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Good Bridge Etiquette means to greet opponents

Praise both partner & opponents (well played)

Do not criticize  (good try)

Do not make gratuitous comments.

(if I had bid this or led that)

Dont gloat (we got 100%)

Finally speak politely to your partner,opponents & the Director

Enjoy your Game


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New Bridge Magazine

A New Bridge Magazine

This free, online magazine has just published its first issue.
Ron Tacchi (in charge of layout) along with contributors, David Bird, Alan Mould, Larry Cohen, Alex Adamson & Harry Smith, Sally Brock, Julian Pottage, Liz McGowan and Kit Woolsey will deliver a feast of bridge every month.

To receive it  - go to and register.

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MBA Council 2016 - 2017
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Joan Consiglio    email:

                         Tel No. 21 374973  Mob.9987 1285

Vice President

Albert Sacco             email:

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Carol Zammit Briffa         email:

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                                MaryRose Grima     email:

                                Tel.No. 21 417651     Mob:  7920 0557

Graham Penney

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Anna Vella  


                         Mob:   7925 2054

Rosanne Zammit           email:

                                    Tel. No. 21332375   Mob. 9945 5195

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Past Presidents