To request any additions / amendment / removal of information, please contact Stephen Brown on KCBAcompetitions@gmail.com

Update your contact details at the EBU and also tell the KCBA. Please would you check your Club Details so they can be updated if necessary. Are there any Bridge Teachers who would like to be included in our listings?  

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Welcome to Kent Contract Bridge Association
Kent On-line Pairs Games Week 7
Kent On-line Pairs Games Week 7

We hope many of you enjoying our online events on Saturdays (around 24 tables or more have completed). We intend to continue this series of events on Saturday mornings. We will be charging BB$3 to compete in our event which is the minimum allowed by BBO and equates to about £2.50. 

Please enter in advance as pairs using the normal style entry form we use in Bridgewebs for other County Events.
Since the games are only open to Kent members, if it is your first Kent online event - click to let us know your BBO Username, EBU Number and name 
For those of you who have not yet obtained a BBO username instructions can be found here:  Getting a BBO Account & joining duplicates   
Did you know that your club can run an online event just for your own members? Details were sent by the EBU to club officials but further details can be obtained from Stephen Brown or Paul Gibbons.
Last updated : 24th May 2020 10:11 BST
Kent Event for New Players and Those Rated NGS 7 or Below

If you think you are too new to bridge or not good enough to play in a Kent county event – think again.

KCBA is holding an online bridge event at 2:30pm on Saturday 30th May just for players rated a ‘7’ or lower on the National Grading Scheme (NGS).

Whilst we particularly want those who have learnt bridge in the last couple of years to play, the event is open to anyone of the appropriate grade.

This is a great opportunity to come and play bridge with new people outside of your club or class but of about the same standard as yourself.

If you do not know what your NGS grade is, you can find it on the English Bridge Union (EBU) website in ‘My EBU’. Alternatively you can email KCBAEast@gmail.com and we will let you know what it is. It is your grade on Wednesday 27th May that will determine your eligibility but do not wait until then to find out your current grade.

The event will be held on Bridge Base Online (BBO). Click for details of how to obtain a free BBO Username. You can then practice a bit for free on BBO either with your partner or other friends or in ‘Solitaire’ games with robots so you are familiar with the interface.

Our game on 30th May will also be free. Please click to enter the event and submit BBO Usernames etc. You will then receive instructions on the morning of the event about how to join the event. It will be 18 boards long and will last about 2 hours 15 minutes. Masterpoints will be awarded and of course you may improve your NGS grade.

If you want more information about the event or want to play but do not have a partner please email KCBAEast@gmail.com.

Last updated : 18th May 2020 19:37 BST
KCBA On-line Pairs Event
Director: Paul Gibbons
KCBA On-line Pairs Event
Director: Mike Hampton
KCBA On-line Pairs Event
Director: Paul Gibbons
30th May 2020
KCBA On-line Pairs Event
BBO 10am
Director: Stephen Brown
30th May 2020
NGS7 and below Online Duplicate
BBO 2.30pm
Director: Paul Gibbons
6th Jun 2020
KCBA On-line Pairs Event
BBO 10am

Due to the current circumstances this year’s AGM will be held in two parts.  We encourage KCBA members to participate, either off-line or on-line, to reach the quorum that would normally be achieved by holding the AGM during the Phillimore Cup. Click for Agenda. The items on the agenda will be dealt with off-line, only AOB will be conducted on Zoom.

Members are invited to vote off-line by email to KCBASecretary@gmail.com from 1st June 2020 until the 27th June 2020 at 12.00 noon on each of the following:

  1. Approve the minutes of the 2019 AGM
  2. Approve the Treasurer’s report and accounts (Balance Sheet, Income & Expenditure Accounts) for the year ended 31st March 2020. As agreed by the Committee on 3rd May
  3. To vote For or Against any resolution(s) submitted by members.
  4. To retain Louise Preston as our Independent Financial Examiner for the coming year
  5. To vote For or Against the election of retiring officers and Committee members offering themselves for re-election (Lindsay Clark, Anton Mauve and Gerald Soper) and any other nominations received before 31st May.

There will also be a virtual face to face Zoom meeting on the 28th June 2020 at 3.00 p.m. which all members are invited to attend if they wish. If you would like to participate in the Zoom meeting please complete and submit the form under this notice. Please note: In order to participate you will need to be happy to download the Zoom app/addon onto your computer or tablet. Members who wish to participate via Zoom with be sent an email invitation prior to the meeting that will include a password that will allow you to join the meeting.