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Welcome to Woodbridge Bridge Club
Summer League Results
Abbeygate 47 Woodbridge 33
Woodbridge 62 Ipswich Hearts 18
Woodbridge Bridge Club continues to thrive based on three principles - a good standard of duplicate bridge, played in a happy atmosphere, by friendly people.
We are very pleased to receive visitors or guests, and to this end we operate a host system to ensure that any visitor or guest can be partnered and will get a game. For members, the host system may be used when their regular partner is not available. It is not intended to be used as a regular partnering system. New members are expected to form their own partnership within a few weeks of joining the club.  We start at 7.00pm sharp every Monday. Just turn up about 6.45pm and make yourself known to the Director for the evening, assuming you came alone. (couples are equally welcome).


 (it's even better if you can smile at the same time) 


Random Teams (3)
Director: Mike Jude
Scorer: Frank Mansfield
Cecil Ward (3)
Director: Alan Cawkwell
Scorer: Frank Mansfield
Fellingham Cup (3)
Director: Viv Mason
Scorer: Frank Mansfield
24th Jun 2019
Director: Ed Ward
Host: D Eaton
1st Jul 2019
Fellingham Cup (4)
Director: Pauline Hanson
Host: C Rowe
8th Jul 2019
Cecil Ward (4)
Director: Alan Cawkwell
Host: M Dunnett
Dealer: pv