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In Memory

In memory of our friends who no longer are with us ...

When known, the obituary is linked to the name.

Ruth DeVries

October 2023

Anne Izzolena

September 2023

Jim Swanson

August 2023

Dr. John Gustafson

July, 2023

Nancy Wittwer

April, 2023

Lee Slorah

January, 2023

Lois Kriebs

December, 2022

Barbara Jean Kirk

Irene Axtell

Betty Spina (Joe Spina's wife)

November, 2022

Mary Walter

Jon Hoy

October, 2022

Irene Boyd (a wonderful obituary)

July, 2022

David Hoak

June, 2022

Terry Mickle

Kay Lepley (Holly Lawyer's Mother)

May, 2022

Marge Koester

April, 2022

Betty Grundberg

March, 2022

Velda James

Mary Miller

Marcella Yochum
Marcella was a slight woman but always impeccably dressed. Her outfits were coordinated down to her jewelry and shoes, which were often high heels!

February, 2022

Carl Edman (Gloria's husband)

Patty Crispin

January, 2022

Janet Ripperger

November, 2021

Dr. Mark Ravreby

Barry Judkins

September, 2021

Kak Burkholder

Dennis Ashby

June, 2021

Larry Cheeves

Donna Cheeves’ address is:
200 Brookside Dr.
#203 At Kennybrook
Grimes, IA 50111

January, 2021

Arlene Jacobsen (Annette Kraus' mother).

Al Mintzer

December, 2020

Roger Kriebs

Bill Kent (Grand Life Master, Iowa City)

Steve Mosena

Terry Swanson

Dee Wilson

November, 2020

Barbara Helton

Judy Potter

September, 2020

Bill Tracy

July, 2020

Betty Lopeman

June, 2020

Jim Proctor

May, 2020

Barb Maas

April, 2020

Anita Mandelbaum

February, 2020

With great sorrow I have learned that Richard Kimm has passed.

He was so kind to me when I had my heart bypass surgery. I will miss him.

... Bud

January, 2020

Kathy Callahan

December, 2019

Jo Yeates

Luke Bouthillier died in an auto accident 12/27/19.

September, 2019

Sherry Morrow

Joan Jackson


July, 2019

Robert Schutt

May, 2019

Darlene Obr

April, 2019

Deon Burns

Jean Bowers

I have such fond memories of Jean.  The many times we played bridge together, and also as team mates with her and Newt.  The times we traveled to tournaments - Chicago; Omaha; Minneapolis.  Our dinners togethers.  Our cruise trip to Alaska and panning for gold.  Picking cherries at the Brewsters.  Jean wearing my dress when she married Newt.  

She always had a smile on her face and embodied the caring special education teacher that she was.  She was a devoted daughter to Lil and I loved seeing that relationship.  She was so proud of Doug and rightly so.  He grew to be an amazing young man. 

Our condolences to the family.  Jean will always have a special place in my heart. 

- Evelyn Mintzer

March, 2019

Dave Burt

June Rizzuti

July, 2018

Charles Woods

February, 2018

Edwin Lewis

Phil McGee passed away in February of congestive heart failure after fighting lung cancer. Phil who with his wife, Karol, used to do daily bulletins for our regionals. There is no known obituary.

September, 2017

Carol Testa

Michael Rehberg

July, 2017

Ethel Moran

February, 2017

Jean Huggins

January, 2017

Dan Danes

November, 2016

Robert "Bob" Smith

October, 2016

Lois Copple

September, 2016

Newt Bowers

July, 2016

James Vail