcome Joyce)

Only the second time we have played together, we won last time but not tonight, sadly.

I kept getting the defence or play wrong, sorry partner

Vee hosted the Improvers and had 3 tables again.

Margaret did well tonight in the main group too, good sign ready for tomorrow!

Playing our last Surrey League match tomorrow

The Highs and Lows:

2 I need to lead a here, sorry partner
4 Wrong lead from Ops and partner played well
5 I got carried away here, after Jacoby by partner I raced off and played poorly too
9 We defended well but needed to push the Ops up a bit
11 Ops bid too high here, the double wasn't needed but....
13 Good lead partner, back in with my A and then run the s (Ops revoked too for an extra trick)
16 Ops stopped in the right contract
20 I opened th multi 2 here (weak 2 in s), Ops doubled as partner bid 2 (pass or correct) and then got too high
24th April 2018


Manic day today and was needed by 4 teams at the same time at work, mayhem but got there in the end

Vee went to the Theatre tonight and loved it (Son of a Preacher Man) and I went to Badminton

Played well but got so hot, was hard work!  Won and lost equally tonight but all close games

Farnham AGM and bridge tomorrow

23rd April 2018


Playing with a regular partner in round 4 of the Monday Championships

Not our finest session tonight, both had tough days and not really on form.

A shame it was a Championship night.  Well done Margaret and Pitti though, great performance!

Playing Badminton tomorrow

The Highs and Lows:

2 Partner asked for a  and I didn't see it, we should take this off, sorry partner
4 Partner rescued but I think the forcing pass would be better here, after I re-double I think Ops will panic and bid
5 Ops didn't take their A
6 Better played by South here, we need to use puppet stayman I think
8 Not many in game here, I claimed and was wrong though, could have had 11 tricks, sorry partner
16 We were the only pair allowed to play in 4, partner got the s right too
17 Ops over bid here, I wanted a ruff though but 1 off was good enough
18 I should have left partner in 3 here but I thought it was stayman!  Sorry partner
19 Ops were a bit too ambitious here
20 I wanted a ruff here but 1 off was a good score anyway
21 I guessed wrong on the K, playing the 9 trick 1 would have been much better than going up with the Q
24 Ops competed but it didn't pay off for them this time
22nd April 2018

Worthing Weekend (3/3):

We had a lovely breakfast again this morning and cleared our room quickly and packed the car.  All checked out and settled up.

One of our pairs had to get home for lunch so the Hotel arranged for a Worthing pair to join us (they did well too!).

Not our finest session but good fun nonetheless and prize giving after (will post some photos soon)

The Highs and Lows:

Hand 1:    I gave partner a ruff but they didn't take it!

Hand 9:    Ops thought they were in NTs so got the play wrong, unlucky Ops

Hand 10:  Ops opened light and we defended well

Hand 13:  We were both too ambitious here but the play was not great either

Hand 19:  Easier in s here but I could have played better - good defending though

Hand 21:  A trump lead was needed here

Another weekend finished and really enjoyed it, it's the group that make it and we are blessed with some wonderful characters.  A pleasant drive home and all un-packed with washing on, back to normal tomorrow!

21st April 2018

Worthing Weekend (2/3):

We had a lovely breakfast this morning, Vee in particular loved the Omelette.

The hotel printed out the results and teams order for tonight for us which I displayed in the Bridge room.

Vee and I set-up a simple shuffle and deal session for 3 pairs who wanted to play for a few hours this morning and they had some really interesting hands and enjoyed it - a few questions after too which we answered.

We spent the day in Brighton and had a nice time, walking round the Lanes, having coffee and a bite to eat and bought some art too (just little bits but nice).

Dinner was really nice tonight - the sauce on the chicken was amazing and the lemon posset was lovely

Teams tonight (as we won last night we are teamed up with the pair who came last) they had a tough time with the stronger pairs but learned a lot and enjoyed it, we discussed some of the hands and what to do afterwards too.

Although 6th as a team, Vee and I were 2nd EW and 4th overall on X-Imps

The Highs and Lows:

Hand 5:    I had no defence to the slam the Ops bid and thought it would make, although 1100 (should have been 800), I still felt this would be a good save against the slam, not to be!

Hand 10:  I was very lucky to make this slam - they made a brilliant lead but didn't follow it up - if they had, they could have had a ruff to take me off.  Just game bid against our team mates

Hand 15:  I made a good sacrifice here and our team mates made their game

Last day tomorrow and bridge after breakfast followed by Sunday lunch then back home

20th April 2018

Worthing Weekend (1/3):

We had a relaxing morning and then drove off to collect Kevin and Margaret and met up with Val, Keith, Pitti and Barbara for lunch in Loxwood (lovely)

A good run down and parked outside the hotel then went for a wonder after checking in (too hot for me)

Welcome drinks and nibbles and then a nice main meal (pudding didn't suit me but the rest was nice) and on to the Bridge.

8 tables this weekend and a good mix of people, lots of banter and good spirits.

I loaded the hands for YHBC too (only 3.5 tables) and loaded our results to YHBC but for Saturday so as not to confuse the YHBC scores (I had an email saying how impressive it was to win a session not yet played !!!!)

I felt we could have done better but the score shows us top, so can't really complain!  Teams tomorrow will be top pair with bottom pair and so on down the list.

The Highs and Lows:

Hand 1:    This shows why you never open a weak 2 when holding 4 of the other major, sorry partner, I should not open this....!

Hand 4:     Ops could have made this, we are so lucky!

Hand 9:     Ops didn't double but 2 off is beneath their game score anyway so we were always on to a winner here

Hand 10:   Ops had a blip and transferred to a 4 card suit - they were discussing this on the way to Worthing too, unlucky Ops

Hand 17:   11 tricks are available, I made mine but nobody else did (only 1 other in 4)

Hand 21:  We need to be bidding on here but partner was silent throughout the auction

Hand 22:  12 tricks are available, I made mine but nobody else did

Planning on getting the bus to Brighton with a few others tomorrow, then relax and Bridge after dinner

19th April 2018


Playing with a regular partner in a regular session.

Day off to make a long weekend and sort out Removal quotes and insurances today as well as some chores.

I find this weather too much and so shorts last night and again tonight, had one comment to say "I hope you won't be dressed like that at the weekend" - well, I will try.........!

We had a good night tonight and didn't do much wrong - a few Ops were good against us but didn't feel we did anything silly and partner played extremely well!

The Highs and Lows:

Hand 1:    We should take this off but not easy, our only error that was our own fault but still, not an easy one.

Hand 3:    We were in the right game and played well to make it.

Hand 4:    I did well to make an extra trick but I needed to being in 2NT!  The s came good and I got the s right (playing up to the Q)

Hand 8:    I put a cheeky bid in and Ops doubled (for penalties) but it was left in - I am a lucky player!

Hand 11:  We defended really well here and a great lead from partner.  Ops not in the right contract but we kept pushing the s and took them off.

Hand 13:  We bid to 3 but didn't feel any more was on, I was a bit pushy to double the 4 but it paid off this time

Hand 14:  This was the second hand we played and partner disagreed with me asking for Keycards but I felt this was a special case.  I didn't think I could quite open 2 (3 loser hand but if partner had zero, I could lose 5 tricks).  After 2, 2, 2, 4 I then id 4NT to ask (if partner can offer me 2 tricks, perhaps this IS now a 3 loser hand and 2 are covered).  Even being in the slam, not the easiest to play but watching East throw s I decided the K was offside and so the only way to make this now is to split the points and play towards my Kx after discarding my small on the 3rd  - it worked!

Hand 15:  Partner played brilliantly here and squeezed an extra trick forcing West to keep the right card and they didn't.  As it happens, being in the right game (or game at all) was enough for a good score.

Hand 16:  I had an OK hand but think I bid too much here, I doubled the then the hoping to show both suits - then I bid 3 and I think partner could have bid 3 - may not be brilliant as I over did it, but still better than 3

Hand 22:  Partner did well to make an extra trick here timing the  loss perfectly and Ops not attacking s

Hand 24: Ops did what they should but not everyone did.  I think it is my Qx - Ops nearly finessed it but decided to play for the drop in the end (correctly), others must have lost it.

Vee and I are both off to Worthing tomorrow for the YHBC club weekend, looking forward to it (great food at the hotel and wonderful company too!)

18th April 2018


On the Committee so helped set the hall up and spoke about the GDPR and Improvers and went down ok.

The whole AGM took an hour (including the Trophy presentations) and no real issues.

There was a solo player in the Improvers so Vee played with them (we had agreed to play together but would sit out if a solo player needed a partner).

As it turned out, the main group had a solo player too so I played with them (never played together before!).

We did ok, instant scoring and shuffle and deal each round.  It makes it entirely random but still, we won by a clear 30 points to win a box of chocs each, well done partner!!!

The Highs and Lows:

Hand 2:    I bid NT over the Ops and they went to game (with Ax support) so I doubled and we defended perfectly to take it down 4 (1100)

Hand 3:    I messed up the bidding so we got to game in error, a favourable lead and partner made it!

Hand 11:   Ops bid well and 5 would have been a good sacrifice, 6 then converted to 6x was not a good sacrifice for them!

Hand 13:   Ops open a weak 2 and I bid 2 (11 points, 6s) - partner thought I was stronger and bid game - I made it....!

Hand 16:   Ops found a good lead but then switched and I got everything right to make a tight game

Playing at CBC tomorrow

17th April 2018


Busy day at work today as well as keeping on top of Bridge emails and GDPR.

Steak and chips tonight (me and one of our lodgers) then badminton

Played well tonight and only lost 1 game but had to work hard and am shattered now!

YHBC AGM tomorrow followed by instant scored bridge

16th April 2018


Playing with a regular partner in a regular club session

Lots more on GDPR today and both YHBC and CBC are now approx half way in terms of members submitting their choices!

Great to see Margaret and Val do well tonight as a fairly scratch pair arranged at the last minute, well done both!

We had a good night too with just a couple of blips - helped at the end too and chatting away with Val before we realised it was 23:30!!!  Bit delayed posting this but here it is....

The Highs and Lows:

Hand 2:    Others not making the tricks they should really but partner played well too

Hand 4:     I messed up here but Ops defended well too.

Hand 7:    Such a distributional hand here and we bid bravely - without the ruff I would have made my 5 too - cannot believe the matrix says I can only make 7 tricks, very odd - I lost 2s and the A (they didn't find the ruffs though)

Hand 9:     Unlucky to be doubled here

Hand 11:   Partner got everything right here

Hand 12:   Ops didn't take their A so never made it

Hand 13:   Partner was amazing here and made 2 more tricks than were there, stunning

Hand 14:    I felt West would have 5s (no real reason) and so I messed up the entire hand!

Hand 18:   Partner played well here though Ops could have pushed the s rather than switching suits

Hand 19:   Odd here, I gave a trick away here yet others made 12 or 13 tricks!

Hand 21:   I took a view here and decided not to count the singleton K and didn't like my KX so opened 4 - partner jumped to 6 so now I wake up and re-assess, we missed 7NT because of my initial assessment but did at least find 7

Playing badminton tomorrow

15th April 2018


Shopping and clearing today as well as a lot of shredding as we clear old stuff out including paperwork.

We took our lodgers out for a meal tonight which was nice (Roast Beef for me then Chocolate Brownie).

Playing at CBC tomorrow

14th April 2018


A day off today and nothing planned so we decided to see what other Bridge friends were up to on Thursday night.

A few of us were free so though lunch out may be nice but too short notice to book a table for 7 of us.  Vee then offered to do Curry and everyone agreed!

I cook the Chicken curry (8am!) and Vee does the rest (we shopped on the way home from Bridge last night).

We had a great afternoon and everyone loved the curry (Julie did some sides and paratha breads and Jo and Margaret supplied puddings) - quite a feast!!!

Wine and coffee and lots of chatting (no bridge) and really enjoyed it.

Home for the night to do more work (largely GDPR stuff and some BBL items too).

Chores tomorrow and catching up with TV as well as making plans for the move and checking removal company availability etc.

13th April 2018


Playing with a regular partner in a regular club session

A tough session tonight, partner had some really tough choices and some leads were not as good as they could be!  I messed up the last hand too but overall it was ok.

Vee had a great start tonight but Ops then did the right thing against him and felt frustrated by the end

Well done Colin & David though, amazing score tonight!

The Highs and Lows:

Hand 2:     Ops were defending 4 but I was in 3NT so didn't return the  lead, I am very lucky!

Hand 3:     Partner would have made this if he crashed Ops singleton K - the clues were there too....

Hand 4:     We should get this off but couldn't see how - Ops played well though

Hand 7:     Too ambitious Ops, I bid 1NT over the 1 so doubled 4

Hand 9:     Unlucky Ops, they didn't see partner play the A and assumed he would play low so the K fell under my Ace allowing partner to make this

Hand 10:    I wanted to double here but they rescue if I do, 200 was ok for a good score though

Hand 11:    Partner played well here getting the s right and setting up a  trick

Hand 14:    Partner!!!!!!!!!!!  Dodgy double but then the wrong lead, my suit perhaps......?

Hand 16:    We did well here as Ops over-bid but still I got it wrong, at the end I just need to play A and Ops ruffs and has to play into my Kx of s

Socialising tomorrow with Bridge friends

13th April 2018 (Afternoon)


Playing with a regular partner in a regular club session

We welcomed a returning member today, Carole and she did well with hubby Jerrold.

We had a lot of errors and wrong choice today and I did start to get a little upset with partner but joked in the end so hopefully all ok!

Enough good things balanced out the bad and although 5th, it was all quite close at the top

The Highs and Lows:

Hand 1:     I was in a doubling mood here, sorry Ops

Hand 2:     Ops didn't bid game here

Hand 3:     I made a poor choice here and thought the odds of partner having s or s was high so bid stayman - after the 2 bid I had to then say 2NT - Ops defended well too so even 1 off would have been a bad score

Hand 4:     Ops need to lead a here and then pick up my K, I was very lucky!

Hand 8:     Partner could have played this a little better....

Hand 10:    Ops should be in s here but 3NT is a good contract too, they didn't start with the s though and we were allowed to set-up the s

Hand 11:    A little ambitious from Ops here but I think they were right to be in game, it just doesn't make

Hand 16:    We gave away a trick here as partner played the K in second position (I have the singleton Ace, second player plays low....).  Ops bid well though and was never going to be a good score

Hand 19:    We gave a trick away here not taking 2s - I lead a low  showing an honour, it can only be the Jack so it cannot be right to play a second and finesse it.....

Hand 23:    We were in the right contract and I played it well for an extra trick

Playing again after dinner at YHBC

12th April 2018


Playing with a regular partner in round 4 of the Thursday Championships 

Slightly late doing my diary as had some BBL work to do, added Surveys to the home page too - have a look HERE

Not our finest night but not the worst either.

Both of us played some hands below par and a few interesting bids between us!  Still, an enjoyable session and not our worst score so far!

The Highs and Lows:

Hand 3:     Partner played well here and watched the cards closely to decide which cards to keep at the end as Ops both threw a

Hand 5:     Hard to get a good score here but not a great double here when it is so distributional

Hand 6:     Good defence here

Hand 7:     We didn't defend this well at all

Hand 8:     I mis-played this completely, disaster!

Hand 11:   We defended well here

Hand 14:   We missed 7NT here and partner didn't play to his normal standards

Hand 22:   We had a competitive auction and ended up in the right spot

Hand 23:   I had room to put a cheeky 2 bid in here and so we got the right lead to take 3 tricks

Playing twice tomorrow

11th April 2018


Playing with a new partner in a regular session

Vee had to stay late at work so Val agreed to host the Improvers with me setting it up and scoring etc.

4 tables tonight which was great to see and Val ran the group well as she played - she also made her partner play the hands no matter which was declarer, I try and do this when I play with an Improver too - they did well getting 60% too!

Our newest Improver did extremely well tonight too and we think he will join us next week, welcome Rob!

I went to help a friend just past the club before bridge and then took 30 minutes to get back due to the faulty lights at the cross road, just got to the club in time!!!

We will check how they are on Friday and if any issues remain, will email the members before the AGM

Our Surrey League match is the last in our section to be played and after last night's win by Brian Hughes Team (including fellow CBC players) we now know that we need 9 to make the final and any win will put us top of our section.

We had a good night tonight and bid and played well (with just a few exceptions each), fun too!

Special mention to Marianne & Rosalie who scored over 50% in the main group tonight, well done girls, keep it up!

The Highs and Lows:

Hand 2:    A misunderstanding here that should have got us a good score but it was our second hand of the night and we didn't defend it well enough, not a problem though and we laughed it off

Hand 3:    I needed a ruff here

Hand 4:    I didn't double as felt they would escape but 3 off was enough for a good score as it happens

Hand 6:    Lucky not to get a return here trick 2

Hand 7:    Partner played this extremely well, lucky the s are blocked for Ops

Hand 8:    A good score for doing exactly what we should here, unlucky Ops that others didn't do the same

Hand 9:    So lucky here, had a lead and I played my highest ones first and so didn't get the switch - the drops and so contract made

Hand 10:  Sorry partner, should have supported the s here

Hand 13:  Sorry partner, I was too ambitious here

Hand 19:  Unlucky Ops, South thought he had 3s but had the  in with them

Hand 20:  A bit of luck here not getting a  lead, phew!

Playing at CBC in round 4 of the Thursday Championships tomorrow

10th April 2018


Day off today as had a Committee Meeting for CBC this afternoon (13:30 until 17:00!!!!) - a lot to discuss including GDPR, finances, competitions, psych's and convention cards.

As a general plea, please can all regular pairs write a convention card and bring to the club sessions, it is in your own interest as:

  • You can review your system before you start play
  • Use it to learn conventions
  • Help your cause if you have a director call
  • Help the Opps if they have a query

I added a deadline for our move too as agreed to host the next Committee Meeting at my new house on 26th July!!!!

Home for dinner (getting sausages on the way home for Vee to make me Toad-In-The-Hole, yummy!!!!) then badminton in the evening.

We saw my Dad after dinner for a coffee and a chat and then Vee dropped me off at Badminton

Played really well tonight (surprising as I had missed the last 3 weeks due to Bridge matches) - lost 2 games 21-19 and 22-20 (we were winning the last game 20-18 too!!!)

Well done Trevor & Barbara getting a score of 68.75% at 3 Counties and Sim Pairs too!!!

Playing at YHBC tomorrow as Vee hosts the Improvers

9th April 2018


Playing with an old regular partner (not age old!!!) in a regular session

My regular partner couldn't make it tonight and an old partner kindly agreed to partner me tonight.

I was scorer tonight and not many issues (1 bridgepad to reset and 1 to explain and 1 score to adjust) - Wi-fi didn't work at the end but used my phone as a Hotspot to submit the results and P2P.

We played well tonight other than a few silly bids and both messed up the play on a hand each

The Highs and Lows:

Hand 1:   We did well here but should have taken 2 more tricks, I asked for a and partner didn't play it for me to ruff....

Hand 2:   We over-bid here but I should never had bid 3s, my fault

Hand 4:   Ops made a simple overcall of 1 without asking what my 1 bid was and he had 5 points, this left a bad taste and partner lost concentration trying to work out the hand and lost count of the s

Hand 5:   I made a mess of this, I had the contract and messed up 3 tricks from the end by not ruffing the

Hand 11:  We were the only pair in game here, not on points but distribution

Hand 13:  Lucky double here, they can make 10 tricks though very hard to do it, we were lucky to take it off

Hand 15:  We found the right contract here, nobody else did

Hand 18:  We got carried away a little here!

Hand 20:  I should have made this as they didn't start with a , need to just play 3s to throw the s and then cross ruff, drat!

Hand 22:  Ops have a slam on here so 1 off doubled was a good result, nobody found the slam and most were sacrificing but partner played better than most here

Hand 23:  Ops didn't get the defence right, combined with partner playing well this worked well

Hand 24:  Ops pre-empted and we doubled, defended well and made the most of it.  We do have 3NT on but very hard to bid it and nobody did

CBC Committee meeting tomorrow morning so taken the day off.  Badminton in the evening.

8th April 2018

Surrey County Pairs:

Playing with a regular partner in Surrey's County Pairs event.

We did really well most of the time today (in both sessions) but we both made some really silly errors as well as little system issue.  Hard going playing 52 boards in 1 day but good fun.

Camberley were also represented in the Committee Cup (only 1 team available and willing out of our 2 clubs).  They finished a very creditable 6th (out of 21 Teams) and Colin & David were very high up on X-Imps too, well done to Colin, David, Alan & Patricia.

The Highs and Lows:


Hand 2:     Ops had a bidding mis-understanding here and we took advantage

Hand 3:     I bid to the level of the fit but this was not the best move here

Hand 6:     Ops were too ambitious here and we found the right defence

Hand 7:     Ops didn't find game

Hand 8:     Partner didn't take the finesses

Hand 9:     I had a choice of going 1 off or trying to make the contract but 3 off if it fails, I chose the latter and it failed....!

Hand 10:   I finessed the near the end here and it would have dropped, I should have made 13 tricks but was still a good score for being in game

Hand 18:   We missed 5 here but only 20 points between us, I hate minors!

Hand 20:   Ops bid and made what they should but we should be bidding to game in , very difficult

Hand 25:   Partner didn't take his K here

Hand 26:   Ops got a little carried away here and we defended well

Just missed the cut for the main final (and 1 place below the Master Points!)

Plate Final:

Hand 1:     We got a good score for being in the right contract!

Hand 2:     We had an issue over checkback here, 3 is the contract and we should have found it, have discussed since though and agreed the sequence should be 1, 1, 1NT, 2 (checkback), 2 (min without 4 or 3), 2, 3, Pass

Hand 5:     Partner played really well here, Ops also didn't ruff the K by mistake

Hand 6:     Ops bid too high here, we got the defence right though

Hand 7:     Most passed out here but I felt my hand was worth 1NT and played well to make it

Hand 9:     Not many found game here but we did, unfortunately partner revoked

Hand 11:    We need to be in 5 here (again!), we didn't defend this very well either

Hand 13:    Ops were too ambitious here and we defended well

Hand 16:    We defended really well here, partner kept pushing the s

Hand 23:    This was a mess!  I doubled and partner felt I must have s as Ops jumped in s - he revoked too costing 2 tricks and this is best forgotten

Hand 24:    We need to be in game here, partner had a 10 count and bid 1NT and we had a mis-understanding over my 2 as partner thought it was stayman (not after his weak NT I think)

Hand 25:    We stayed in the right contract here, others went to game going off

Just missed out on the Master Points again!

