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Masterpoints from events at Pinner Bridge Club are uploaded to the EBU at the end of each session, and processed by the EBU every week or so.

Getting Copies of the Hands

Did you know?

You can obtain a copy of each set of hands from the Results->Hands link.

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Welcome to Pinner Bridge Club
Welcome to Pinner Bridge Club

We are a thriving and successful Bridge Club situated in the picturesque and historic village of Pinner in North West London. The club was established in 1936 and we have members at all levels. Some are beginners, while other of our members have succeeded at the very highest levels in National Competitions. Some prefer a quiet Club night with their friends, while others seek the more competitive competitions run by Middlesex and the surrounding counties.
The Club runs Duplicate, Rubber Bridge, Bridge Lessons and Gentle Duplicate sessions.
Visitors and new members are always welcome.

We operate a host system every evening, so you can turn up without a partner, and are guaranteed a game.

Please aim to be seated by 7:20pm for a prompt start at 7:30pm for all evening games.

Affiliated to the English Bridge Union - EBU Number 204859

Tel: 020 8866 3166 (There is no one normally at the club outside game and lesson times)

Click for a google streetview Photo of Club

Welcome to Pinner Bridge Club
Last updated : 7th Apr 2018 12:10 BST
Bridge Lessons

There are regular bridge classes at Pinner Club for Beginners and Improvers (Click the Bridge Classes Link)

The next Intermediate class starts in July 2018

  • Thursday 2:00-4:00pm Pinner Bridge Club, 103 Marsh Road, Pinner HA5 5PA 
  • Thursday 7:30-9:30pm St John's Church, Hallowell Road, Northwood HA6 1DN (Near Green Lane)  £10 per person per lesson.

The next Beginners' Class starts in 2019 (Date: To Be Announced)

  • Thursday 2:00-4:00pm Pinner Bridge Club, 103 Marsh Road, Pinner HA5 5PA 
  • Thursday 7:30-9:30pm St John's Church, Hallowell Road, Northwood HA6 1DN (Near Green Lane)

The complete way for beginners to learn bridge using the Bridge For All scheme from the English Bridge Union. No experience needed.

£10 per person per lesson. The book that accompanies this course – Beginning Bridge is £25.

If you already know some bridge, you can join in, part way through the course.

Click on the Lessons link for more details.

Contact Tony Staw for more information 020 8868 7205

Last updated : 16th Jun 2018 14:59 BST
Defence problem
You start by leading AK, partner and declarer following to both tricks.
What do you play at trick 3?

There are no more diamonds so anything you lead can be ruffed by declarer.  However you have a trump holding that may provide a trick, if declarer has to overruff high, thereby promoting a trick for your J.  If you lead Q, your partner may decide not to ruff your winner, so lead 10.  This is better than leading a low diamond, as there is a chance your partner has no trumps.

Last updated : 25th Aug 2015 15:08 BST
Declarer Play Problem

West leads A, then K against your contract of 4. East discards a club on the 2nd spade. West then leads a 3rd spade. What do you play from dummy?

Apart from the spades you have just one club loser.  Although you can ruff the 3rd spade in dummy, the problem if you have no high trumps, so East will just overruff, and you will lose 4 tricks.  Instead of ruffing, the winning play is to discard a club loser from dummy - a "loser on loser" play.  Another way of think about this is that you are "transfering the ruff" from spades to clubs.  East will ruff the 3rd spade (or declarer will win Q). After drawing trumps, you can later ruff a club in dummy.

Last updated : 25th Aug 2015 15:08 BST
Pinner Bridge Club's Website

Welcome to our club.  Our website uses bridgewebs, which gives us a professional looking website, and one which is part of an international grouping of Bridge sites.

Our bridge results, with hand records as scored by ScoreBridge with Bridgemates are on this site.

If there are any improvements you'd like to see.  Please contact Tony Staw for comments or requests for the website.

Every now and then I come across a bridge problem that I think others would find interesting, so I try and put this on the website.  If you have come across a bridge problem you would like to share with others, please contact Tony to add it to this website.

Pinner Bridge Club's Website
Last updated : 10th Feb 2014 12:33 GMT
Christmas / New Year Closure 2018/2019
Christmas / New Year Closure 2018/2019

There will be no bridge at the club on


Monday December 24th

Tuesday December 25th

Wednesday December 26th


Monday December 31st

Tuesday January 1st 2019

Rubber bridge may go ahead on Tuesday January 1st if there is sufficient interest.

Play it Again

Have you tried the "Play it Again" Option? 

Click on your results and choose the Bridge Solver Online option  [BS Online] to analyze all lines of play in any contract.  Alternatively you can analyse the hands with other programs if you have other bridge software installed. The latest version now has a "Results Analysis" button.  Click here for more information.

Where Can I Park?
You can park in many of the side roads off of Eastcote Road, such as Meadow Road, Holwell Place, Ashridge Gardens or on Grove Avenue.  You may be able to find parking on any of the roads marked in pink below.
If you have a disabled blue badges you can park in Eastcote Road providing you are not causing an obstruction.
Members who can’t walk from the available parking areas should arrange to be dropped of and picked up at the club door.  Please do not use this drop-off area for parking. 
Please note that you can park in any Residents-Only Area, or single-yellow line area in Zone A, except between 11 am and 12 noon.  Click here for a map of Zone A.


December Teams
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Director: Lewis Selby
Ladies and Gents Pairs
Director: Clive Backhouse
16th Jan 2019
EBU Winter Simultaneous Pairs
27th Jan 2019
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