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The next Lancashire competition is the Madeleine Berney Trophy at 1:30pm on Sunday May 4th at Brierfield BC. £19 per player incl meal. Entries to: Alan Crabtree, 6 Scott Park Road, Burnley BB11 4JN Tel:01282 420009

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Lancashire Website

This is now the main Lancashire Website which will be updated with the latest information.

The lancsbridge.co.uk website will still be available to view the old content - click here to see

Lancashire has a bridge club in most of its major towns. Several have a host system so you can always get a game . You will find contact details and the times the club plays on the Clubs page though its sensible to check before attending a new club. IFor newcomers to bridge there are clubs with beginners and intermediate classes listed on the club pages. You will find details of forthcoming competitions and results and on line entry forms for Lancashire competitions. If your club is not affiliated you may become a direct member of the EBU This entitles you to play in all Lancashire competitions, be eligible for Lancashire Teams, and gives you an invitation to all Lancashire Council Meetings

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Recent Updates
County Matches
21st Apr 2014 12:06 BST
LCBA Knockouts
12th Apr 2014 17:05 BST
12th Apr 2014 17:01 BST
Camrose at Manchester - BBO Operators Needed!

The second weekend of the Camrose competition will take place in Manchester on 7th to 9th March 2014.


Park Inn, Cheetham Hill Road, Manchester, M4 4EW

Spectators are very welcome to attend. There will be a vugraph theatre for which there is no entry fee.

There will be 6 BBO commentaries available for home viewing and the Organisers are looking for BBO operators to help in this regard.

The job requires coverage of a stanza (2 hours 10mins) with basic keyboard typing entry following the bidding/play. Tthere will be a short training session on the Friday.

Would anyone interested contact myself (jasmith@nildram.co.uk) for further details.

Fylde League

The winners if the Fylde League 2013-4 are:

Div 1   Preston

Div 2   Poulton A

Div 3  Bolton C

Div 4 Bolton D

Full details available on the Fylde League Site at    http://www.fylde-league.co.uk/

Hector Barker Pivot Teams

There were 11 teams at Southport for the annual Hector Barker Pivot Teams. Winners were Dave Debbage,Andrew Woodcock, Andrew & Veronica Petrie, second Jackie Pye, Jeff Smith, Bernard & Rhona Goldenfield, third Bill & Liz Wattleworth, Anthony Butler.  Full results to follow.

LCBA Newcomers Pairs Cancelled

Sadly we have to cancel the LCBA Newcomers Pairs on 15 March 2014 due to lack of support. Catherine Draper hopes that we will be able to re-arrange later in the year.

LCBA Teams-of- 8 16 Feb 2014

There were 7 teams in the annual Teams of 8 held at Bury BC on 16 Feb 2014. The winners were Bolton B (Austin Barnes-Jeff Smith, Mike Nicholson-Des King, Alan Whittam-Paul Evans, Stuart Norris-Rod Greenhalgh) with Preston second and Southport third. Full Details on the Result page. Bolton B will represent Lancashire County in the Regional Final at Bradford on the 10th May 2014.

LCBA Teams of 4

The LCBA Teams of 4 Competition has now reached the semifinal stage with:

Hepworth v Woodcock

Loveridge v Draper


LCBA Championship Pairs 2 Feb 2014

The LCBA Championship pairs had 35 pairs at Blackburn BC. Winners of the Main Final were John Brearley & Ross Shine, Second Austin Barnes & Stuart Norris tied with Clive & Barbara Henderson, Fourth were Paul and Lyn Hepworth. These four pairs will go on to represent Lancashire in he 2014 Corwen Trophy. Winners of the Consolation Final were Nick & Sue Woodcock, runners up Bob Loveridge & Helen Montgomery. Full details on the Results page.

LCBA Butler Pairs 25 Jan 2014

There were 10 tables in the LCBA Butler Pairs at Lytham BC. Winners were Dave Debbage & Andrew Woodcock, Second Peter Richmond & Roger Allison, Third Mike Tomlinson & Nick Sutcliffe. Full details in the Results Section.

Preston Blue Pointed Teams 12 Jan 2014

There were 11 teams at the Preston Blue Pointed Teams event at Preston BC. Winners were Jeff Smith & Jackie Pye, Alan & Kath Nelson on 131 VPs, second were Don Hilton & Dagmar Fazackerley, Brian Ripley & Kenneth Renno on 121 VPs, third were Stuart Clarke & Ewart Evans, Nick & Susan Woodcock on 114 VPs. Full results available on the Preston Bridge Club WebSite at   http://prestonbridgeclub.co.uk/

Tollemache 24/25 Nov 2013

Lancashire's team finished a creditable 4th in their 9 team Tollemache Qualifier Group at Daventry this weekend winning 4 matches and narrowly losing 3 matches. The team was Austin Barnes & Stuart Norris, Jeff Smith & Andrew Petrie, Paul Hepworth & Rick Bentley and Nick & Sue Woodcock. The full Group results can be found on the EBU Website.http://www.ebu.co.uk/documents/results-data/2013/tollemache/GroupC.htm

