Spade Yateley & Hawley BC Club
Berks & Bucks Sim Pairs
Wednesday 19th Results
A Results page has been added to our normal calendar, click above or the BB Sims entry in the calendar
The Commentary should be live from Friday 21st or available HERE
Well done to Barbara & John, currently are top pair!
Convention Cards
A Blank EBU Convention Card and an example Benji Convention Card are available to you to download, amend and print - Click either below:
Blank Card Example Benji

The venue is - The Memorial Hall, Fernhill Road, Hawley, GU17 9BW

(for directions please click here)

The evenings are - Wednesdays and Fridays starting at 7:20pm

We normally run duplicate sessions using computer generated hands.

Printouts of hand records are available after play and the website

shows the results, scores and hands in detail.


If you are held up on the way to bridge, just ring and let us know so that we can reserve a table for you (This will only be switched on from approx 6:45 to 7:45 pm on club nights)