Spade Yateley & Hawley BC Club
Scam Warning

Just had a telephone call from A supposedly Police Sergeant advising me that they have a couple of people under arrest and are checking on them as these suspects have our names. I was asked if I was in possession of all my credit cards. The caller said he was a DS from Hammersmith and gave his shoulder badge number. When I asked to be able to contact Hammersmith to check him he started going on about the 101 telephone service. He just went on so long and it was all too smooth and I called him a snake oil merchant. He did not bite to this - by saying he was insulted/offended -  and just urged me to call 101.
I did, but on a different phone. This time the real police advised me that it was a scam. Apparently if you use the same phone the scammer has not cleared the line and you will be put through to another scammer.
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3rd Blue Pointed Swiss Pairs jointly run by CBC and YHBC

6th May 2019 starting at 1pm - 6 matches of 6 boards.

Click HERE to register and HERE for the Flyer

Convention Cards
A Blank EBU Convention Card and an example Benji Convention Card are available to you to download, amend and print - Click either below:
Blank Card Example Benji


The venue is - The Memorial Hall, Fernhill Road, Hawley, GU17 9BW

(for directions please click here)

The evenings are - Wednesdays and Fridays starting at 7:20pm

We normally run duplicate sessions using computer generated hands.

Printouts of hand records are available after play and the website

shows the results, scores and hands in detail.


If you are held up on the way to bridge, just ring and let us know so that we can reserve a table for you (This will only be switched on from approx 6:45 to 7:45 pm on club nights)