Playing and scoring at CBC tomorrow

7th April 2018

Admin & Dinner:

Vee worked today (helping my Dad who is a caterer).  He enjoys it and has a good time with the team.

I spent time working on Bridge admin and amending e-mail references to club e-mail "masks" for YHBC and CBC as well as going through last nights hands.

Watched some of the Commonwealth Games too and organised a meal out for me, Vee and Margaret (no reason) - unfortunately Vee was too late back so we had an Indian Take Away at ours instead, shame but not an issue.

Playing in the Surrey County Pairs tomorrow (event is at capacity)

6th April 2018


Playing with a regular partner in a regular session

I was the only one there at the start so set most things up (Hall was empty so I felt I could go in).

As we start, Derek's partner hadn't turned up so I called Vee who was at home, he was tired but said he would come out to support Derek (and the club).  So grateful to Vee and I am so lucky to have such a wonderful partner!

They enjoyed their session but didn't do well, a lot was down to some odd scores and not enough scores to compare against - lets hope more start coming out the nights are lighter and the Hall (generally) is warmer.

We had a good night, some odd score hurt our early scores but most improved by the end.  Only one red score (my fault!)

Margaret played twice today (as did I) and both scores above 50% today.

The Highs and Lows:

Hand 1:     We defended well here but Ops didn't get the  right (though, with a singleton, should they take the finesse?)

Hand 2:     We pushed Ops up here and took them off, sorry Ops (sorry Vee)

Hand 3:     I didn't take my A here, sorry partner

Hand 4:     I think I played this one well, lost a  at the right time and got the s right - then all fell into place.  Ops only need to play a trump and I think I am off

Hand 10:  Declarer was in Dummy and played a card from her hand.  She then wanted to pick it up but I said I would accept it.  I am entitled to do this but she didn't want to, when she finally played it she then ruffed a winner from dummy and got very upset - I felt bad but rules are rules, perhaps I am too mean now

Hand 21:  I had the worst hand at the table but decided to open - it paid off this time (though I feel I did play it well)

Day off tomorrow

6th April 2018 (Afternoon)


Playing with a regular partner in a regular session

Started the session with resolving last night's Teams results (all now done, re-submitted and loaded to the results with X-Imps and to the Competitions menu HERE)

We had a reasonably good session with a few issues we need to resolve but enjoyed it.

The Highs and Lows:

Hand 1:   Missing AK this was a bit lucky, sorry Ops

Hand 2:   We defended well but how do others make this?  Think declarer needs to hold back on the first and then partner cannot lead a back to me.  Even so, back in with the and a through to me takes it off too

Hand 3:   Ops need to be in game here

Hand 4:   We need to be in game here but partner passed my T/O double.....

Hand 5:   I forced to partner to bid and raised her to game, she looked horrified but played well and only 2 pairs in game making

Hand 7:   Poor defending here, partner needs to carry on with the s, only one left in declarer's hand and he is stuck now once a comes back

Hand 10:  I felt this was a good sacrifice against a slam, making it was a bonus!  I kept my 2 so I could cross to dummy with the ruff to take the second finesse

Hand 11:  I should open this 1, sorry partner

Hand 14:  Not many found game here, indeed, we wouldn't have if Ops had left us in 3 but after 4, I felt I should go for it.

Hand 15:  The lead gave me an extra trick here

Hand 16:  Partner opened light here and I jumped to game, I could have played it better but the switch was a killer with K offside

Hand 21:  Tough hand here, the weak 3 bid made it hard for us - my 3 was to play but I don't blame partner for raising it here

Hand 22:  We need to be in 4 here, partner forced me to bid by reversing so I said 2NT (flat hand, you choose).  Partner bid 3NT so I assumed 2 stops

Hand 24:  This should be played in s, the weak hand needs to control here, we still defended well to defeat NTs though.

Playing again after dinner

5th April 2018


Playing with a regular partner in the postponed second Chairmans Shield event (Teams)

We all made a few little blunders and a near neutral score overall, not a night where we shone but not a disaster either.

The Highs and Lows:

Hand 1:   We found 3NT here, part score in s against team mates

Hand 6:   Ops bid game against us, only 2 others did

Hand 8:   Partner played really well to only go one off here, team mates let game through when only 8 tricks really on, unlucky

Hand 19:  We stayed at the right level here, it felt wrong with 10 points but after partner's double I just cannot see enough tricks for any more - against our team mates they pushed to game and went off

Hand 20:  Team mates went off in game, think they could have made it though.  Our sacrifice would have been good

Hand 22:  I got the  right here ducking when North lead them to make an extra trick.  Ops should be in 4 though

Playing twice tomorrow.

4th April 2018


Playing with a regular partner in a regular session

Vee hosted the Improvers and had 3 tables (with Vee playing with Val) they played at a good pace to finish at 10pm too.

Well done to Keith and Kevin winning with a great score!

Tonight was the first session of the Season so Competitions are very early days

The Highs and Lows:

Hand 1:      Good defending here, great lead and I then took out trumps from dummy to make the extra .  Ops let my K make too

Hand 3:      Ops didn't ruff a so we took this one off

Hand 5:      A good sacrifice here

Hand 6:     Wrong lead here but wouldn't help much as others went up to 5 going off more

Hand 7:     I chose the wrong contract here but others made it, the switch killed me though

Hand 9:     Well played Ops.....!

Hand 10:   A good sacrifice here

Hand 12:   Unlucky partner, K drops but no way of knowing

Hand 15:   We need to be in game here but it didn't quite add up to me, I took a while to pass but should have bid on

Hand 16:    Ops bid and made what they should, others did not

Hand 17:   We gave a trick away here - I overcalled s so partner lead them, her natural  lead is much better, sorry partner

Hand 18:   This should be a good sacrifice against 6 (even 4) but not many are in game!

Hand 20:    I feel I played this well

Hand 22:   Wrong slam, sorry partner - all down to my poor choice of opening (2NT instead of 2)

Hand 23:   A good sacrifice and played well too, well done partner

Playing at CBC tomorrow night (postponed Teams event from the snowed off session last month)

3rd April 2018

Surrey League:

Our 4th match of the season against a Farnham team.  I am driver and meet the team at Alan's then drive us all from there.

I set-up and emailed out the GDPR for YHBC today too (General Data Protection Regulations).

I saw great news today that a Camberley Team has won Division 3B in Surrey with a nail-biting finish, the teams in 2nd and 3rd could both have won but played each other and the team that won needed to win 15-5 to tie and they won 14-6 leaving Geoff's team top by 1 point!!!  Well done all!!!

Penny Moody's team are still looking promising for Division 4 too and await the final match in their league to see who wins, fingers crossed.

We are top in Division 2B too but tonight's match was a loss of 16-4 and means we need a 16-4 win in our last match on 26th April to guarantee the section win (top 2 go to the final in June).

First Half:

Hand 5:   We missed a slam here, Ops open a weak 2 and I have 22 points and double.  Partner bids 2 and Ops bid 3 - I jump to 4 as partner was forced to bid and could have 4s and no points, I don't see how I can go on.  At the other table, our team mates supported the s and Ops bid 3s freely.  They then found 6

Hand 7:   Our first hand of the match and partner can play better - unfortunate to go off here but we all kept calm and nothing was said

Hand 8:   I sacrificed when game wasn't on for Ops, sorry all

Hand 9:   We defeat 4 and team mates make theirs

Hand 10:  I make 3NT and team mates defeat their Ops (they need to keep a to take me off and Jo or Alan did just that!)

Hand 11:  We defend well and defeat 3NT, team mates make theirs

17 Imps down at half time.

Second Half:

Hand 21:  I made 4 here and team mates defeated their Ops

Hand 22:  We doubled 4 and they made, it went 1 down for our team mates.  Partner had 4-4-4-1 (singleton ) and opened 1, I think it is better to open 1 here and a lead defeats the contract, unfortunate

A further 11 Imps down in the second half means a loss of 28 (4-16)

Playing at YHBC as Vee hosts the first Improvers of the new season.

2nd April 2018


A packed day today!

Started with Tesco at 9am and then a little bit of TV before picking up Cindy to go to lunch at Judy's followed by some friendly hands with commentary and hints from me as well as a few ideas about bidding and play.

The overriding comments were around how to deal with Opps bidding in a competitive auction.  What does it mean after Ops interfere if you:



Bid NT (at next level or jump)

Cue Bid

Support Partner (at next level or jump)

Bid a new suit (at next level or jump)

All of these options are available, which are forcing or non-forcing?  Which are competitive or constructive?

There are no hard and fast correct answers to these but there are generally accepted uses for these.  If you have a convention card, I suggest you discuss these options and your partnership understanding of each and then ensure you both know what to do with each response.

In Bridge, there is a lot of emphasis on bidding and learning a system (Very important), some focus on card play (but not enough!) and very little on how to deal with a competitive auction (MOST auctions at club bridge and beyond will have some competitive bidding!).

I have agreed to write out some examples and what I would do in these positions and will also search the web for some good reference material - I will send these to our friends but may also include here in our library for others to use if they wish.

After dropping Cindy off, we catch up with Margaret and have a coffee (no more food as Judy had done an amazing spread for lunch!!!)

Then on to our friends for an Indian Take-Away and games, very enjoyable

Home by 11pm and then a bit of work on the YHBC Privacy and GDPR and my Diary!

Surrey League match in Farnham tomorrow night

1st April 2018


A lazy day today just doing house chores and watching TV (plus some admin on BBL and YHBC)

We took our lodgers out for a Sunday Roast at the Hoggett in Hook too, lovely Roast too, yummy!

Playing socially tomorrow with Judy & Cindy with lunch

31st March 2018


Playing games last night and won 2 out of 4 which seems fair!

Poker this afternoon and enjoyed but lost all 3 games (our friend Andrew won all 3!!!)

Take Away and cathing up with TV tonight

Out for a meal with our lodgers for Easter tomorrow

30th March 2018


Playing with a regular partner in a regular session

I was busy this morning building a new website in BW for the BBL, mostly done now.

After lunch, Vee and I both go to CBC to play with different partners and we ended up joint 4th!

We had a roller-coaster session and finished poorly but still, above 50% (just!)

The hands have not been loaded properly so only the first 7 are showing, have asked for the hand file to be sent to me so I can upload and will do as I can - the diary below just from memory without the hands to view!

I have now been sent the hands and loaded, all now ok!

The Highs and Lows:

Hand 1:   Well bid Ops, we make 4 but not 5, this was the best we could get here

Hand 4:   Partner opened 2NT with a singleton A, we don't do this!  4 is still the right contract but need to manage trumps slightly better

Hand 5:   Partner bid 2 (great bid) then bid 2NT (not so great)

Hand 7:   Not a good bid partner!

Hand 8:   Well bid Ops, we need to be in s I think

Hand 9:    Good sacrifice here, well bid partner

Hand 10:   Ops doubled for penalties but it was a distributional hand and partner made (plus 1)

Hand 11:  I should make this, sorry partner

Hand 12:   Ops need to ruff with K then my J drops

Hand 18:   I played this well, only 1 other made 10 tricks

Hand 22:   I got everything right here including ducking the first  and finessing the

Hand 23:   I opened this 5 and partner bid 6 immediately, missing Q but it dropped as a singleton, phew!

Hand 24:  We need to be in 6 so Ops bid well to sacrifice.  We can take one more trick if partner follows up the lead but still not a good score

Playing games tonight

29th March 2018


Playing with a regular partner in a regular session

I was scorer tonight (we all need to do our bit!).  Finished work at lunch time today so worked on the GDPR (Data Protection) for our clubs and also made a start setting up the BBL on a trial BW site (just to see how it looks and how easy it would be, up to the BBL committee to see what they want going forwards but a start has been made!).

A few blunders by me (including one where the Ops crowed and I got a bit cross at that).  Another issue with a bridgepad too (but we suspect it was the user!)

Overall, a solid performance and 2 in a row as a pair (having had a gap of about 2 months!), if I could only cut out the silly errors.....

The Highs and Lows:

Hand 3:     I had a choice of opening 1 or 2 here, this time I made the right decision

Hand 4:     Ops overcalled and I bid 1NT they then bid again so I doubled

Hand 5:     Ops too ambitious here and we defended well too

Hand 6:     Partner did well to make this making the best use of my s and discarding a on the 3rd

Hand 8:     I played poorly here, need to leave the as an entry, play to A, then 10 and back over with a to take 2 more s (throwing s) and then finesse again - sounds complex but it wasn't really - I fixated on using the s to throw the s away and so lost my entry

Hand 10:   We defended well here gaining 3 more tricks than possible!

Hand 12:   Ops did well to bid this but I did poorly taking my K on round 2, if I hold up we take them off (if I lead K from KX we do even better.....!)

Hand 13:   I had the chance to double Ops in 3 for 1400 and decided we had a vulnerable slam on so went that route, wrong!

Hand 19:   Ops can only make 9 tricks and we defended as we should, Ops played it perfectly yet others all made more tricks

Hand 20:   Ops open 1 and partner overcalls 2 and I decide I hate this and bid 2 where I play.  I ducked the first S and then got the  finesse right and didn't get any ruffs

Hand 21:   I mis-heard Ops here and thought it was a weak 2, when they ended up in 4 I doubled and we got lucky (though I gave a trick away!)

Playing at CBC tomorrow afternoon (as is Vee and he is playing with my partner from tonight!!!) but no YHBC as it is Good Friday!

28th March 2018


Playing with a regular partner in a regular session

Vee hosted the Improvers and we had a new player tonight (he phoned me earlier in the week).  Vee played with him and he settled in quite well and had a good score too, moreover, he said he would come back next week!

Well done to Marianne and Rosalie for winning the Improvers Cup (top pair!)

Tonight was the last session of the Season so I have spent some time finalising the events and updating the Patricia Pinder Cup and Roll of Honour

The Highs and Lows:

Hand 2:    Partner was stunning here, got everything just right and ruffed the second high and took out the trumps, crossed to dummy with the J and used the s to discard the s, amazing play!

Hand 4:    I had to pass 5s here, no reason to bid on at all, sorry partner

Hand 7:    Ops jumped from 2 to 6 here, partner found the killer lead and followed it up for my ruff, Ops got the K wrong too

Hand 8:    Ops opened 5s here, I felt I had to double but didn't quite have the hand to do it, it paid off though - I made a passive lead and it worked well

Hand 13:  I messed up here, I bid 2NT (intending it to play) and partner correctly alerted and explained as Jacoby.  Sorry partner, I am best off passing here

Hand 22:  Amazing hand here, Ops can make a slam in s but nobody found it, we got the defence spot on against s

Hand 24:  Tricky hand for Ops here, looks like s scores best but hard to leave it and also not sure it should make 10 tricks as some did.  We did defend well here though

Playing at CBC tomorrow night

27th March 2018

Surrey League:

Our third match of the season against a woking/camberley team.

A day off today to get a lot of house jobs done and admin - our fridge is beeping as you close the door, turns out it is a broken wire above the door and he didn't have a spare so coming back another time to fix it.

I am driver again so pick each team member up on the way to the match and an early start for me (leaving at 6pm)

David P produced a set of hands for us so have a handout and can be viewed HERE

We did well mostly tonight and some big swings (both ways though).

I am also pleased to report that Geoff's team in Division 3B won tonight too, they could win their section if a key match is a narrow win or draw and have secured a top 2 place either way to make the final, well done!!!

Penny's team in Division 4 are leading too with one key match to go, if they don't win by enough, Penny's team will win division 4 too, well done!!!

Margaret W team (which I play for) has won Division 2 in BBL too - a good year for Camberley in the leagues!

Nick B's team (which I play for) also won the Sylvia Rose teams series at Farnham, really pleased about this as my first time in this

First Half:

Hand 2:   I go one down in a part score, Ops went off -300

Hand 3:   We defeat Ops by 3 in 1NT and team mates scored +300!

Hand 5:   I made 6NT (missing 2 Aces), Ops lead a  to dummy's singleton Ace (I held KQJX) and I then played on s and lost the Ace on the 3rd round.   Ops then lead another which I won and played 2 more to discard dummy's s, contract made!  Team mates took 6 one off by taking both red Aces

Hand 6:   I made 170 (2 tricks more than I should) and team mates defeated their Ops contract

Hand 7:   We passed out and team mates made 2X+1 for 870, well done team!

Hand 8:   I couldn't see how to make 3NT here but the matrix says it should make and they did against team mates

Hand 11:   Ops make game and team mates didn't defeat a doubled part score

19 Imps up at half time.

Second Half:

Hand 15:   I sacrificed against a very thin game and went off too many too, my real error of the night, sorry all

Hand 16:   We make game and team mates defeat their Ops

Hand 20:   We didn't defend as well we could and let a vulnerable game though which was taken off at the other table

10 Imps down in second half but 9 up overall and a 12-8 win, we stay in 1st place with 2 matches to go (next one is next Tuesday)

Playing at YHBC as Vee hosts the last Improvers of the season.  Also the final day for all competitions so keep an eye out to see who wins each cup....!

26th March 2018


Playing with a regular partner in the third round of the Club Championships

A solid night tonight though we both lost concentration a little.  A few gifts and some good play and defending overall though.

The Highs and Lows:

Hand 4:     Ops doubled, only 1 other did!

Hand 6:     Ops didn't take the trumps out so I made 2 ruffs

Hand 10:   A top here but I was still upset as 3 tricks from the end I had a and split tricks, I played K, all I had to do was play a and end play South, I realised the moment the K hit the table!

Hand 11:   I risked everything here on the s breaking 3/3, they did!  I set the s up in 2 rounds and all good

Hand 19:   I didn't take the finesse here and threw a top away here

Hand 22:   Ops opened a weak 2 and then bid 3 after our 3, if you open a weak 2 it is a limit bid and up to partner to raise if it is right - we defended well here and took it 1 off for a good result

Hand 24:   Partner opened 1 and Ops doubled then bid 2NT.  I didn't lead a and partner was not best pleased but I think my line was right and all was well in the end

Playing a Surrey League Match tomorrow

25th March 2018

Portland Pairs:

Playing with a regular partner in the Portland Pairs (Richmond).

Not our finest day today, partner has only just got back from holiday and both of us got lots wrong today.  We started poorly and was hard to recover.

In the first session we pulled back well to finish on 47%, the second half was not good throughout unfortunately, still - nice to see partner back

The Bourne had their Swiss Pairs today too and a lot of our local pairs entered.  Well done for top 10 places to:

Jill & Colin (2ndd but beat the winners and earned more blue points too!)

Simon & David

Michelle & Andy

Another special mention to Sylvia & Linda who won 3 out of 6 matches (again, the matches they lost were all to zero but still, 3 wins again!)

The Highs and Lows:

Session 1:

Hand 3:     A simple 1NT and transfer but others were pushed up and we were allowed to play at the right level with partner playing well

Hand 17:   Ops got their system wrong and ended up in the wrong contract

Session 2:

Hand 1:     Ops were unlucky here, partner made a take out double and I left it in (at the 1 level) - a top against the overall winners!

Hand 6:     Partner doubled the transfer bid for the lead and I bid 3 pushing ops up too high, we defended well too

Hand 19:    Partner raised my  bid (which was a poor suit) - I end up in game in a 4/3 fit!!!  Fortunately, the s break and I played well to make game when only 9 tricks on.

Hand 20:    A massive fluke here, mis-bidding on both sides and I focussed in the play and watched the 8 discard, I can now split the honours and keep the danger hand off lead, if they attack s I am finished but hey, lucky this time!

Hand 26:    Ops got the play wrong here and allowed us to make 3 tricks, ,  and a

Playing at CBC tomorrow

24th March 2018

Day Off:

Day off today and at the Portland Pairs tomorrow so did all the house chores and shopping today.

Vee had a good session this morning playing with our friend Don (he organised the weekend), well done both!  Results HERE

Margaret got back from her Cruise today will be good to see her again tomorrow.

Clocks change tonight and we start in Richmond at the "new" 12:00

23rd March 2018


Playing with a regular partner in a regular session

Another session where I was off form but between us we had a good result (well done partner!).  I made a few poor errors throughout and partner tried to make me feel better with 2 howlers in the last 2 rounds!

A few gifts and a bit of good play from each of us got us just enough to win the Friday Ladder, well done partner and thanks for another good season (2nd last year and top this year).

The Highs and Lows:

Hand 1:    Unlucky Ops, all the cards in the right place for me, end played Ops to give me and extra ad I had the best lead possible

Hand 4:    I risked the contract for te over-trick with the finesse here, I would have looked foolish had it not worked though!

Hand 5:    We defended well here, good lead from partner.  Ops started the s though and partner pounced!

Hand 6:    We pushed Ops up and defended well.

Hand 8:    Ironic here, we are in the right contract but needs to played by partner, I couldn't make this and think it is very hard either way round

Hand 11:  Partner doubled and asked me to bid so I said s and we found the best contract (I played well but took the tricks I should)

Hand 12:  Ops bid 3NT and partner ignored my 10 lead and let them make the contract, I was cross in a cool way but partner was a bit sheepish, his only real error for the night

Hand 16:  Partner valued his hand well here and splintered with 4, I then bid 4 first round control) and partner signed off in 4 but I felt more was there and found partner with 1 key card so up we go.

Hand 20:  Partner made a fantastic squeeze on South here, well, it would have been had he realised he had done it!!!  South couldn't keep the  and the

Hand 21:  Good for an extra trick, partner at his best here (Ops could have taken an extra )

Vee now in Worthing running the bridge holiday weekend for Peggy's old club, hope he has fun.

The first time the 2220 club had used bridgemates and had a text from Vee saying it went well and they were delighted with his directing and the speed of the results being displayed!

Day off for me tomorrow.

23rd March 2018 (Afteroon)


Playing with an irregular partner in a regular session

A session where I was down on myself throughout for not doing the right thing but turned out ok in the end!

