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Competition Rules
This page contains details on the club competititions and the rules.
  Cecil Ward Shield

The Cecil Ward Shield will be awarded to the player(s) who achieve the best 6 results out of the 8 events in the programme.

  Fellingham Cup
The Fellingham Cup will be awarded to the player(s) who achieve the best 8 results out of the 12 events in the programme.
  Kay Linley Award

Awarded to the most improved player of the year, based on the largest positive increase in a player's handicap between 1 April and 31 March. In order for the handicap to be a fair valuation, the winner must have played in at least 12 events in the 12 months before 1 April, and then play in at least a further 12 events during that year (April 1 to March 31).


  Tom Cook Salver

The Tom Cook salver will be awarded to the player(s) who achieve the best 6  results (Master Points) out of the 8 events in the programme.


  Phyl Hanbury-Webber Trophy
The Phyl Hanbury-Webber Trophy is a pairs handicap knockout competition based on the aggregate handicap of each pair entered in the competition.The handicaps for each pair will be calculated at the end of each month and that handicap will used for the following month. This system will be used each month throughout the competition. 
  David Clarke Trophy
The David Clarke trophy will be awarded to the winning team in the annual Swiss Teams event.