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ACBL Health advice
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ACBL Health advice

Guidance for Attending a Club or Tournament
  • Wash your hands frequently and industriously with soap and water for at least 20 seconds or use an alcohol-based sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol.
  • Cover your mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing with a tissue (or using your upper sleeve), not your hands. Dispose of tissues promptly.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose and face.
  • Avoid close contact with anyone showing symptoms of a respiratory illness, such as coughing or sneezing.
  • If you’re sick or not feeling well, or someone in your household is sick or not feeling well, stay home. This is especially critical given the overall vulnerability of our bridge-playing community.
  • If you’re not comfortable playing cards in a confined environment, don’t.
  • If you plan to attend a tournament, make sure in advance that the tournament is still being held.
  • If you become ill, follow the directions of your local health authorities. Calling in advance will allow your healthcare provider to quickly direct you to the right facility. This will also protect you and help prevent the spread of viruses and other infections.
  • Have your health insurance information readily available in case you need hospitalization or treatment.


Welcome to Vail Valley Bridge Club
Bridge Games - See ACBL health advice at left
Bridge Games - See ACBL health advice at left

Monday at 1 pm at Eagle Vail Pavilion - Cancelled until at least May 11.

April 24 - 26:  Doc Holliday Tournament in Glenwood Springs.  Cancelled.

May 25 - First game at the Vail Christian High School.

Vail Valley Bridge Club, operated by Marcia and Tom McCalden, is dedicated to providing high quality friendly ACBL sanctioned games.  

Hands are pre-dealt using our Dealer 4 card machine.  Hand records with analysis of makeable contracts are available at the end of each session and on this web site.   Results are immediately available to players using our Bridgemate2 scoring system.  Emails with results are sent to participants using ACBLLive.  

See the schedule on the right for games and special games awarding more master points.

All Vail Valley Bridge Club games participate in the nationwide Common game.   Over 90 bridge clubs play identical hands and compare results. The Common Game web page - link below -  provides expert analysis on many of the hands played each day. 


If you need a partner, send us your name, dates you want to play, your bridge level and contact information.  

Directions to our games 

Directions to the Eagle Vail Pavilion.   538 Eagle Road 
Traveling West from Vail on I-70, take exit #169 Eagle Vail  At the bottom of the exit ramp/traffic light, turn left;  you will be traveling West on Highway 6.   At the next traffic light, turn left at Eagle Road -  the main entrance into EagleVail.  The pavilion is ¼ mile ahead.   The parking lot is by the swimming pool.

Traveling East from Edwards, continue on Route 6 to Eagle Road located just before the entrance to I-70.  Turn right on Eagle Road and proceed ahead 1/4 mile.

Bridge Etiquette
  1. Greet opponents as they arrive at your table.
  2. Make your opening lead face down before writing down the contract  and ask your partner if there are any questions to prevent you from making a lead out of turn.
  3. For any irregularity, call the director.  "Director, Please."
Bridge Base Online reimbursement for our players
Our club will re-imburse you the amount we receive from ACBL as the "club reimbursement" for your fee for playing in a Support Your Club game on BBO according to the following guide as posted on the ACBL website:

Out of every $5  or $6 entry that is purchased, $4 will be distributed to the clubs.
The $4 per club will be sent to the ACBL by BBO.  ACBL will run reporting on the players that have played in these specially formatted games to see what clubs they have played in over the past 12 months. Based on those reports, we will distribute the funds accordingly. If you had played 75% of the time in Club A and 25% of the time in Club B, then each time you play, Club A will get $3 and Club B will get $1. In this example, if our club receives $3 from ACBL, we will pass that $3 back to you.




Monday Afternoon
Monday Afternoon
Monday Afternoon