On-line Bridge Teaching

Chris Lohan  ............ Professional EBED teacher and EBED teacher of the year 2019. For those interested in improving their game she can be contacted on oakrise@uwclub.net

Pat Welsh..................Associate EBED teacher. For the less experienced she can be contacted on acebridgeclub@yahoo.com

Since online teaching has no geographical barriers this opportunity is available to all, regardless of location


To request any additions / amendment / removal of information, please contact Stephen Brown on KCBAcompetitions@gmail.com

Update your contact details at the EBU and also tell the KCBA. Please would you check your Club Details so they can be updated if necessary. Are there any Bridge Teachers who would like to be included in our listings?  

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Welcome to Kent Contract Bridge Association

The Kent committee met recently. The 9-High events will continue every week. The 10am event (open to all), will be run just once a month (15th January, 19th February, 26th March with a ladder [running from Oct - June]. LADDER SCORES

 The NS/EW winners / Howell winners get a free Saturday game. So please enter for a BBO event. 

NEXT GAME:  19th February 22nd January
Please enter here and then register on the day (cost $3), 


9-High@ 2.30pm 

To play in Kent Saturday events  all players must either be Primary Kent members or Associate Kent Members. Click for more information

NOTE: The EBU have changed the Master Point awards from 1st Jan, so the 9-High afternoon event will now receive Club level MP awards

Last updated : 19th Jan 2022 11:50 GMT
Garden Cities Qualifier - Club Teams of 8

The KCBA committee has decided not to run the Corbett Leagues in 2022 due to uncertainty of Covid. Hopefully back in January 2023.

But we plan to run a one day qualifier for the EBU Garden Cities (Regional Final is on Sunday 8th May)

All clubs affiliated to Kent are welcome to enter a team. Please collect the EBU numbers and decide seating positions and club captains please enter using ENTRY LINK

Last updated : 4th Jan 2022 07:39 GMT

If you and your partner would like to be considered to represent Kent in the Home Counties League, please email Mike Hampton, who is organising the team.

The Home Counties League is an online Teams of 8 event that will be take place on the last Thursday evening of each month from January until May. The spirit of the competition is that players should not be regular Tollemache representatives.

The team can change each match, so it does not matter if you are only available for some of the dates (27 Jan. 24 Feb, 31 Mar, 28 Apr, 26 May).

Last updated : 4th Jan 2022 10:36 GMT
KCBA One Day Green Pointed Swiss Pairs 6th March 2022
KCBA One Day Green Pointed Swiss Pairs 6th March 2022

The KCBA's green pointed Swiss Pairs is being held online on RealBridge on Sunday 6th March starting at 11am. 7 x 7 board matches with a break of approx 40 minutes after match 3. Please click here to enter, and here to download an entry form. 

Last updated : 4th Jan 2022 10:37 GMT
Publicity and Social Media Officer
Publicity and Social Media Officer

The Kent Committee are looking for volunteer to join the KCBA committee as Publicity and Social Media officer. Do you have skills in this area and would like to help bridge in Kent. If so please either contact Norman Inniss (chair) or the Sharon Bayne (Secretary), or fell free to contact them for more information. 

Last updated : 4th Jan 2022 10:37 GMT
Larsky Cup (Kent Pairs Championship)

The Larsky Cup is Kent's Premier Pairs event and is our qualifier for the Corwen Cup. We start with heats in every club, from which pairs qualify for four County-run semi-finals leading to a 13-table final.

Normally we would have asked clubs for dates for their heats by now but obviously things are still not normal and many clubs will be unsure whether they will be playing face-to-face or online or a combination of the two at the time the heats are normally held.

KCBA has therefore decided that for this year only all events held by affiliated clubs in the weeks commencing 15th Nov, 6th Dec and 10th Jan will be heats for the Larsky and that all pairs scoring 50% or more in these heats will qualify to play in the semi-final of their choice, also online in February on BBO: Wed 9th evening, Tues 15th Feb afternoon, Sun 20th Feb afternoon, Thu 24th Feb evening Dates are.  The final will be held online on Saturday 19th March on BBO.

Clubs need to do nothing except make sure that all their results whether face-to-face or online are posted on their website and qualified pairs will be contacted for their choice of semi-final.

Last updated : 6th Dec 2021 21:46 GMT
The Arnold Cup - County Teams of 4 Competition

Entries are now closed for the Arnold Cup.  22 Teams have entered: see list Online at of the online entry page.

There are four seeded teams who will not have a match in Round 1 (Collins, Hampton, Law, Soper) - last year's winners are Seeded 1, the others in order of Gold points. See Regulations for further details.

The draw is posted: EBU knockouts website. 

Last updated : 1st Jan 2022 16:25 GMT

KCBA support and encourages Junior Bridge. £500 of our funds have been donated to the recent Junior Camp. The South Eastern Junior Bridge Camp was held successfully on 23rd/24th October with Kent, Surrey and Sussex sponsoring this. The aim is to increase numbers in 2022 and the SEJBC will form part of of a 5-event "Grand Prix" for Juniors, to try to increase numbers nationally and ensure that squad members participate as much as possible.

If any member wishes to contribute to junior funding, please contact Georgina Howe, our treasurer.

Last updated : 2nd Jan 2022 08:43 GMT
KCBA On-line Pairs
Director: John Oakland
NGS9 & below Online Duplicate
Director: Sharon Bayne
Hunter Homines - Men's Pairs
Director: John Oakland / Stephen Brown
22nd Jan 2022
NGS9 & below Online Duplicate
BBO 2.30pm
Director: Sharon Bayne
29th Jan 2022
NGS9 & below Online Duplicate
BBO 2.30pm
Director: Sharon Bayne
30th Jan 2022
Garden Cities Qualifier
RealBridge 11am
Director: Paul Gibbons
Fleming Femina and Hunter Homines - January 2022

Fleming Femina
Congratulations to Frances Connell & Angela Treen who have won the ladies pairs beating Wenche Immink & Patricia Sainsbury into second place.

       Prizes:  £30, £15 (per pair)

Hunter Homines
Congratulations to Jeremy Willans & Neil Rosen who have won the men's pairs beating Ron Davis & Dean Mortlock into second place by just 1 MP. Well done to both pairs.

      Prizes: £24, £12 (per pair)  

Full results:     Fleming Femina     Hunter Homines

Year End Improvers Pairs - BBO - NGS 9 & below

We had a very successful Year End Improvers Pairs at the end of December, with around 70 tables in each session,  80 pairs playing in both sessions and so close to 200 pairs competing altogether. Congratulations to the winners:   Michi Ashikaga & Ray Connew with 62.03%. 

   Michi Ashikaga            Ray Connew       Overall Winners

The runners up were Paul Hide & Richard Watkins with 61%.

    Carole Wilson    Karen Kayes                EW Winners Session 1

Bernadette Mathias & Ron Morley          NS winners Session 2

Mark Alcock & Pearce Elder                  EW Winners Session 2


Convention Cards using MyEBU
Convention Cards using MyEBU

The EBU has now created a facility for each player to upload system cards to their MyEBU (for use when playing online bridge)

See their instructions.  Players should go to their MyEBU then Utilities....System Cards.

You can store cards with any partner here, choose your own convention card name, and copy the link from MyEBU at any time.

[Any partnership who has already submitted a convention card for Kent competitions may of course continue to use the link they have been sent, but if they wish to update their convention card, please use the EBU facility]