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7th Nov 2019 08:58 GMT
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Welcome to Woodbridge Bridge Club
Corrected results for the pairs event on 4th NOV are now loaded.
In order for the club to make a prompt start at 7pm, the Director needs all players to be seated by 6.55. If you know you may be a couple of minutes late, please phone the Secretary on 07789 597352 or someone else you know will be present.
11th November is our annual Simultaneous Pairs evening for Children in Need. £2 table money plus a suggested, voluntary £3 donation to the charity. Commentary booklets about the hands will be available on the night.
18th November is our Swiss Teams competition - great if you are able to select your team of 4 beforehand, otherwise teams will be formed from 6.45pm.
Hanbury Webber Handicap 2019/20
The following matches should be played at the first opportunity that all 4 players are present.
1st Round
 J Carter/G Newton   v  T Stiff/A Birley
Qtr Finals
V Mason/T Baker v C Wass/E Gray
E Ward/R Gorlin 52 D Alexander/N Pryke 48
N Marlow/J Hickman v Winner of Match 5
I Burgess/P Brunning 46 J and R Skinner 54
Woodbridge Bridge Club continues to thrive based on three principles - a good standard of duplicate bridge, played in a happy atmosphere, by friendly people.
We are very pleased to receive visitors or guests, either singly (a host is available most weeks) or as a pair. However, single players should check the calendar on this page as no single host is generally available on Teams events, and on some bank holidays/special events. 
For members, the host system may be used when their regular partner is not available. It is not intended to be used as a regular partnering system. New members are expected to form their own partnership within a few weeks of joining the club.  We start at 7.00pm sharp every Monday. Just turn up about 6.45pm and make yourself known to the Director for the evening.


 (it's even better if you can smile at the same time) 


Children in Need Sim Pairs
Director: Mike Jude
Scorer: Frank Mansfield
Fellingham Cup (8)
Director: Viv Mason
Scorer: Frank Mansfield
Director: Alan Cawkwell
Scorer: Dave Walker
18th Nov 2019
David Clarke Swiss Teams
Director: Christine Cooke
Scorer: Toby Mace
Host: F Alexander/H Witton
25th Nov 2019
Suffolk Sims Pairs
Director: Toby Mace
Scorer: Dave Walker
Host: P Hudson
2nd Dec 2019
Fellingham Cup (9)
Director: Pauline Hanson
Scorer: Con Hanson
Host: A Birley