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Garden Cities Regional Final  10/5/2014
The City of Lincoln qualify for National Final
1st Coventry - 92 VP (Qualify)
2nd Lincoln - 90 VP (Qualify)
3rd Cambridge - 89 VP
4th Bedford - 69 VP
5th Hemel Hempstead - 67 VP
6th Ipswich - 61 VP
7th Kettering - 50 VP
8th Chelmsford - 42 VP
With Lincoln sitting in 3rd place at the interval, they needed to beat Cambridge by18-2 VP to swap places and take a place at the final - well done to them all!
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19th Jan 2015 10:45 GMT
Allcomers Duplicate Pairs

 The Allcomers Duplicate Pairs was held, yesterday, at Dunholme. Sixteen pairs entered the competition which was played in a very relaxed atmosphere. All the pairs enjoyed the Competition and the new entrants to County events were happy with the introduction.

   We managed to make the event an "all play all" event in order to make it a completely fair event. Thirty boards were played in total. In third place was Paul Steeper and Vic Llewellyn, scoring 57.38%. Runners-up were Guy Grainger and Daphne Ward with 59.05%. Winners of the Competition were Alan Millington and Maolong Ke with a good score of 61.43%.

   Thank you to all of those members  that turned up to play. It was enjoyed by all and, hopefully, they will tell all other County members that this kind of event is well worth supporting. I hope that the County Committee will support more of this type of event. It should be possible to arrange another Allcomers Pairs in the near future. Come along and find out what you are missing. 

Annual Calendar

Over the weekend I have had a couple of enquiries about the 2014-2015 County Calendar and whether it is ready , or not.

As you will be aware, the attendance at the 2014 AGM did not reach 30 people. This meant that the meeting was not quorate. It had to be held over three weeks later, as an EGM. As a result of this my proposed Calendar for 2014-2015 was ratified nearly a month late. Furthermore, my computer knowledge is extremely limited. I have tried to update the 2013-2014 poster set but have failed dismally. I am told that I need to know about something called PDFs, which is foreign to me. However, I know a man that can. I am going to see him this week. If everything goes well I hope that the Poster set for 2014-2015 will be updated some time this week.

The man who can, could, and the posters are now available for download from the menu bar on the left (under Calendar . . .Calendar and Poster Set 2014-2015) or by clicking here. smiley

  I can tell you that the first event of the season will be the Random Seeded Pairs. It will be held at Dunholme Village Hall on Sunday, September 14th at 1.30 p.m. This event pairs stronger players with weaker players and is run as a Teams event. The pairing is done by random draw. As a result, pre-entry is essential so let me have your entry asap and try to bring another pair with you. It is an ideal event for those wanting to be introduced to County events. Thanks, Glynn.



Any News or Views?
  I am always keen to know about either your views about Bridge in the County or if you have any news to publicise to the other members of the County. If you have then give me a call on 01652654872 or send me an e-mail at

   It is always nice to know what you, the member, thinks about what we are doing, or probably not doing, for you. For example, where should we be thinking of playing our County events from 2014? Should we stay at Dunholme? Should we play at Scunthorpe? Will the new facilities at the City of Loincoln Club be such that we could hold events there? Let me know your thoughts or have a chat with your Club representative. We need your views so that we can try and improve things for you. Glynn.
Bainton Trophy Qualifiers

   At the moment I am aware of six heats that have been held for the Bainton Trophy. They are Market Rasen with 13 pairs, Louth attracting 22 pairs and Scunthorpe with 28 pairs. The latest heat was at Horncastle with 7 pairs. Now we have City of Lincoln with another 20 pairs. Boston Club has recently held their heat, attracting 31 pairs.

