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HIWCBA Event On The Day Contact Number : 07305 077991.

Having trouble getting to today's/tomorrow's HIWCBA event (eg traffic or illness)? Then please phone us on 07305 077991. Thank you.

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HIWCBA and other events nearby

16th/17th March 2019 Hampshire Congress - Otterbourne near Winchester - Green Points - Enter Now To Avoid Disappointment

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. You may also wish to enter Christmas, January and February events as follows :

(See link & calendar for dates) : Pottage Cup Heats
3rd-7th December Chidwick Cup (HIWCBA simultaeneous run in clubs during the week - open to all - Clubs please register your intent to hold a heat now)
16th December HIWCBA YuleTide Mini Swiss Teams Competition Entry
13th January Mid Winter Teams Competition Entry
27th January Candlestick Swiss Pairs Competition Entry
17th February Valentine Teams Competition Entry

Alternatively are you interested in teaching and/or learning bridge - then try Seminars / Learn / Teach Bridge
If you are new and nervous about entering tournaments then try one of the HIWCBA events in Romsey - we are always friendly. 

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Wessex / Bloxsom Congratulations


Congratulations to Tim Smith, Lilias Lamont, Mike Fithyan & Mike Kinsey (top picture) winners of the wessex/bloxsom teams event on 2nd December. They win the Wessex trophy. Congratulations also to Bob McRobert, Chris Kinloch, Geoff Oldfield & Peter Crouch (bottom picture) who were second and winners of the Bloxsom trophy. The event was run as a multiple teams and standings were not available until near the end. Team Smith & Team McRobert were playing each other in the last round and with 4 (and then 5) of the last round of 6 boards  scored for that match team smith were just 1vp ahead and Tim/Lilias could see that their last score was not good. Fortunately for them though, Mike F and Mike K managed to bring home 4S on board 12 to increase their winning margin and secure victory. A good event enjoyed by all and well directed by Keith Bennett.

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Rosemary Spencer

It is with sadness that we have to announce the death of Rosemary Spencer. She will be sadly missed. Obituary to follow.

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Tollemache Qualifier Result

The HIWCBA tollemache team of Jeremy Dhondy,Andy Hughes,Sonia Zakrzewski,Gareth Birdsall, Jeremy Baker,Guy Lawrenson,Steve Preston,Dave Huggett, Adam Dunn and Graham Allan competed in Group A of  the 2018-19 Tollemache qualifier on the weekend of 17th-18th November and almost qualified in a hard qualifying group. With two teams qualifying they were in the pack competing fiercely for the second qualifying spot, eventually missing out by 3vps.

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Jubilee Congratulations and Tollemache Hopes

Congratulations to Jeremy Dhondy & Jeremy Baker, Jason Frost & Fred Hotchen, Clare & Ian Fearon, John Folkes & Tony Page – winners of the Jubilee Cup for teams of 8 on Sunday 11th November because they scored the most victory points even though  Guy Lawrenson & Christine Bradley, Richard Vessey & Claire Hillyard,Janet Smith & John Gardner Mike Jackson & Michael Yeo (2nd overall) won all their matches and therefore accumulated the most masterpoints. Of course it wouldn't be the Jubilee Cup without a scoring issue! But the director, Mike Kinsey, says he has now put in the missing scores and generated the correct results.

This was enough to put Jeremy Dhondy into the lead of the derek gibbins victor ludorum.

The next HIWCBA adventure is competing in the Tollemache (National inter county teams of 8) Qualifier and good luck to the selected team of Jeremy Dhondy,Andy Hughes,Sonia Zakrzewski,Gareth Birdsall, Jeremy Baker,Guy Lawrenson,Steve Preston,Dave Huggett, Adam Dunn and Graham Allan who are competing in that event on the 17th/18th November.

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Simple System Congratulations

Congratulations to Phil Johnston & Robert Hills of Meon Bridge Club - the winners of the simple systems pairs in clubs between 29th October and the 2nd November. Full results here.  112 pairs took part - 4 more than last year - obviously an enjoyable event that people return to. The event has raised nearly £200 for Air Ambulance.

