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Unit Events

These are special events run by the Unit.

Solomon Teams

The Solomon Teams is an extended team event sponsored by Unit 141 that runs throughout the entire year. Any team can enter and play in A, B, or C divisions depending on your team's masterpoint level. However, the Solomon Teams has been put on indefinite hiatus due to lack of interest.

Last updated : 22nd Dec 2015 09:17 CST
Unit Wide Games

Unit 141 sponsors both Unit Wide and Unit Championship Games throughout the year. Here is the schedule for 2015

Please encourage your local club to host these events. There are significant masterpoint bonus awards for pairs that finish high across the entire Unit. The Unit Wide Game Coordinator is Elaine Weintraub. For more information contact Elaine at elaineweintraub@verizon.net.


Note:  All Unit Wide Games are on hold pending status resolution by the ACBL.


Last updated : 1st Apr 2016 12:17 CDT
Jordan and Gough Trophies

Jordan and Gough Trophies

Each year Unit 141 gives an award to the player from Unit 141 who accumulates the 
most masterpoints in all of the six sectionals put on by the Unit for the calendar year.  
The award is presented in two categories and the players must be a resident in the Unit 
at the time they play in a sectional.

Jordan Trophy  -  The Jordan Trophy is presented to the player in the Unit who 
accumulates the most masterpoints in the unit sectionals while a resident in the unit.
Gough Trophy.  

Gough Trophy  -  is presented to the non-life master with who 
started the year with under 500 masterpoints.

The top three winners in each category will receive:
First place 10 free plays at any Unit 141 Sectional during the following year.
Second place 6 free plays at any Unit 141 Sectional during the following yesr.
Third place 3 free plays at ant Unit 141 Sectional during the following year.

Final Standings for play during 2016:

Jordan Trophy (Open):  Unit 141 Jordan-Gough standings FINAL 2016 Open.pdf

Gough Trophy (NLM)Unit 141 Jordan-Gough standings FINAL 2016 Non-LM.pdf





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