   The pairs that I know will be playing in the semi-final at Dunholme in January are

Mike Llewellyn and Glynn Elwick

Alan and Drene Brown

Roy Hughes and Keith Stewart

Dave Caldow and Chris Taylor

David and Carol Hall

Maurice Ladlow and Mo Parsons

Phil Harland and Sue Barraclough

Mike Wilkins and Wanda Katowska



Debbie Burton and Sally Moore

Malcolm and Coral Earney

Guy Grainger and Ben Smith

Carol Rushforth and Dennis Mellor

Alan Millington and Chris Phillips

Mike Hirst and Harry Coates

John Hill and Maurice Lynn

Brian Smith and Ron Wall

Bill Parsons and Mark Wardell

Gerry and John Petherick

Nick Hunter and Ruby Schnalke

Martin Sizer and Helen Dunning

Mary-Jo Mangion and Reg Loosely

Lindy Mastenbroek and Lesley Parker

Paul Wokes and John Brockleshurst

Richard Grant and Rita Knaggs

Keith Swain and Phil Boyd











Bainton Trophy Semi-Final

The Semi-final of the Bainton Trophy was held yesterday (18/01/2015) at Dunholme Village Hall. A total of 22 pairs took part and qualifiers can be found in the results section. The event was well run and directed by Helen Barr and all the players contributed to an enjoyable afternoon. The Final of this event will take place on Sunday February 28th at Dunholme Village Hall. If any pair that have qualified find that they cannot play in the Final then would they let me know as soon as possible, please. My telephone number is 01652654872. The qualifiers are the first seven pairs in the N/S direction and the first seven pairs in the E/W diorection.

County Pairs League Heat 3

    The third heat of the County Pairs League took place on Sunday December 7th at Dunholme. The event attracted eight pairs and an all play all event was organised. Butler scoring was used.The event was very enjoyable. In equal second place came Maurice Ladlow and Mo Parsons tied with Phillip Harland and Sue Barraclough. They scored 10 IMPs. The winners were Chris Phillips and Alan Millington, scoring 20 IMPs. Thank you to those players that entered the event. I hope that more members will make an effort to play in the remaining heats.

County Pairs League Standings

  After the first three heats of the County Pairs League the current standings are :-

1= Maureen Parsons       +37  +18  +10       65

1= Maurice Ladlow           +37 +18  +10       65

3= Chris Phillips                +15         +20       35

3= Alan Millington              +15          +20      35

5= Andrew Green             +42    +9   -19       32

5= John Longmuir             +42    +9    -19      32

7= Pete Stackhouse                     +18             18

7= Glynn Elwick                            +18   0        18

9= Margaret McCarthy      +9                             9

9= Phil Harland                             -1      10         9

9= Sue Barraclough                       -1     10          9

12= Harry Coates                           13    -14        -1

12= Mike Hirst                                 13     -14      -1

14= Alan Marshall           -13                              -13

14= Tony Waine              -13                             -13

16= Nick Hunter             -28            21      -12    -19

16= Ruby Schnalke        -28           21        -12    -19

18 Keith Stewart                            -21                 -21

19= Paul Wokes            -21           -13         5      -29

19= John Brocklehust    -21           -13        5      -29

21 Roger Shelley             9            -44               -35

22 Megan Williams        -39                                 -39

23 Mike Llewellyn         -39            -21          0    -60

  Remember, thew best six scores count for the overall winner so that there is still all to play for.



















County Pairs League

  The second heat of the County Pairs League was held yesterday, 26/10/2014, at Dunholme. Nine pairs took part, one more pair than the first heat. Thank you to all the players that attended. After a close competition equal runners-up were Maurice Ladlow and Mo Parsons along with Pete Stackhouse and Glynn Elwick. Both pairs scored +18 IMPs. Winners of the second heat were Nick Hunter and Ruby Schnalke. They finished with +21 IMPs. Congratulations to them and hopefully we can continue to attract more players to future events.

County Swiss Teams


   Sixteen teams turned up at Scunthorpe Bridge Club yesterday (02/11/2014) in he County Swiss Teams. After a hard fought, but enjoyable, afternoon the outcome was that two teams tied for the runners-up spot. With a score of 75 V.Ps came Brian Smith/Ron Wall/Mo Parsons/Maurice Ladlow and Nick Hunter/Ruby Schnalke/Andrew Green/John Longmuir. The winners were Debbie Burton/ John Gaunt/ Pete Stackhouse/ Glynn Elwick. They scored a commenable 95 V.Ps. In fact, after five of the six rounds they were more than 20 V.Ps in front of the second placed team.

   An excellent buffet tea was served and every team managed to win at least one match so everybody went home with some masterpoints, as well. The event was well directed by Helen Barr. Overall the event was a success and thank you to all of the members that attended. If you did not play this year then make sure that you enter next year. Remember that the next competitions are the Vincent and Sidney Vincent Trophies and look out for your Club Bainton Trophy heat. That should be coming along shortly.

