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Wed 20th Dec 2017
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Festive Break - No Bridge
Fri 29th Dec 2017
Festive Break - No Bridge
Wed 3rd Jan 2018
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Main - Waller Bowl Qualifier
Fri 15th Dec 2017
Main - Beryl Doughty Rnd 09
Wed 13th Dec 2017
Improvers Group
Wed 13th Dec 2017
B&B Committee Cup Qualifier (Teams) - COMMCUP
Fri 8th Dec 2017
Ruby Anniversary XMas Party - 7pm to 11,30pm
Wed 6th Dec 2017
Main - Surrey Sim Pairs
Wed 6th Dec 2017
Weds 6th: Surrey Sim Pairs - Dorin Salver
Bridge Diary Welcome

Hi and welcome to my Bridge Diary.

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I am Ian Lewis and I am an addict!  This is not a traditional Diary, I am aiming this more at keeping a track of events and hands played.

With certain hands, it is often interesting to see how tricks can be made and what is a good sacrifice and what is not, I will share my experiences in the hope that they help others.

I will also aim to share the events I have played in and the events I am looking forward to.

A brief bit about me:

Born in 1977 in Frimley, Surrey.  Am an Accountant by trade and now work with data (analysis, reporting, model design).  I play bridge at 2 local clubs (YHBC and Camberley) and am often found in various county events (largely Surrey).

Each committee meets around 4 times a year and has additional ongoing work to keep the websites fresh and working.

I host the Improvers group with my partner Vivek (known as Vee) at YHBC on a Wednesday evening.  This is my favourite aspect of Bridge, helping others to improve and enjoy the game and we currently have an excellent group who have amazing personalities, all supremely friendly and sociable and are all improving week after week.  The group is aimed at those who are new to bridge, new to duplicate, want a gentle session of playing cards for fun (with a competitive edge), looking to move to a serious club and need confidence or simply want to play regularly in a comfortable environment.

Within the Improvers Group, we offer assisted play, a hosting system (so anyone can attend without a partner and guarantee a game) and we look to arrange themed nights at least 6 times a year where the hands have been set to include 8 sets of a theme (such as transfers, slam bidding, 1NT and responses, weak 2s).  These nights have the hands written up and provided on the website after the session has been played to indicate possible bidding and play techniques.  I am also gathering quizzes to bring each Wednesday to occupy any sitting out pair (sometimes we have a 3 board sit out).

A brief bit about the structure of this Diary:

I will load a page per day (not every day!) so the title will simply be a date.

Dark Blue fonts and Purple Titles indicate a link you can click on (other than in this sentence!).

I hope you enjoy this diary, I will try and keep it up to date as often as possible - do let me know if you have an interesting article, a hand you want displayed, an event you want advertised or any questions - e-mail me by clicking HERE

Many thanks,

Ian Lewis