On-line Bridge Teaching

Chris Lohan  ............ Professional EBED teacher and EBED teacher of the year 2019. For those interested in improving their game she can be contacted on oakrise@uwclub.net

Pat Welsh..................Associate EBED teacher. For the less experienced she can be contacted on acebridgeclub@yahoo.com

Since online teaching has no geographical barriers this opportunity is available to all, regardless of location


To request any additions / amendment / removal of information, please contact Stephen Brown on KCBAcompetitions@gmail.com

Update your contact details at the EBU and also tell the KCBA. Please would you check your Club Details so they can be updated if necessary. Are there any Bridge Teachers who would like to be included in our listings?  

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Welcome to Kent Contract Bridge Association
Kent 10am On-line Pairs Game - next....Saturday 28th November
Kent 10am On-line Pairs Game - next....Saturday 28th November

Please enter in advance for this 10am game using the normal style entry form we use in Bridgewebs for other County Events i.e. enter here, then register and pay $3 on the day. 

Since the games are only open to Kent members, if it is your first Kent 10am online event - click to let us know your BBO Username, EBU Number and name for the 10am game 
PRIZES: The winners in Saturday 10am events will receive their entry fee back i.e. $3, credited in BBO$.
Last updated : 21st Nov 2020 15:07 GMT
The Larsky Cup - Club Heats 2020-2021
The Larsky Cup - Club Heats 2020-2021

The Larsky Cup is the Kent Pairs Championship, local points in the heats and semifinal, Green points in the final. The event is being played online this year.

The first stage is to play in a club heat. Clubs that run online duplicates are running heats on normal club nights. Any pair gaining 50% or more will qualify for one of the semifinals (26 board event) and can choose from: 

Tues Feb 9th 2pm, Wed Feb 17th 7:15pm,  Sun Feb 21st 2pm (all TBC)

Paul Gibbons will contact players after they have qualified from a club heat and ask for their choice of semifinal.

From these semifinals, the top 26 pairs will qualify for the final being held online on Saturday 20th March at 1.30pm

Each club is running heat(s). Some are open only to their members, others have asked the dates to be publicised:

Bromley North Monday 23rd November

Tyler Hill Tuesday 24th November

Farnborough Wednesday 2nd December

Farnborough Friday 11th December

Canterbury Friday 8th January
If you plan to play in one of these heats as a visitor, please let their secretary know, they will need your BBOUsername for you to be able to play.


Last updated : 23rd Nov 2020 19:47 GMT
Congratulation to the winners.....
Congratulation to the winners.....

The EBU Online Knockout Teams competition has been won by Michael Prior, Michael Hampton, Kay Preddy & Norman Selway.

Willans & Draper win Two Star PairsThe Two Star Pairs, the main competition at the Autumn Congress, has been won by Jeremy Willans & Ian Draper. They finished with a score of 58.09%, 2.24% ahead of Aleksander Lishkov & Henry Rose in second place

Arnold Cup   Was won by Peter law, Patrick Collins, Ian Draper, Jeremy Willians (Gerald Tredinnick) beating Kay Preddy, Norman Selway, Will Roper, Louise Selway by 109-43 VPs.

Arnold Plate  Was won by Robin George, Keith George, Mike Griffiths, Philip Williams beating Michael Collins, Phil Jones, Stefan Syplywczak & Stephen Brown by 81-51 VPs.

Last updated : 11th Nov 2020 12:39 GMT
Arnold Cup 2020-2021
Arnold Cup 2020-2021

The Arnold Cup is the Kent Knockout teams championship and for 2020-2021 will be played online rather than F2F.

