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Welcome to Essex Contract Bridge Association
Children in Need Sims

321 Pairs   in   33 Essex Clubs

took part in the 2018 Children in Need Sims in which an amzing 9,218 Pairs in 555 clubs participated.


to all directors, scorers and players who donated their time and money for this worthy cause.

ECBA Competitions - Sue Taylor Teams

Congratulations to:

Chris Taylor & Sandy Riach, Marc Chawner & Paul Spencer

for winning the Sue Taylor Memorial Trophy


ECBA Competitions

         PLEASE BOOK NOW       

Charity Bridge Day on 4 December - call 01621 891546 or 07812-342438

ECBA Mixed Pairs on 9 December - Entry Form

Andy Robson Masterclass on 1 February in Lavenham, Suffolk

♠   ♣ 

ECBA Competitions

Fletcher Trophy

Mid Essex

Chris Taylor & Simon Moorman, Paul Mollison & Bernie Hunt, Richard Register & Robert Elliott, Marc Chawner & Paul Spencer

Cup for Clubs


Cath Fox & David Embleton, Les Woolard & Val Poter

Congratulations to the Winners

and a big   Thank you   to the Organisers, Directors and all the Players.

ECBA Competitions

Congratulations to:

Mike Graham & Ian Moss

for winning the Autumn Seniors


EBU Competitions

   ♠   ♠     EBU  AUTUMN  CONGRESS  ♠   ♠  

Congratulations to:

Paul Spencer & Marc Chawner, Robert Elliott & John Sutcliffe

for a very respectable 6th place in the Teams A Final, after winning in their qualifying section.

EBU Overseas

   ♠   ♠       N E W S    F R O M    CADIZ     ♠   ♠  

More than 20 players from Essex had a great time in Spain- with good results:

(players in top 25%)

Pre-Congress Pairs (42):

5th: Peter Oake & Simon Moorman

7th: Peter & Wendy Williamson

Swiss Pairs (74):

11th: Peter Oake & Simon Moorman

14th: Peter & Wendy Williamson

Ladies Pairs (24):

1st: Linda Fleet & Mary Homer   

Men's Pairs (10):

1st: Ted Latham & Bernie Hunt

2nd: Chris Taylor & David Wing  

Mixed Pairs (34):

8th: Peter Oake & Debbie Sandford

Pivot Teams (10 each section):

Red 1st: Team Kitchin (A Kitchin & M Harbour, L Fleet & M Homer)

Green 2nd: Team Oake (P Oake & S Moorman, D Sandford & GChadha)

Swiss Teams:

3rd: Team Sandford (D Sandford & G Chadha, P Oake & Simon Moorman)

4th=: Team Kitchin (A Kitchin & M Harbour, L Fleet & M Homer)

9th: Team Johnson (P Johnson & F Alexander, G Fosteer & C Scott)

  • Mary Homer & Linda Fleet
  • Bernie Hunt & Ted Latham
  • Team Sandford
Other Counties Competitions

   ♠   ♠     FELIXSTOWE CONGRESS  ♠   ♠  

Congratulations to:

Swiss Teams 4th=: R Register & R Elliott, G Ip & P Darby

Swiss Teams 6th:  C Chorley & P Murray, R Perryman & M Wren

Championship Pairs 3rd: Brian Davies & Annie Davies

Metropolitan Cup

   Results from the Metropolitan Cup

Essex A (10/10)     Essex B (2/9)    Essex C (6/9)

P Johnson & P Scotting (B) +58, P Mollison & B Hunt (B) +32, K Thompson & G Olliffe (C) +44, M & D Gilbert (C) +26

British Autumn Pairs SIMS

   ♠ ♠ ♠     SIMS  - 1st National   ♠ ♠ ♠  

Congratulations to Paul Spencer & Marc Chawner

(Thorpe Bay, with 74.24%)

♠   ♣ 

Essex/Herts Congress

An exciting weekend was had in Ware with overall Swiss Pair winners Andrew Conway & Steve Bush and Swiss Team winners Robert Kipling & Andrew Macnair and Peter & Dee Lindon.


