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Some members have started to play bridge base online (bbo) with their friends, see the link on the home page and now includes a get you started guide.

Des King our resident teacher is a long time & regular user of the bbo site and will be more than happy to help you get started & show you ''the ropes'' and even play with or against you. His user name on bbo is desking Why not contact him and give it a go!!

Or you can contact Des via email: or tel no. 07534 482047


There is also a section on playing bridge solo against a computer on a PC or a mobile device, see link on the Latest News page.





In keeping with Governmental advice regarding precautionary measures to be taken in relation to the covid-19 pandemic:

Wigan Bridge Club is closed and will remain so until further notice.

When circumstances allow for the reopening of the club,

notification will be given here, on the Club web site.


Margaret Wilkinson, Honorary Secretary, 16th March 2020

Notice reviewed, no further update 10th June 2020

News of Wigan Bridge Club's team in the East Lancashire League
Sarkar Cup - Fanning vs. Pendlebury

On Friday 10th November the team was faced with the biggest possible challenge, a home match in the Sarkar Cup against a Pendlebury team that won both the 1st Division and the Sarkar Cup last season. A tough night was in prospect for our pairings of Mike Nicholson & Des King, Clive Wood & Steve Fanning.

Steve and Clive got off to a nervy start, with Steve leading out of turn on the first board and Clive forgetting their agreed bidding system soon afterwards. Fortunately neither of these errors made any difference on the scoresheet and both Steve and Clive soon recovered their composure.

At the halfway stage the match score was very tight, with our team leading by the tiny margin of 2 IMPs with all to play for in the second half.

Things took a turn for the worse on the 16th board of the evening when the visitors bid and made an optimistic slam against Mike & Des which Steve & Clive didn’t find.

However after that low point, our team came crashing back into the lead on board 17. Clive bid and made 3x (with Steve wisely keeping out of the auction altogether on this occasion) while Des & Mike gained a large score when their opponents had a bit of a bidding mix-up (Steve’s counterpart unwisely getting involved!), ended up in an improbable contract that was doubled and comfortably defeated for a big swing in our favour.

Then followed a string of good boards for our team and we ended up winners by the large margin of 39 IMPs. This was a great performance that will undoubtedly be noticed by the other teams in the league.

Fanning vs. Ghosh

The team's first match of the season was at home against the team captained by Nil Ghosh and was played on Friday 6th October 2017. Our team comprised Mike Nicholson & Steve Fanning, with Clive Wood & Paul Mercer. It is worth noting that the majority of the opposing players are very experienced and played in the league's first division last season.

After a slight delay at the start of the evening due to some traffic problems experienced by two of our opponents, play got underway at around 7:30pm.

At the halfway stage we were 20 IMPs behind but battled back well to win the second half by 9 IMPs. The overall defecit of 11 IMPs corresponds to a 13 - 7 VP defeat using the VP scale adopted by the East Lancashuire Bridge League.

Our next match will be in the Sarkar Cup, at home against the Pendlebury team (who won the first division last season!).