Ghost Pairs

  The Ghost Pairs event was held last Sunday (30/11/2014) at Dunholme. The attendance was 7 tables and an enjoyable afternoon was had by the players. The competition provided comfortable winners in both directions.

   The winners of the North-South event was Roy Hughes and Keith Stewart with a score of 162 IMPs. Runners-up were Maurice Ladlow and Mo Parsons with 143 IMPs. The East -West competition was won by Nick Hunter and Ruby Schnalke, scoring 120 IMPs. Second came Reg and Margaret Shelley, scoring 89 IMPs.

      Thank you to all those players that took part. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Married and Mixed Pairs

  Eight pairs turned up last Sunday (21/12/2014) to contest the County Married and Mixed Pairs. A very close competition resulted in a tie for first place. Ron and Judy Wall tied with David and Carol Hall. The split tie was just as close. The score after the split was 16-14 in favour of Ron and Judy, so they are now the County Married Pairs Champions. They scored 56.67%. Hard luck to David and Carol.

    The Mixed Pairs Champions are John Gaunt and Debbie Burton, with a score of 54.29%. Thank you to all those that entered and, hopefully, you will continue to support us in 2015.

Random Seeded Pairs

The first event of the season was held on 14/9/2014 at Dunholme. It was the Random Seeded Pairs. The competition was won by David and Carol Hall teamed with Tony and Hiary Swann. They had a score of 70 IMPs. Runners-up were Mike Llewellyn and Megan Williams teamed with Guy Grainger and Brenda Begley, scoring 62 IMPs. In third place were Alan Marshall and Tony Waine together with Deidre Fell and Gertie Eley, scoring 44 IMPs. Congratulations to these pairs and thank you to all the other pairs that took part. Without your support we cannot make a success of these competitions.

     The next event follows on very soon. This Sunday is the first heat of the County Pairs League. Remember, this is a series of 8 Heats throughout the season. To qualify for the overall Championship you must play in at least 6 of the Heats with your best 6 scores counting for the overall title. Prizes will be awarded for each of the heats as well as prizes for the overall result. You do not need to have the same partner for each of the Heats. Please support this new event. We start this Sunday, 21/9/2014 at Dunholme at 1.30 p.m. Table fee is £5 per player.

   Thank you to Helen Barr for Directing the event.


Talk at Scunthorpe Bridge Club

Scunthorpe Bridge Club has arranged a talk by Michael Byrne. This will be held on Wednesday, February 25th, starting at 1.30 p.m. The theme of the talk will be Duplicate Pairs Tactics. The event will last for about two and a half hours and will include prepared examples to practice with. There will also be a question and answer session during the afternoon.  Attendance will be by ticket only.

  The cost of a ticket will be £6 or £10 for non-members. Cost will include light refreshments. All County members are invited to attend and for further information get in touch with me or any Committee member at Scunthorpe Club.

Vincent and Sidney Vincent Trophies

     The Vincent and Sidney Vincent events were held on Sunday November 16th. at Dunholme. In total 16 pairs took part in the competitions, 11 in the Gents and 5 in the Ladies. This meant that it was run as an all play all Howell movement. each pair playing a total of 30 boards. In the Mens competition, the Sidney Vincent Trophy, the convincing winners were Andrew Green and John Longmuir with a score of 63.57%. Runners-up came Phil Harland and Roger Shelley, scoring 59.93%. Third place went to Harry Coates and Mike Hirst with 56.52%.

      In the Ladies competition, for the Vincent Trophy, the winners were Brenda Begley and Emer Ward scoring 53.52% and second came Mo Parsons and Drene Brown with 53.4%. Thank you to all those that played in the Competitions. Hopefully you will play in the next County event which is the Ghost Pairs and will be held on Sunday November 30th ay Dunholme Village Hall at 1.30 p.m. Pre-entry is not required.



EBU Competitions
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There is still a lot of work to do to move the old County data over to this website.

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22nd Jan 2015
League Hunter v Hughes
Scorer: Victor Llewellyn
18th Jan 2015
Bainton Semi-Final
Director: Helen Barr
13th Jan 2015
Lincs Gold Elwick v Wall
Scorer: Victor Llewellyn
1st Feb 2015
County Pairs League Heat 4
Dunholme 13:30
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