Sorry I was grumpy partner, should smile and laugh all the time and not be down and miserable

The Highs and Lows:

Hand 1:    Ops didn't play the A by mistake so partner only lost 1

Hand 2:    Ops have a grand slam on but were in a part score

Hand 5:    Ops didn't concentrate here and played as if she was on the next trick by mistake, it's harsh but we have all done it.  They didn't bid the slam anyway though

Hand 6:    I found a good lead and then switched to capture Ops Q, was pleased with this defence!

Hand 9:    We pushed Ops up and defended well

Hand 10:  I didn't switch to a (from KJXX) but I should have done, sorry partner

Hand 11:  I think I bid this well but partner's one black mark for the day not making it, not easy though

Hand 12:  Ops played well here and made all the tricks they could, others lost the singleton K I suspect

Hand 13:  I made an extra trick here getting the s and s right

Hand 14:  Ops played a instead of ruffing by mistake

Hand 15:  I played well to make the extra trick here getting the s and s right

Hand 17:  I was so lucky not to get forced in s here and I split the  honours

Hand 20:  Partner was brilliant to make this, risky contract though (my fault) but didn't fancy bidding 5 of a minor

Hand 21:  Ops bid the slam and I made the wrong lead

Hand 24:  A very competitive auction but Ops went 1 too far and partner doubled

Playing again after dinner

22nd March 2018


Playing with my BBL team Captain in a regular session

Low on Committee and Directors so Alan Brown stepped up and directed for us (well done on you first game with Nick too, great result!).

I helped Sylvia at the end too and got everything cleared and sorted.

Partner was amazing tonight, I wasn't quite on form (again) but we did ok overall and within 3% of the top.

Our team played it's final match away tonight too (as did 2 other teams) so now getting close to the final standings - League page HERE

With our team doing well to win 17-3 (well done David, Alan and super-subs Julie & Richard) and a draw on another key match, I think we have won the title this year!

We also had my work contract extended today as well as our mortgage offer finally being agreed (a huge relief to us!!!).  We just need to wait for the Vendor to buy a new house and sell their Father's house.  We have until July/August to vacate our house so no major time pressure but we (personally) would like to move ASAP now!

I will now get onto calculating the Waller Bowl qualifiers from the CBC session tonight and notify the players and Berks & Bucks organisers of the results.

The Highs and Lows:

Hand 2:    Ops had a big mis-understanding (and disrupted the whole room if honest), we tried to calm them down and succeeded to a degree.

Hand 3:    Partner opened a weak 2 here and it paid off nicely!

Hand 4:    Unusual to go 2 off for 200 and get a good score but partner did better than most here to ONLY go 2 off!

Hand 5:    Nightmare here and I failed miserably (even down to not counting the s so let the Ops ruff my Ace as I didn't take it on the lead!!!)

Hand 7:    Partner got the s right here, great play to make this, well done partner!

Hand 9:    I got a little cross here as I had signed off in 4s (agreeing partners suit).  Ops bid 4 and I passed to let partner decide if 5 or double.  I didn't expect 5!!!  Now I think I have mis-read the position and so I pass.  I made 5 as Ops didn't find the ruff but 5 is the contract!

Hand 11:  A mess here, I should leave Ops in 4 and also play better if I decide to go on, sorry partner

Hand 12:  Ops were too ambitious here.  I know 6 is going off but if I double, I worry they will go to 6 (♠s already bid by East), I didn't know partner would double 6!!!  Still, taking 3 off was good enough for a top

Hand 14:  Ops were restrained here and it paid off (though they have 3NT on, nobody bid it)

Hand 15: We defended this well (though I was secretly annoyed partner didn't lead a  as I had bid them, I let her off as she had a void!!!)

Hand 20:  An awkward hand here but I made the wrong decision to double and should have bid 4

Playing twice tomorrow

21st March 2018


Playing with a regular partner in a regular session

Vee hosted the Improvers who played the EBED Student Sim Pairs tonight.  Shame only 2 tables but they seemed to enjoy it.

Well done to Barbara & Gillian who are in the top 10 nationally so far (event doesn't finalise until first week of April) - I will issue notes, hands and comparisons once finalised.

Our night was not great, some we could do nothing about, some were my fault frown

Well done to Nick Browne tonight who won the Sylvia Rose Teams Series (I have been a part of this team too), amazing result beating the leaders 16-4 on the final match!

The club season is coming to an end shortly and a lot of the cups are still wide open, keep looking a the tables to see how they pan out!

The Highs and Lows:

Hand 2:    We defended passively here and it worked, Ops had to earn every trick and partner made most of her s

Hand 3:    Ops didn't take the K giving me an extra trick here

Hand 5:    I played poorly here - should take the first and then go for the s

Hand 7:    Partner missed a trick here, possibly ruff 2 s

Hand 15:  I opened light here but it felt right, I didn't have the guts to bid up after partner jumped though but it was still a good score

Hand 17:  Ops could have played better here, partner lead a  and Ops played a trick 2, not a good plan - we got the defence perfect from here on in (plus an extra trick too!)

Hand 19:  I bid and played poorly here, no excuses

Hand 22:  We need the Ops to carry on bidding here but they were a wise pair

Hand 23:  Ops made all the tricks available, I need to switch to a  early on to hold it to 10, others didn't declare well though which hurt our score

Day off tomorrow then playing with my BBL Team Captain as our team play an away match (our final match - good luck team!)

20th March 2018


Playing with an irregular partner and Team mates in the BBL (Home match)

After a hair cut and dinner, I collect John (who kindly agreed to play despite not wanting to come out at night!)

Was all a bit rushed but we got there and I set everything up in plenty of time.  We had a few issues in the first half but managed to be just ahead overall.  A few bad scores as we start scoring the second too but it got better!

A chat at the end and sorting out the rest of the week then I clear everything and take John home (fixing his laptop again too!).

We don't play together often but really enjoy it when we do, he is still a very strong player and a formidable opponent

Shuffle and deal so no hand file etc but.......

The Highs and Lows:

Hand 3:     Ops showed a game going hand and we got in the way (going off 1100) which didn't work out for us!

Hand 6:     Ops in wrong game here going off 150 and team mates made 3NT

Hand 7:     Team mates missed game and I went off 800 (should have been 500 but I didn't see Ops ruff at the end)

Hand 10:   Ops in wrong contract and we took it off 300 as team mates made game in a major

Hand 13:   I pushed too far and went 1 off in 5s, team mates went off 200 too.

Hand 15:   We were in the wrong game here so went off 300 and Ops made 3NT against team mates

Hand 16:   I had 10 points but 6s and 6s and Ops open 1 (could be short) and so I jumped to 4s.  Ops double and I see dummy has no s but 4s, drat!  Fortunately, Ops got into a muddle and ended up in 6s doubled

Hand 18:   Ops made game, team mates didn't bid it

Hand 19:   Ops had a misunderstanding here and ended up doubled in 5s for 1400, we quietly took 4s off too (unlucky Ops to find me with no s and partner with 5)

Hand 20:   Partner played well to make this 3NT, our team mates took it off

Hand 23:   I was cross with myself here, I thought for ages about bidding 6NT (partner showed 15-16 and I have 16 with 6s) but I backed out and partner made 12 tricks.  Ops bid the slam but thought there were only 5s and didn't get the play right, phew!

Playing the match meant I missed Badminton and have matches the next 2 weeks too, I won't be as fit and slim as I am today soon (especially as I am now eating the mars bars I won off the Ops)......!!!!

Playing at YHBC tomorrow as Vee hosts the Improvers

19th March 2018


Playing with my life partner in a regular session

The snow cleared and all was fine tonight and a good turn out considering the weather and holidays.

My partner wasn't feeling to good tonight so asked if I minded missing tonight, never a problem.

Vee was at a loose end tonight too as it happened and there was a host, I said I would go home (rather than the host) if needed but we had an even number so all worked out.

We played well tonight and had fun too, I was on good behaviour (not perfect as I still made a few comments, sorry).

I had a good declarer score tonight too (though Vee had a better score!!!)

We both stayed behind tonight to help clear up and ensure Sylvia not left on her own then I had some admin to do before updating my diary.

The Highs and Lows:

Hand 1:    We missed game here

Hand 2:   Ops missed game here!

Hand 3:   We should be in s here so I had to play well to improve things, fortunately, I did!

Hand 4:   So upset with myself here, we kept this to 9 tricks (best in the room) but I doubled it!

Hand 6:   We defended well here to defeat this, we managed to get a  ruff in

Hand 13:  I made the tricks I should here (discarding a  on my 3rd ), not many did though

Hand 14:  A lucky contract to bid but partner played it well, easy to say that if it only works one way, play that way but here he did it perfectly!

Hand 15:  Ops didn't risk the finesse knowing that I had the last

Hand 17:  Ops opened light and then struggled to find the right contract.  We defended well but the bidding let them down here

Hand 18:  I played this well

Hand 21:  We were happily bidding and Ops came in with a good 3 overcall, I double (penalties) and Ops take it out to 3 which I double also (penalties).

Hand 22:  Unlucky Ops, this looked like a good sacrifice but don't make 4 (well, we shouldn't!)

Playing in my last BBL match tomorrow (our Team play the final match on Thursday).

18th March 2018

National Pairs - Regional Final:

Playing with a regular partner in the National Pairs Regional Final (Richmond).

Not our finest session - both played poorly at times and it was a strong field so each error cost.

Just the Highlights today from where it did work.....!

The Highs and Lows:

Session 1:

Hand 2:     Partner played well and Ops didn't defend as well they could, if the duck a  it works out much better for them

Hand 5:     I got everything right here and had room to take every chance (all paying off)

Hand 23:   We have a slam here but nobody bid it and we were not going beyond game, 1100 was a good score

Hand 24:   Something odd here, I counted my hand and had 9 HCPs but the record says I had 14 - I passed and it was passed out, good for us!  Odd though

Session 2:

Hand 6:      A little lucky here, a  lead and then another gets South on lead to lead a  through, it is all over then

Hand 9:     We defended well here, great Q switch partner

Hand 15:   We took the first 4 tricks here and it was a good lead.  Ops under pressure now and so we took another 2 tricks

Hand 18:   Ops need to play a trump here, I cannot really  make 11 tricks - I got the  right too to set-up an entry in dummy

Hand 23:   Ops defended poorly here, I was given this score

Playing at CBC tomorrow (if the weather is ok to open the club)

17th March 2018

Games and Friends:

A relaxed morning then off to see our house and found out about the bath, heating, shed and the chain  - all are fine!

Then on to Dorothy's for coffee and a chat and also sorting out our remaining league matches.  A plea for help from John too and so off to his to solve his PC problems and then home to chill for a bit.

Games and Take-Away at friends in the evening (like we used to!)

We played team games, just lost on Trivial Pursuit but won the 2 games of Movies and TV trivia - nice to catch up with our friends again.

Playing tomorrow in the  National Pairs Heat tomorrow (we are not playing in the Final though, even if we qualify)

16th March 2018


Playing with an new partner in the Final of the Beryl Doughty Cup (we are not in it though)

Well done Derek & Martin for winning the Beryl Doughty in a close finish with Pamela & John!

Really enjoyed tonight and we did well until the last 2 rounds overall (so a green thumbs up despite the overall score!)

Only 5 Tables again though, we HAVE to get more players to break even financially and to get meaningful scores, come and play.......!

The Highs and Lows:

Hand 1:    I was in the best contract making the max tricks but others did better, not fair!

Hand 2:    Ops landed in the right contract here

Hand 4:    I opened 2 and should have opened 2, when partner jumped to game in s I had a feeling and so went to 6

Hand 7:    Ops can make this on a compete cross-ruff I think

Hand 10:  Ops did what they should but others didn't

Hand 11:  I mis-played the  here, sorry partner

Hand 12:  Partner played brilliantly here!  Ops helped by ducking the first

Hand 13:  Partner could have insisted on s here (we both felt this)

Hand 14:  I mis-played this badly, sorry partner

Hand 16:   I played this well but Ops didn't take their s

Hand 17:  I thought a rescue was needed here but it would have been better left in 1NT, sorry partner

Hand 21:  Double is not important, they bid a slam so I knew it was top or bottom - we actually would have saved a little by not doubling as another pair made all 13!

Hand 22:  Ops bid and made what they should, perhaps I should have gone to 3 and they may have gone up?

Hand 24:  Ops too ambitious here, careful defending needed but we got it right

Going to our new house tomorrow to measure up and meet the Vendors.  Then "Old School" games with our friends in the evening

16th March 2018 (Afternoon)


Playing with an irregular partner in a regular session

Nice to see him out of the house too, a lovely man who brightened the bridge room today and played really well too.

One mis-understanding today (my fault) but otherwise, all felt comfortable and right (despite some tricky cards).

My certificate arrived today for being a prize winner in the Annual Masterpoints lists (Regional Master category), £20 too.

The Highs and Lows:

Hand 2:    Ops were a little ambitious here and we scored well by taking game off

Hand 6:    Very hard to bid this though I considered 6 but backed out - nobody bid the slam though

Hand 8:    We have game points but game is not there.  I was lucky Ops discarded a  so the Q dropped and I made it

Hand 9:    I mis-understood partners  bid after the double but did say I am not sure (and we have a card!) - Ops were in the wrong contract but can make game in either major and didn't need to lose the

Hand 12:  Ops had an opening hand but best not to open I think, we quietly defended well and got a good score

Hand 16:  I opened this 3 (as is my style) but partner jumped to game, perhaps we were both wrong here but more my fault than his for opening, sorry partner

Hand 17:  I defended badly here missing my second  but fortunately it was enough to double

Hand 23:  We are in the right contract and played perfectly by partner to make the maximum tricks available

Playing again after dinner

15th March 2018


Playing with my life partner in a regular session

Vee asked for a game as hadn't played in a while and my partner cancelled for tonight so we agreed to play.

We had a good start tonight but a disastrous last round dropped us from 57 to 49%

Shame, really enjoyed tonight and Vee and I had fun.

The Highs and Lows:

Hand 3:    Partner didn't take the finesse

Hand 4:    Ops didn't draw the trumps so we cross ruffed as Ops took AK before the trumps

Hand 6:    A friendly lead and I took every finesse as not pressured, all worked

Hand 7:    Ops went for the wrong slam, they were not alone but good score for us

Hand 10:  I bid twice on my own, my fault, sorry partner

Hand 11:  Ops pushed too far and I doubled

Hand 12:  I didn't take my K (second player plays low!), sorry partner

Hand 13:  Ops didn't find the  ruff so I made 9 tricks

Hand 14:  Ops found the slam, not many did

Hand 15:  Not the round to arrow switch!!!  One of the top pairs and 2 tricky hands, this one I bid weakly and partner jumped to game, not this time partner

Hand 16:  There is an argument not to pre-empt unless your suit is very good before partner has bid, this hand is a good example.  I don't blame partner but against this pair with best defence, this was not good.

Hand 21:  Ops didn't find game and we defended well to hold it to 10 tricks

Playing twice again tomorrow

14th March 2018


Playing with a regular partner in final of the YHBC Teams Series.

Vee hosted the Improvers but 1 short to make 3 tables - still, Vee hosted the sit-out pair and went through the bidding and discussed the hands so was a useful teaching session for them.

We only had 8 tables in the Teams and 4 teams challenged tonight.  We were 3rd but it was close!  Enjoyed tonight and we did reasonably well.

There was an issue with the memory stick tonight and so the results will be uploaded tomorrow (Thursday 15th Mar18) - I will update the diary then

Playing with Vee at CBC tomorrow

13th March 2018


Played really well tonight, first 4 games back to back and won all 4 though all were close and the last one we were 11 down and won 23-21, love playing with Kerry!

Lost 2 narrow games and stayed until the end and still played well on the last game, stamina is getting there now!

Teams at YHBC tomorrow night as Vee hosts the Improvers.

12th March 2018


Playing with a regular partner in a regular session

Good to see partner again as she has been away for a few weeks (swapping Snow for Sun!!!)

We played well though both could have done slightly better, both tired though.

The Highs and Lows:

Hand 4:    Ops cannot make this (though it is a reasonable contract), we got a good score just by defending properly.  If partner plays the KS on first 2 tricks they can make game (must have happened on other tables but partner was on the ball).

Hand 9:    Ops were too ambitious here and also let partner make an extra

Hand 10:  Ops bid and made the right contract

Hand 11:  Ops paused and nearly bid on then passed, lucky for us

Hand 13:  Ops made 12 tricks here as they should

Hand 17:  Poor double, sorry partner

Hand 19:  I made an extra trick here, I did well to catch the Q and then set-up 2s to throw s away

Hand 20:  Ops bid their hand twice here (1NT and then 2) with no bidding from partner....

Hand 21:  I made an extra trick here (as a few others did too), it helped when East played a low  and I guessed right

Hand 22:  Ops bid and made the right contract

Playing Badminton tomorrow

11th March 2018

Hants GP Swiss Teams:

Playing with a regular partner and friends from Camberley in the Hants & IOW Green Pointed Swiss Teams.

Colin drove me and David and Jill met us there.  We all made good time again and settled in.

We had a few wobbles to start and a little despondent at lunch as we lost the first 2 matches and drew the next.

After lunch we managed another draw (should have been a win) but then won the last 3 (finishing on a big high!).  We went from 2nd from bottom to 7th and won the Ascenders Prize!!!

We both did well on our X-Imps too so the NGS should be ok and we got 1.26 Greens for the day (2.26 for Jill and I for the weekend).

I thought this would make me a National Master but mis-counted, I needed 1 to get to 70 and need 75, so still just over 3 points to go.....

The Highs and Lows:

Match 1, Lost 6-14:

Hand 2:   We talked Ops out of 3NT here and defeated their part score but not sure 3NT is really there but our team mates made it!

Hand 3:    I let the slam through that cannot make.  The s was a frozen suit and I opened it, drat

Hand 6:    We defeated 3NT (as we should), team mates made theirs plus 2!!!

Hand 7:   Team mates went for the slam that wasn't there

Match 2, Lost 3-17:

Hand 12:   I was too ambitious with my big hand here, sorry partner

Match 3, Draw:

Hand 17:   We didn't bid game but made 10 tricks, Ops defeated game at their table

Match 4, Draw:

Hand 23:   We bid game, team mates defended a part score and held it to 9 too

Match 5, Win 16-4:

Hand 31:   We defended well here taking every trick at the right time.  Ops let me back in with the Q trick 2 and I then took a  before crossing to partners s then A

Hand 35:   Ops tried to be clever but chose the wrong hand to do it on.  We doubled and defended well

Match 6, Win 14-6:

Hand 39:   Ops missed game and team mate bid theirs

Hand 40:   Team mates in the wrong contract here and game made against us

Hand 42:   We both defeated Ops contract here for a double plus

Match 7, Win 20-0:

Hand 44:   Amazing here!!!  Partner played brilliantly to make this.  If they had taken the A early we would have bid one off for a flat board as team mates had +200

Hand 45:   Ops missed game here and team mates bid it.

Hand 46:   We defended this well, Ops got the  wrong and allowed us back in to take the last s

Hand 47:   We have a slam on here and Ops got in the way, I gave partner the choice to leave the double or bid a major and she chose to pass (close call), fortunately, nobody bid the slam so we have a big score!

Playing at CBC tomorrow and my regular partner is back from holiday too, will be good to see her!

10th March 2018

Hants GP Swiss Pairs:

Playing with a regular partner in the Hants & IOW Green Pointed Swiss Pairs.

We drove separately to this and both had a clear easy run there arriving early.  Just after us was Trevor & Barbara and Linda & Sylvia - a local event!!!

We all started reasonably well and we carried on a steady performance but had 2 bad matches and a narrow loss to a strong local pair (who finished 2nd overall).

Looking at the results, we finished higher but so pleased to see Linda & Sylvia winning 5 out of 7 matches (more green points than us!!!) - well done girls, stunning!!!!

Extra news, we had our offer accepted on the house in Mytchett!!!  We can afford this one and all looks good, fingers crossed we are done now!!!  House link HERE

The Highs and Lows:

Match 1, Win 16-4:

Hand 2:   I made an extra trick here by running the s and squeezing the Ops

Match 2, Win 15-5:

Hand 11:   I managed to make an extra trick here by getting the s right and Ops didn't take their Ace

Match 3, Lost 8-12:

Hand 18:   My fault here, terrible to overcall with this hand, sorry partner

Hand 19:   Ops pushed too far here

Hand 20:   Partner could have made one more trick here to save a bit of the score

Hand 21:   Ops tried for a slam missing 2 Aces, we did nothing here but happy to take the score

Match 4, Win 20-0:

Hand 22:   Partner got this just right, perfect play on the s and Ops never switched to the until the last trick

Hand 24:   Partner played brilliantly here to make an extra trick (which was needed to make the contract!)

Hand 25:   I did well to make this and Ops didn't make the switch so I got my losers away on the s

Hand 27:   We pushed Ops too far here and then doubled

Match 5, Lost 0-20:

Hand 31:   I chose the wrong contract here, 4 or 3N is good, sorry partner

Hand 33:   Ops bid and made what they should, others made a trick more in defence though

Hand 34:   Sorry partner, bad double by me here

Match 6, Win 13-7:

Hand 37:   I squeezed an extra trick here, Ops started the s for me

Hand 41:   I can make this by running the , I chose to use the s to throw my s - sorry partner

Match 7, Lost 4-16:

Hand 43:   Ops bid a cold slam, not everyone did!

Hand 44:   Ops have game on, I made an extra trick through good play but........... This was not a good sacrifice!

Hand 46:   Ops bid game, it is cold but not many bid it

Hand 47:   I made a passive lead and we waited for the tricks to come to us.

Hand 49:   We bid s and partner bid up to 4 and Ops missed the optimum  contract

Playing in the  Hampshire Congress  again tomorrow (Teams)

9th March 2018


Playing with a new partner in a regular session

Marion's partner is away for a month so looking for partners, mine is also away so we agreed to team up.

We had no mis-understandings, some luck too (but not always good!).  Really enjoyed the session and would like to play again if we both free.

I warned her that I am prone to over-bid and ironically, I under-bid more than over!!!

The Highs and Lows:

Hand 7:     This should have been a good save against 5 but nobody made it!  Partner could have saved 1 trick too but wouldn't have changed the score

Hand 8:     Phantom sacrifice here, sorry partner

Hand 12:   Partner played this perfectly!  Took a risk playing the 4th but they broke nicely, well done!

