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Playing Bridge during Covid
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Playing Bridge during Covid

The Windsor Bridge Club

Health & Safety Covid 19 Protocol

  1. On entering the premises Members will be required to wear a face mask until they are seated at the bridge table.
  2. To avoid cross contamination, coats must be hung up on the coat hooks located outside the playing room and not stacked up on the counter in the hall.
  3. Each player must go straight to a table and remain seated. Members should not gather in small groups, away from the table.
  4. Steps will be taken to ensure that the room is well ventilated. To this end all windows will remain open during the session.
  5. During play the wearing of masks will be voluntary, but any player may insist that all other players wear a mask, whilst at their table.
  6. Coffee and Tea only (no food), will be available in the kitchen where hand sanitiser will also be on hand and social distancing must be observed.
  7. Tables will be spaced 1.5m apart. This means that we will be limited to a maximum number of 10 Tables. For this reason priority will be given to paid up members.
  8. An alcohol based hand sanitiser will be available on each table and should be used at the start of each round, as you will be handling cards from the previous table.
  9. The scoring tablet and stylus will only be used by North, who will show the entry to East before confirming it.
  10. To comply with social distancing the results screen will not be on display during the session. Results will be available to view on the Website the next morning.
  11. Strictly, players should not move for the next round until the bell is rung by the Director, when everyone will move together, whilst trying to maintain a safe distance from others.
  12. At the end of the evening there must be an orderly exit from the room bearing in mind the need for social distancing when retrieving coats and exiting the building.

WBC Committee

August 2021