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You - Tube Sites
You - Tube sites for beginners / intermediates.

We list below a choice of what we believe is the best selection of You Tube sites, with lots of content, which should be of interest to beginners upwards. These have a whole host of teaching topics for you to select from, as well as the playing of those hands with commentary. Please go to You Tube first & then search for the titles (coloured RED) listed below :-

  • No 1 - Bridge Lessons Tony Staw - An English ACOL teaching site with a whole host of different teaching topics. A really interesting site.
  • No 2 - Oasis Bridge Tuition -  An English ACOL teaching site with a lesser amount of teaching topics. Still a good site for learning.
  • No 3 - Sky Bridge Club - A New Zealander who mostly plays ACOL. He also plays a weekly ten board competition each week, every Monday evening (New Zealand time), with lots of teaching points interspersed.
  • No 4 - Peter Hollands - An Australian who plays Strong No Trump (standard) - recommended for explaining his reasoning & teaching. Probably has the biggest back catalogue of anybody (more than TEN years of content).
  • No 5 - Learn Bridge Online - An American site playing Strong No Trump (standard) - with contributors from around the World. Some very interesting content here.
  • No 6 - New Tricks Bridge Club - An English general site featuring some of the world's best players in action. Seems to be dormant at present.

Some of these sites also offer Bridge lessons for various levels (for which you will have to pay for, eventually) . If you require any of these, we cannot recommend any, as we have no experience of the usefulness of any of them.

There are lots of other Bridge sites out there (mostly playing Strong No Trump). I have included some of these below for your further enjoyment.

Listed separately, you can discover the Web-sites of the above You-tube sites, where there usually is more content for you to find - ENJOY!!!

You - Tube sites for intermediates / advanced.

Following a conversation with a fellow member, I realised that I had only dealt with only learning sites, and not with the sites of people who could stretch your grasp of this great game. Please be aware that some of these sites deal with more advanced topics and issues, whilst some of them only look at hands played in on-line competitions. There are far more out there for you to find, but please be aware that, the older the clips are, the more likely the thinking behind plays and strategies may have altered over time.

Please go to You-Tube site first & then search for the titles (coloured RED) listed below.

So here is my attempt......

British contributors :-

  • 1. - Bridge videos by John Price
  • 2. - John Stell Bridge Lessons
  • 3. - AndrewRobsonBridge
  • 4. - Paul Gibbons

Australian contributors :-

  • 1. - Joan Butts Bridge
  • 2. - Bridget Rampton

American contributors :- 

  • 1.Gavin Wolpert
  • 2.Bridge Lesson (with Rob Barrington & Gavin Wolpert)

I hope that you find these useful.................