Hand 17:   Ops played the wrong card and so we took 2 more s - we were on for holding it to 10 anyway which would have still been a good score for us.

Hand 18:   I couldn't see how to make this so played all the s and watched for discards, then played Q and let it run and all of a sudden, 10 tricks!

Hand 19:   Ops have a slam in s but nobody found it.  I gave a trick away which would have saved the score slightly

Hand 22:   We got the defence just right here - says 12 tricks can be made but nobody did

Playing in the  Hampshire Congress  this weekend

9th March 2018 (Afternoon)


Playing with a regular partner in a regular session

We did well today an both declared well (other than me on one hand!) - I cannot seem to get partner to play Attitude on my Ace leads though, GRRRRR

Good to see Colin & Angela above 50% and another solid performance from Geoff & Frances, well done all!

The Highs and Lows:

Hand 3:    Partner played out of her skin to make this, superb play partner!  A low level contract but shows that they all count!

Hand 4:    I did well to make this, Ops didn't count the s to ruff, phew!

Hand 6:    I thought this would be a good sacrifice for Ops as our 3 makes, it seems other tables didn't push as hard and allowed to make NT or 2

Hand 7:    I had an in-between hand here, with 10HCP I can open this 1 or 2.  I decided it had very little merit to it so opened 2 and this worked out well as a sacrifice

Hand 9:    Ops bid s and with 3, I think they should support (despite te 7 s!!!), shame I didn't start with a  for partner to ruff straight away though

Hand 10:   We missed the  slam here (I am not good at bidding minor slams) but made the right choice over s or NTs

Hand 16:   We missed the slam here but not all made it, I played this one sensibly

Hand 19:  I could not have got this more wrong!!!!  Sorry partner, terrible play by me

Hand 23:  Ops could have doubled my 1NT and then found a better contract, we defended well here too.

Hand 24:  Ops played well here right until the end when they didn't capture partner's K

Margaret goes away for a couple of weeks tomorrow, have a great holiday!  Next week a group go for another Bridge holiday too!

Playing again after dinner and in the  Hampshire Congress  this weekend

8th March 2018


Playing with a regular partner in third of the CBC Thursday Championships

We have had 2 mid 50 scores so far, consistent but not electric so far.  Unfortunately, tonight was not good!

Both of us rate our declarer play as an asset, but not tonight.

Margaret and Margaret did well tonight though, well done both!

One plus for the day is that we loved the house we viewed and made an offer, early days as yet but hoping we get it!  Link HERE

The Highs and Lows:

Hand 1:     I figured the lead was a singleton, so lost 2 s to then end play East for 10 tricks

Hand 6:     Ops didn't finesse the

Hand 7:     I fell for the J and then lost to the 10, drat - we should be in 6 though....

Hand 8:     I should have been 1 off here but finessed the doubleton Q!

Hand 12:   Partner lost a here when they drop and didn't play J on the lead

Hand 14:   Partner didn't finesse the  twice and most made 11 tricks (12 is there too)

Hand 15:   Partner felt I should have doubled here rather than just bidding 1 - we missed 4 - should I bid twice or stronger?

Hand 20:   We got the bidding wrong here and should be in s

Hand 21:   A helpful lead here, then under leading the A helped me to make 12 tricks.  Odd matrix though, how often do you see so few makable contracts!

Hand 22:   Ops bid s so we never found the  tricks, drat

Hand 24:   With the Ops ending up in 2 of a major, I balance with a double and one off is a great result.

Playing twice tomorrow.

7th March 2018


Playing with a regular partner and Team mates in the BBL (Home match)

After Fish & Chips, I drove us to Dorothy's and we set-up ready for the match.

We were leading before tonight but now joint 2nd with 2 matches to go, all very tight!

We were 10 Imps up at half time but lost 49-0 in the second half!!!!

Shuffle and deal so no han file etc but.......

The Highs and Lows:

Hand 2:     Team mates double their Ops in an ambitious contract and gain 500!

Hand 3:     Team mates didn't bid the slam

Hand 4:     I made 3NT (very tricky), team mates took 2NT off 2!

Hand 12:   We bid game here, team mates Ops in a part score

Hand 13:   We bid a sensible 3 but I felt that if we can make 9 tricks in a minor, why not 3NT.  4 off is why not!

Hand 15:    We pushed to game here but only 9 tricks on, I think we are right to bid slim games but didn't work this time

Hand 22:    Partner forgot Puppet Stayman here and we ended up in the wrong game (doubled) - we had -500 and team mates -430, ouch!

Hand 23:    Both sides in 3NT but cannot be made, team mates let it through unfortunately.  I think here we should have stayed in 2 but wouldn't have saved much of the score this time

Vee hosted the Improvers tonight, only 2 tables but good to see Chris & Carole on top again.  I don't think Rosalie and Marianne can be caught now and I think they have just about made the move to the main group too, keep up the good work all!

Nick and the team had a great win tonight in the Sylvia Rose Finals too, now only 3.5 behind the leaders!!!

Playing in round 3 of the CBC Thursday Championships tomorrow

7th March 2018 (Afternoon)


Playing with a regular partner at Woking as a practice session before the  Hampshire Congress  this weekend.

I offered to drive today so picked Margaret up at 12:20 (she is playing at Woking with another partner).

We didn't do much wrong but not much that was brilliant either, still, a few things came up and that was the idea (ready for the weekend).

Margaret did well today (good sign for tonight) and Geoff & Frances did exceptionally well - well done all!

The Highs and Lows:

Hand 3:     I should have made this (even though it says 9 is all that is there), if I end play North rather than playing the  myself

Hand 4:     We got the defence right here, took courage for me to duck the  when South played low to dummy but it took the contract off by doing so

Hand 12:   I feel I did well here to make 7 tricks in s when Ops can make 7 tricks in s!

Hand 18:  Neither of us felt we could bid game here, I bid 2s but didn't think I was worth any more, sorry.

Hand 19:  We got this right too, good lead partner and I found the J entry for the rest of the s

Hand 20:  Ops got the right here, better if I give up on the s and play a as it turns out

Hand 23:  Ops bid their hand twice here and partner doubled.

Playing in a BBL match tonight after Fish & Chips with Margaret!

6th March 2018


A day off today as had a few things going on:

  1. Vee home!!!!!  Picked him up from the station at 08:30, he had a great but hectic time (rained most of the time even in the East!)
  2. Houses to see (8 of them!!!) - we also had an email about another which we have arranged a viewing on for Thursday 8th March.

If interested, here is our schedule for today (not bad considering Vee has been up for over 24 hours and a full day today!):

10am Mytchett 12 Noon F'Boro

12:40pm Ash

Needs a lot of work and not quite right for us We loved this one!  A real winner but needs extending at the back and we cannot afford it Needs new heating but in very good order.  However, bedrooms too small

1.15pm Ash Vale

2pm F'Boro(2)

2.40pm F'Boro(3)

A few kitchen handles and door fronts need replacing but nothing else wrong, our current favourite! Lovely but would need to extend, would consider it but there are houses "ready to go" NO!

4pm Aldershot

4.10pm Aldershot(2)

5pm (Thurs 8th Mar) Mytchett

Tiny kitchen, no parking other than driveway and over-populated estate Similar to previous house but the Agent couldn't open the door so didn't' see it! This looks lovely and is a possible favourite, will see on the 8th!


We had a drink and a chat with Dorothy after the Mytchett house which was nice and also about time we said thanks to all who have offered so much support with the house hunting:

Margaret B, Chris P, Jill C, Val F, Dorothy H, Alan B and our lodgers!

Home and dinner then change and on to badminton (link at the top to our club site, link HERE to the league site and then click Adults, Mens 4s, Division 3, Eagles and the match vs Nomads - I cannot direct link I'm afraid)

The match results have not yet been posted but we lost - great experience though and I had good scores until the end when I was utterly drained!!!

Worth a mention as well, Woking Results tonight.........  Well done Margaret!!!!!

Playing at Woking (afternoon) and a BBL match tomorrow

5th March 2018


Packed a lot into work today as off now until Friday!  House hunting all day tomorrow after collecting Vee from the station.

Played online Bridge tonight with Mark (he couldn't make it to the club), played 4 Tourney's (12 hands each).  Saved a screenshot in link above (though it is just our section results, not overall)

We won the first

13th in second

4th in third

2nd in fourth

A good performance overall, pleased (75% in the last one too!)

11 tables at CBC tonight, phenomenal win by our BBL Captain, well done!!!!

Houses and Badminton match tomorrow (my first in 8 or 9 years!) - not got a strong team but will be good to play competitively again!

4th March 2018


Not much today, done the chores (washing etc) and keeping house in order.  Shopping done too.

Played Poker a lot and another Bridge Tourney online (BBO), came 4th out of 110!

CBC is open tomorrow night but my partner is away and my substitute partner can't make it.  We have agreed to play online tomorrow instead.

3rd March 2018

Snow (Last of!!!):

Relaxing day today watching the snow melt away (almost all gone now!).  One lodger drove to Cornwall today and has arrived safely.  I drove the other too town for work and then home for pizza and online cards (Poker and Bridge!).

Had an email from our chairman at YHBC and he has been ill in Tenerife but on the mend now which is a relief.  Weather not been great there either as storms have hit the islands too.

We now have a week of rain but, hopefully, that won't prevent us playing bridge as normal this week!

From the houses we want to see on Tuesday, 3 have now been sold (my top 3 too!!!) - hope we get this sorted soon as starting to get me down now.

2nd March 2018


Working at home today, again.  More snow and only left the house to get lunch (lodger drove!).

Kept websites up to date today too and just TV and a bit of online Poker.

Not much to write really!!!

1st March 2018


Working at home today, again.  Amber and Red weather warnings today and Bath University has now closed (which means the Congress has been cancelled).

We assumed it would be and so prepared for it yesterday.  We have lost no money at least (mostly thanks to Jill).

Hoping to re-arrange my Lady Rose match for 12th March but will know later today or tomorrow.

CBC, YHBC and Farnham all remain closed this week.

No plans for tonight, may play online games (cannot watch too much TV!!!).

28th February 2018


Working at home today (and the rest of the week) - I am lucky enough to be able to do this.  Especially today as have had a lot of Bridge admin to deal with (sorting out matches, the Bath congress weekend and cancelling Bridge sessions at both local clubs and advertising BBL AGM and EoS Pairs).

It is looking likely that the Congress in Bath will be cancelled (or we will pull out) but waiting to find out on Friday (a bit late notice really as we travel down Saturday morning all being well!!!).

So, for a bridge addict, no bridge this week now and maybe none at the weekend!!!  I may play on BBO instead.........

27th February 2018


Everyone left work early today and I have come home to work from here.  The minute we left work, the snow stopped!

Still, better safe than sorry.  Can't imagine many will go to Badminton tonight so am staying home to catch up on TV in the warm.

Lady Rose match tomorrow (weather permitting) vs a tough team (F Hinden and co) in Surbiton.

Update on earlier post

Decided to play badminton tonight in the end, I am so close to the club and a few others said they were going.  I also had a call to play in a match (my first for 9 years!!!) next Tuesday so thought I should keep my game going.

Am sure it is a song but, "Don't it always seem to go that you don't know what you've got till it's gone!" (Joni Mitchell)

With Vee away, I am doing more than usual, shopping, cooking (for me and lodgers), feeding cats twice a day (6am and 6pm), emptying bins and putting them out, washing laundry (Sunday night and tonight after badminton), playing bridge, working, cleaning, washing up, bridge admin (including learning about excluding players from NGS and how we do it via the EBU and Scorebridge), looking out for weather warnings (will find out about YHBC this week then email the members tomorrow morning), sorting out teams and availability for matches and writing this!!!  Still, what else would I do?  Come home soon Vee.....

Badminton was really good tonight, icy walk there and back and only 11 players but I played non-stop and won most games, playing well.  Tired now though!

Have sent off e-mails for 8 more houses to view next week when Vee is back (we are taking next Tuesday off to go and see them all).  Hopefully we will love one of these:


Fleet Road Farnborough    Nursery Cl Fleet    Wey Close Ash    Old Pasture Rd Camberley



Ambleside Cl Mytchett    Malvern Rd Fboro    Fairfax Rd Fboro    Cypress Grove Ash Vale

26th February 2018


Playing with an irregular partner in the second round of the Club Championships (we are not part of it though)

Had a bad day today and in a poor mood.  Found out that if we had appealed our ruling at the weekend, we would have succeeded (but it is too late now).  Bad news about the house too and I am on my own.

Still, nice to see Mark again and have a game with him (tonight and next Monday while Jo is away).

I was far from at my best and so amazingly poor choices made, sorry partner.  We rescued the score with some good bits though and my declarer play was on form at least!

The Highs and Lows:

Hand 1:    No lead so no s made (all goes on the long s)

Hand 9:    Daft double, sorry partner, no excuses

Hand 10:  I played this calmly and concentrated, Ops didn't take both s and I got the right

Hand 13:   Sorry partner, I thought game was on but everything is wrong here, too ambitious

Hand 14:   Sorry partner, I didn't know what the 4 was but agree, I am daft passing it!

Hand 16:  Ops got a bit ambitious here and I was mean and doubled

Hand 17:  A tiny contract and a big score!  Well done partner and played brilliantly here (still stunned Ops didn't bid again though)

Hand 18:  I bid stayman over 2NT and partner bid 3, I then bid s and partner raised - I squeezed an extra trick as the s came in and no switch

Hand 19:  No switch so 12 tricks here

Hand 20:  Ops over bid here

Hand 21:   Sorry partner, I am best off passing here rather than doubling - even then, I should leave you in 2

Hand 23: Partner is right here but I maintain my  switch rather than returning the  was right here and the  was my entry - still, apologies partner

Playing badminton tomorrow.

25th February 2018

National Masters Pairs:

Playing with a regular partner in a the EBU National Masters Pairs

A lovely breakfast (we both enjoyed it) and then a little time to relax before we start (11am).  2 sessions of 2 matches today (all 11 boards).

Just one win today but 3 close matches (worth noting, the win was against the winning pair who only lost 1 match!)

Session 3

Hand 9  We defended this well, partner wasn't hopeful with his lead but it worked well!  Ops didn't get the s right and we played well

Hand 12  We need to bid 5 here to push them up or have a good sacrifice - unfortunately, partner hesitated and so I couldn't bid it.

Hand 20  We were cautious here but it paid off!  Only game despite the huge West hand, well stopped partner

We are off the bottom now and beaten the leaders too!

Session 4

Hand 13  We are the only pair to find game (the only pair playing EW!!!) it was tight but I made it

Not many big swings here and we did just about everything down the middle, just slightly off-centre overall though but happy with how we played


A much better day today but unfortunate that only one win, still, all good matches and nice Ops

A great run home and most of the chores done by 7pm, just something to eat and relax and will then update today and yesterdays entries here with a bit more detail.

24th February 2018

National Masters Pairs:

Playing with a regular partner in a the EBU National Masters Pairs

I am just beneath National Master (though I am there on paper when the points are added to my account), partner is a Premier National Master so I have to play in his group.

We had a great run down and got to the hotel without issue and were nice and relaxed, checked in straight away and rooms are lovely.

We start the event and we have 9 rounds of 11 board matches, we won our first 2 matches then lost the2 of the next 3 (horribly!!!) so went from 3rd to 2nd from bottom going in tomorrow!

Links below to the sessions and also links to the individual hands (click the "Hand x"

Session 1

Hand 19  Ops look for the slam and partners doubles for a H lead which defeats the slam, they had no choice but to bid it in the end though and we quietly take it off.

Hand 30  I open light and so we end up playing the hand the wrong way and get the worse lead for us - sorry partner, I cannot make it on a  lead

Hand 33  Ops open a light 1NT and I double, they escape but I double that too for a nice score

3rd after the first 3 matches and only just behind 2nd.  A good start!

Session 2

Hand 4  I am so unhappy about this.  Ops open 1NT and I bid 2 (showing s and a minor).  Ops double and partner re-doubles.  Ops ask and I say "we are in a good contract".  This was my understanding.  Ops pass then I pass and Ops bid 2 then 2NT and all pass.  2NT makes and then Ops call the director saying they have been damaged by our mis-info.  The Ops claiming this already said "I think it is a rescue", still, director rules against us and adjusts the score to 2XX going off 4, heartbreaking and we cannot recover this.

Hand 13  I was pushed to 5 and cannot make it.  Should have doubled 5 but it still wouldn't be great (though better!)

We are now last (largely thanks to the director ruling)

Breakfast early then start again at 11 for 4 more matches (2 sets of 2)

23rd February 2018


Playing with a regular monthly partner in a regular club session

Another low turn out tonight, it is cold though but we need to get some more players here....

Partner has been really unwell for a while so this our first session since last year!  So nice to have him back, he is great company.

Partner started off brilliantly whilst I made blunders, then we swapped as he got tired and lost concentration - a really fun session though, thanks partner

The Highs and Lows:

Hand 1:   A nasty trump split here, if I don't take the doomed finesse, I save a trick and it is much better, sorry partner

Hand 2:   I should have been 1 off but played the at the end instead of the winning , drat!

Hand 8:   I squeezed an extra trick here getting the trumps and right - lead was K though not A it shows

Hand 9:   Unlucky Ops, declarer revoked and gave a 2 trick penalty

Hand 10:   Only us in the slam - our bidding was 1, 1, 3, 6.....

Hand 12:   All as it should be here but 3 others made an extra trick so good for us

Hand 16:   Partner passed in 3rd seat here and it didn't work out this time

Hand 17:   I took the  finesse even though it didn't look like it was needed, it was and it worked well!

Hand 20:   I am not keen on Ace leads without the K, as I held the K, I think I should have played it under the Ace, then if partner carries on I get a ruff and we take this off

Hand 21:   Partner needs to bid his s here but we started at a high level and lost confidence

Off to Daventry for the National Masters Pairs for the weekend in the morning.

23rd February 2018 (Afternoon)


Playing with a regular partner in a regular club session

Worked at home again today, much better but still low on energy.  Vee now on his way to Malaysia (unfortunate timing as I tried to do our Tesco delivery this morning and the account is locked and needs his email to reset!!!)  He has stopped off at Dubai and text me the email password so we can eat next week now!!!

Loaded last nights hands for CBC and all back on track.

We were up and down but the Ups were much better than the Downs!!!  Enjoyed the session and partner was in good spirits too (as was I, very jovial!!!)

The Highs and Lows:

Hand 4:   A hairy contract here but played well and a nice finish to the session

Hand 5:   I played well here (our first hand of the session!) and just got home in my pre-empt getting the s right

Hand 6:   I got the right here finessing the 10 on trick 2 so was able to set-up the hand, a switch and my entry back is gone, lucky really

Hand 8:   Well bid partner, I had a big hand and bid to 3NT, partner felt more was there and didn't ask, just bid to 6!!!

Hand 9:   Partner opened light here but it worked out well, great sacrifice

Hand 10:   Ops played really well here, we were simply out-played

Hand 11:   Whoops!

Hand 12:   I got the right and the for the 12th trick

Hand 13:   Unlucky Ops, need to ruff the s and not let me back in, it all unravelled a bit for them here

Hand 17:   I open 1 and partner raises to 5!!!  I think 5 of a minor is a rarely a good score so bid up to the slam which was cold, phew!

Hand 20:   I had a big hand but not too big so stayed low but really, I must double for the second time then partner bids her s, sorry partner

Hand 23:   I was lucky not to have a  played here

Hand 24:   Well played partner!  Says 10 is always there but needed careful play and you concentrated well here

Playing again after dinner at YHBC

22nd February 2018

Alex Horne:

Worked at home today and also got some bridge admin done ready for the next 2 weekends.

Have upgraded CBC ad YHBC to the latest versions of Bridgewebs and made a few tweaks to the settings on both sites - much more flexibility within admin now!

Went for a quick meal in Camberley tonight before going to Camberley Theatre to see Alex Horne and the Horne Section (comedy and music)

My Boss was there with his wife too and we had a chat at the start and interval - the show was fantastic and we laughed almost constantly, just what we needed!

The humour was at my level (so not for everyone!!!)

I noticed the hands were missing from the results so have asked them to be sent and I will load ASAP for Camberley.

Playing twice tomorrow and also saying goodbye to Vee who goes away again for 2 weeks (as the temperature drops here he goes to Malaysia and India!!!)

21st February 2018


My cold is getting better but no energy tonight so stayed home and Vee took the Improvers.

I have updated the Master Points lists as 2017 came out today, pleased to see Margaret 8th in her category in Surrey (National and Premier National Masters).

I was 10th overall in Surrey, top in my category (Regional / Premier Regional Masters) and top at Camberley, so not a bad year!

A slight indulgence, but links for me since I started:

2017     Top of Level 3 (Surrey though, 3rd Nationally)

2016     Just outside the top 10 in Level 3

2015     Top in Level 4

2014     Top in Level 5

2013     3rd in Level 6

Vee had 3 full tables with him playing (exactly 50%!).  Well done Colin & Angela, great score!

Nice to see Marianne & Rosalie do well in the main group too, just outside the points.

Good to see Simon back tonight (and 3rd too), welcome back Simon.

Have loaded the hands for the main group, loaded the Improvers results and submitted both groups to the EBU, nice and easy tonight.

Planning to work at home tomorrow in comfort then off to see Alex Horne and the Horne Section in Camberley Theatre tomorrow night with Vee

20th February 2018


Took the afternoon off today as not feeling too bright but rested for the afternoon and went to Badminton to sweat out my cold!

Between my friend and myself, the Badminton website now has the correct names and email contacts and all working again - a simple site but it only needs to be a place where others can see us and contact us

I lost more than I won tonight but played well (at the start) and all games were above 16-21 so nice and hard games and I am shattered now, hope it will make me feel better tomorrow!