Some good results for Essex players:

Swiss Pairs (74 pairs):

3rd: Marc Chawner & Paul Spencer

5th: Chris Megahey & John Sutcliffe

6th: Bernie Hunt & Ray Clarke

8th: George & Maureen Vede

Swiss Teams (31 Teams):

5th: Martin Smith & Sandy Riach, John Sutcliffe & Sandy Smith

7th: Paul Mollison & Bernie Hunt, Steve Cade-Bowyer & Val Mollison

Other Counties Competitions

yessmiley  Congratulations  smileyyes 

  Keith Thompson & Graham Olliffe won the Cup for the leading non-expert pair @ Bedfordshire CBS GP Swiss Pairs (9th overall place)

Warboys 2018


Marc Chawner & Paul Spencer (average 1.01 Imps per board)

Click heading (right) for Overall Leaderboard, click below for B-flight Leaderboard.

David Wing Charity 2018

heart  David Wing Charity Swiss Pairs   heart 

Chelmsford BC raised £531 for the Alzheimer’s Society, £481 on the night and an extra £50 raised by SWF Bridge Club.

a big  THANK YOU  to everybody who took part in this event.


Joint Winners: Roger & Jill Tattersfield, Pat Johnson & Paul Spencer


Eastern Counties League

     Third Game of the Season      

Essex played Herts home as follows:

A Team lost 9-11      B Team won 15-5      C Team lost 1-19

Butler Scoring

ECBA Leagues

      STOP PRESS     

The ECBA Leagues 2018-2019

EBU Competitions - Summer Festival

   yes   Congratulations   yes

Swiss Pair Championship (156 pairs)

28th: Tony Verran & Brian Gladman

Swiss Pairs (50 pairs)

5th: FGraham Beeton & Ray Clarke

Friday Open Pairs (34 pairs)

7th: Graham Beeton & Robert Elliott

Mixed Pivot Teams (65 Teams)

3rd=: Oake (P Oake, T Genthe, M Graham, I Moss)

3rd=: Hunt (B Hunt, P Mollison, V Mollison, S Cade-Bowyer)

24th: Ward (J Ward, C Fallon, L Fleet, C Fox)

Essex/Herts Swiss Teams

 A great turn out was had at the Essex/Herts Swiss Teams with 44 Teams playing.

Congratulations to:

4th place   -  Richard Register & Robert Elliott, Paul Spencer & Marc Chawner

8th place   -  Keith Thompson & Graham Olliffe, Alan Bryant & Geoff Webber

                    ( yes  winners of the non expert category  yes )


A big    THANK YOU    to the organisers and to everybody who played.

  smiley   We hope to see you all again in September - Teams Entry Form   smiley


Essex/Herts Swiss Pairs

A great turn out was had at the Essex/Herts Swiss Pairs with 108 Pairs playing.

Congratulations to:

3rd place   -  Stephanie & Laurie Burtt

5th place   -  Marc Chawner & Alan Cohen

18th place -  June Brown & Angela Fenton


A big    THANK YOU    to the organisers and to everybody who played.

  smiley   We hope to see you all again in September - Pairs Entry Form   smiley

ECBA Competitions - Summer Seniors

♠      ♣    

Congratulations to the Winners of the Summer Seniors

Alan Cohen & Dennis Johnson


EBU Competitions - Summer Festival - Pivot Teams

!!!   EXCITING NEWS   !!!

The EBU Summer Festival is coming to Barleylands!

Barleylands will be hosting the Mixed Pivot Teams event on Wednesday 15th August - 3:30pm (- 7:00pm).

£25.00 per team.

In this format each player plays with the other 3 team mates as a partnership - great fun and Blue Pointed.

Please book with Bernie Hunt directly.

