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Main - Beryl Doughty Cup 08 O24
Main - CIN Sims
Improvers Group IMP009
CIN Sims Consolidated
SCBA Swiss Teams (Blue Pointed)
Main M82
Wed 20th Nov 2019
Multiple Teams League 04
Fri 22nd Nov 2019
Wed 27th Nov 2019
Fri 29th Nov 2019
Wed 4th Dec 2019
Wed 4th Dec 2019
Main - Surrey Sims 4 table money
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Teaching Notes

A Library will be built up here from each Teaching Session (Starting Feb13).  Each section will be categorised and accesible by clicking on the topic heading

Latest Notes:

Responses to Suit Bids

Standard Leads:

Standard Leads Matrix

Defensive Notes:

Defensive Leads   Defensive Leads Continued

Discards & Signals Notes:

Common Sense Discards

Stayman Notes:

Stayman Notes   Stayman Handout

1NT & Responses Notes:

Opening 1NT   Responding to 1NT

Acol Bidding System:

Basic Acol System Diagram   Notes on Basic Acol

Suit Responses Notes:

Responses to Suit Bids