Hosting the Improvers tomorrow with Vee (though it may be one or the other of us depending how we feel)

19th February 2018


Playing with a regular partner in a regular club session

My team played an away match tonight too in the BBL - but unfortunately lost 7-13, bad luck team but still, only lost 3 matches all season

Although I have marked the session red, we still got master points and we declared well - we had some good Ops that made the right call against us though and couldn't do much about it (including a psych against us which is allowed but leaves a bad taste)

The Highs and Lows:

Hand 4:   I made an extra trick here by ducking the first  and then Q played trick 2 set-up an extra for me - taking the finesse near the end to just 2 s overall

Hand 6:   Well played partner, a helpful lead and careful play here

Hand 9:   Well bid Ops, NT beats s

Hand 12: I should have lead my own suit here and then we take the contract off, sorry partner

Hand 15: Ops looked for a slam and backed off (rightly so) but now too high and we got the defence right

Hand 16: Not the easiest contract but I got the right (though the deeper finesse would have got me 11 tricks

Hand 17: Ops made a good lead but didn't follow it up, I then had time to set up my tricks

Hand 21: Well bid Ops, we couldn't do much more here but we needed to take the trump out to make another but still not a great score then

Hand 23: Ops discarded 2 s as I played s so I made an extra trick with my own s

Playing badminton tomorrow

18th February 2018

Surrey Mens Pairs:

Playing with a regular partner in the Surrey Mens Pairs event

I remembered to take the boards with me today, have taken the home too to return tomorrow night.

We had a good start but a bad patch, not the best score but a few boards could easily have been better and it wouldn't have taken much to move up to the top 3, close - sorry for my silly errors partner

Good to see our other local pair, Colin & David, doing well (4th), well done both

The Highs and Lows:

Hand 2:     I should have bid 6 here, it says it doesn't make but we are never getting a lead so they go on the AK

Hand 3:     Hard to reach game here but partner did very well to make 11 tricks and caught the singleton K too!

Hand 4:     Massive blunder here, we competed too far, I should double and let them go down in 3

Hand 5:     We didn't get this right, need to attack the s but not easy to see how....

Hand 9:     Unlucky to get doubled here

Hand 10:   Completing the bad round here - I should pass 2, sorry partner

Hand 13:   Ops didn't take the trumps out so we both ruffed

Hand 18:   Odd double here but I think they expected us to bid 3NT - I felt they would escape if I re-doubled but one lucky pair did - not bad though

Hand 19:   Well played partner, setting up the s and Ops not taking A and 9 tricks made!

Hand 22:   So lucky not to get a  switch

Hand 25:   As I had one point, I felt this would be a good sacrifice and it was close, but not quite - sorry partner

Playing at CBC tomorrow and the team I play for in the BBL has an away match (fingers crossed)

17th February 2018


Watched some of the Winter Olympics today (was great seeing a Gold and Bronze in the Womens' Skeleton for team GB!!!!)

The family buying our house came over for a few hours this afternoon and Vee made Samosas for us all - they were a lovely family!

Friends round tonight for Poker and Take Away, we play 2 tournaments and I won both, makes a change but nice!!!  Vee was 3rd both times too

Surrey Men's Pairs tomorrow

16th February 2018


Playing with a regular partner in a regular club session (Also a Beryl Doughty Round but we are not part of it)

My best session of the week, thanks Partner!!!  Had I not made a mess of 2 of the last 4 hands we would have won too, but still, a good score.

Really good to see 8 tables tonight, just what we asked for!!! A pair from the Improvers and 3 Farnham pairs gave us a boost, thanks all!

The Highs and Lows:

Hand 1:    I would have done better to double 5 here but couldn't be sure and I felt game was on, sorry partner

Hand 7:    Partner played brilliantly here to make an un-makable contract!

Hand 9:    We pushed as far as we could and also got the defence right here

Hand 12:  We got this right too (although we can make 3NT for a better score but it didn't look on from the bidding.  Partner made a great  switch for me to eliminate dummy's trumps and allow us to make the other

Hand 13:  We pushed as far as we could here and then defended well, nice to make my small trump here, good lead partner!

Hand 15:  I bid blackwood here looking for a slam and partner didn't like it and passed.  I think it is always there but needed careful play and not all made it

Hand 16:  The s were friendly here so got my s away

Our Buyers coming tomorrow then Poker with friends in the evening

16th February 2018 (Afternoon)


Playing with a regular partner in a regular club session

Some odd errors today and some work needed on our defence overall.

The Highs and Lows:

Hand 2:   Ops must bid on after my overcall or partners raise to 2, we are lucky here

Hand 7:   I need to switch to a trick 2 here to hold Ops to 11 tricks

Hand 8:   Well bid Ops!

Hand 9:   Partner played well here to make this!

Hand 10: This could have been a bit better if the finesse was taken but perhaps my suits were not good enough to bid a 2 suiter

Hand 14: We missed the slam here but so did most and I didn't get a  lead so made all 13 tricks

Hand 15: Well bid Ops!

Hand 16: I should leave Ops in 3 here, sorry partner

Hand 18: Well done partner, no  ruffs helped make this but played well

Hand 20: Well bid Ops, we needed a  switch to hold them to 8 tricks but even that would have been a good score or them

Hand 24: We defended this one well and held it to 11 tricks

Playing again after dinner at YHBC

15th February 2018


Playing with a regular partner in a regular club session

After last night, I really needed a solid performance tonight and I was still below par really but we were in the points (just) and some good things!

I also noticed the scores were left as Teams at the end and was able to change it quickly so people could still see the actual results before they left, helped with Margaret and Jane at the end so Val wasn't left on her own.

We were either top or bottom on most hands tonight......!

The Highs and Lows:

Hand 3:  We pushed Ops too far and then got the defence right to enable partner to make both her s

Hand 4: We were set to take this 2 off but I forgot to play the A, sorry partner

Hand 6: We need a lead here.....

Hand 7:  No lead or switch so 8 tricks are there

Hand 9: Ops bid and made what they should and get a good score for it!

Hand 11:  Ops sacrificed here and I was mean and doubled, sorry Ops

Hand 13:  Ops missed the slam here

Hand 14:  We had a misunderstanding here that got us into the correct contract (I then made an overtrick as no lead) - partner bid Gerber and I jumped to 6 (I don't use Gerber!!!), after 6, I bid 6NT

Hand 15:  I made an extra trick here by getting the  right (playing up to the Q)

Hand 16: I need to lead a here, the  let them throw a to make 10 tricks, sorry partner

Hand 17:  We missed the slam here but very hard to find unless pushed I think - not all made 12 though and some let Ops sacrifice (or make!!!) in 4

Hand 18: We couldn't win here, Ops bid to 3 which is their contract, though it would have been a little better to leave them there!

Hand 19: I opened strong here but we went for the wrong slam - sorry partner, my fault here

Hand 21:  Partner opened 1NT and I had a terrible hand so used stayman, Ops competed and we end up in 2 - partner played perfectly to make 10 tricks and a joint top

Playing twice again tomorrow

14th February 2018


Playing with a regular partner in a regular club session

It's Valentines Day today so both Vee and I naturally choose to come to Bridge!!!

Val & Vee hosted the Improvers and results are HERE  Well done Chris & Carole, another great score!!!

Our session was not at our best........sad

We opened a bottle of bubbly when home to have a small Valentines celebration (I am not a big fan of commercial days but I am a fan of Vee!)

The Highs and Lows:

Not tonight!!!!  Both miserable and even tried to make fun of it but my mood wasn't good enough, will be better next time and we both will forget all about tonight, love will be restored Friday partner...!!!

Playing at CBC tomorrow

13h February 2018


Another hectic day at work today and pressure on regarding new forecasts, late night last night tidying up the Teams scores (not just me, a lot of work goes into the running of our clubs.....)

Taking on the Badminton website too now so our friend comes over to hand it over (Vee was delighted to find out I am taking on more work!!!)

Badminton was good again but my arm started hurting again but pushed through it - Martin (my friend with the web skills) played well considering he hasn't played for 7 years and really enjoyed it though will suffer tomorrow!

Vee was an IT guru tonight too and helped Margaret get her laptop working again, well done Vee!

Valentines day tomorrow and I have mine lined up, see you tomorrow Margaret!!!

12th February 2018


Playing with a regular partner in the Florence Lewis Crockery Cup (Teams) - also a qualifier for the Committee Cup (Berks Final) for those who have not tried to qualify before.

We had a solid evening and our Team Mates did too (both had a few wobbles) and a good score but 4th.

Well done to Margaret, David, Margaret & Tricia for winning the club cup!!!  Congratulations to the 3 valid teams qualifying for the Final too (I have e-mailed them all and the organiser of the event to establish if any wish to enter the Final).

The Highs and Lows:

Hand 11:  We are in a reasonable contract as a sacrifice to 4, team mates had 4 bid and made against them (not sure it should make but it is tough defence)

Hand 15:  I open this 4, turns out to be ok as most are in a part score

Hand 16:  Ops stay in a part score, it is teams and our team mates go to game but 1 off, I think they should be in game in teams to be honest

Hand 18:  Ops go to the wrong game and I double, team mates make 3NT

Hand 19:  This was a tight double but we defended well and our team mates defeat the Ops game too

Hand 26:  We missed the slam here.  I jumped straight to game (which is kind of a shut out) but I am only showing a 7 loser hand.  I think we should go on here but perhaps it is better if I bid 3

Hand 29:  I open strong here and start to get carried away but back out just in time and make game - team mates hold a part score to 9 tricks

Badminton tomorrow night.

11th February 2018

Richmond Swiss Pairs:

Playing with a regular partner in Richmond's Blue Pointed Swiss Pairs

Vee said he would do the shopping this morning so I could have a soak in the bath and relax before Bridge, he's amazing really!

Colin & David did well finishing in the top 20, well done both!

As we only won 2 matches and both played below par today (sorry for my errors partner), will just give some of highlights rather than all the tops and bottoms!

The Highs and Lows:

Hand 5:    A simple 1, 2 from me here and we did well by simply bidding right and playing solidly. 

Hand 6:     Ops missed the optimum slams and we took our tricks before they got going with the s

Hand 27:   Ambitious Ops here, slam missing 2 Aces and we took them at the start to be safe

Hand 37:   I made a weak jump overcall in s and Ops bid 2 and they stopped there, they have a slam on so we did well, if they double or cue they will get somewhere higher

Hand 39:   Standard bidding and play again was good enough to earn a good score here

Playing in a one off Teams event at CBC tomorrow (for a Club Cup and doubling up as a qualifier for a Berks Final)

10th February 2018

House & Party:

Saw the house together today and stayed for 1.5 hours!!!  Still really liked it and had a good chat with the vendor and swapped numbers too.

Pasta for lunch then Vee had a power nap!  I created a new YHBC page under competitions to show a summary of all live competitions.

Picked a friend up and then went to Basingstoke in the evening to a friends house for his birthday - lots of people and drinks and nibbles (as well as a weird chat about ninja squirrels with gene mutations to help cull dear in Richmond Park - how many times have we had that conversation!!!!)

Swiss Pairs in Richmond tomorrow

9th February 2018


Playing with a regular partner in a regular club session

It has been a hectic week this week and 2 sessions today was pushing it, not feeling it at all to start tonight (and I set up most of the chairs and tables too).

Only 5.5 tables tonight, we have got to get more players coming to get more meaningful results - it is such a good session, am sure people would enjoy it once they get there, come on, give it a go!

After a slow start though, we picked up a bit and played the hands in order so you can see from our card what I mean!

We have now moved up to 3rd in the Friday Ladder (again, after a slow and bumpy start), very tight too - see HERE

I added a hotspot on my phone tonight to load the results from the club (P2P too), never done it before but it is surprisingly simple, thanks John for showing me!

The Highs and Lows:

Hand 9:   Ops open strong, partner bids (for the lead only really) - I felt a sacrifice was ok here but not so - that being said, partner could have trapped the West trumps but not all of them, I think it was possible to get away for 500 though but it was tight and my error really.

Hand 10:   Partner, having no controls, passed my blackwood bid - I was actually aiming for 6, good judgement partner and well played too - fortunate Ops didn't find the switch

Hand 14:   A wild hand here, I raised partner to game and Ops doubled (not unreasonable to be honest but unlucky all the cards are right for us).  Partner gave a away in the end but actually, could have made 12 here.....!

Hand 15:   Well played partner, lucky not to be forced in s or s though, Ops kept pushing Ss when they got in, a lead and follow up and a switch and partner is in real trouble

Hand 24:   Unlucky Ops, good lead from partner did no damage and singleton K wins (as I feel it should really)

We have been invited to see the house tomorrow (as the vendor knew we hadn't seen it together) - birthday drinks for another friend in the evening

9th February 2018 (Afternoon)


Playing with a regular partner in a regular club session

We had a terrible start and nothing went our way but it picked up and finished on an average score.

Being in the Master Points now puts partner 2nd on the Master Point race this year too - see HERE

So pleased to see Val and Michael top today, so well deserved and I know Val has been feeling low recently about her game and seeing her top today (with a great score too) has made my day, well done both!

We enjoyed the session in the end but I had the feeling that partner wasn't playing the same game as me sometimes, have promised to be kind here though so will no more (other than, support my s and bid 2 when the system dictates it....!!!)

The Highs and Lows:

Hand 2:   Partner commented that I played this very well, actually, I should have left the A in dummy and put East in for 1 more trick!!!

Hand 5:   Superb defending here, we timed this perfectly so I could take the last trump out and cross to partner's now winning s

Hand 8:   I seem to over-value my hands a lot at present, here it is again, sorry partner - I should pass 4

Hand 10:   I think I played this one well, when East didn't ruff the 3rd , I know where the K is

Hand 12:   Partner needs to keep playing the s and then lose a to gain entry

Hand 16:   I should bid 2 here, 2NT (again!!!!) over-valued my hand and doesn't show 5 s, sorry partner

Hand 18:   A lousy suit but 6 of them, I think I should bid here as very little defensive values

Hand 20:   Ops didn't attack s until too late, I am a lucky player at times!

Hand 24:   Well played partner!!!  Singleton K was allowed to win for the 10th trick but played well to make 9 too anyway

Playing again after dinner at YHBC.....

8th February 2018


Playing with a regular partner in second of the CBC Thursday Championships

Slight delay in posting as I picked up the Improvers travellers from YHBC and scored and posted results as soon as home from CBC tonight.  I was also Scorer at CBC so left a little late and needed to get Milk on my way home!

More pairs tonight (they turn out for the Championships and we also had 4 Ascot pairs - some are members at CBC too and one is another partner of mine, he won tonight, well done Chris*2!!!)

I was not thinking clearly at all tonight, lots of errors and getting bids the wrong way round, really odd tonight and apologies to partner and Ops (as some worked in our favour!)

An above average score in the end (though not as good as we need as a pair) but consistent and we running 4th after 2 events with 7% between top 5.

The Highs and Lows:

Hand 1:   I opened a weak 2 here with no honours, not a good move, sorry partner.  I actually played it well but still a low score!

Hand 5:    Ops could have ducked the first 2 s to save the contract but it was a great lead and I unblocked for partner too

Hand 6:     Partner made a brilliant lead but then thought I wanted a , we need to switch to a !

Hand 15:    I raised to LTC here and partner played brilliantly to hold it to one off, good sacrifice against Ops 5s

Hand 19:   I jumped here to show weakness but partner (correctly) thought I was strong, I kept making the wrong bid tonight.  Partner doubled as assumed we had the balance of the points, sorry partner

Hand 20:    Only 3 NS pairs playing here, amazing!  If only Ops had bid again and we find the slam!

Hand 23:    Only 3 slams bid here, partner was the only player to make it too.  Great play dropping the Q.  After partner opens and jumps in s (we play 5 card majors), I am interested and so look and get the right answer - not an easy play though but partner was great here!

Hand 24:    Huge apologies all round here.  Partner bid 1NT on his 2nd bid and for some reason, I thought he was showing me an opening hand - crazy, don't know what was wrong with me tonight.  I then raise to game and it's an impossible contract.  Lucky that his Q wasn't covered and so all the s roll in, brilliant play partner, sorry for my idiocy.

Playing twice tomorrow.

7th February 2018

Sylvia Rose Teams (Farnham):

Day off today (though I ended up working all morning!!!!  Lots of chores to do too so went to Alan Browns, got my car cleaned, went to the Vets, got new Badminton shoes and shorts and T-Shirts and dealt with washing and cleaning at home as well as dealing with the Solicitors for our house sale!

I have also been emailing our Improvers group at YHBC and seems the low attendance is almost entirely due to ill health, almost all are better now am glad to report so attendance should be on the up now!  We also need to increase numbers for the YHBC Friday sessions, some don't or can't come out at night now and I wonder if we can encourage lift shares to help this?  Friday night is a lovely session, competitive but friendly, would be improved with 8-10 tables though......

Bridge is the best game and best way to spend your time (in my opinion) but it needs Bridge players to help, organise, improve and attend to continue.......

Playing with a regular partner in the first round of the Sylvia Rose Teams Final series at Farnham.  The results are hand scored so the info is a table - direct link in purple above (from Farnham's results page) - hands are within the results file and can be downloaded or viewed there too.

We are top of our section going into the Finals going into the Finals but now 2nd.........

We won the first half by 8 Imps but lost the second by 20 to lose by 12 (7-13 in VPs).

Key Hands:

Hand 1:     Our team mates bid the slam, our Ops didn't (+11)

Hand 4:     Ops defend well against me and I go off in game, Ops make game in a part score against team mates (-7)

Hand 6:     I go off in a slim game, team mates go off in a part score (-6)

Hand 10:   Partner makes the slam I put him, team mates hold Ops to game! (+13)

Hand 12:   Ops defend well against me again and team mates have game make against them

Hand 15:   I push too far and go off in 5, Ops against team mates stay in 4 making (-6)

Hand 16:   I make 5x and team mates go off 200 (+8)

Hand 18:   Partner goes off in 3NT, they make it against team mates - partner needs to play a H to make, unlucky (-13)

Val hosted the Improvers whilst I was at Farnham and Vee has to stay in Slough this week (is there a worse fate?!!!!!)  I scored and loaded results HERE on Thursday night and e-mailed all who played to advise.

Playing in the second round of the CBC Thursday Championship tomorrow.

6th February 2018


A calmer day at work after a busy morning and working at home tomorrow too as have other bits and pieces to sort out as well as paid work

A few YHBC e-mails and CBC committee work as well as organising the May Swiss Pairs event (book in if you haven't already, online entry HERE)

While at Badminton, Vee asks a big favour as he has to be in Slough the rest of the week - this means we need cover for the Improvers so I e-mail out a plea and answered immediately, thanks so much Val, Marjie and Alan!!!

It also means I have to cook for myself and our 2 lodgers for the rest of the week!!!!

Badminton was really good tonight, my friend Dave won 10/10 games and I won 7/9 (lost twice to Dave!!!) - we had a few comments too and I have a killer smash near the net that I jump for and it thunders, did this 4 times tonight and there was a match on the other 2 courts and they stopped play the first time I did it, felt so embarrassed!!!

Sylvia Rose match at Farnham tomorrow

5th February 2018


Playing with a regular partner in a regular club session.

A busy day at work today but home on time and a relaxed couple of hours before Bridge.  Not much else today other then a few solicitor e-mails but just a waiting game now.

I helped Val get the Newsletter put together and loaded it to the site too - hope people read it as it is Val's first one (well done Val!)

We had a steady night tonight but still a few things slipped us by and I made a few wrong assumptions.  More right than wrong though and a good defending night.

Writing this as I munch on home made Scones (thanks Margaret!!!)

The Highs and Lows:

Hand 1:     I turned a good score into a bad score here, trick 2 I took the  finesse and lost to the Q, my plan was to throw a  on the 3rd if it works, drat

Hand 5:     Ops missed the fit and gave us a we didn't have to take

Hand 7:     I made a non-offending lead here and everything else just seemed to go wrong for declarer as made 2 s, 2s and a

Hand 10:    We pushed Ops here (it is 20-20 and we are both competitive pairs) - I made a risky double but it was right

Hand 13:    Solid defending here holds declarer to 7 tricks which turns out to be good for us

Hand 15:    Partner got the s wrong with no real clues, unlucky

Hand 16:    I thought I was making a good sacrifice here but went off 1 too many, sorry partner

Hand 19:    I got the s right here and one of the s goes away for the extra trick - I also got the right by playing the Q and watching East, with no reaction at all play for the drop, it works!

Hand 21:    I scraped through here and got the s right under pressure from losing the first 5 tricks

Hand 22:   Ops made the right bid (I think) but unlucky that it doesn't make.

Hand 24:   We defended well here putting pressure on declarer with the s and my 4 s didn't help them either

Hand 25:   I feel my double made declarer place me with the K and so didn't drop partners singleton K - I think it is right to finesse it anyway though but was please with our defence, again, adding pressure with the s to shorten declarers trumps

Badminton tomorrow night.

4th February 2018

Home time:

Another late breakfast but a light bite.  Then check out and have coffee in the bar as we wait for the others.

On to "Honest Burger" for brunch, lovely chips!!!  Then back to Kings Cross and on to Waterloo, amazed that our friends don't know where to go and how to use the Tube, they just follow us!!!

We miss the train by a few minutes but not in a rush so wonder around Waterloo for a bit and our friends buy a few bits then a 50 minute train home where our lodger meets us and takes us home, cats very pleased to see us and Nemo is draped on my legs as I write this!!!

Shopping online today to be picked up tomorrow night - washing is all on so just relaxing for the rest of today/tonight.

Playing at CBC tomorrow.

3rd February 2018

Birthday Celebrations:


Link to Escape Room


Link to Be At One


Link to Evening Meal


A late breakfast this morning then relax until lunch time when our friends arrive and a few drinks at the hotel then off for pizza for lunch

The Escape Room is near Kings Cross so not far to go and we split into 2 teams (boys Vs girls)

We have an hour to escape and save the world !!!!  It’s the hardest level too but we get going and make steady progress and get into the second part fairly quickly then stumble a little and we think we hear the girls celebrating - oh no!!!!

We carry on and between the 5 of us we work well as a team and we manage to save the world with 1 minute 13 seconds to spare!

As we get out the guy tells us only 20% make it and we had little help too so we feel better, then we see no sign of the girls!!!   We beat them by 3 minutes and they had more help too!!!!

The birthday boy was very pleased (his wife was on the girls team!!!)

Off to "Be at One" next for lots of cocktails - 2 for 1 deal so I had 2 "Killing Monicas" then 2 Buenot's - yum!

