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Congratulations to Alice O'Carroll and Peg O'Hagan on winning the Club's Pairs Championship. Runners-Up were newcomers Betty Lynch and Eileen Callan with Jane Hughes and Ann C. Daly in third.

Hill of Slane
Hill of Slane
40th Anniversary Celebrations
Our ever present members!
Our ever present members! Christine O'Gorman, Sheila Crehan and Christine Devaney have been members since the very beginning, pictured with President Rosalind Clarke
Nice to see Tom Walsh back with old friends
Long standing and loyal members Joe and Ann Daly enjoying the evening.
Patricia Donegan and Ann Meade enjoying the night!
President Rosalind Clarke, Ann Finegan and Phil McGrath
Alice O'Carroll and Ann C Daly dressed to finesse!
Eithne and Donal O'Boyle relaxing!
Michael Johnston, Deirdre Russell and Ita Mahon
Cait Moloy, Doreen Kimberley, Helena Coen and Lulu McEvoy talking about old times!
Kevin and Ann Moran looking very dapper!
Past members Joe and Connie Martin joined in the celebrations. Hopefully we'll see them back more regularly!
Sheila Crehan, Christine Devaney and Nora Walshe
Maura Hand, Joan Hanly and Eileen Hogan
John Gray and Mervyn Whaley scheming their next coup! Special guest Cathal McSherry also joined the party.  
Great to see Mary ffrench and Ita Flynn joining in the celebrations!
Special guests Cathal McSherry, Regional secretary, Kathleen McSherry and our hard working secretary, Tom O'Gorman sharing stories!
Christine O'Gorman, Brigid Healy and Joan Dunne on the girls night out!
Ann O'Driscoll, Imelda Kenny, Julia Farrell and Eithne O'Boyle
Breda and Tom Maloney enjoying the proceedings...
Anniversary Cake
Anniversary CakeYUM YUM! That cake is as good as 7NT redoubled!!!
And as for the Bridge, the results were...

Red Section:
1. Christine O'Gorman & Deirdre Russell 73.13%
2. Kathleen & Cathal McSherry 68.75%
3. Julia Farrell & Imelda Kenny 60.63%
4. Sheila Crehan & Christine Devaney 54.38%
5. Joan Dunne & Brigid Healy
6. Ann Moran & Nina Smyth
7. Michael Johnston & Kevin Moran
8= Connie & Joe Martin
8= Rosalind Clarke & Doreen Kimberley
10. Helena Coen & Lulu McEvoy
11. Breda & Tom Maloney
12. Ann Finegan & Phil McGrath

Yellow Section
1. Joan Hanly & Eileen Hogan 65.18%
2. Ann & Austin O'Driscoll 63.39%
3. Eithne & Donal O'Boyle 59.82%
4. Ann & Joe Daly 58.04%
5. Alice O'Carroll & Ann C Daly
6. John Gray & Mervyn Whaley
7. Cait Molloy & Jane Hughes
8. Maura Hand & Nora Walshe
9. Patricia Donegan & Ann Meade
10 Tom O'Gorman & Tom Walsh
11. Ann Craven & Ita Mahon

...... but who cared! It was a FANTASTIC night!!