The Year End Congress is in London - four days of various competitions, events for everyone, 27-30 Dec.

Green Point Events / Weekends

Sussex Green Pointed Swiss Pairs - Sun 4th December 2022 (BBO)


There is a new Blue Book, effective from September 1st.

There are changes to

  • Rules on announcements
  • Rules on strong opening bids
  • Rules on non-strong 2-bids and 3-bids (at Level 4)

For the players, there are news stories

Something similar will appear in September’s English Bridge magazine.

More detail of the new announcements is in the Announcement Summary

Convention Cards using MyEBU
Convention Cards using MyEBU

The EBU has now created a facility for each player to upload system cards to their MyEBU (for use when playing online bridge)

See their instructions.  Players should go to their MyEBU then Utilities....System Cards.

You can store cards with any partner here, choose your own convention card name, and copy the link from MyEBU at any time.

[Any partnership who has already submitted a convention card for Kent competitions may of course continue to use the link they have been sent, but if they wish to update their convention card, please use the EBU facility]


To request any additions / amendment / removal of information, please contact Stephen Brown on KCBAcompetitions@gmail.com

Update your contact details at the EBU and also tell the KCBA. Please would you check your Club Details so they can be updated if necessary. Are there any Bridge Teachers who would like to be included in our listings?  

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Welcome to Kent Contract Bridge Association
Fleming Femina / Hunter Homines 2023

Kent's next pairs event is the Fleming Femina (Ladies pairs) and Hunter Homines (Men's pairs). £13 per player (same price as 2020).

Sunday 15th January 2023 at Tunbridge Wells BC, 11am start. We offer comfortable playing conditions with an optional really tasty two course lunch to pre book at £12.50 per person.

Click here to enter online - Fleming Femina  Hunter Homines

Competitions Secretary for this event:  Stephen Brown  via email: KCBAcompetitions@gmail.com                  POSTER

Last updated : 5th Dec 2022 20:01 GMT
Corbett Leagues 2023
It is time to be planning the Corbett Cup for 2023. This was one of our most popular events before Covid with 18 teams of 8 playing so 144 players. Divisions 1 & 2 play on Sunday 29th January, and Division 3 (& 4 if needed) on Saturday 28th January.
We hope that clubs will enter teams as before. The entry fee will be the same as 2020, no increase i.e. £140 per team in division 1 (the winners qualify to represent Kent in the Garden Cities on Saturday 13th May 2023), and £84 per team in other divisions.
The teams in each division are (in alphabetical order). Results from 2020 may be seen on: RESULTS  (click twice on Next page > to get back to 2020 and scroll to the bottom, one team is promoted/relegated from each division). Also, click for REGULATIONS.
Corbett Cup Corbett Plate Mitchell Salver
Farnborough A Beckenham A Bromley North B
Farnborough B Bromley North A Bromley North C
Farnborough C Canterbury Gravesend
Maidstone A Farnborough D Hawkhurst
Tunbridge Wells A Tunbridge Wells B Maidstone B
    Tunbridge Wells C
    Tunbridge Wells D

At this stage we'd be grateful if clubs would confirm the number of teams they will be entered using this LINK. Then they'll receive another email confirming divisions and asking for all the EBU numbers etc. As before sandwiches will be available to buy at the events.
Last updated : 1st Dec 2022 15:48 GMT

 The 9-High events will continue every week. The NS/EW winners / Howell winners get a free Saturday game. So please enter for a BBO event

The organisers check the NGS grades via an automated check on the EBU database on Friday afternoon and would be grateful if pairs would enter by 12noon on Friday. Any entries after this time need to be manually checked and incur extra work. Many thanks

Please enter here and then register on the day (cost $3) for 10th December: 9-High@ 2.30pm

To play in Kent Saturday events  all players must either be Primary Kent members or Associate Kent Members. Click for more information

Last updated : 3rd Dec 2022 16:23 GMT

Friday 30th December 2022, Improvers Pairs on BBO, as part of the EBU Year End Online Congress

Open to players who are NGS 9 & below on Thursday 29th December

  • This event is aimed at club players who are interested in taking the first steps into congress bridge but who may have found it daunting to jump straight into a major congress event. 
  • The format will be two 18 board sessions with a break between the sessions. Players can play in either or both sessions.
  • Director / Competition organisers:  Sharon Bayne, Stephen Brown, Paul Gibbons [email via KCBAimprovers@gmail.com]

Each session is 18 boards, 9x2 board boards. Click: Pre-entry required   10% of entry fees will be given as prizes in BBO$. 