Inamo for the evening meal after getting changed at hotel and it was a great dining experience, the table was interactive so you could play games against each other and draw on the table (using a pointer not actually drawing on the table!!!) - was really good.  The waiter was an iPad too, so anything we wanted, anytime we wanted it we just chose and clicked!  Very modern!!!

Then a terrible bar after, 1 drink and we left quickly and went to O'Neils until 1am drinking Guinness (for me!).  Feeling our age by the end and ready for bed!

2nd February 2018

Night Out:

Our friends are all starting to catch us up in turning 40 !  We are in London this weekend for 2 of them and staying near Kings Cross 

Vee and I decide to come down the night before and have a lovely meal in Soho and a few drinks (partly our own celebrations!!!)

Tomorrow the rest will join us and we have lunch and dinner and an Escape Room planned!

My NGS has caught up now, going to bed a Queen and will wake up a King!!!

2nd February 2018 (Afternoon)


Playing with a regular partner in a regular club session.

Our increased offer on the Ash Vale house (view HERE) has been accepted and the other interested buyer is disappointed but has not increased their offer!!!  It is a stretch and above £500k is a higher cost for the additional £15k due to Stamp Duty charges but, we can do it and are now pleased (again!!!).

We are so relieved now this has been agreed and now the joy of paperwork and dealing with Lawyers.

Bridge was better today too and a few issues but generally good!  With the result to come in from Wednesday and today, I should wake up as a King on the NGS again (not been a King since 27th Jan 2017!!!)

The Highs and Lows:

Hand 1:     This seemed fairly straight forward to make but I now see the s were the issue - bit lucky perhaps.

Hand 2:     I messed up here, could take the deep finesse or get the  right to make this, sorry partner

Hand 3:     Good double partner!  We found the right defence too with the  through to get the ruffing going

Hand 4:    10 tricks is not easy here but is the optimum and partner found the right play, well done!  The  finesse was the only way but still had to do it!

Hand 6:     I was bold with my raise but maintain that game is here with a complete cross ruff (matrix agrees with me) - 9 s and a or a

Hand 10:   I played this one well I think.....!

Hand 11:   Partner played this one very well too!

Hand 12:   This one too, sorry Ops, lead needed to defeat it

Hand 13:   Unlucky Ops, nobody else doubled, perfectly reasonable contract

Hand 15:   We should be in 3NT here, I bid 3 to fish for s from partner but I was raised to 4s!!!  No alternative now but to bid 4 but actually, 4 makes, drat again!

Hand 19:   We are in the right contract here making what I should (cross ruffed the lot)

Hand 22:   If I had only played the 7 on the first round......!  I am never taking that line in reality though, matrix says North can make it but I cannot, sorry partner - reasonable bid (though that is not what I said at the time!!!!)

Off to London tonight and back Sunday, so brief entries over the weekend (if any!) - 2 friends 40th Birthday's....

1st February 2018


Playing with a regular partner in a regular club session.

Back to work today and loads caught up on but now up to date (helps to do work when I am supposed to be on leave!).

Mortgage applied for tonight and Vee and our lodgers saw the house we have offered on (would have been awful if they didn't like it now the offer is in!!!!)

They all loved it but unfortunately were told while they were there that the 1 other viewing they had offered £10k more than us (annoying as they had a budget of £750k and were seeing 2 others at that price!).  We have increased our offer to £515k but that is our limit, if they raise again we have lost out.  I (we) are so disappointed but will see in the morning.

I played poorly tonight too, partner asked if the house was getting to me, perhaps it was (is), sorry partner.

We had some good scores and hand 8 tonight needs a look......!

The Highs and Lows:

Hand 2:     We defended well and Ops didn't like NT after my  bid (a cheeky bid really but you know me by now!)

Hand 6:     I opened 2NT here with a singleton Ace (it is on our system card) and it worked well here though Ops crashed there A and K as waited for the second round to play the A after the K was played, lucky.

Hand 8:     Well, not a dark green or red but what a hand (and it was my hand)!!!  Ops open 1 and passed to me, I bid 6.  My bid is 4NT (purely Ace asking but I asked partner and she said she wouldn't be sure what it was).  Not something many have an agreement on really but 4NT works perfectly here to find the cold 7NT - nobody did but one pair found 7!

Hand 9:     Ops stopped in the right spot, GRRRRRRR, at least it was Val and I don't mind giving a top to her if I have to

Hand 11:    I raised immediately to game but Ops bid 5 - partner could have doubled but bid 5 over 5 instead (actually not unreasonable but didn't work here)

Hand 12:    Ops bid my suit, I tried to push them up but got doubled for penalties, I should actually have made on the play we had though as I lost count of the trumps and just had to take the last one out, drat!

Hand 14:   Ops bid too high after I push and I was mean and doubled - we took an extra trick with ruffling too

Hand 17:   I upgraded my hand here when partner showed good shape - it worked but if Ops play a early partner has a lot of problems as she needs to take them at the end (as she did!)

Hand 20:   Defending well here, though Ops didn't have to let partner win her 3rd

Hand 22:   I should only have bid 3 here, sorry partner

Hand 24:   Ops made a bad lead (in my opinion) that worked for them, any other lead and partner makes 12 or 13 tricks!

Playing at CBC tomorrow then off to London for the weekend (2 friends 40th Birthdays!)

31st January 2018

Benzimra (Pairs):

A day off today to view houses with the kind offer of help and company from Margaret (thanks Margaret!).

We had a nice day today and was so much better to have company and a second opinion on the viewings, we both agreed on each house too!

A tough schedule of viewings:


Time Link to Property Comments
10:00 Yateley Lovely house and ideal but sold this morning just after I left!
11:00 Aldershot (1) This is a BIG NO!!!
11:45 Aldershot (2) Hard to imagine how anyone can show their house in this condition, dirty, smelly and the layout didn't work for us either
13:00 Sandhurst (1) Drive wasn't great for my driving skills and rooms a little small
13:20 Sandhurst (2) Much better than the first but sloping floors and no downstairs cloakroom though the garage could be converted
13:40 Sandhurst (3) Lovely house here, really really liked it and no work to be done, practially perfect
14:00 Sandhurst (4) Nice but not right for us, can't see why we need 2 kitchens in the main house
15:00 Ash Vale Stunning, loved it from yesterday when I put the viewing request in and this IS our house!


When home I asked Vee to phone Margaret for her view as I wanted to offer, he said yes and was convinced (though I have arranged for him to view tomorrow on his way home from work!) - I offered and 5 minutes later she had cancelled 5 of the viewings lined up and accepted our offer (though one is still coming tomorrow to view) - formal confirmation tomorrow but we think we have now bought a house in Ash Vale!!!

Bridge now.........:

Vee hosted the Improvers, only 2.5 tables and some freaky scores!!!

This is a one of event at Farnham for the club championship.

Despite the last round where we both fell apart (one after the other!), our performance overall was just good enough to win the title!  Nick played out of skin tonight (generally!) and I was steady too, enjoyed it.

Highs and Lows:

Hand 1:   Partners opens 2 and then shows 8 playing tricks in s, I leap to 4NT and 6 found and made - not that many found it.  At our table, they queried if this could be opened 2 and the answer I think is actually no (need 5 controls and only 4 here) but it is a clasic example of a hand that doesn't fit with the new rules, this IS a strong hand!

Hand 3:   It is the last round and partner had a meltdown here

Hand 4:   Anything you can do partner!!!! This was my turn to go wrong!!!

Hand 8:   Partner didn't lead the long here - if he had, 11 tricks is made, we held it to 10!

Hand 9:   So lucky here, we bid up to 5 and Ops then bid 6 which I doubled.  Not a good double but it worked and us left in 5 could be tricky too!

Hand 14:   Slight over bidding by Ops here and we got the defence right with partner making the vital  switch

Hand 18:   Unlucky Ops, bidding 1NT with 2 doubletons didn't pay off here, those that opened 1 find the better contract.  We didn't take 2 tricks but.....

Hand 23:   Great play partner, got the away for the 11th trick!

Hand 25:   Poor play by me again here, I got the wrong

I have a lot of House paperwork to do and a fair amount of CBC admin but it may have to wait until tomorrow as I have a headache and am tired now, a long day but worthwhile!

The P2P has not yet been submitted for tonight but I will also be back to a King on the NGS tomorrow if it is submitted tonight!

Playing at CBC tomorrow.

30th January 2018

Surrey League:

Our second match of the season against a Farnham based team.

A busy day off (with work laptop on too!) - Camberley admin, data protection rules to prepare for (starts in May) and house hunting (all I talk about now, more than Bridge even!!!)

Saw a house in Mytchett this afternoon and went for a coffee with Dorothy beforehand, Vee met me there too then we headed off - it was not nice though (the House, not Dorothy, she was a delight!).   Long drive but narrow and 4th bedroom should have been the lounge, nothing felt right about it at all!

Home then and Vee made mac n cheese in 30 minutes so I could eat before the match!

I meet the team at Alan's house at 6:30pm (just, traffic was terrible!!!) and drive us all to Farnham.  A lovely house and lovely people, I have a lot of time for them (especially Erica).

First Half:

Hand 5:    We defended this well and partner played back the  for my ruff to take 4 off, our team mates made their game:  +12

Hand 6:   Partner made a good bad but got ahead of herself and played a low  to ruff but before winning the 2nd !!!  Bad luck, team mates also went off in their contract:  -10

Hand 7:   I took a chance here, Ops open 1 and I have an opening hand with 5 s to the A and 6 s to AKJ - I bid straight to 4 and partner shows up with 5 points but 4 s, I am so lucky!!!  I make my game and team mates sacrifice of 300 pays off:  +8

Hand 9:   Superb defending here takes 2 off 1, team mates bring back 300 too!!!:  +8

Hand 10: Ops had 9 trumps and finessed the Q which my doubleton won, team mates played for the drop and so made the slam:  +17

We find ourselves 38 Imps up at half time but both teams scored and it could still swing back.  They put on a magnificent spread (quiches, sausage rolls, cake and chocolates with Tea or Coffee)

Second Half:

Hand 13:  Ops missed game, team mates bid theirs:  +10

Hand 14:  I open 1NT (11 with 5s) and Ops overcall a natural 2.  Partner bids 4NT (I thought this was quantitative, it wasn't!!!) - I think for ages about what my hand is now worth and then bid 6NT, it is a lay down.  Team mates didn't have a 1NT open and bid freely in s which Ops then outbid to make 11 tricks in s:  +11

Hand 19: Partner has a nice hand and jumps in a 2nd suit, I don't have much in those but I have an opening hand too so bid 3NT making 10 tricks, team mates Ops didn't bid game:  +10

Hand 20: Ops didn't find game with my double, team mates bid game:  +10

Hand 21: We defend well again beating Ops game, team mates make game:  +12

Hand 23: Partner opens 1NT and Ops overcall 2, I double and partner passes!!!!  I am not pleased but we take it off 1, team mates bring home 200 too!!!:  +9

65-0 in the second half, this equates to +103 Imps converting to 20-0 - we all felt a little embarrassed to win by such a margin against such a nice team.

Playing at Farnham in the club champions one off event tomorrow night after viewing 8 more houses!!!!  Margaret has kindly offered to come with me tomorrow for company, support and advice as I have so many to see, thanks partner!

29th January 2018


Playing with a regular partner in a regular club session.

A busy morning today and then everything went mad with calls and e-mails etc so took the afternoon off to get everything sorted (off tomorrow and Wednesday to view houses too so an extra hour or 2 won't hurt).

We had a good night tonight but both made a few slips, partner was very hard on herself but honestly, she is too critical and I think she played and bid exceptionally well with just a couple of slips (same as me).  Then again, I am very hard on myself too!

The Highs and Lows:

Hand 3:    I made a mess of this against tough defence - I tried o set-up the s but better setting up my own hand

Hand 4:    Ops didn't bid game but not an easy hand here when they are void in each others suits

Hand 8:    Ops transferred but it was passed, unfortunate but good luck for us - it raised a good point about the laws though, Ops didn't inform us of the error before we lead and they are obliged to do so.  It didn't damage us here though.

Hand 9:    Ops bid s so I had to keep quiet.  I cannot stay quiet when they are signing off at the 2 level though so I bid 2 and partner supports me, 2 off was a good score though

Hand 11:  Partner was cross with me for not supporting the first suit - I have an aversion to being in a minor but this was actually 6!!!  Fortunately, nobody bid the slam and s beats s

Hand 12:  Ops sacrificed at a low level but I am feeling mean tonight and double, we only have a part score on so this works

Hand 15:  After a competitive auction, Ops bid 5 over 5 - I don't like to compete there so double for a good score

Hand 18:  I had a huge hand but Ops open light in front of me, I bid strongly and pushed but ended up doubling the Ops for a good score (4 doesn't seem to make fortunately)

Hand 21:    Odd here, we defended well and held the Ops to 9 tricks when they can make 10 (dropping the singleton K) yet most only made 8 tricks, not fair!

Hand 23:  Some were too ambitious here, we stayed at the right level and scored well for doing it (though I did miss a trick as started the  the wrong way)

House hunting again tomorrow then a league match (Surrey) in Farnham in the evening.

28th January 2018

Surrey Mixed Pairs:

Playing with a regular partner in Surrey's Mixed Pairs

A few issues for some with flu and health issues and so some pairs dropped out and some arrived without booking!  All worked in the end though and we started only a few minutes late (One of my friends got the time wrong though and so apologised and went home again).

We had a good start and most things just worked, we finish at the break in 2nd place and after the next round in the second half we are top!!!

Unfortunately, it all went wrong after that until the last 2 tables - dropped down to 47% but picked back up to 52% in the end, still a fair score in this company and we enjoyed (well, enjoyed the first half!!!).

We met Vee at Nando's after the Bridge event and Margaret had her first experience there, thought it was a bit "young"!!!!  Enjoyed though!

The Highs and Lows:

Hand 2:   We were pushed too far, even doubling them in 4 would not have been a good score (though better!!!)

Hand 3:   We gave a trick away here by not taking the trumps out

Hand 7:   I messed up here, should have opened 1 and then got carried away and bid too high - compounded by messing up the play too, disaster!

Hand 14:   A cheeky overcall by partner here and she played it beautifully!!!

Hand 15:   Not many of us in game and I was lucky enough to not get a low  lead!

Hand 16:   Ops doubled for takeout and it was left in (thoughtfully) - a lead is called for and without it, partnered played solidly to make this!

Hand 17:   We missed the grand (relying on a finesse that worked!) but did bid the right small slam.

Hand 18:   Ops didn't finesse my KJ

Hand 19:   Ops didn't try the  finesse the 2nd time, lucky us!

Hand 21:   We bid here (I doubled 1) and so they couldn't play in their ideal contract of 1NT

Hand 22:   Hard to find game but Ops did, well done Ops!

Hand 24:   We were both squeezed and Ops played well (very well)

Hand 25:  Ops didn't try the  finesse as too risky, cannot blame them as if it was wrong they are 4 off!

Hand 27:   Good bidding by Ops, We make our 3NT, then the 5 but they bid on and I couldn't be sure about 5NT, well done Ops

Hand 29:   I was too pushy again here and ended up playing in a contract the Ops can make!!!

Hand 30:   We should be in 4 here, partner had 3 card support for me......

Hand 33:   Ops missed game here with our interference

Hand 35:   3NT is a better contract but Ops defended well, others have mad 4

Hand 39:   We missed a trick here but not everyone found game - well done Ops

Scoring and playing tomorrow at CBC

27th January 2018

Barn Dance:

Saw the houses below and both over budget but could offer £515k on either, our preference was the Camberley house below but I am still not sure we want to spend ALL of our money.


Link to Camberley House


Link to Frimley House


Saw our friend John this afternoon too and dropped off the latest EBU magazine and had a chat (and sorted out laptop issues for him too!)

Barn Dance at 8pm and we really got involved, missed 2 dances but did the rest and won a raffle prize too - very energetic and both needed a shower when we got home!

Was great to see all my old friends and they all remembered my Dad too (he used to be the league chairman and started the barn dance with my Mum and me!) - lovely evening, Vee was the woman throughout but he didn't mind!

Playing in the Surrey Mixed Pairs tomorrow with a meal after

26th January 2018


Playing with a regular partner in a regular club session.

My normal monthly partner is not well tonight and have wished him well and hope he gets better soon.  He didn't sound well at all so am sending out positive thoughts.

It was a tight finish but 2 major blunders (1 each) cost us tonight, still 60% is a good score and makes 2 second place for me today.  The stats are interesting, my declarer play got us 43% and the rest above 70%, though some of my poor scores were our bidding!

The Highs and Lows:

Hand 1:    Partner pulled out the wrong bid and we ended up in the wrong contract, we would have been in 4 (assume plus 1) for a 2nd top

Hand 2:   This was actually 3 (not 3) but score the same and good defending here but declarer could have played AK to be only 1 off.

Hand 7:   Superb play partner!

Hand 8:   We are the only pair in game, goof time to upgrade your hand here partner!

Hand 9:    Ops didn't bid game and I had to restrain myself from bidding and pushing them there

Hand 11:  Great play again here partner though a trump lead makes it very difficult

Hand 14:  Aggghhhhhhhhhhh!!!!  I got greedy here and didn't think there would be only 1 in West, I should have simply played for my 10 tricks here!  Partner paused in the bidding too and worked out correctly that my bid was not forcing, sorry sad

Hand 15:  We defended this very well here and made the most of our trumps.

Hand 20:  Poor bid by me here compounded by terrible play, I should simply cross ruff the hand!

Hand 21:  Ops sacrificed here but we actually don't make our 5

Hand 22:  Good defending again here

Hand 24:  Ops in the right contract though I feel we should have bid 2 to push them up  

House hunting again tomorrow then a barn dance in the evening with my Badminton league.

26th January 2018 (Afternoon)


Playing with a regular partner in a regular club session.

A poor start today and I started getting cross with partner and she had to tell me to stop (which I did!!!), sorry partner.

A lot more on the house today too (becoming a life take-over now!!!) - we have done all the legal stuff and so have our buyers, just need to find a house now!

The Highs and Lows:

Hand 1:   Sometimes it is good to open light, sometimes not - guess which this was is!

Hand 2:    Ops set up my s for me here giving an extra trick

Hand 8:    I played well here to set-up a ruffing finesse with the s but even without that, 10 tricks is cold - I cannot see how to only make 9 here as some did

Hand 11:   Unlucky Ops, they mis-counted the trumps so I got a ruff in

Hand 13:   We are in the right contract here, my hand was not good enough to defend so showed both majors and let partner pick her best and play, she played well!

Hand 14:   Ops bid bravely after our 4 but I felt it would be a top or bottom regardless so doubled.  A lucky double and partner watched my 5 then 4 in s so I go the ruff

Hand 15:   I hadn't sorted my hand properly here and opened 1NT in error, I made a squeal and Alan offered me the chance to change the bid if it was a mechanical error.  It wasn't mechanical, just an error so I had to leave it and it played well, sorry Ops

Hand 19:  Ops got the defence right here - others made theirs, not fair!

Hand 20:  I wanted to pass partner's 2, wish I had!

Hand 24:   I played well here after the previous hand - losing a early on was the key to setting up the hand

Playing again tonight after dinner!

25th January 2018


Worked at home today to get work, bridge and house stuff done (2 laptops and my phone on the go non-stop!).

We had a viewing cancelled for Saturday as they have now sold and no news from the offer we have put in either as they were at a funeral today, should hear tomorrow.  Have lined up 2 more houses to see on Saturday in Frimley and Camberley though (both over our budget but think we can do a deal).


Link to Camberley House


Link to Frimley House


I was tired going into tonight and I offered to drive too, hadn't realised that half our team were the opposite direction to the match from me!!!).  Still, we all played well tonight (other than a couple of wobbles) and came through 17-3 in the end which puts us back on top for now.

Vee played at CBC tonight and loved playing with Val (loved everything about it apart from the bridge!) - he stayed to help at the end too with most of the committee with me in our match!

We have now booked the hall for the May bank holiday event and have sent off emails internally to CBC and YHBC to start advertising.

Unfortunately, our main rival team didn't play tonight as one of their members had to go to hospital, hope she is ok and sent my thoughts and wishes to them.

Brief Summary of Swings:

Hand 4:   We made a part score and team mates took Ops down 2 (+7)

Hand 7:   Our Ops missed game and team mates made 3NT (+10)

Hand 10:  We took 3 off 2 and team mates made a part score (+7)

Hand 13:  We went off 3 in a good sacrifice (not doubled), team mates got the defence wrong and let 5x through (-15)

Hand 16:  We made 1NT+2 and team mates made a part score (+6)

Hand 21:  We made game and team mates defeated theirs (+7)

Hand 22:  We made a part score and team mates made a part score too ! (+7)

Hand 23:  We defeated a game with excellent defence, team mates made theirs +1 with amazing play (seriously well done Alan!!!!)  (+7)

Playing twice again tomorrow

24th January 2018


Our offer on the Aldershot House was rejected this afternoon, have increased a little to a full and final offer - if it is not accepted tomorrow, it wasn't meant to be!

Joyce (from CBC and YHBC) kindly forwarded details of her friend's house last night and we have arranged a viewing for Saturday morning.  The house looks amazing though the bedrooms are a little smaller than we would want (on paper) but will have a look and see.

Vee hosted the Improvers tonight and 3 tables, well done to Chris and Carole (back to back wins and launching a late challenge for the title now!)

Great to see Trevor and Barbara win in the main group at YHBC too, well done!

Also I notice Geoff and Frances top EW at Woking this afternoon, well done to you too!

For us, a match at home:

Unfortunately, a loss tonight but narrowly (11-9) but does drop us to 2nd overall (1 point below the leaders - my friend and occasional partner and his team!)

We were 17 Imps up at half time but a few errors cost us in the 2nd half.

