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Unit 230 - 2017 Fiddlehead Winners

2017 Helen Shanbrom - Ace of Clubs Winners


0-5   Steve Turner

300-500   Andrew Perry

1500-2500   Helen MacDonald

2500-3500   Mike Wood

3500-5000   George Colter



2017 Mini McKenney Winners


0-5   Steve Turner

1500-2500   Helen MacDonald

3500-5000   George Colter


The Fiddlehead Bridge Studio Inc.

April 20th, 2017

800 St. Mary’s Road, Fredericton NB

Annual General Meeting Minutes




1.0 Call to Order

President called the meeting to order at 12:02 and welcomed all in attendance. Ed remarked about the huge turnout and expressed his thanks for everyone coming.


  1. Approval of a Quorum

The By Laws require 10 members in attendance to establish a quorum. There was well in excess of 10 members so the AGM is able to proceed.


3.0 Approval of Agenda

The following items were added under New Business:

  • Grand Opening

  • Donation/Sale of Art Work

  • Chair Rails

  • Sound System

  • Longest Day Participation

  • Horizon Grant Application

  • Waxing of Floors (discussed under Facility Report)

  • Free Play for Sharon Couples

It was moved by George Mitchell and seconded by Paul Currie that the agenda be approved with the above additions. Motion Carried.




4. Approval of September 22nd, 2016 Minutes

The membership agreed that reading the minutes of the last AGM was not necessary. It was moved by George Mitchell and seconded by Mary Cotter that the minutes of September 22nd, 2016 be approved as distributed. Motion Carried.


5. President’s Report

The President reported on the year’s activities of the Fiddlehead Bridge Club. He thanked, the Board, the Manager and the membership for their efforts and support over the past year Ed moved the adoption of his report seconded by Bruce Hoyt. Motion Carried.


6. Treasurer’s Report

Dave Halliday provided a synopsis of the financial position of the Fiddlehead Bridge Club. We are in a healthy enough position that the Board of Directors has made the motion not to increase any fees for the 2017-18 year. We have a 5 year lease at a fixed cost of 1500 per month which includes heat and light. Dave moved the adoption of his report seconded by George Mitchell. Motion Carried.




7. Manager’s Report

As Sharon Cupples is out of the country and therefore not in attendance, Ed read her report. It was moved by Marg Routledge and seconded by Chris Charles that Sharon be given a huge vote of thanks from the membership for all her efforts since she took on the role of Manager. Motion Carried Ed moved the adoption of her report, seconded by Mary Baird. Motion Carried


8.Committee Reports

  1. Education: Ed reviewed the activities that took place over the last year. Sharon Cupples and Ed will be working together to set up beginner lessons in the fall and seminars for the membership. A questionnaire will be distributed through the website to determine the wants and needs of members for these seminars which will be held beginning in the fall as well. Mike Wood asked whether Director Training was within the purview of this committee. It had not been in the past, but Ed agreed that it should be added. Ed moved the adoption of his report, seconded by Carol Airst. Motion Carried.

  2. Facility Committee: Sharon reviewed the responsibilities of the committee and thanked Cindy Gallagher for taking the lead on this committee and Florence and Paul Currie for taking over while Cindy was down south. The Facility Committee will be taking on the additional responsibility of looking after the floor and were charged with obtaining estimates for periodic waxing. Sharon stressed the need for volunteers to look after start-up and clean-up for games. Sharon moved the adoption of her report seconded by Mary Anne Coates. Motion Carried.

  3. Membership: Sharon reported that there were 141 paid memberships a 15% increase over 2016. Sharon was asked to continue the practice of checking the names participating in each of the games and notifying Sharon C if non-members have reached their 2 game limit at the $5.00 rate.

  4. Non-Duplicate Games: Judy Wood reported for Anne who was not able to attend. Attendance was minimal so was discontinued after a few weeks. Judy moved the adoption of the report, seconded by Alice Manzer. Motion Carried

Ed/Sharon C.





Sharon N/Cindy Gallagher



Sharon N

9. Old/Unfinished Business

There was none


10. New Business

  1. Special Games: Members have been asking for special games, but someone needs to organize them. Ed asked for volunteers to work on a committee with the Manager to organize a series of special games. George Mitchell, Mike Wood and Carol Airst (until Nov. 1) will work with Sharon Cupples.

  2. Start Times for Tuesday Games – The Board has moved the evening games start time to 6:30 as this was a consensus of those playing Tuesday night. However there is no consensus for Tuesday Morning. The Board is recommending that the game end in 3 hour with a start time of 9:30.. There was much discussion. Chris Charles suggested a compromise of 9:15 which will be taken back to the Board.

  3. Grand Opening- Sharon Nussey has volunteered to head a committee to organize this event and asked for 3 volunteers to work with her. Mary Ritchie, Mary Anne Coates and Marie Griffiths will form the Committee. The event will be held either the 3rd or 4th Thursday in May with the Club Championship being the game in the afternoon.

  4. Donation of Art – Joyce Dalton has donated 5 pen and ink original stipple artwork pictures to the club. She has several prints of each which she will make available for sale to club members with the proceeds donated to the club. The membership gratefully accepted this offer.

  5. Chair Rails- To protect the walls from scrapping chairs, Mike Whelton has suggested Chair Rails be put on the walls. He has volunteers to purchase the materials and put them up. The BOD has authorized this purchase.

  6. Sound System- Marg Routledge reported on the estimated costs for a sound system for the club – with taxes in $862.50. George Mitchell volunteered to pay this cost. Andrew Perry second the offer. Carried

  7. Longest Day – The BOD is recommending we participate in this event for Alzheimers provided we can donate the proceeds to a Canadian entity. Sharon Nussey will investigate along with the Manager to see if we can participate and what is involved.

  8. Horizon Grant – The BOD would like the committee (Helen MacDonald, Marie Griffiths, Sharon Nussey) to investigate other options for the club in addition to the card shuffler and report back to the BOD with its recommendations.

  9. Free Play for Manager - This suggestion will be brought back to the Board for further discussion.

Sharon C/ George/Mike Wood/Carol A.




Sharon N/Mary R/Mary Anne C./Marie G.




Sharon C/Mike Whelton

George M.

Sharon C/Sharon N



Sharon N



11. Adjournment

Mary Cotter moved the meeting be adjourned at 12:55 PM