Sat 10 Aug 2024     BBO    Improvers Pairs NGS 9

Sat 7 Sep 2024      TWBC     Event for 2-9 on NGS

Sun 6 Oct 2024     TWBC      Dyer Smith Mixed Pairs

26/27 Oct 2024     TWBC    Joint Congress with Sussex

Sat 7 Dec 2024    Online  Blue Pointed Swiss Pairs (6x6)

Sun 12 Jan 2025    TWBC      Mens & Ladies Pairs

Sat 25 Jan 2025  Canterbury  Event for 2-9 on NGS

Sun 9 Feb 2025      TWBC      Corbett Teams of 8

 February 2025      Various      Larsky Semifinals

Sun  2 Mar 2025     TWBC       Green Pointed Swiss Pairs (7x7)

Sat 29 Mar 2025     Maidstone   Larsky Final

Sat 19 Apr 2025     BBO    Improvers Pairs NGS 9

Sun 27 Apr 2025     TWBC        George Griffiths Seniors Pairs

Sat 17 May 2025    RealBridge   Blue Pointed Swiss Pairs (6x6)

Sat 24 May 2025     BBO    Improvers Pairs NGS 9

Sun 20 July 2025     TWBC       Phillimore BP Swiss Pairs (6x8)

Sat 9 Aug 2025     BBO    Improvers Pairs NGS 9

Fun Evenings with a Glass of Wine

Now is the time to Learn & Play Bridge, to take up a new hobby and to have lots
of fun with your friends. All you need is a laptop, and a drink in your hand.

Yes Learn and Play Bridge whilst you are staying at home having

just finished work or relaxing after the children are sorted, either fed or in bed. 

This Free Taster Session is specifically focused for those very busy people in their 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s

Contact Douglas at or
call 07801989630

County Blue / Green Point Events
County Blue / Green Point Events

Somerset               Green Pointed Congress 11-13th October 2024 F2F Weston-Super-Mare    ENTRY LINK


To request any additions / amendment / removal of information, please contact Stephen Brown on  To request to be unsubscribed from a mailing list please click on UNSUBSCRIBE

Update your contact details at the EBU and also tell the KCBA. Please would you check your Club Details so they can be updated if necessary. Are there any Bridge Teachers who would like to be included in our listings?  

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Welcome to Kent Contract Bridge Association
Kent / EBU Improvers Pairs (NGS 9 & below) on Saturday 10th August 2024
Kent / EBU Improvers Pairs (NGS 9 & below) on Saturday 10th August 2024

Kent / EBU Improvers Pairs on Saturday 10th August 2024, Improvers Pairs on BBO

Open to players who are NGS 9 & below on Friday 9th August. 

  • This event is aimed at club players who are interested in taking the first steps into congress bridge but who may have found it daunting to jump straight into a major congress event. 
  • The format will be two 18 board sessions with a break between the sessions. Players can play in either or both sessions.
  • Director / Competition organisers:  John Oakland, Stephen Brown, Paul Gibbons [email via]

Session times: 11am and 2.30pm. Cost $5 per person per session. 

Each session is 18 boards, 9x2 board boards. Click: Pre-entry required   10% of entry fees will be given as prizes in BBO$. 

 PARTNERS REQUIRED, please submit info.


Last updated : 20th Jul 2024 06:58 BST
Metropolitan Cup - Sunday 14th September 2024

The 2024 Metropolitan Cup is being held on Saturday 14th September, 48 or 49 boards

All three divisions: 11am to 6.00pm, on RealBridge,  with 45 minute break between sessions

The invited Counties are Berks & Bucks, Essex, Hants & IOW, Kent, London, Middlesex, Surrey and Sussex.

Kent is keen to enter a team of eight in each of the three divisions and so lots of players are invited to play. Players in division 3 must be NGS below rank of K i.e. <58.99%

If you would like to be considered for selection, please contact our County Captain, Jeremy Willans  on 07801 600364 or by email address - 


Last updated : 17th Jul 2024 19:14 BST
Wednesday & Friday Evenings or Thursday 4pm online sessions (Maidstone / Gravesend / Beckenham)

If you would like an on-line game of bridge on Wednesday evenings at Maidstone, Thursday 4pm at Beckenham and Friday evenings at Gravesend then please click those headings for more information

Last updated : 7th Jul 2024 13:28 BST
Dyer Smith Cup - Mixed Pairs - 6th October 2024

Kent's Mixed Pairs - SUNDAY 6th October 2024, 11am start - Tunbridge Wells Bridge Club. 

Open to all KCBA primary and associate members, only £13 per player. Around 48 boards will be played. Entry fee includes free tea/coffee/biscuit on arrival. 

with an optional two course lunch available to book in advance for £14.     CLOSING DATE FOR FOOD BOOKINGS TUESDAY 1st OCT: 

Enjoy playing bridge in the comfortable surroundings of Tunbridge Wells Bridge Club

Prizes:  using 20% of entry fees, to top 10% of players.

Starting at 11am with an approx finishing time of 6pm.  Competitions Secretary for this event is Stephen Brown

Please click here to enter online / see entries. If you are looking for a partner please add your name to the PARTNERSHIP DESK

Last updated : 17th Jul 2024 19:39 BST
NGS9 & below Online Duplicate
Director: Sharon Bayne
Beginners Duplicate
Director: Sharon Bayne
NGS9 & below Online Duplicate
Director: Sharon Bayne
Beginners Duplicate
Director: Sharon Bayne
27th Jul 2024
NGS9 & below Online Duplicate
BBO 2.30pm
Director: Sharon Bayne
(Info & Booking)
27th Jul 2024
Beginners Duplicate
BBO 2.45pm
Director: Sharon Bayne
(Info & Booking)
10th Aug 2024
Improvers Pairs
11am & 2.30pm
Director: Stephen Brown, John Oakland
AGM - 6th October 2024
AGM - 6th October 2024


Click for: KCBA AGM Agenda 2024        Minutes from 2023 



The NS/EW winners / Howell winners get a free Saturday game. After each event a commentary on the hands is sent out to all players.

The organisers check the NGS grades via an automated check on the EBU database on Friday afternoon and would be grateful if pairs would enter by 12noon on Friday. Any entries after this time need to be manually checked and incur extra work. Many thanks

Please enter here and then register on the day (cost $3) for 27th July: 9-High@ 2.30pm

To play in Kent Saturday events  all players must either be Primary Kent members or Associate Kent Members. Click for more information or to be come an Associate Member

Rekindling Bridge in Schools
..... see less

You can help us rekindle interest in Schools bridge.  Prior to the pandemic we provided teachers and supervisors to support the establishment of bridge sessions in schools across the counties; the events of the past few years meant these sessions went into decline. 

We would like to provide Taster Sessions in schools with the aim of starting a Bridge Club. ..........

..... see more

Formerly run by EBED, this Saturday afternoons will be 12 hands, 2.45pm start, 9 mins per board, $3 per player, on BBO.     

After each event a commentary on the hands is sent out to all players.

Ideal for players in their who completed their first year of learning bridge, or more experienced players with a NGS (National Grade Scheme) rating below about 6 or 7

The TD can be contacted via vEBU_KEN on BBO from 2.15pm

Please enter here and then register on the day (cost $3) for 27th July: Beginners 12 board duplicate (7-High)@ 2.45pm 



Kent / Sussex Congress - 26/27th October 2024
Kent / Sussex Congress - 26/27th October 2024