Lytham Rose Bowl 9 Dec 2013

There were 10.5 Table at the  Lytham Rosebowl at Lytham Bridge Club. Winners were Andrew Woodcock and Catherine Draper. Refreshments were excellent and the tournament was run efficiently by Dave Stevenson. The final results were:

os No Players Match
Tops Score
1 10
Andrew Woodcock & Catherine Draper
448.43 720 62.28 90
2 16
John Dearing & Anne Burgess
429.66 720 59.68 81
3 17
Bernard Goldenfield & Rhona Goldenfield
398.24 720 55.31 72
4 22
Ross Shine & John Brearley
396.35 720 55.05 63
5 9
Jeff Smith & Jackie Pye
395.67 720 54.95 54
6 6
Barrie Newall & Julia Newall
390.67 720 54.26 45
7 2
David Olliver & Ian Kane
383.86 720 53.31 36 1
8 1
Paul Evans & Alan Whittam
383.77 720 53.30 27
9 21
Andrew Petrie & Veronica Petrie
379.66 720 52.73 18
10 12
Peter Allison & John Attree
377.78 720 52.47 9
11 15
Brian Ripley & Kenneth Renno
370.68 720 51.48
12 4
Kate May & Judith Solomon
343.35 720 47.69
13 19
David W Briggs & Yvonne Dickinson
340.34 720 47.27
14 5
Julia Dearing & Godric Dearing
336.43 720 46.73
15 3
Bill Wattleworth & Liz Wattleworth
335.99 720 46.67
16 13
Cath Ashworth & John Ashworth
323.33 720 44.91
17 18
David Pendlebury & Judy Brearley
316.00 720 43.89
18 7
Sheila Judd & Christine Booth
310.35 720 43.10
19 8
Michael Tomlinson & Brian Irlam
306.11 720 42.52
20 20
Hettie Sutton & Glen Oliver
305.98 720 42.50
21 14
Duncan Ault & Diane Ault
287.35 720 39.91
Pendle Witch Pairs 10 Nov 2013

There were 16 Tables at the Pendle Witch Pairs held at Brierfield on 10th November. Overall winners were Jeff Smith and Jackie Pye also winning both sessions, 2nd was Tracy Capal and Paddy Murphy. As usual the food was excellent, and Paul Hepworth ran the event efficiently despite a late problem in the final scoring.

Middle expert group winners: Mildred Newman and Margaret Tott
Middle expert 2nd Place: Diane and Duncan Ault
Non-expert group winners: Judy Solomon and Sheila Judd
Non-expert 2nd Place: Mike Scarffe and Roy Jameson
1st session winners: Wynn Sutherland and Irene Bowers
2nd session winners: Tony and Rosemary Price

Full results available on Brierfield Website at http://www.bridgewebs.com/brierfield/

LCBA Congress 26/27 Oct 2013

There were 18 Tables at the LCBA Swiss Pairs and 14 Tables at the LCBA Swiss Teams at the 2013 LCBA Congress. The Pairs was won by Peter Radley/Angela Booth on a split tie with Sheila Shea/Wynn Williams with Stuart Clarke/Sue Woodcock finishing third. The Teams was won by Austin Barnes/Rod Greenhalgh, Stuart Norris/Des King, with Stuart Clarke/Sue Woodcock, Bill Wattleworth/Anthony Butler second. See full details on the Results page.


Northern Bridge League 2013

The NBL Annual Meeting was held on Thursday 24 October at Bradford BC at 11am. The County entry for a team was decreased from £75 to £50. The player entry was increased from £10 to £12. There were no other major changes in the conduct of the League. Minutes of the meeting are available on the Northern Bridge League website.

The NBL final match was played on 12 October 2013. The Lancashire A team finished 2nd (of 5 teams), the B teams finished 1st (of 8 teams) and the C team were 5th (of 7 teams). Congratulations to the successful B Team pool of Mike Tomlinson, Ewart Evans, Stuart Clarke, Bill Carr, John Morrell, Marianne Farr, Richard Bentley, Paul Hepworth, Dagmar Fazackerley, Don Hilton, Nick Sutcliffe, Andrew Lum, John Brearley, Ross Shine, Brian Ripley, Barrie Newall, Alan Whittam, Paul Evans. A team will be chosen to represent the B Team in the English County Final next year.

Further details available on the NBL site at http://www.manchesterbridge.org.uk/NBL/index.html

LCBA Mixed Pairs 22 Sep 2013

Bernard & Rhona Goldenfield won the LCBA Mixed Pairs held at Bolton BC on 22 September, Gillian McMullan & Roger Hopton were second and Barrie & Julia Newall tied with Andrew Petrie & Catherine Draper in third place. There were 9 tables at the event. See Results page for the full details.

27th April 2014
Preece Rosebowl
BBC 1.00
Entry Form now available - click on More Info
Director: Gareth Thomas
Scorer: Gareth Thomas
 Click for more information
2nd May 2014
Lady Connell/Chesh Salver Finals
LBC 7.30
3rd May 2014
EBU Schapiro Spring Foursomes
4th May 2014
EBU Schapiro Spring Foursomes
4th May 2014
LCBA Swiss Pairs (Madeline Berney)
Brierfield BC
19 per player incl meal. Entries to: Alan Crabtree, 6 Scott Park Road, Burnley BB11 4JN Tel:01282 420009
5th May 2014
EBU Schapiro Spring Foursomes
6th May 2014
EBU Schapiro Spring Foursomes
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