Brief Summary of Swings:

Hand 3:   I made my 3NT and team mates defeated theirs (+12)

Hand 5:   We took 2NT off and team mates made 1NT +2 (+6)

Hand 6:   Partner couldn't make her 3NT but team mates let theirs through, defence was not easy though (-12)

Hand 8:   We took 3NT off 3 and team mates again made 1NT +2 (+7)

Hand 13:  We go off in a slam and team mates go off doubled (-12)

Hand 14:  I make my 3NT and team mates defeat theirs (+6)

Hand 18:  I make my 4 and team mates take theirs 2 off (+8)

Hand 19:  Ops miss the slam and team mates bid theirs (+13)

Hand 22:  Ops make a part score and team mates go off 3 (-10)

Hand 23:  Ops make 12 tricks but in game, team mates in a part score (-10)

Hand 24:  Ops bid a slim 3NT and team mates take a part score off (-7)

Another BBL match tomorrow (Away)

23rd January 2018


I had a lot of work and house legal work to do today, manic and non-stop!

Managed to leave 10 minutes early to get my hair cut though then took 40 minutes to get home from Camberley at 17:40!!!

Dinner and then out to badminton - lost 2 close games and won the rest - I am getting back to my old self on court (though more of me now!).

Really enjoyed tonight too, fun games and completive although I lost all energy towards the end!

BBL match tomorrow (home match).

22nd January 2018


Playing with a regular partner in the first of the CBC Monday Championships

Oh dear!!!  Not our night, didn't felt as if we did much wrong (other than 2 bids from me, more later) but it just didn't work, still 9 more tries to get 6 good scores and I have had such a hard day with work and the House (and most pairs tonight asking about the house, it's really nice but also a distraction!).

On the plus side (personally), we had our Mortgage offer in principal tonight and it was more than we were expecting, means we have a lot more flexibility now.  Should hear tomorrow if our offer on the Aldershot house is accepted.

Also, nice home made scones given me tonight (thank you Margaret!), eating one as I type this (yum!)

The Highs and Lows:

Hand 2:    After partner jumped in s, I woke up and looked for the slam.  Fortunate not to get a  lead and so 13 tricks made and only 3 others bid this

Hand 4:    I supported the too early so partner assumed I had 4 - we missed 6 here

Hand 10:  Ops have 7 or 6/ on here so our 1100 was a great sacrifice - unfortunately, nobody bid any of the slams so a zero!

Hand 11:  I should have re-bid 2NT (not 3NT) here and partner could have taken the A - 1 off would have been an above average score, my fault for the bidding here

Hand 15: Partner had a nice lead but played it brilliantly making more tricks than anyone else

Hand 18:  I should have just transferred to here, we cannot avoid being at the 3 level but stayman was never going to work here, sorry partner

Hand 19:  I set up the Ops winner to discard a , I need to push a through instead, drat!

Badminton tomorrow

21st January 2018


Other than shipping (in the snow!) and house chores, we have done nothing today !!!

Slightly disappointed in the number of votes for yesterday’s house choice but I guess people generally read this after a Bridge session!  The vote is still open below.....

Vote seems to be for Aldershot overall so far though

Monday Championship tomorrow at CBC

20th January 2018


House viewing day - 5 of them!!!

10am in Farnborough to see a nice house 5 minutes from where we are now but the bedrooms too small.

11:15 in Blackwater but every room was wrong here and it just didn't suit us

12 Noon in Aldershot and we were there early and waited in the car.  Vee looked at me and said "You are not keen are you?"  - I made a sad face and said no, not really.  However, the house was perfect and suited us in every way with the entire work list to make it right for us being to fit a shower in the bathroom!!!

Then lunch and a chat about the Aldershot house and back out to Frimley

2pm in Frimley.  Nice house but no hall way, opening the front door to a small space and stairs up and a tight turn into the lounge.  The garden was too big for us really.

Then a coffee with Margaret on our way to the last house on the edge of the Old Dean estate, camberley.

3pm in Camberley.  This house had a nice kitchen but small lounge and no second reception room (which I want for Bridge matches!!!).  We could use the 4th bedroom for matches though and all the rooms were stunning upstairs.  The garden was perfect - small and laid out as an entertaining space.

What should we do here?

Just for fun (and completely anonymously), have your vote - links below to the top 3 and a vote button beneath.......


Aldershot Frimley Camberley


19th January 2018


Playing with a regular partner in a regular club session (also a Beryl Doughty round but we are not in that as a pair).

An interesting night full of great stuff and some errors (some system failing us, some us failing the system!!!)

Still, to get above 50% from the start we had and on a night where we gave away 670 for 2 of a major doubled making isn't too bad!!!

Good fun and thanks for a nice evening partner though my rules on discussing dark red and dark green only means that only 3 hands are left out below, a lot of work for me!!!

The Highs and Lows:

Hand 1:   After partner overcalled, I raised it to stop Ops bidding and finding game - unfortunately, game was not there and we went too far!

Hand 2:   I think partner can make this but we had good Ops, we missed the major fit though (system is or my bidding?)

Hand 3:     I must double 2 here and not bid 2, sorry partner

Hand 4:     I showed s and s - we missed a major fit in s!!!!

Hand 5:     I played this one reasonably well but only did as I should - others didn't fortunately

Hand 6:     I showed and a minor and with only 2 s I think partner should ask for the minor - but agree, we could be going into a disaster if my minor is s

Hand 7:     Partner played this superbly, well done partner!

Hand 8:     See above!

Hand 9:     Ops are in the right contract but we defended well and others made 1NT

Hand 10:   We defended this extremely well - unfortunately, partner doubled them!  The double in our system is penalties (3 is take out)

Hand 11:   Easy double for me - a win for partner's 3 level opening though

Hand 12:   Well bid here and partner played well

Hand 13:   We got the defence right here too to take this off

Hand 14:   Good Pas Out here, I don't bid in 4th seat unless I meet the rule of 15 (s and points)

Hand 16:   We did well to stay low here (although, partner missed a trick.....!)

Hand 17:   A little pushy by partner raising my simple overcall but he has a nice hand - good double by Ops though

Hand 19:   We did well to only be 1 off here but we missed our minor fit!!!  Ops opened 2 with only 5 s and had 11 points though.....!

Hand 20:   Partner passed a new bid at the 3 level here, odd but he wasn't sure of our system and didn't take it as forcing

Hand 21:   I made an extra trick here as Ops played A and K setting up my hand

Hand 22:   We defended this like experts - odd considering how we did overall tonight!

Hand 23:   This was a good double but we got the defence wrong!

House hunting tomorrow, odd phrase that as we know where they are!!!  Still, 5 to go and see and hope we like at least one as I don't want to be looking at houses in all our spare time......!

19th January 2018 (Afternoon)


Playing with a regular partner in a regular club session.

A fun session as always and we played well throughout (though a very bad start!).

The Highs and Lows:

Hand 3:   A tricky hand for the Ops here, I think the key is not to play 2 s early as I can get in and attack them (as I did).

Hand 4:   Ops had a bidding misunderstanding here and didn't realise the 3 was a transfer - we quietly took all the tricks and surrendered

Hand 5:   I raced off to game in s without giving partner chance to show her hand, terrible, sorry partner

Hand 6:   Partner needs to take the trumps out after winning the K here then we take this 2 off

Hand 11:   I made a poor overcall here and partner lead my suit then after it lost the first 2 tricks commented to say "well, that was no good!!!", of course, it was the way to defeat the contract....!

Hand 13:   This is tough, but after partner opens 2 (weak), I think Ops should leave us there - 13 is a bit low to double with (for me)

Hand 14:   Ops set-up the Q here giving me the setting trick, again, it is tough here but I have shown shape (though I did open light)

Hand 15:   Partner has overcalled s here so I think it is not the best lead, try and find my entry and I will play the s.....

Hand 16:   Lucky here, Ops won the A and retuned a low which dummy's 10 won, phew!

Hand 18:   We are the only pair in game here with 26 HCP between us!

Hand 21:   Hard to bid the slam but felt sorry for Ops here who thought I was still in dummy at the end so kept the wrong card allowing me to make 13 tricks

Playing again tonight after dinner!

18th January 2018

Home Counties:

Playing with my County partner in my first match of the season (I didn't play in the first match).

I took a half day and went into town early to get food and then settle into the coffee house across from Young Chelsea and meet my partner for a chat about our system.

We were 17 Imps up at half time with a solid performance from most of our pairs but it turned into 20 down overall (Lost 14-6) despite us having a great card in the second half (the only pair to bid a slam, 2 in fact!).

It happens, shame, especially as it is a long day for me (left here at 3pm and back at 1am!!!).

Playing twice tomorrow

17th January 2018

YHBC Improvers:

Hosting the Improvers for the first time in ages and ages!!!!

I have completed most of my actions from the CBC committee meeting today!

Only 2 tables tonight and 4 "Hosts" so we sent Vee home and Val and I took 1 table each and Keith played.  I am disappointed that attendance is still low but so many colds and bugs out there I think a lot are suffering and some are away.

From a selfish point, I loved it tonight!  I felt as if I was able to help and add value and commented on most hands after they were played, also wrote notes and so will give a rough commentary on the hands from Chris and Carole's viewpoint (they did well tonight too, see comments below!!!)

Having sent Vee home (who sewed a button on my shirt and did all the housework!!!), Val and Keith drove me home.  We are so grateful to them both who help on and off the bridge table and don't know what we would do without them.

The Commentary:

Hand 1:   Good bidding all round and stopped in the right contract.  Ops missed the last trump though and so only made 8 tricks - he was cross with himself and I think it spurred him on to do well the rest of the night!

Hand 2: A lot to look at here.  Duplicate is all about the vulnerability and shape.  Here, green, 5 MUST be bid (and Keith did).  Even going down, the Ops need to get you 4 down to make a profit (800 vs 620 for Game).  As it happens, 5 makes!!!  5 was the right bid for this reason and it should have made.  North ruffed 2 s before setting up the s - they are the key to the hand along with seeing the void on the first round.  Must keep entries in both hands through ruffs to make this.

Hand 3:   Great play here.  South lost 2 s to generate an entry in dummy through the trumps to utilise the Q to throw the losing - great play (I was willing it in my head and every card I mentally called for she played!  Ops bid the s over 1, another point on this hand is that West should Double first then support whichever suit partner bids.

Hand 4:   Great play all round on this board - Kevin did so well to throw the losing rather than ruff the 3rd and shorten trumps, same at the other table!

Hand 5:   Both play the same system please!!!  After 1NT, 2 was bid (but North bid per the system and took it as s and a Minor).  A disastrous 3 was then found!!!  Using the system, bid 2 (long suit), 2 (relay), 2 and pass out.  Cappalletti bids here are:

2 Long single suit, partner must relay with 2
2 Both Majors (5/4 either way)
2 5 and a Minor (at least 4)
2 5♠ and a Minor (at least 4)
2NT Both Minors (I prefer 5/5 here)

Hand 6:   Ops didn't split the honours here, if they do, they trap the J for the 9th trick.

Hand 7:   Ops are in the right contract, but it doesn't make and Chris and Carole defended well here

Hand 8:   Bidding is correct, play was VERY good - Crossed to Dummy with a and took the finesse - pinned the s too, was great to watch!

Hand 9:   Such a wild hand here, great bidding and 6 is the right sacrifice but lucky not to be doubled

Hand 10:   Chris was wise not to open 1 here (you can but I wouldn't either).  Bidding then went 2 (weak) and all passed.  I would have bid 3 as South though and then 3 is the contract and a lead has been asked for.  The other table went on to 5 and got doubled so the extra trick given away was wiped out.

Hand 11:   Defended well here but the other table was allowed to play in 3

Hand 12:   Doomed here but I think 1NT is a better bid than 2 here - pass by all was an ever better bid it seems!!!  4-4-4-1 hands are very tricky

Hand 13:   Ops overcalled with a 4-card suit and slightly miss-played it too - I don't think overcalling with only 4 cards is advisable

Hand 14:   Great play here, very easy to go off but I could see the concentration and each card played was thought out.  Ops gave a ruff and discard, but you still need to spot it and work out what to do, Chris realised the losing could be thrown and ruffed in dummy, perfect!

Hand 15:   This hand was not loaded somehow at the club, but I have submitted it now.  Stayed in the right contract and played it well to make 2NT, the other table bid and made 9 somehow though

Playing at Young Chelsea tomorrow in the Surrey team for the Home Counties league (my favourite bridge!)

16th January 2018

CBC Committee:

A busy day at work today and also arranging lots of viewings for houses we are interested in (all day Saturday!!!) as well as sorting out all the paperwork and set-up for selling our house - lucky and can multi-task!

No badminton tonight as we had a Camberley Committee Meeting.

The meeting went well and we resolved a few issues and sorted out some items (though some carried over as we finished after 10pm tonight!).

Geoff hosted and did a great job - trying to persuade Val to do a bit less was a general theme tonight although I won't go into details here!

We had an invite from Berks to join the Berks team in an annual Teams event and have sent an email via CBC website on this, hopefully we will get some interest as it is a good event to play in.  I am free on Weds 21st March but no partner (if any reader is interested, let me know!!!)

We have a good bunch on the committee and I think most members would be surprised how much we all do for the club.  I think we all enjoy the task though and like to help and make a difference.

We welcomed Moira onto the Committee for her first meeting too and she took on a few duties straight away and had points to make (it is not always easy to find your voice in an established committee group).

I think this shows what a good group we are and also what a good addition Moira will be!

I shared my news about accepting the offer on our house at the end and a few were keen to see the house we have sold so I shared the advert on my phone.

Hosting the Improvers tomorrow with Vee (or on my own if he wants a night off, he has worked hard recently and I am free this week).

15th January 2018


Playing with a regular partner in a regular club session

We have decided to accept an offer on our house (full asking price!).  They seem very nice too and flexible on the date - we have until July to find somewhere but they could move earlier if it suits us!!!  Perfect buyers.  We have arrange a number of viewings for this weekend, we need to get moving now (literally!)

Slightly below par tonight but both of us have had a tough week and weekend and both were just not quite feeling it tonight.  Still nice to partner Jo, we still did some great stuff and enjoyed most of the night.  It did seem that even our good hands didn't generate good scores though!  Still, finished on exactly 50%!

The Highs and Lows:

Hand 5:    Unfortunate here, I bid 3NT but partner didn't know I had 2s and felt it wasn't good enough to leave it with that shape - I can't blame her at all but 3NT is a good contract

Hand 12:   Brilliant from partner here making an extra trick!  I forced the bid and trusted her when 2 was bid and she made the most of the hand!

Hand 13:   We defended well here but an interesting hand to see how the weak hand should take charge, if they insist on their long suit they find the best contract of 4

Hand 15:   Partner took charge and signed off in 5, I felt we were worth more and bid it anyway, sorry partner

Hand 19:   Tricky contract here but the was right and then the s roll in - not everyone made it though

Hand 20:    beat s, Ops could have made 4 as it happens

Hand 21:   An impossible contract here, sorry partner - did well to make 8 tricks as it happens (once Ops found the switch).  With a little more time, the  finesse could be taken for 9 tricks but not in time (at our table)

Hand 23:   My fault again here - I discarded a and should have thrown one of the away to take this off, drat!

Bridge Committee for CBC tomorrow night

14th January 2018

Affiliated Teams of 8:

Playing with a regular partner and 3 other pairs from Camberley:

Jane Green & Keith Wilson

Ian Lewis & Nick Browne

John Fairhurst & Philip Brown

Andy Fry & Steve Crawford

Easiest way to view the scores is through the Matches -   Session 1        Session 2

Our plans changed at the start today, Nick and Steve were meeting me at my house and then I would drive them.  Steve was on his way when I had an email from Nick saying his garage door was jammed and couldn't get the car out!  Fortunately, I had left plenty of time and so I took Steve to Nick's and then went from there.  We still arrived 30 minutes early and time to eat and get settled in.

All the team arrived in good time (Farnham had a man who got held up and missed the first hour!) and we start just about on time.

A lot of seriously good players at the event and 14 teams entered, was always going to be tough but we started off well and our 4 were on +22 at half time (we were just below par as an 8 though).

The second half was not quite as good and slipped a little - still, 10th out of 14 not too bad all considered.

The Highs and Lows:

First Half:

Hand 2:    A fairly flat board other than Jane and Keith getting +1100!!!

Hand 4:    We went off less than others here

Hand 6:   Good sacrifices by Ops here at 2 tables

Hand 7:    We got +500 against our local rivals!  They even commented to say "when we double your 1NT, you should be squirming not us!)

Hand 8:   1 of our pairs not in game

Hand 11:   1 of our pairs chose the wrong slam

Hand 14:    1 of our pairs made a game!

Hand 15:    1 of our pairs didn't bid the slam but the other defeated a slam!

Hand 19:   1 of our pairs went off in a game

Hand 20:   Ops made plus scores as we went off in our contracts

Hand 24:   We over-bid here

Hand 25:    1 of our pairs defeated a slam!

Hand 26:    We made our contract!

Second Half:

Hand 1:    1 of our pairs defeat game

Hand 3:    We make game as do our other EW, both part scores on the other tables

Hand 5:   Ops bid a slam against us

Hand 6:  Partner went off in his game 

Hand 8:  We got +300!  

Hand 10:   Game bid against one of our pairs

Hand 11:   3NT -4 for one of our pairs

Hand 12:  Good defending by all of our pairs and a good sacrifice by us  

Hand 13:   One of our pairs didn't make their game

Hand 15:   -1100 by one of our pairs

Hand 24:   One of our pairs didn't bid game

Playing at CBC tomorrow

10th January 2018


Playing with a regular partner in 5th of the YHBC Teams Series.

Val hosted the Improvers tonight and Keith was well enough to play too so we had 3 full tables, starting to pick up again.  Pleased to see Chris & Carol back on top tonight too, well done girls!

Our house went live today and by 9am we had our first viewing lined up.  3 more came in before bridge too so have 4 lined up now and we need to get a move on finding a new home!

Our bridge was good mostly but a few bad wobbles (my fault on our side).  A slight plus overall but not a good score.  I enjoyed the session though, Jo is such  good player to have on your side, I just hate it when I let her down.

The Highs and Lows:

Hand 1:   Team mates bid game and our Ops missed it

Hand 8:   We missed game but I didn't feel I could reverse with my hand, only 2 pairs found 4 though

Hand 12:   Team mates bid game and our Ops missed it, I think they find it if they open 1 rather than 1NT (with 15)

Hand 13:   We missed game here, again, not easy to bid it - partner played it perfectly and I felt bad for not raising (it is teams so I think I should have)

Hand 16:   We missed a hard to bid minor game, Ops tried 3NT against team mates and they took it off for a double plus

Hand 18:   Contract not entered correctly here but it was 4 at team mates table.  We sacrificed into 5 which was a good score, well supported partner

Hand 26:   My fault here, Ops stopped in 4 and I bid 4 so pushed them into game

Hand 27:   I made a terrible double - team mates also went off in theirs when should really make 12 tricks but not as easy as it looks

Playing in the CBC Thursday Championships tomorrow.  Have our first person viewing our house too.

13th January 2018

House & London:

Lots of viewings today (7!!!) they produced 2 offers too so we can now sell if we want but we haven't found anywhere as yet, not got our finances in order and one offer wants to move in this month (too soon) and the other in June (too late!!!).

We have a friend staying too and so went for breakfast as the first viewing happened, then off to London for the day.

We had a great time, went to see 42nd street, loved it - was well performed.  I felt it needed a bit more of a story but was well worth seeing.

Then pizza express for dinner followed by a lot of drinking in various pubs and bars (too much really but was a good night!).

Teams of 8 tomorrow.....

12th January 2018


Playing with a regular partner in a regular club session.

A wild night tonight, we arrived later than normal due to the food delays but got there in time (just).

Our card shows a lot of big highs and lows, worth a look!!!

The Highs and Lows:

Hand 7:   Very lucky here, neither of the Ops felt they could bid after 1NT (me), double, transfer, completed transfer.  Turned out to be a great sacrifice

Hand 8:   Ops didn't attack s here and partner had time to get everything away for 2 more tricks than really possible

Hand 9:   With us both bidding, Ops kept bidding too (up to 4).  We defended very well too

Hand 10:  Hand of the decade so far!!!!  2 (weak), 3 (take out double as we use Hackett, double would be penalties).  3 (enquiry) by partner, 4 (natural, me), 6 (partner), gulp (me!!!).  He had forgotten the system and thought I had s and s, we are now at the 6 level with a 2-4 fit!!!!  lead comes, I win it in dummy.  Low  to my K, 9 and it runs, 10 and covered so win with Q, A.  Now there is 1 out.  I run the s, they all win.  Now a low from me and big pause - do I take a deep finesse or will the J drop - if I had taken the finesse, it would have worked and contract made - I didn't, drat!  Still, amazing hand and to think, I nearly pulled off the biggest coup in my lifetime!

Hand 12:  Ops didn't go on here, Also better with a lead

Hand 13:   Ops found out the situation but didn't go back to dummy to take the finesse again

Hand 14:   Very nice defending again here, we took a lot more tricks than we should have here - I missed my 9 as a winner though, we actually would have taken it off if I had watched the s better

Hand 15:   We missed 7NT but did at least find 7, nobody else did

Hand 16:  Partner opened light here - my redouble was reasonable if he had a slightly better hand.....!

Hand 17:  Odd moment from partner here - he felt that they would need the ♠s and doubled, I should have lead a but forgot - even so, 11 tricks off the top here - not your best double partner (and against my partner too!!!!)

Hand 22:   The double should have been pulled really - as it wasn't, I assumed all the key cards in North and made 2 over tricks - 3NT natural would actually have scored better but was still a good score

Hand 23:   1 (could be short), 1 (partner), 1 (me), Pass (I don't think South can pass here) - then 1 all pass.  Partner made an extra trick too but a very odd auction here

Hand 24:   We found the slam but again missed the grand - nobody did though and not sure if we could really bid it?

Playing in the Affiliated Teams of 8 tomorrow.

12th January 2018 (Afternoon)


Playing with a regular partner in a regular club session

A nice session today and had quite a few laughs, nice to enjoy the game as well as being competitive!!!

Not many errors but some Ops did really well, not much more we could have done and enjoyed.

The Highs and Lows:

Hand 2:  I should have made this, a tight contract but let West in with the  and lost too many s

Hand 4:  A big hand here and we found a slam but not the grand, nobody else did either though

Hand 11:  I played well here but Ops could have ruffed the  to stop me throwing everything away

Hand 13:  I should have left the Ops in 3s, they were wise to double me though

Hand 14:  A low level contract but I had to play well to make it

Hand 15:  Partner played superbly here - lucky Ops never found the switch though!

