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A Brief History

The Dawes Trophy was presented by George Roland Dawes of Warwickshire for the Midland Counties Contract Bridge League. It was to be for a competition between seven shires - Derbyshire, Gloucestershire, Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire, Staffordshire, Warwickshire and Worcestershire. Currently Oxfordshire also play in the league, and in the past Lincolnshire, Northamptonshire and Yorkshire have sometimes participated. The first competition was played in the 1951-52 season. Unusually when the plinth was first engraved the winning County was shown against the year in which the early matches were played, perhaps because the intention was that the programme would normally be completed in one calendar year. It was not; but the pattern of engraving remained unchanged until 1994. In that year the 1993-94 season winners were engraved twice against both 1993 and 1994. Thereafter normal practice has prevailed. In the record below the winners are all listed by the season over which the matches were played.

Late in 1958 Counties participating in the Dawes League were asked their views re a league for county second teams - being told a trophy had been offered. Such a league was subsequently created for first competition in the 1959-60 season. This first competition was won by Warwickshire who went on to retain the title for 14 seasons until Nottinghamshire captured the trophy in the 1974-75 season. Throughout this period, and indeed until 1988, the competition was generally referred to as the Dawes League Second Division, and the trophy was widely believed to be a second 'Dawes Cup'. When Nottinghamshire won the division again in 1988 Eric Nunn chased after the Cup which had 'disappeared'. This was ultimately located in an attic in Warwickshire; and only on cleaning it did Eric discover that it had been donated by a Mr M A Porter, who had been a well-known Warwickshire player in the 1940s and 1950s. The history of the cup itself is quite interesting. It was originally donated in September 1936 by Maurice Porter for the Midland Counties Second Teams Competition (note no reference to Bridge). However Maurice Porter became a well known Warwickshire wartime/post war player. The assumption is that he purchased/gave the trophy in 1936 for a competition in some sport; but that competition never happened or failed and the cup was returned. Many years later, probably in 1958, the trophy was offered to us to be used as the Midland Counties Second Division Trophy. Eric's subsequent proposal that the trophy and competition should both be re-designated as thePorter Cup was adopted.

Third team unofficial/friendly matches started in 1990s. Initially not all Counties fielded a 3rd team but by the year 2000 six Counties were taking part and by the 2003/4 season all 8 of the Counties were doing so. The Markham Trophy was purchased by Leicestershire in 2001, in memory of Harold Markham. It was formally presented by his brother, Joe Markham, at the LCBA AGM in June of that year to Jim Tomlinson, who at the time was the Secretary of the Midland Counties League. It was agreed in 2001 that the Markham Trophy should become the third team trophy from the 2001-02 season and not be awarded retrospectively to leaders in previous years.

Winners of the Midland Counties League Trophies


Season Dawes Trophy Porter Cup Markham Trophy
2018/19 Leicestershire  Oxfordshire Warwickshire
2017/18 Warwickshire Oxfordshire Oxfordshire
2016/17 Warwickshire Warwickshire Gloucestershire
2015/16 Warwickshire Warwickshire Oxfordshire
2014/15 Oxfordshire Oxfordshire Warwickshire
2013/14 Worcestershire Warwickshire Warwickshire
2012/13 Derbyshire Worcestershire Warwickshire
2011/12 Oxfordshire Leicestershire Warwickshire
2010/11 Warwickshire Warwickshire Warwickshire
2009/10 Warwickshire Oxfordshire Derbyshire
2008/9 Gloucestershire Derbyshire Oxfordshire
2007/8 Gloucestershire  Oxfordshire Worcestershire
2006/7 Leicestershire  Oxfordshire Warwickshire
2005/6 Leicestershire  Derbyshire Worcestershire
2004/5 Leicestershire  Derbyshire Gloucestershire
2003/4 Gloucestershire Leicestershire  Oxfordshire
2002/3 Leicestershire  Oxfordshire Leicestershire
2001/2 Gloucestershire  Gloucestershire Gloucestershire
2000/1 Gloucestershire Gloucestershire (Nottinghamshire)
1999/2000 Gloucestershire Gloucestershire (Derbyshire)
1998/99 Gloucestershire Gloucestershire  
1997/98 Leicestershire Warwickshire  
1996/97 Warwickshire Leicestershire  
1995/96 Warwickshire Warwickshire  
1994/95 Derbyshire Gloucestershire  
1993/94 Warwickshire Gloucestershire  
1992/93 Gloucestershire Derbyshire  
1991/92 Leicestershire Warwickshire  
1990/91 Warwickshire Derbyshire  
1989/90 Derbyshire Derbyshire  
1988/89 Derbyshire Derbyshire  
1987/88 Leicestershire Nottinghamshire  
1986/87 Warwickshire Warwickshire  
1985/86 Warwickshire Leicestershire  
1984/85 Leicestershire Warwickshire  
1983/84 Leicestershire Derbyshire  
1982/83 Staffordshire Derbyshire  
1981/82 Nottinghamshire Warwickshire  
1980/81 Warwickshire Derbyshire  
1979/80 Warwickshire Derbyshire  
1978/79 Staffordshire Warwickshire  
1977/78 Warwickshire Derbyshire  
1976/77 Warwickshire (no clear record)  
1975/76 Warwickshire (no clear record)  
1974/75 Warwickshire Nottinghamshire  
1973/4 Warwickshire Warwickshire  
1972/73 Warwickshire Warwickshire  
1971/72 Warwickshire Warwickshire  
1970/71 Warwickshire Warwickshire  
1969/70 Warwickshire Warwickshire  
1968/69 Warwickshire Warwickshire  
1967/68 Leicestershire Warwickshire  
1966/67 Oxfordshire and Derbyshire Warwickshire  
1965/66 Staffordshire Warwickshire  
1964/65 Staffordshire Warwickshire  
1963/64 Staffordshire Warwickshire  
1962/63 Staffordshire Warwickshire  
1961/62 Warwickshire Warwickshire  
1960/61 Staffordshire Warwickshire  
1959/60 Staffordshire Warwickshire  
1958/59 Staffordshire    
1957/58 Worcestershire    
1956/57 Yorkshire    
1955/56 Yorkshire     
1954/55 Leicestershire    
1953/54 Leicestershire    
1952/53 Nottinghamshire    
1951/52 Leicestershire