Teams of 4 (but up to 6 members may be registered). Creating a Team Match on BBO   Note 24 boards in round 1, create each half of the match separately, iwith home team swapping NS/EW after 12 boards

Draw found here

Last updated : 24th Oct 2020 13:55 BST
KCBA On-line Pairs Event
Director: Paul Gibbons
NGS9 & below Online Duplicate
Director: Sharon Bayne
KCBA On-line Pairs Event
Director: Stephen Brown
NGS9 & below Online Duplicate
Director: Sharon Bayne
28th Nov 2020
KCBA On-line Pairs Event
BBO 10am
Director: Mike Hampton
28th Nov 2020
NGS9 & below Online Duplicate
BBO 2.30pm
Director: Sharon Bayne
5th Dec 2020
KCBA On-line Pairs Event
BBO 10am
Director: Paul Gibbons
5th Dec 2020
NGS9 & below Online Duplicate
BBO 2.30pm
Director: Sharon Bayne
Tollemache Cup Qualifier -21st/22nd November 2020

Congratulations to the Kent Tollemache team, coming 2nd overall and hence qualifying for the final to be held on 20th-21st February 2021. RESULTS

Ian Draper/Jeremy Willans
Mike Hampton/ Phil Bailey
Colin Wilson/Gerald Soper
Norman Selway/Kay Preddy
Gerald Tredinnick/ Derek Patterson/ Peter law

As it is being held online via RealBridge, there will be kibitzing with a 15-minute delay showing at https://kibitz.realbridge.online/

Next NGS 9 or Below events 2.30pm Saturday 21st November
Next NGS 9 or Below events 2.30pm Saturday 21st November

Please click to enter the NGS 9 or below event on the National Grading Scheme (NGS) - on Friday before event. The events starts at 2.30pm.

PRIZES: The winners in Saturday 2.30pm events will receive their entry fee back i.e. $3, credited in BBO$.

You will then receive instructions on the morning of the event about how to join your chosen the event. It will be 18 boards long and will last about 2 hours 15 minutes. Masterpoints will be awarded and of course you may improve your NGS grade.

If you want more information about the event or want to play but do not have a partner please email KCBAEast@gmail.com.

Although we will make every effort to accomodate late entries, please enter by 8am on the Saturday morning if it is your first time in this event - your details need to be entered in the Kent Virtual club and your organisers are often playing in the 10am Kent duplicate. We will be charging BB$3 to compete in our event which is the minimum allowed by BBO and equates to about £2.50.

Metropolitan Cup - Sunday 29th November 2020

The 2020 Metrolitan Cup is being held on Sunday 29th November, 7 x 7 board matches = 49 boards

Division 1: 11am to 6.30pm, Division 2:11.20am to 6.50pm, Division 3: 11.40 to 7.10pm on BBO, with 40 minute break

Teams, in no particular order

A Team B Team C Team
Michael Prior/ Mike Hampton
Espen and Helen Erichsen
Croz Crozwell / Jon Thoresen
Steve Auchterlonie/Ron Davis.
Stephen Brown/ Michael Collins
Norman Inniss/ Christine Kempton
David Stern/ Howard Jennings
Diane Rogers/ Eddie Lucioni
Frances Connell/ Angela Treen
Val Reeves/ Barrington Beavis
Dorothy Holland/ John Erdos
Jean Smallwood/ Jennie Cain
This year it is being organised by MCBA in association with B&BCBA. The invited Counties are Berks & Bucks, Essex, Hants & IOW, Kent, London, Middlesex, Surrey and Sussex.
Kent is keen to enter a team of eight in each of the three divisions and so lots of players are invited to play. Players in division 3 must be NGS below rank of K i.e. <58.99%

If you would like to be considered for selection, please contact our County Captain, Jeremy Willans  on 07801600364 or by email address - Jeremy.willans@btinternet.com 

KCBA 61st Congress Results - October 2020
Swiss Pairs Swiss Teams    (sorry no pictures)

Lukey Cup (1st): John Sansom, Jason Hackett, Nick Stevens, Clive Owen

Owl Cup (2nd): Louise Selway, Florian Weiss, Norman Selway, Kay Preddy

Birkle Bowl (NE): Janet & Martin Davies, Katy & Michael Graves 


NGS 6 & Under Pairs

NS winners: Andrew & Linda Larsen

EW winners: Andy & Anne Lightbody

Invicta Cup (winners) Derek & Celia Oram

Alnutt Trophy (Leading Mixed Pair) Vifi & John Franklin

Gentry Cup (Leading Married Couple) Norman Selway & Kay Preddy

Puddleduck Plate (NE) John Lemmey & Karen Murphy