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Welcome to Westmorland County Contract Bridge Association

Cumbria and Westmorland Joint GREEN pointed Swiss Weekend 2024

September 21st (Swiss Teams)

September 22nd (Swiss Pairs) 

Held in the Kendal Bridge Club. Please note this is limited to 24 tables each day.

The cost is £40 per pair and £80 per team. Please make one payment (£40 (pairs), £80 (team) or £120/£160 for team and 1 or 2 pairs). Preferred paymemt is by bank transfer to Westmorland CCBA - Account 29574110 Sort 01-03-46). Alternatively, by cheque payable to Westmorland CCBA. sent to Ken Orford, 10 Carrock Close, Kendal, LA9 7HW). Ken will confirm your entry on receipt of your payment.

To enter, please complete the form below)

(If you are a pair looking for another pair to make up a team, please see "Looking for Swiss 2024 Teammates"






Looking for Swiss 2024 Teammates

If you are looking to find a pair to play with in the teams, please complete the form below:

Westmorland v Cumbria
Westmorland v Cumbria

The Westmorland v Cumbria match took place on Sunday 4 June 2023 at Abbot Hall Social Centre, Kendal
Westmorland won by 103 IMPs and retain the cup.
Click here for the results.
The team was as follows:

Mike Rothwell and Sally-Ann Rothwell, John MacLachlan and Robin Rose
Martyn Harris and Richard Brazier, Jeremy Harris and Russell White
Dave Harrison and Gillian Whyte, John Ellwood and Ray Gregory

Ken Orford and Steve Douglas, Chris Walker and Chris Wilkinson

The Cumbria team was:
Sam Norman and Alan Anderson, Trevor Ward and Christine War
Dorothy Pritchard and Margaret Thornley, Simon Robins and Mike Ollerton
John Wilmott and Tim Stanley-Clamp, Rosemary Jackson and Joan Mossop
Felicity Kaye and Ian Reeves, Leo Lehninger and Nick Rushton


Pivot Teams - click here for the results

County Pairs - click here for the results

Individual - click here for the results

Knockout Teams Championship (for the Eva Wilde Trophy)

County Day - click here for the results

Annual General Meeting

Cumbria v Westmorland - click here for the 2020 results
Sunday 4 June 2023

Green-Pointed Swiss Pairs
23rd and 24th  September 2023
Click here for the results


Westmorland Swiss Pairs
Director: Ken Johnston
Scorer: Ken Johnston
Cumbria Swiss Teams Overall
Director: Ken Johnston
Scorer: Ken Johnston
Westmorland v Cumbria
Director: Mike Rothwell