EBU Competitions - Eastbourne Summer Seniors Congress

♠   ♣ 


to Graham Beeton & Ray Clarke for 6th place in the Championship Pairs.

 to Laurie and Stephanie Burtt for 7th place in the B-flight.

to Linda Fleet & Winnie Godber for 9th place in the Swiss Pairs.

to Pat Johnson, Peter Scotting, Graham Beeton & Ray Clarke for 5th place in the Swiss Teams.


Eastern Counties League

     Second Game of the Season      

Essex played Northants away as follows:

A Team won 11-9      B Team lost 3-17      C Team drew 10-10

Butler Scoring

ECBA Competitions - George Curtis

♠      ♣    

Congratulations to the Winners of the George Curtis

Peter Oake & Simon Moorman, Ian Moss & Frank Morrison


Senior European Championship


Congratulations to 

Alan Mayo

whose Senior Team came 8th in the European Championships in Ostend, Belgium and thus securing a place to respresent England in the World Championships in China next year.

EBU Competitions - Pachabo Trophy

Well done to Team Essex  (Marc Chawner, Peter Franklin, Richard Register, Robert Elliott) for a very respectable 7th (of 25) place in the Pachabo Cup.

ECBA Competitions - Club Pairs


C   ♦ B       P   I   S

Winner Pairs

♠    John McCoy & Alan Aylott   ♠ 


♣     Jon Ward & Carol Fallon   ♣  

Winners Club

    Mayflower Bridge Club (114.04)    


Congratulations to the Winners and  Thank You to all the Players for Taking Part in this Competition.

EBU Competitions - Corwen Trophy

     STOP PRESS     

92 pairs played over five sessions to win the coveted Corwen Trophy. 

The Essex Pairs finished in respectable places.

19 S Moorman & M Chawner  20 S Riach & J Lapszys  41 G Beeton & R Clarke  53 R Elliott & T Genthe


ECBA Competitions - Mixed Teams

♠      ♣    

Congratulations to the Winners of the Mixed Teams

Paul & Val Mollison, Bernie Hunt & Sheena Millins


  • Championship Pairs
  • Gwen Herga Ladies
  • Mayflower - Fletcher
  • Chelmsford - Club Teams
  • Mid Essex - Ray Cornell
  • Eve Goblets Ladies
  • Eve Goblets Men
  • Teams of Four
  • Switch Teams
  • Teams Plate
  • Club Pairs
  • Mixed Pairs
  • Mixed Teams
  • George Curtis Teams
  • Sue Taylor Memorial

The ECBA Committee would like to thank everyone who attended the AGM.


Eve Goblets 2017/18

Congratulations to the   ♠   EVE GOBLETS   ♠    Men & Ladies Winners:

Marc Chawner (56)


Pat Johnson (27.5)

Leagues - Winners 2017/18

                        ♥  CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL WINNING TEAMS  


Nailbiting suspense at the final match,ending in a 3 way tie of 57VP !!

1st Ultra Llama (Marc Chawner, Paul Spencer, Chris Taylor, Albert Kitchin)

2nd Hanley (Rick Hanley, Andre Gray, Graham Beeton, Ray Clarke, Mike Sherer)

3rd Barleylands (Peter Oake, Frank Morrison, Simon Moorman, Robert Elliott)


May & Baker (Jill & Roger Tattersfield, Alaric Cundy, Chris Megahey)


Hadleigh Castle (Geoff Webber, Alan Bryant, Linda Barker, Peter Bailey)


Waltham Foresters (Tony Verran, Stuart Dunstan, Andrew Barker, Phil Mattacks)

Eastern Counties League

     First Game of the Season      

Essex played Camb & Hunts home as follows:

A Team lost 5-15      B Team won 16-4      C Team won 15-5


(A constituent member of the English Bridge Union)

The ECBA was formed in 1946. We have around 2,100 members and 26 affiliated clubs. 

We now have 3 clubs that are amongst the 50 most active in the country. 



