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Some members have started to play bridge base online (bbo) with their friends, see the link on the home page and now includes a get you started guide.

Des King our resident teacher is a long time & regular user of the bbo site and will be more than happy to help you get started & show you ''the ropes'' and even play with or against you. His user name on bbo is desking Why not contact him and give it a go!!

Or you can contact Des via email: or tel no. 07534 482047


There is also a section on playing bridge solo against a computer on a PC or a mobile device, see link on the Latest News page.





In keeping with Governmental advice regarding precautionary measures to be taken in relation to the covid-19 pandemic:

Wigan Bridge Club is closed and will remain so until further notice.

When circumstances allow for the reopening of the club,

notification will be given here, on the Club web site.


Margaret Wilkinson, Honorary Secretary, 16th March 2020

Notice reviewed, no further update 10th June 2020


The Wigan Bridge Club Library contains the following books that may be borrowed by members. See Des King for more details.

Ref Author Title Category
1 David Bird Bridge Cardplay Made Easy C
2 Erwin Brecher & Danny Roth Bridge 80 Classic Problems C
3 Raymond Brock The Best of Gray B & C
4 Raymond Brock & Sally Brock Bridge Club Player’s Quiz Book C
5 Sally Brock Playing with Trumps C
6 John Clay Tales from the Bridge Table A & B & C
7 George S. Coffin Bridge Play from A to Z (1) C
8 George S. Coffin Bridge Play from A to Z (2) C
9 Hugh Darwen Bridge Magic C
10 Peter Donovan & Iain Macleod Bridge is Still an Easy Game A & B & C
11 Albert Dormer & Ron Klinger The New Complete Book of Bridge A & B & C
12 J. Patrick Dunne & Albert Ostrow Championship Bridge C
13 Jeremy Flint The Winning Edge C
14 Jeremy Flint & David Greenwood Instructions for the Defence C
15 Jeremy Flint & Freddie North Bridge - The First Principles C
16 Jeremy Flint & John Gullick The First Bridge Book A & B & C
17 Jeremy Flint & Freddie North Tiger Bridge B & C
18 G.C.H. Fox The Daily Telegraph Book of Bridge C
19 G.C.H. Fox Bridge: The Elements of Play C
20 Nicola Gardener et al Master Bridge A & B & C
21 Charles H. Goren 100 Challenging Bridge Hands C
22 Glorya Hale & Nancy Starr Bridge: Techniques and Tips from the Masters A & B & C
23 Mark Horton The Mammoth Book of Bridge A & B & C
24 Elena Jeronimidis Bedside Book of Bridge C
25 Fred L Karpin Winning Play in Tournament and Duplicate Bridge B & C
26 Hugh Kelsey Winning Card Play C
27 Hugh Kelsey Test Your Elimination Play C
28 Hugh Kelsey Test Your Card Play C
29 Hugh Kelsey How to Improve Your Bridge (1) C
30 Hugh Kelsey How to Improve Your Bridge (2) C
31 Hugh Kelsey Logical Bridge Play C
32 Ewart Kempson First Pocket Book of Bridge Problems C
33 Madeleine Kerwin Improve your Card Play C
34 Ron Klinger Guide to Better Card Play C
35 Ron Klinger 100 Winning Bridge Tips A & B & C
36 Paul Lamford 50 Bridge Puzzles A & B & C
37 Rhoda Lederer Acol-ite's Quiz B
38 Bernard Magee Bridge Quiz Book A & B & C
39 Zia Mahmood & Audrey Grant Breakthrough Bridge: Declarer Play for Beginners C
40 Paul Marston First Principles of Card Play C
41 Paul Mendelson The Right Way to Play Bridge A & B & C
42 Paul Mendelson Bridge for Complete Beginners A & B & C
43 Paul Mendelson Bridge - Play Your Cards Right C
44 Victor Mollo Streamline Your Card Play C
45 Freddie North Cards at Play C
46 Freddie North Bridge: The Vital Principles C
47 Geza Ottlik & Hugh Kelsey Adventures In Card Play C
48 Terence Reese The Expert Game C
49 Terence Reese & Albert Dormer The Play of the Cards (1) C
50 Terence Reese & Albert Dormer The Play of the Cards (2) C
51 Terence Reese & David Bird The Art of Good Bidding B
52 Terence Reese & Roger Trezel The Mistakes You Make at Bridge B & C
53 Terence Reese & Roger Trezel The Art of Defence in Bridge C
54 Danny Roth The Expert Club Player A & B & C
55 Danny Roth The Expert Beginner A & B & C
56 Barry Seabrook Bridge: From Average to Expert C
57 Alfred Sheinwold Bridge Play for Beginners (1) C
58 Alfred Sheinwold Bridge Play for Beginners (2) C
59 J.W. Tait Bridge Challenge C
60 Alan Truscott & Dorothy Truscott The New York Times Bridge Book A & B & C
61 Louis H. Watson The Play of the Hand at Bridge C
62 Terence Reese Bridge A & B & C
63 Alan Truscott Master Bridge by Question and Answer  
64 Ron Klinger Basic Bridge: The Guide to Good Acol Bidding & Play A & B & C
65 Hugh Kelsey Match-point Bridge  
66 Martin Hoffman Hoffman on Pairs Play  
67 Hugh Kelsey Improve Your Opening Leads  
68 Hugh Kelsey How to Improve Your Bridge  
69 Ron Klinger Basic Bridge: The Guide to Good Acol Bidding & Play