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Upcoming non WCBA Events
West of England Congress 04 to 06 October 2019

The Somerset Contract Bridge Association's West of England Congress will be at the Winter Gardens in Weston-super-Mare this year between Friday 04 October and Sunday 06 October.

The event incorporates two Green Pointed Events.

Upcoming Sim Pairs
EBED Autumn Sim Pairs
02 - 06 September 19
British Autumn Sim Pairs
07 - 10 October 19
eCats Children in Need Charity Sim Pairs

22 - 25 July 19
08 - 14 November 19
Event times 2017/18
All Sunday events please arrive by 1.45 for 2.00pm start of play.
League matches please arrive by 7.00 for 7.15pm start of play.
League 2
League 2 - 2018/19 Fixtures


FIXTURES (Home team shown in RED)


Wednesday 25 September

Gwyer v Tranter

Webb v Winstone

Reid v Buck

Nadel v Baker

Trowbridge Rugby Club
7.00pm for 7.15 start

Thursday 31 October

Gwyer v Nadel

Baker v Webb

Tranter v Buck

Winstone v Reid

Bowls Club, Devizes 
7.00pm for 7.15 start

Tuesday 12 November

Winston v Tranter Reid v Gwyer

Nadel v Webb

Buck v Baker

Bowls Club, Devizes 
7.00pm for 7.15 start

Tuesday 28 January

Baker v Gwyer

Tranter v Nadel

Webb v Reid

Buck v Winstone

Bowls Club, Devizes 
7.00pm for 7.15 start

Wednesday 19 February

Reid v Nadel

Buck v Webb

Baker v Tranter


Trowbridge Rugby Club
7.00pm for 7.15 start

Friday 13 March

Gwyer v Buck

Nadel v Winstone

Tranter v Webb

Baker v Reid

Bowls Club, Devizes 
7.00pm for 7.15 start

Thursday 26 March

Nadel v Buck

Tranter v Reid

Winstone v Baker

Webb v Gwyer

Bowls Club, Devizes 
7.00pm for 7.15 start

League 2 - 2019/20 Teams

Robin Baker, Ann Baker, Lucy Cross, Chaz Cross, Peter Goldson, Ian Schofield, Bryan Willis


Martin Buck, Bob Bannister, Kevin Hughes, Mike Curtis, Chris Clemence, Jana Zlamalova, Alan White


Richard Gwyer, Paul Gregory, Syd Gwyer, Leslie Bennett, Kath Darby                             


Bill Nadel, Sriram Chari, Alan Perkins, Graham Williams, Stan Christie, Tony Monks


Alan Reid, Maurice Baker, Caroline Edmondson, Stephen Stafford, Tina Cottee, Helen Parkes, Pat Lewis, Jo Seddon


Martyn Tranter, Lyn Alvis, Paul Cooper, Marion Cowley, David Jacklin, Pam Carwardine


Pete Webb, Anne Rogan, Rosemary Fussell, Frances Ind, Peter Brunskill, Mark Sheppard


Paul Winstone, Emma Scarisbrick, Roger Harris, David Hopkins, Graham and Hazel Moxey, George Whyte, Pauline hart