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Fylde League Wigan A Teams of 8 Season 2019-20

Squad of Players: Des King, Mike Nicholson, Paul Williams, Clive Wood, John Gooch, Mike O'leary, Paul Mercer, Sharman Fanning, Dave Metcalf, Mike Shinn, Ray Mann, Trevor Johnson, Robert Palmer, Roger luckhurst.

However we are still on the look out for more players to bolster both of our  team squads therefore if any member is interested in playing for any of our teams please email/contact: Des King on; Sharman Fanning on

Follow this link for fixtures and league tables:

A Team - League Match 1

Monday 16th September 7.15pm Kick Off: League Match 1 Away V's Wigan B 

Team: Mike Nicholson/Paul Williams; Roger Luckhurst/Robert Palmer; Clive Wood/Ray Mann; Trevor Johnson/Des King

Match Report: 

Final Result: Wigan A won by 20-0 VP's


A Team - League Match 2


Friday 18th Oct 7.15pm Kick Off: League Match 2 Home V's Lancaster

Team: Des King/Sharman Fanning; Mike Nicholson/Mike Shinn; Trevor Johnson/Robert Palmer; John Gooch/Mike O'Leary

Match Report: Due to some enforced 'last minute' replacements having to be found and some 'make shift' pairings adopted, the Wigan team found themselves up against a Lancaster side that beat them 19-1 vp's in last seasons corresponding fixture. However we are pleased to report that any pre-match selection issues had very little affect on the overall result when the Wigan team put in an excellent performance to avenge last years defeat and see them go currently top of the league. It should alss be noted that Lancaster players did personally thank the club for our hospitality and the pleasant atmosphere in which the match was played. An extra thank you should also be mentioned to Sharman Fanning and John Gooch who not only stepped in to play but also had to cancel other engagements to help out the club.

Final Result: Wigan A won by 15-5vp's



A Team - League Match 3



A Team - League Match 4

Friday 29th November 7.15pm Kick Off: League Match 4 Home V's Preston E

Team; DesKing/Paul Williams; Paul Mercer/Mike O'Leary; Dave Metcalf/Mike Shinn; Eileen Bryan/Pat Holleron

Match Report: After another fine all round performance the team have maintained their 100% winning record for the season and sit 16 points clear of Brierfield in 2nd place who still have a ''game in hand''

Result: Wigan won by 16-4 vps

A Team - League Match 5

Tuesday 28th Jan 7.15pm kick off A: League Match 5 Away V's Preston D 

Proposed Team: Paul Williams/Mike Nicholson; Trevor Johnson/Roger Luckhurst; Paul Mercer/Clive Wood; Des King/Mike O'Leary

Match Report:


A Team - League Match 6

Friday 21st Feb Kick Off 7.15pm: League Match 6 Home V's Poulton

Proposed Team: Paul Williams(5)/Mike Nicholson; Dave Metcalf/Mike Shinn; Des King/Ray Man) Clive Wood/Trevor Johnson

Match Report


A Team - League Match 7

Friday 20th March Kick Off :TBA: League Match 7 Away V's Brierfield

Proposed Team: TBA

Match Report