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October 26th, 2022 Corporation Minutes
October 26th, 2022 Corporation Board Minutes


The meeting was called to order by Ron at 4:51 pm.  David Nelmark, Brad Albers, Bob Yeates, Jessica Chance, Ron Nielsen, Jim McGinn and Denise Dornbier were present. 

David made a motion to approve the minutes of the last meeting and Brad seconded, all approved and motion carried.

Brad reviewed our financial situation noting that the increased fee to $10 has given us the ability to be more financially secure.  Brad has also closed out the Edward Jones account and deposited those funds in our general checking account.   David researched and discussed with the community foundation board the funds we have invested there.  We can only withdraw 5% of the value of the Gustafson-Byers(GB) fund each year  The GB fund needs to be maintained as an endowment contract with the foundation.  In the non-GB fund, we could withdraw more than 5% if the community foundation board would approve our request.  We have withdrawn the 5% from the non-GB fund.  Closing out the Edward Jones account and withdrawing the 5% will allow us to be financially secure to 2023.  Brad also noted that in the future if we do not need the 5% from the non-GB fund, we will not be withdrawing it.  Brad further stated that his conservative estimate is that we will be open until at least December 31, 2024.

In new business the board then discussed the possibility of Ron stepping down as president of the board but remaining a board member.  Jessie made a motion and Bob seconded the motion that David Nelmark be the president as of 11-1.  All approved and motion carried.  Thank you Ron for your years of service as president of this board and welcome to our new president, David.

Discussion followed on gaining access to the portal.  No one has been able to sign on and determine what the landlord has been charging us or what has been paid.  Ron will be checking with the landlord to determine what the problem may be.   Jessie also noted that our bridge parking signs have not been re-installed since the parking lot was resurfaced.  Ron will also check on this item with the landlord. 

The board currently charges the unit board $20/table for tournaments.  The board discussed increasing this fee to $25/table.  Dave made a motion to increase table fees to $25, Brad seconded, all approved and motion carried.  David will discuss the rental fees with board and ask if they would want a joint meeting.  All board members agreed that the unit board could have a free game day on November 18. 

There was no old business.

Several new business items were presented by various board members.  The first item was the purchase of supplies as we are currently out of several items.   Denise will assume this responsibility from Jim.  Denise will also purchase soda and David will stock the pop machine.  The second item the board then discussed was a backup director to assist Gregg.   Jessie will talk to several people to determine if we have anyone ready to assist.   The third item was the copier as it is broken.  We will discuss this with the unit board to determine the viability of replacing it.   And lastly, if you bring wine to the bridge center, then take your empty bottles home with you. 

Bob made a motion to adjourn the meeting, David seconded and all approved.  Meeting adjourned at 5:56.

- Denise Dornbier