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Feel free to contact Bud Stowe with any suggestions or updates.

Using the Site
Set Icon for Bridge Site on your phone or tablet

To make it easy to access the BridgeWebs Des Moines Bridge Center Unit 216 web site, you may wish to create an icon on your PC, smartphone or tablet's screen. This is fairly easy to do. Just follow these steps:

1> Get to the site (if you can read this you are there) in your phone's or computer's web browser.

2> The address should be https://www.bridgewebs.com/unit216/.

3> Tap (or click) on the menu item in your browser. For iPhone users, select the Square with an Up Arrow in it. For Android users, choose the "menu" item.

4> Find and tap on the choice described as "Add to Home Screen". (If in Chrome on a PC, this is under "More tools".)

5> Click on the Save button.

6> And/Or you can bookmark the page in your browser.

You will now have an icon on your phone that you can place where you wish and use to directly and easily access the site.

Establishing Initial Password

In order to access the Members Only section, you need to have a password.

The simplest way is to send a message to Bud Stowe asking for a password. But you can do it yourself if you follow these instructions carefully:

To initially establish your password (or to reset your password if you later have forgotten it), click the Set Password button from the Member Login box which you get when you enter the Members Only section. (Leave the entry fields blank.)

You will get the Set Password box. Enter your email address in the field and press the Continue button. (Do not press the Register button). This email address must be the same as the one you have provided to the ACBL. (If not, or you wish to specify something different, or you receive the error message “No email registered for ”, contact Bud Stowe).

If all goes well, you should receive an email. This email comes from “Unit 216 Des Moines Area Bridge”. In it is a rather long link that you need to click on. Doing so, takes you to a page with the Reset Password box.

In this box you must again enter your email address, the password you wish to use (at least 6 characters long), and reenter that password for confirmation. Then press the Reset button.  If all goes well, you are now logged in.

Subsequent access to the Members Only section will require you to login using your email, your acbl#, or your full name - and this password. The password can be changed (and some other aspects of your account) from the Account tab within the Members Only section. It may be best to check the Remember Me box when you next login to facilitate future accesses.

More detailed instructions for this process and some special notes covering some conditions perhaps not mentioned above can be found by clicking on the big ? in the group of 5 icons above the menu and going to the Introduction - Members Only/Set Member Password item. Or contact Bud Stowe if you have any other question, problems, or concerns.