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September 25, 2023 Minutes
September 25, 2023 Minutes

UNIT Board Minutes  -  September 25, 2023  

Present:  Carolyn Sabroske, Carolyn Miller, Tom Olsson, Nancy Wilson, Kristin Welter

Absent:  Sally Meixner, Joyce  Halverson

President Carolyn Sabroske called the meeting to order at 10:30.

Treasurer’s report:  Carolyn Miller reported the following results:
Iowa Regional lost $10,364.
Stars of Tomorrow earned $98.
Cornbelt had 52 tables and earned approximately $550.


Tom Olsson is the new webmaster. 
The Annual Unit meeting will be held on Friday, October 20, with a provided lunch and a free game.  Nancy Wilson will work on partnerships.
We will have two mentor games on October 13 and November 3.  Lunch at noon will be potluck with a game at 12:30. Signups for lunch and to play will be posted by the white board.  For the mentor games fees will be $10 for Mentees and $5 for Mentors.
The 2025 Regional was discussed with topics including location, events; Carolyn has requested it be scheduled for June 23-28. We need a location with 3500 to 4000 ft2. Hotels are preferred for non-Des Moines area players.


Nancy agreed to host the Holiday Festival scheduled January 5,6, 2024.
Carolyn Sabroske agreed to host the Spring Festival, currently scheduled for April 25-28.
We decided to schedule a Unit Christmas Party for Saturday, December 2.
Faith Garnaas has agreed to run for the board.

The next meeting is 10:30 on November 6.  The meeting was adjourned. 

                                                                        Submitted by Tom Olsson