If you are looking for a partner: please submit details here

Full details and programme of the EBU Year End Congress can be found by clicking here

Last updated : 30th Nov 2022 15:49 GMT
LARSKY CUP 2022-2023
LARSKY CUP 2022-2023

The Larsky Cup is Kent's premier pairs competition and is also the Kent qualifier for the EBU Corwen Cup. The semi-finals and final will return to being played face-to-face this year but players will be able to qualify from club heats which are either face-to-face or online (or both).

However, we have decided to retain the format where pairs (where both players are primary Ken members) scoring 50% or above in club heats held in each of three weeks during the winter will qualify for the semi-finals. There will be heats in clubs initially in weeks commencing 14th Nov, 5th Dec and 9th January.

It is planned that the semi-finals will be held as follows:   Farnborough Mon 6th Feb 7:15pm, Maidstone Thurs 9th Feb 7:15pm, Tyler Hill Sun 19th Feb 2:30pm, Tunbridge Wells Wed 22nd Feb 7:15pm. All semi-finals and final are F2F. 

The final will be: Maidstone 25th March 1:30pm

Last updated : 5th Dec 2022 23:11 GMT
The Arnold Cup / Plate - County Teams of 4 Competition

15 Teams have entered for the Arnold Cup. SEE ENTRIES

These teams are seeded, based on Gold points, except last year's winners who are seeded 1)

1. (Last years winners): John Amor, John Hemington, Jon Chapman, Bill Charlwood  (bye in round 1)

2. Kay Preddy, Norman Selway, Michael Prior, Mike Hampton

3. Peter Law, Gerald Tredinnick, Ian Draper, Joe Sivayogan

Two matches guaranteed - first round losers are automatically entered into the Arnold Plate.
Matches played F2F (but if both teams wish to play online and agree the platform this is fine)

The Draw is made:    SEE DRAW.      REGULATIONS

The Arnold Plate Draw is made.  SEE DRAW,   all 7 teams that lost in the first round entered

Last updated : 2nd Dec 2022 15:19 GMT
NGS 9-High On-line Pairs
Director: Sharon Bayne
NGS 9-High On-line Pairs
Director: Sharon Bayne
10th Dec 2022
NGS 9-High On-line Pairs
BBO 2.30pm
Director: Sharon Bayne
17th Dec 2022
NGS 9-High On-line Pairs
BBO 2.30pm
Director: Sharon Bayne
Metropolitan Cup - Sunday 27th November 2022
Metropolitan Cup - Sunday 27th November 2022

2022 Metrolitan Cup was being held on Sunday 27th November, 11am to 6pm, on RealBridge. Two sessions with a 40 mins break.

The invited Counties are Berks & Bucks, Essex, Hants & IOW, Kent, London, Middlesex, Surrey and Sussex.
Kent is keen to enter a team of eight in each of the three divisions (division 3 is for players whose NGS is Queen and below) and so lots of players are invited to play.  Click this link for more information

If you would like to be considered for selection, please contact our County Captain, Jeremy Willans  on 07801 600364 or by email address - Jeremy.willans@btinternet.com 

The teams selected in no particular order will be-   WELL DONE TO KENT. winning both A and C divisions, both tight finishes…A by 1VP and C on a split tie !. Results below

A  Kay Preddy (Capt) / Norman Selway      RESULTS
    Michael Prior/ Mike Hampton
    Ian Draper/ Jo Sivayogan
    Colin Wilson/Gerald Soper.

B Sue Parkins/ David Stern                         RESULTS
    Norman Inniss/ Conrad Mau
    Angela Treen/ Diane Rogers
    Paul Gibbons/ Sharon Bayne

C  Dorothy Holland/Colin Game                  RESULTS
   Jill Skinner/Jean Paxton
   Peter Bibb/ Nick Osler
   Terry Goldsmith/ Sue Morgan

Tollemache Cup

We are pleased to report that the Kent team listed below qualified for the F2F final which will take place on 18th and 19th February at Charlecote Pheasant Hotel nr Stratford Upon Avon.
The other finalists will be-  Warwickshire, Oxfordshire, Cambs & Hunts, Avon, Middlesex, Manchester, Hants IOW.   

CLICK FOR RESULTS (of Green section in which Kent played)

Kay Preddy (Capt)/Norman Selway
Michael Prior/Mike Hampton
Gerald Tredinnick/Peter Law
Colin Wilson/Gerald Soper
Ian Draper/Joe Sivayogan
Espen Erichsen/Helen Erichsen