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Congrat's to the following players that have achieved new milestones in the last month:

George Mitchell - Silver Life Master (1000MPs!)

Unit 230 - 2018 Leaders as of September 6th

2018 Helen Shanbrom - Ace of Clubs

0-5 Cathy Thompson

500-1000 Dave Halliday

2500-3500 Mike Wood

5000 - 7000 George Colter

7500 - 10000 Garnet DeMerchant


2018 Mini McKenney

0-5 Cathy Thompson

300-500 Andrew Perry

500-1000 George Mitchell

1500-2500 Helen MacDonald

5000 - 7000 George Colter

7500 - 10000 Garnet DeMerchant

News Page

This page has information and news of interest to the members. For a full list of forthcoming events, see "Calendar" on the menu and for a list of results see "Results".

Request a Partner

If you are a visitor please email out partnership chair

If you are a member looking for a full time partner, please post this on our bulletin board

If you are looking for a temporary partner please follow the instructions below;

After you have completed your password re-set via your email, you can now request a partner:

1. Go to Fiddlehead Bridge Studio site (via Google or however you have the site saved)

2. Type in your email address and password. 

3. Select the "membership" tab from the menu on the left side. This will take you to the request partner page.

4. Check your email box and check the date for which you request a partner THEN HIT "CONFIRM". 

5. This will automatically place your name etc as requesting a partner, on the "request a partner" page.

6. If someone contacts you to play, go back into the membership page and de-select your request by un-checking the box and then click "CONFIRM".

7. Before you request a partner, go to the membership page and see if someone is already looking for a partner for that day


Last updated : 31st Jan 2017 07:39 EST
See who needs a partner

On the home page:

Go to "calendar" and it will show you who needs a partner for the entire month, or at least for all of the scheduled games within the month, once the game director schedule is updated.


Last updated : 7th Mar 2017 02:34 EST
Scoring mistakes

Before anyone hesitates to notify the Director of scoring mistakes please note that errors in score entries at the table or errors that appear on the website should be pointed out to the Director once varified by both pairs involved. This is important because the smallest of errors may influence the standings of other pairs in the game. Because we use bridgemates, scoring errors usually take place at the table, so please check each entry made by north when you are asked to "accept" the score. If there is a mistake call the director immmediatly. If you are home and notice there has been a mistake in scoring, please notify the Director via email or phone. Please underrstand that the game computer remains at the club and Directors may not be returning to the club for several days to make the changes immediatly. What will happen is the necessary changes will take place at the earliest opportunity and proper game results will be sent into ACBL. Even though our plan is to do all of our game reporting on our Bridgeweb Site, all scores and master point winnings still go to ACBL at the end of the month. All of your ACBL masterpoint winnings, as well as all other ACBL information you extract from ACBL as a result of your ACBL membership will continue to be at your disposal as normal, on

If the Director has made a mistake posting scores, game results, etc, please allow them time to return to the Club and remedy whatever problem might exist.


Last updated : 21st Apr 2017 09:50 EDT
Tip of the Week

Insufficient Bid!

If you make an Insufficient bid, do not rush to change it. You have options and you also have restrictions. Call the Director and have him/her outline your options. The opponents do not have the option to tell you what to do.

Director Please!

Many players are hesitant to call the Director because they feel they are "ratting out" their opposition. The role of the Director is to ensure equity in the game. Please remember everyone in the room is, actually, playing everyone else in the room, so the Director has to ensure that there is no unfair advantage on any given hand that might benefit or penalize the other players in the room. Therefore, call the Director when there is any irregularity. BTW, the correct way to summon the Director is to put your hand in the air and say " director please".

Claims and Concessions:

If, as declarer, you can see that you will definitely win all the remaining tricks, or a definite number of the remaining tricks, please claim, but in doing so remember that you must make a statement as to how you will play the rest of the hand, and this must include a reference to how you will handle any trumps still held by the defenders (otherwise they can argue that you had forgotten they were still out). Equally, as defender, if it’s totally obvious that your side will win (or lose) the last, say, two or three tricks, please make a claim (or concession). Remember a claim is not a simple show of your hand and stating that you have the remainder of the tricks!

Be Aware

We all occasionally encounter situations where we are not sure what partner’s bidding means. There exists an added responsibility if that uncertainty arises from a convention you and your partner have agreed to play. In these situations, you should tell your opponents all you know. Sometimes, the director will even ask you or your partner to step away from the table so that the opponents can talk openly with the remaining player. The actively ethical player does everything possible in these situations to bring his opponents back to even terms to remove any possible disadvantage accruing to them from his side’s failure to have a complete conventional understanding.   


Ghost Busters.

If you notice any irregularity in your score the Director is the person to call. From the Director you will receive instructions on how the game score will be corrected, if that need be.

Last updated : 26th May 2017 04:23 EDT