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Nearby Non HIWCBA Event News 27/28 October

The weekend of 27th/28th October was not a HIWCBA event weekend, but there were teams events in/nearby Hampshire on both days. Petersfield Bridge Club held its blue point swiss teams event on Saturday 27th with victory for HIWCBA members Steve Preston, Richard Ray & Christine Ray playing with Miles Cowling (Dorset) with Peter Crouch, Geoff Oldfield, Bob McRobert(all HIWCBA)  & Arun Suri (Surrey) second.  On Sunday 28th some HIWCBA members  travelled to the Dorset Flemmich Cup teams event  and  the all HIWCBA team of Roger Johnson & Michael Gwilliam, John Jones & Adrian Fontes  triumphed, beating the  combined HIWCBA/Dorset team of Philippa Bateman & Lesley Lewis,Tim Dunsby & Robin Wright. Congratulations to all who won and all who did well

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HIWCBA Members In Gold Cup Final

Last weekend saw two HIWCBA members - Peter Crouch & Jeremy Dhondy - who had both competed in the first HIWCBA event of the season (the candover teams),  shun the second (the HIWCBA Mixed and married pairs at Crosfield hall - see below)  in order to compete in the BGB Gold Cup finals - with the equivalent result to our own candover teams result. i.e. Peter's team triumphed over Jeremy's team  who were runners up. Congratulations and well done to both. Hopefully this will inspire more HIWCBA teams to enter the competition - although in practice some dont get very far!

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Mixed and Married Pairs


Congratulations to Madeline Lawson & Mahmood Nurmohamed (above left) winners of the mixed and married pairs in a busy Romsey on 14th October (Lots of cars in the car park and lots of enjoyable bridge in the crosfield hall).  Richard & Christine Ray (above right), retained the married pairs trophy for the third year in a row although only 4th on the day with Angela Clark & Rob Paton and Jenny Ashby & Rick Assad also ahead of them.

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Candover Congratulations - 2018-2019 HIWCBA Season Up And Running
Candover Congratulations - 2018-2019 HIWCBA Season Up And Running

The 2018-2109 HIWCBA season is now upon us and has has started with an exciting, well directed  Candover Teams (full results here), in 'Danish' teams format which worked flawlessly and resulted in the top four teams being within 5 Vps of each other with one match to go. Team Cowling (Miles Cowling & Bob McRobert, Peter Crouch & Geoff Oldfield) triumphed, beating Team Lamont by more than Team Dhondy beat Team Baker. Congratulations to all and especially the director Mike Kinsey who somehow also managed to play in the event.
The winning team were not photographed at the event but some 2017-18 trophies were presented at tea - see above.
All county league and knockout competitions have been drawn and all HIWCBA events up until the end of 2018 can be entered now (as highlighted above) The first Dave Huggett seminar takes place on the 30th September - these seminars are always enjoyed by all who attend - so dont miss out.  The next HIWCBA pairs event in Romsey - the mixed and married pairs - is coming up on the 14th October. The HIWCBA simple systems competitions in clubs also occurs at the end of october - clubs please confirm when you wish to hold a heat

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2107-2018 Season Final Review

Congratulations to all HIWCBA members who achieved success in 2017-2018. This includes all HIWCBA trophy winners, plus remember:

The Petersfield team of 8 (Steve Preston,James Clark, Mike Fithyan,Tony Truluck,Gabriel Hearst,Mike Kinsey, Lilias Lamont,Andrew Doye) reached the final of the Garden Cities trophy.
The HIWCBA Tollemache team (Jeremy Dhondy,Andy Hughes,Sonia Zakrzewski,Gareth Birdsall, Jeremy Baker,Guy Lawrenson,Steve Preston,Dave Huggett, Adam Dunn and Graham Allan) reached the Tollemarche Final. 
and in other ebu reported  events since June:
Andy Hughes's Crockfords Team reached the Crockords final, although the team seemed to miss Andy's leadership in the final.
Andy Hughes & Jeremy Dhondy finished 7th in the EBU summer meeting main pairs event.
Bill Taylor was part of the winning team in the riviera congress.
and any others the webmaster has unintentionally missed/forgotten.


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Webmaster policy

From June 2016 webmaster policy is to highlight names of primary HIWCBA members with public NGS grades & report on their notable achievements in HIWCBA events, national events & neighbouring county events, in addition to reporting HIWCBA  events & major HIWCBA club events & news.

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Sun 16th December 2018
Yuletide Swiss Teams
Crosfield Hall Romsey 2pm
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Thu 20th December 2018
Pottage Heat
Swanmore Bridge Club
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Tue 8th January 2019
Pottage Heat
Newbury Bridge Club
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Sun 13th January 2019
Mid-Winter Swiss Teams
Crosfield Hall Romsey 2pm
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Mon 14th January 2019
Pottage Heat
Newport (IOW) Bridge Club
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Fri 25th January 2019
Pottage Heat
Basingstoke Bridge Club
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