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Upcoming Sim Pairs
 British Spring Sim Pairs
 06 - 09 April 2020
Event times 2019/20
All Sunday events please arrive by 1.45 for 2.00pm start of play.
League matches please arrive by 7.00 for 7.15pm start of play.
Knock Out 2019/20
Draw for 2019/20

For further information, please see the Rules section of the county website, or contact Richard Gwyer at rjgwyer@btinternet.com

1st Round                           Quarter-Final               Semi-Final                    Final

Play by 15 July                       Play by 15 September      Play by 15 November      Play by 31 January 2020

Meats - Bye

van Praag v. Gwyer

van Praag won by 25 IMPs

Jones v. Bridge

Jones won by 34 IMPs

Trivett v. Samter

Samter won by 3 IMPs

Webb v. Bennett

Webb won by 77 IMPs

McGarel Groves v. Green

Green  - walk-over, McGarel Groves conceded

Blandy - Bye 

Sloan v. Tranter

Tranter won by 6 IMPs


Samter v. Jones

Samter won by 29 IMPs

Green v. Webb

Webb won by 9 IMPs

Meats v. Blandy

Meats won by 19 IMPs

Tranter v. van Praag

Tranter won by 7 IMPs 

Samter v. Meats

Samter won by 43 IMPs

Tranter v. Webb

Webb  won by 15 IMPs


Samter won by16 IMPs 



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