Hand 22:  I opened this a weak 2, have been advised before that it is best not to unless your points are in the suit.  I did well to make it but we need to be in s this time, sorry partner

Home at 5 and met Iain who is here for the weekend, off to get Fish & Chips for us all but tried 2 shops and both closed!!!  Came home and just had enough time to cook some chips and chicken dippers for us all

11th January 2018


Playing with a regular partner in first of the CBC Thursday Championships

Had our first viewing tonight.  They had to cancel as work pattern changed but Vee was able to show them round at 19:30 (instead of the Agent).  They seemed to like the house and so a positive first viewing.  We need to get a move on in terms of finding a house now as we have 4 more viewings lined up on Saturday!

We had a solid start but didn't shine, a good base to work from though as we need 6 scores out of the 10 events.

Partner played really well, my bidding was not always good for pairs though.

Tonight's hands.......

The Highs and Lows:

Hand 2:    We got the timing right here and took our 3 Aces and 2 s.  Ops may do better to keep playing s through partner rather than going for the s

Hand 3:    I should value my hand better here and raise after partner jumped.  The void is very powerful on this auction.

Hand 4:    Needs a lead I think but how would partner know that?

Hand 5:    I over-valued my hand here, totally my fault, sorry partner

Hand 7:    Ops in the right contract making the right number of tricks

Hand 10:  Ops mis-counted and bid with 5 points.  They then tried to rectify this and partner waited and then doubled.

Hand 11:  Well bid Ops, only 2 other found game here

Hand 14:  Partner found the best contract for us and played well.  Perhaps Ops should bid on though?

Hand 16:  I was too pushy here, sorry partner.  Some made game but I don't think it is there

Hand 18:  Only 2 others bid game here, partner overcalled 2NT to show both red suits so I know game is on.

Hand 23:  Ops cannot make this yet quite a lot did.  Felt bad for Ops as he did all he could.  I took my AK s before playing partners , perhaps others didn't?

Hand 26:  Partner played incredibly well here - going up with Q trick 1 was the right play and it worked - time to set up the s in peace now and the rest worked well, well done partner!

Playing twice tomorrow.

9th January 2018


First time back since mid December and my arm and leg hurt today!  I didn't let it stop me and stretched for a bit and doused myself in deep heat before I played.

I did quite well tonight but my touch shots didn't work well, lots of power though!

Went for a drink after as one of our friends is recovering from a spinal operation and wanted some company and support, Vee went at 8pm and had a few drinks (5 of them) and then Dave and I joined them after badminton for a pint and a catch up.

Saw a house tonight too (Farnborough) and it seemed nice, not perfect but was nice.  We could see that with a bit of work over time it would suit us.  Will wait and see a few others yet though.

A bit of bridge work tonight too, re-scoring CBC for Monday nights scores.

Teams at YHBC tomorrow as Val hosts the Improvers (Vee has been asked to play in a team too).   We are so lucky to have Val and Keith (who is under the weather at the moment, get well soon Keith).

8th January 2018


Playing with a regular partner in a regular club session.

Our house viewing was cancelled tonight as they are not ready for viewing, why did the Agent confirm?  Irritating but no rush (our house goes live tomorrow I believe).

A hard day at work today too and still have a slight cough but really not bad now.  Had a very spicy curry for dinner too which cleared things out!

We had no real issues tonight and all went well, a few hands could have been better but not sure we should go on really, others did and it paid off for them.  Our defending was really good tonight though, I like it when that happens as it is a clear sign that we are on the same wave length and communicating well.

The Highs and Lows:

Hand 2:   We are in the right contract here but the good score was unfortunate, Ops revoked giving us an extra trick.  I always feel this is unfair really

Hand 4:   Ops opened light (but with great shape) but then got into a bit of a mess and we took advantage with great defending

Hand 7:   I was asleep here, partner bid 1 then 2 and I should then bid 3 (which I think partner then raises), I passed 2, silly Ian - sorry partner.  The play was perfect too and my bidding ruined the score.

Hand 10:   Ops agreed s then bid 3 - we stayed quiet then and defended well to take them off.  Partner didn't ruff until the right moment and the timing was perfect!

Hand 11:   Ops in the right contract here

Hand 16:   Tricky for Ops here but the weaker hand needs to take control (I think) - play in the weakest hands long suit (especially when 6 of them).

Hand 20:   We defended this well here but Ops got the timing wrong and didn't ruff the  and we kept forcing and so partner made 2 and a

Hand 22:   Ops opened 4s here and I put a cheeky 4 bid in (bad bid but I felt I had to do something I wasn't sure if double would be penalties here, I see one pair did that and it was left in - I would mean it as take out!).  They bid 5s which we then took off.

A house to view in Farnborough tomorrow and then Badminton.

7th January 2018


Shopping this morning and house chores then off to Ashtead to see my step-brother (they have been in their flat 5 years and are about to move, we hadn't seen their flat until now!).

Spent a couple of hours there and had coffee and cake and a good chat.  Then saw Margaret on our way home and shared a bottle of wine between us as we had a catch up.

A light supper and TV again tonight before a busy week (again).

6th January 2018


Clearing and cleaning house first thing and had it photographed at 10:30 for listing Monday or Tuesday.

Saw our first house this afternoon in Sandhurst today, it was fine but looked better on paper.  The lounge was an OK size but the wrong shape and our furniture wouldn't fit.  There was only parking for 2 cars and no street parking and the kitchen was nice but looked amazing on paper.  Garden and bedrooms all perfect though.

It is only the first house we have seen so no decisions either way at this stage - more on Monday and Tuesday to see and will keep looking online for more.....

A few bits of bridge admin for CBC and YHBC today in-between house stuff.

Take Away tonight and relaxing in front of the TV with a bottle of wine (and Vee!)

5th January 2018


Playing with my life partner in a regular club session that was also used to qualify the Berks Waller Bowl.

Still coughing this morning and partner had other things going on too so we missed CBC this afternoon.

I had a long hot soak and a few hot drinks (Lemsip mainly!) and felt so much brighter after lunch.

Cleared the house ready for photos tomorrow and relaxed for the day.

Tonight went well, a few good things by Ops but not much wrong by us, just missed out on the points but may still be able to enter the Waller Bowl, will see!

The Highs and Lows:

Hand 1:   I was a little ambitious here and put partner into game, he played really well but was lucky not to get a  lead or switch

Hand 5:   Ops missed game here

Hand 6:   I played well here but 4 is always on by East I think

Hand 8:   I had the option here to support partners s or bid 3NT, I think I should support the s really but my bid worked out this time (doesn't make it right though) - if I had got the s right I would have made 12 though

Hand 9:   I was talked out of 3NT here, after a slightly odd 1 overcall by North, I should have bid 2 to ask partner if we can do to NTs....

Hand 11:   Here we had a good score but I think partner needs to reevaluate his hand after I jump to 4s (I bid first).  Partner's hand is now worth 17 and I jumped, 4NT here now I think....

Hand 14:   We missed game here after a 2 overcall from Ops put us off

Hand 16:   We defended well here, Ops bid correctly but it hurt them on this hand - really, the East hand cannot bid (and they didn't), those that did were rewarded though

Hand 18:   I should have played the 9 from dummy here, no idea why I didn't

Hand 22:   After 1NT, 3NT I felt I had to take action with my shaped hand - it turns out I was right

Hand 23:   Ops pushed us into game here and partner played it really well.  Ops were shocked when I said I would not have raised it but I can see 2 s 2s and a to be lost

No bridge this weekend but more on the house and seeing family too.

4th January 2018

CBC Teams:

Not well tonight and neither was partner so we stayed home rather than passing germs on.  Our team mates understood too, hate letting people down but am sure most would understand and not want to catch our colds.

We had a meeting tonight with a mortgage guy and all sorted (in principle) and also lined up 2 viewings for houses we may like to move to, all go now!

Results of Teams in the link above (a red thumbs down as I wanted to be there!).

Health permitting, may play twice, once or none tomorrow!  Although I feel ok in myself, if I am still spluttering and coughing, I don't want to be around others in a confined space.

3rd January 2018


Playing with a regular partner in a regular club session.

Worked at home today as waiting for my contract be extended (was done by the end of the day!).  Our "For Sale" notice went up today too as well as an energy certificate for the house.

Playing with my monthly partner but at Farnham for a change (we are both  members so should make use of it!).  Vee hosted the Improvers at YHBC too but only 2 tables, still part of the Festive season though.

Tonight was a disaster for us, mainly good things by the Ops but we didn't hep ourselves either.....

The Highs and Lows:

Hand 2:   Partner went off here but I think we are in the right contract but strong defence and possibly making use of the  suit rather than the s?

Hand 4:   Ops did what they should here, nobody else did!

Hand 6:   We talked about this hand a lot, I won the A and then played the J - in my mind, I cannot possibly want to retain the lead and am asking partner to overtake and play a .  Partner didn't agree and felt I should play a low which she wins and then plays a anyway through lack of any alternative.  Frustrating!

Hand 10:   Cannot blame partner here, the finesse works and most did it but if it fails the contract crashes down.

Hand 11:   I open 3 here (our system), if I don't, we will get a re-bid from partner of 2NT which I then raise

Hand 12:   A tough contract here and I played well (at last!!!) - I took the finesse and it failed to the Q.  I then played my J on the next attempt and no flicker from North and I stopped for ages to ponder the values in each hand and eventually crashed the K with the A, phew!!!  I was also tested with a low in the play from which I got right too

Hand 13:   Ops did what they should here, nobody else did!

Hand 14:   A massive hand, a massive mis-fit and a terrible bid by me!  I couldn't picture the hand not being good enough, sorry partner.

Hand 15:   Ops did what they should (less than really as game could have been bid!) but not many others did as well!!!

Hand 27:   I think partner should open 2 here (despite being in 4th seat), the singleton K isn't worth a whole K here in my view.  Even so, 4 is not unreasonable on almost any other trump split!

Playing in the first of the CBC Teams series tomorrow.

2nd January 2018

NICKO (Round 2):

Playing with Nick and Colin & David.  We are Camberley "B" and match 32 on round 2 on the link above.

An hours drive to Beaconsfield and we met Nick there (who came on his way back from Manchester).

This is a Knockout event (National Inter Club Knock Out) so a win by 1 or 100 is the same, for what it is worth we lost 52-74 but had chances!  We were 3 down at half time and some big swings in 2nd half but the Grand bid by Ops was too much for us.

We used pre-dealt hands and have the hands HERE

Ops were all really nice and friendly and was really good to play the match with them, I love this level of bridge!  We wished them well for the next round(s) and genuinely meant it too.

As CBC, we wish Jane Green and her team well for their progress in the Plate (they have a tough first match against Basingstoke A).

First Half:

Hand 6:   4 is on and we bid it, Ops bid 4 and this only goes 1 off, we cannot win here but bid 5 and were doubled.  -13

Hand 7:   Ops can make 5 here but we sacrifice in 4 doubled 1 off.  +10

Hand 10:   We didn't bid game here, we must as it is teams!  -10

Hand 11:   We defeat 3NT (by 2) and team mates make theirs!  +11

Second Half:

Hand 14:   Partner plays really well here to make 12 tricks in 3NT, team mates defeat their Ops 3NT!!! +11

Hand 15:   We missed game here.  -6

Hand 17:   Partner plays really well here to make 11 tricks in 3NT, team mates defeat their Ops 3NT!!! +11

Hand 19:   We need to be in a 4-3 major fit here, Ops were but we go 1 off in 3NT.  -13

Hand 23:   We are in 3NT +4, Ops are in 7NT!!!! -17

Hand 24:   We go 1 off in 6 (I bid it as knew we had messed up the previous hand, I really shouldn't have), Ops make 3NT+2.  -11

Decided not to play badminton tonight and playing at Farnham tomorrow night.

1st January 2018

New Years Day:

A day of getting ready for the new year and seeing friends - saw my bridge partner for a coffee and catch-up and then more friends for games, cheese and nibbles (all games were fun and I won 2 and 2nd in the other 2, Vee won 1 too!).

Have had to extend my holiday as have a NICKO match at 2pm tomorrow then Badminton in the evening if I am up to it!

31st December 2017

New Years Eve:

A day seeing family and my step-sisters new house today (dropping off pressies too)

A bit of shopping and chores but a relaxing day and watched a few films too

Some analysis of yesterday's hands via email with a few people too, interesting comments, good to learn some insight

As we are now in 2018, may I wish all my readers a wonderful 2018 filled with joy, laughter and happy bridge playing!!!




The Bridge Player's Prayer

Author: Unknown

Lord, grant me a partner who won't trump my Aces.

Deliver me from short suits and cards without faces.

Grant me finesses that work as I've planned,

And just once today, please, a nice Grand Slam hand.

30th December 2017

EBU Year End Swiss Teams:

Playing with a team (YHBC players) in the EBU End of Year Swiss Teams.

Our Team Score Cards


Pairs Ranking (X-Imps)

Alan drove us all and we made good time and arrived quite early.  Good job really as it took forever to get a coffee!!!

A tough field here and 77 Teams, we don't get off to the best start (despite our Opps having a man short and had to get a stand-in for our match!!!!  They went on to win the whole event too though we never found out if the original player turned up or not).

7 matches of 7 boards and we lost all 3 before the break, the food must have energised us though as we won the next 3!!!  The last match was tough though, but we had the chance to win it, just didn't take it!

In the end, we all enjoyed the day and I think we all did more good stuff than bad!

Match Summary:

Match 1 (Lost 5-15):

Hand 1:   (View Hand) Team mates didn't bid game

Hand 6:   (View Hand) We were in a part score making, Team mates defeated an ambitious 3NT

Hand 7:   (View Hand) Partner bid 3 with a terrible hand, unfortunately I had a nice hand, so we got too far, should have doubled their 4 - disaster!

Match 2 (Lost 3-17):

Hand 11:   (View Hand) Team mates were too ambitious here.....

Match 3 (Lost 7-13):

Hand 21:   (View Hand) A reasonable contract but Team mates had tough Opps here (Mike Bell) and didn't make it

Match 4 (Won 13-7):

Hand 22:   (View Hand) We defended well here and Team mates made a part score for a double plus

Hand 24:   (View Hand) Still cannot understand why partner didn't support my s here so I raised to 6 after his 5 bid - odd but a blip

Hand 26:   (View Hand) Both pairs defeat Opps contracts here!

Hand 28:   (View Hand) Team mates bid the slam, our Opps bailed out (in an odd way too!)

Match 5 (Won 11-9):

Hand 32:   (View Hand) An amazing bid by partner which was doubled and made!!!

Hand 33:   (View Hand) It seems 5s is a good sacrifice and we didn't do it

Match 6 (Won 17-3):

Hand 36:   (View Hand) Team mates bid the slam and our Opps didn't

Hand 40:   (View Hand) We made our part score as team mates defeated an ambitious game

Hand 41:   (View Hand) I think partner should double here rather than bid 1NT - we had best defence against us too

Hand 42:   (View Hand) Opps open 3 after 2 passes and I have 19HCP, I double and it is passed out - a nice 1100, good pass partner!

Match 7 (Lost 6-14):

Hand 43:   (View Hand) We messed up the defence here and let a game through

Hand 44:   (View Hand) We both defeat Opps contracts here!

Hand 45:   (View Hand) We stayed in 1NT which partner played very well and team mates defeat an ambitious game

Hand 47:   (View Hand) We missed game here, but I bid my hand twice as it was - perhaps I should just go for it in teams though

A more relaxed day tomorrow and a quiet New Years just us at home with a few bottles of bubbly!

29th December 2017
29th December 2017

Nieces Wedding:

Wow!!!!!   What a lovely day today!!!

A relaxing morning and then get dressed up as my Niece got married!!!

Amy is the eldest of my Nieces and Nephews at 26 (makes me feel so old!!!) and she has a little girl (Scarlet, my Great Niece!!!) and has now married Andy.

They have been together a while but waited until they had a house and were settled, the whole family came today and we have a large family.

A wonderful church in Basingstoke and the Vicar was really friendly and made everyone feel at ease, though it was a bit cold!

The first service I have been to where the Vicar used an iPad rather than a book too!!!

An emotional service and the weather turned nice too (raining all morning then bright sunshine for the service and after!)

My Dad catered for the wedding but left his team in charge and enjoyed the day with us, he gave Amy away too - he was so proud.

Good food, great company and a lovely party - all the young kids were good and danced for most of the night.

Was really good to catch up with my Aunt's and Uncles and cousins and friends (mostly scattered over the country now) and even though I was driving, the time flew and was just the best day.

So pleased for them both and the whole family came together and welcomed Andy's family too

The drink flowed but nobody got too silly and no incidents - I am off to London for th EBU End of Season Teams tomorrow.

28th December 2017


Playing with a regular partner in a regular club session.

Another full day (we make the most of the time off!) - car in for minor repairs at 08:30 then errands then lunch then a friend comes to fix our outside lights and then dinner and out to bridge!

Not our finest effort again tonight but enjoyable with a few mishaps!

The Highs and Lows:

Hand 1:   We set-up a  trick here but didn't take it, would have been a good board had we done so

Hand 4:   Passed round to my flat 10 count and I pass, a good pass!

Hand 7:   I bid 2NT over Ops 1NT (meant as the unusual) partner didn't think it was and a useful discussion ensued - better if I pass anyway as it happens!

Hand 10:   Ops stopped in the right contract, well done Ops!

Hand 11:   Why didn't I pass here, 2NT would have been a great score!!!

Hand 15:   Letting partner double 6 would have been much better here, sorry partner

Hand 19:   Correct contract, wrong cards!!!  Partner could have done a little better but the 3 pairs allowed to make 4 meant we couldn't get a good score here

Hand 20:   Ops made a false sacrifice here, unlucky Ops

Hand 21:   We stopped low here and made what we should

Hand 23:   We defended well here and Ops didn't finesse my J though she nearly did!

No bridge tomorrow as am at my Nieces wedding!

27th December 2017

Day Off:

A nice day for me, Vee went to his Mums and I went with one of our lodgers to see Star Wars!!!

A big Star Wars fan and I loved it, well made film and worth watching.  Our lodger works at the Cinema so we got in for free but still cost £18 for food for us both!!!

Went to B&Q for the 4th time recently to get another new light for outside and hopefully the last one!!!  A friend is coming tomorrow to fix it (hopefully!).

Played games tonight and won 2 out of 3 games which was nice.

A day of finishing off lots of jobs and getting my car re-gassed for the Air-Con and a few minor bits done then Bridge at CBC tomorrow night!!!

26th December 2017

Boxing Day!:

A lovely day again today.........

We go to M&S for the sales and buy new shirts and some food then walk to my Dads at Noon

Nice to catch up with the family (more today!) and dinner at 1pm (Roast Beef) - pudding and cheese board later

Home by 6:30pm to relax with films and a nice bottle of Merlot, lovely!

25th December 2017

Christmas Day!:

A lovely day today.........

We wake up at a reasonable time (for the 2nd time for Vee who fed the cats at 6am!) then relax with breakfast.

Then a bottle of champagne and pressies when our lodgers surface (11am!!!) and walk to my Dads at Noon

Nice to catch up with the family and dinner at 4pm, absolutely stuffed but in a good way!

Home by 6:30pm to relax with films and more champagne, lovely!

24th December 2017


Another full day today as we see family and collect the car from our friends and spend longer than planned with my niece and great niece!!!

House chores and cooking a pre-Christmas meal for us and our lodgers

A night on the sofa now with films and champagne !

For those that appreciate reminders, tomorrow is Christmas Day!!!!

23rd December 2017


A little bit of shopping today (mainly to get ready for a Christmas meal we are doing at home for our lodgers Christmas Eve but also some new clothes and pressies for a friend).

We go and see John for an hour today and embarrass him with a gift or 2 and have a nice chat - then relax for a bit before heading over to friends.

A night of chat, drinks and nibbles and a few party games then walk home at 01:30 (very late for Vee!!!)

A lovely day and evening, off to my Dad's for a coffee and then a roast for the "family" in the evening - then Santa will be preparing himself for a long night (think he must stay up later than I do!!!)

22nd December 2017


Playing with a regular partner in a regular club session.

Unfortunately, there was an error with the Council for the Hall booking (we had booked it!!!) - a good turn out tonight too, shame.

I went to a friends to play board games instead - lost in a close game but was good fun.  I won a small secondary game after though (by 2 points!!!)

Seeing John again tomorrow to drop off his card and sort out a few IT things for him then drinks and nibbles at our friends in the evening

22nd December 2017 (Afternoon)


Playing with a friend in a regular club session.

A busy morning at home and also picked up my new glasses!!!  I then pick up John and then Dorothy and on to CBC

We had a lovely time this afternoon and got on well.  John played exceptionally well and was not too critical of my blunders

The Highs and Lows:

Hand 3:   We actually defended this very well but Ops didn't go up to 5 like others did

Hand 5:   Partner was the only one to bid after my 1 opener, it didn't turn out well this time but I don't see anything wrong with the bidding and was just unlucky

Hand 9:   Great passing partner!!!!  Unlucky for Ops here but thank you!!!

Hand 12:   I felt at the time that Ops had done us out of our contract but not much on our way so this turned out to be a good score - I still think Ops bid well here

Hand 17:   How many times do you get dealt 7NT in your own hand (as the 's split that is)?  Well, here is one hand where you do!!!

Hand 18:   Ops are in the right contract but I helped by covering the Q, I must play low and wait here, sorry partner

Hand 20:   Partner shines here, really good play to make 8 tricks here getting the s right and the s!

Playing again at YHBC tonight

21st December 2017


Playing with a regular partner in a regular club session.

A day of finishing the house (mainly our lodgers friend doing the work but another B&Q trip for me!) - Vee is now finished for Christmas too so we met a friend for coffee and then home to relax.

Vee played tonight too and did really well, so pleased for him and Val, well done both!

Not our finest night, mainly the Ops doing well against us but our declaring was only average too, still, it's nice to play with Barbara and quite comfortable which is always good, will be better next week!

The Highs and Lows:

Hand 1:   Ambitious Ops but they were having a good night, just not this hand

Hand 2:   We were in the right contract here, slam is almost impossible to bid and nobody did

Hand 3:   I needed to switch to a &h