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This page has information and news of interest to the members. For a full list of forthcoming events, see "Calendar" on the menu and for a list of results see "Results".
Club News

Bridge On Line

Since the club's activities have been temporarily suspended, many members have taken to playing bridge online to get their daily fix. Both 'Bridge Base Online' (free) and 'Bridge Club Live' (free trial, then a monthly subscription) provide a range of fantastic options to play.

The Club's Online Bridge League has now completed four seasons using the BBO (Bridge Base Online) platform. 

The league consists of a match against each of the other pairs in your division, and the matches last about an hour or so.

Several other players will be entering for the next competition, and if you would like to join in the fun, a fifth season has now started but you are welcome to join the sixth season. Just let Graham know if you haven't already, or if you would like to play, but haven't got a partner, he will try and find a suitable victim candidate. Don't worry if you don't have BBO on your computer or tablet, the set-up is quite simple, and we can guide you through it.

Annual EBU Report for players' performances for 2019.

The sole criterion used in these lists is the number of master points gained in the year. Members can look up their performances by logging on to the EBU website, then clicking on the heading My EBU, then  clicking on the heading Masterpoints and then on the box on the left labelled 'View my personal masterpoint record'. A better method is to log on to the EBU Home page and then click on the blue heading way down the right hand side labelled 'Master Points and Licensing' and then click Annual ranking lists in the blue pop-up box. There are many lists but I think it sensible to go to the Select Report drop down menu and select Annual, Select year - 2019, Select  County - North East  and then Select Category as appropriate (1is for Life Masters and most will be in  5 or 6). You can put your name in the box top right, or look at the lists for your friends.

I would like to highlight the performances of those who came in the top dozen of their categories, but you can also spot the total of  35 members in the top 50 in their  category.

Life Master

Top Frank Springett*             List inc.   Pat Barton, John Moor,

                                                         Catherine Longley

National Master

5 Graham Cox*                     List inc.    Alleyn Erskine, Eleanor Foley

Regional Master 

2 Margaret Thompson*          List inc.     Grace Brown, Phyllis Hands

4 David Thompson*                               Brian Pacey, Avril Emslie

Star/Tournament Master

TOP  Tony Watson*                List inc.     Malcolm Tulloch,                                                                                 Richard Spargo,

3 Reg Hornsey*                                     Roger Wake, Alison McConnell,

4 John Armstrong*                                 Lesley Milner, Allan Davies

11 Alan Wallace

County/Advanced Master

3 Rosemary Wallace*               List inc.   Arthur Wedderburn,

6 George Farnan                                    Irene Whitfield

10 Ian Winterbotham

District Master

TOP Stephen Lovely*               List inc.   Margaret Pilkington, 

2  Chris Patrick*                                    Michael Wainwright,

12= Durga Rao                                      Norma Robinson

12= Sam Rao

The 10 members with a star beside their name appear in the National lists for their category.

Tony Watson  was 9th nationally in category 4  and Stephen Lovely was 10th nationally in category 6 and both won a prize from the EBU.

Also of interest is the Club Champions List to be found under the Select Report Heading and North East County. It is based on the number of Master Points Gained at the club.

The top three at Wearside were Tony Watson, Reg Hornsey and Alan Wallace.

Well done to all concerned.

Reading Materials

Another star of the the results was our new member, Frank Springett. Frank was the top player in the North East last year. He was Club Champion  for 4 North East clubs. In addition he has now amassed  a career total of 500 000 Master Points (yes, half a  million) - absolutely phenomenal. Frank writes a daily bridge problem on the Castle Morpeth Website which is free for you to read. The problems are not easy, but it is fascinating to see the level of thinking of one of the top bridge players.

Finding a Partner

As an alternative to ringing Adrienne, the website will allow you to do this by computer, if you wish.

To help members with this facility, the club has prepared an instruction sheet. Please ask for one when you are next at the club.

If you decide to try this, please let us know how you get along as we think that this method could be very useful, both to you and to the club.

Club History

The Bridge Club was formed in February, 1949. Some of the founder members bought the present premises, at 17 Park Place West, in  Sunderland. We celebrated our seventieth anniversary in 2019. We are extremely fortunate to have such lovely premises, and owe those members a debt of gratitude. At the moment we play bridge five nights each week.

The Club does use CCTV for the purposes of crime prevention.


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