Essex Clubs - Upminster & Cranham Bridge CLub

yes  surprise  smiley

ECBA welcomes the new, EBU affiliated

Upminster & Cranham Bridge Club

Friday Evening session & Bridge Lessons

We wish Tony and Sue French every success with this new club.

ECBA Clubs - First Bridge Academy, Barleylands

A message from Bernie Hunt:

Barleylands runs Seminars on most Thursdays in Autumn.

8th November: no seminar

15th November: What's my rebid?  

22nd November:  Strong Opening Bids

29th November: Checkback Stayman 

These subjects are for everyone.

£8pp which includes the booklet on the subject.

Club News

     Extended Period    

Loughton Bridge Club is extending the trial for Friday Afternoon Sessions at Grange Farm to the End of December.  1.10pm for a 1.30pm start.  £3 per person, incl tea/coffee.  New members very welcome.

ECBA Clubs - Hutton BC

A message from Tony French:

Hutton’s new Play & Learn session starts from Monday 8th October at Hutton Community Centre - 13:00 - 16:00.

Up to 18 boards with hand records will be played and discrete questions may be asked of the session leaders, inexperienced players may refer to notes and although etiquette will be observed it will be fully explained. The club is ideal for any player undertaking lessons, any with limited experience, those just returning to the game or anyone looking to test new systems or partnerships. This is a highly social and friendly session looking to gently introduce players to our club and the scene at large, any player/s at any standard looking for a game on Monday afternoons are most welcome. The session will be scored manually but not EBU graded.

The club is hosted so there is no need for a partner, the session costs £2.50 for club members and £4 for others.


Club News

      SAVE THE DATE   

Wickham Bishops Bridge Day in aid of Yomelelani Trust on Tuesday 4 December.

Club News

♠    Learn to play Bridge in 14 weeks   ♣ 

Joan McGuffin, Fast Track  Bridge Classes, starting 8 October

for more information call 07842-245047/423763

EBU Master Points Lists - 2017

The annual lists showing Master Points gained in 2017, and ranks at the end of the year, have been published by the EBU.

A host of new reports showing master-point lists and promotions, enhancing the EBU reports, have been developed by your webmaster. Click here for reports.

The Competition Programme 2018-19 has now been emailed to Club Secretaries. Please note that the Programme may get out of date, so check the website Calendar and onward links for current information. 

County News

This column in the EBU magazine was discontinued at the end of 2017 as the majority of members were sourcing more up-to-date information from county websites and newsletters, and a survey of the readership indicated that other content should be given priority.  For County News Archive click here.  

Top Clubs

Based on the EBU's statistics for 1st April 2017 to 31st March 2018 we have 3 clubs amongst the 50 most active in the country. 

Play It Again (Sam)

Some Website users may be unaware of a wonderful new and updated Bridgewebs feature for reviewing your results. Go to "Results", and click on "Scorecards". Under each hand, there's a "Play It Again" button that's been around for a while. A new feature - the "Results Analysis" button - gives all sorts juicy statistics, including X-IMPs for teams events. It only applies where automated deal files have been uploaded. See the Help File for a full explanation. 

Sue Taylor Teams
Barleylands, CM11 2UD
Cup for Clubs
Anglo European School, Ingastone
Fletcher Trophy
Anglo European School, Ingastone
Autumn Seniors
Thornwood Common
Tue 4th Dec 2018
Bridge Day for Yomelelani Trust
St Bartholomew's Church Hall, Wickham Bishopa 10:30
 Click for more information
Sun 9th Dec 2018
Mixed Pairs
Barleylands, CM11 2UD 13:00
 Click for more information
Sun 16th Dec 2018
ECL v Suffolk (away)
Blackbourne Centre, Elmswell IP30 9UH 14:00
 Click for more information
Sun 6th Jan 2019
ECL v Beds (home)
Barleylands, CM11 2UD 13:00
 Click for more information